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    Hey everyone,

    I am here to let everyone know that I am doing an LP on and youtubing SMP server called blockLIST, I have a handful of videos out already. I do mostly building, I have my main compound that I build stuff for myself, and I also have what I call the monument mountain, where I place monuments to different Youtubers that I personally enjoy or who have inspired me, etc...

    I am always looking for new things to build, ways of improving what I already have, etc...

    Here is one of my latest video's

    Thanks for watching :)
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    Is there a way to get rid of the IP address that shows up in chat when you log in with points saved, I record and it would be best if i don't show the IP if I can help it, sorry if this is already been answered but there are alot of pages.
    Thanks for the great mod it is superiorawesome
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    posted a message on I'm starting an whitelisted SMP LP'ers server. Taking invites.
    Quote from alex223999

    I do know how the game works you just worded what you said so unclearly that I doubt anyone would have understood it at first!

    I got 14 diamond ore from one run...something to this effect is unclear, if this is unclear then i don't know what to tell you.
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    I have refined the rules list, this is the more exact rules

    1: can only use stone from a cobble generator, natural or otherwise.

    2: Fluid blocks can be moved if the bucket is acquired legitimately

    3: no using natural ore.

    4: Contents of chests are fair to use.

    5: mob drops are fair to use.

    6: allowed to move blocks.

    This rule set works for 1.2.5, extra rules will be added for 1.3, when i get to play it more and figure out the mechanics better.

    Though one rule for 1.3 i am sure i will put is no villager trading.

    Any questions or comments feel free to message me, best place is on my youtube at SuperiorminecraftLP
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    here is the vid i mentioned
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    posted a message on Renewable Minecraft
    I am planning to play Minecraft, using only renewable resources, This Idea came from this page of the Wiki: http://www.minecraft...ewable_Resource.

    I have a few rules that will make it work, any ideas are welcome.

    1: Chest found in the world are fair game.

    2: I won't grind Iron golems for Iron ingots.

    3: I can mine stone to use in tool.

    4: Once I get a bucket, I can move liquid blocks(water, lava, etc)

    Any additional rule that I think are good, or that i didn't think of can be added.

    The stand by goal is to fight the Ender dragon, any goals beside this can replace or add to this one.

    I hope I have been clear enough. Any input is is greatly appreciated.

    If there is something I wasn't clear about please ask me.

    I will post a link to my announcement video for this series as soon as it is up.
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    posted a message on Superior plays minecraft
    I've started a let's play series (believe it not for being in this part of the forum), it's had a bit of a rough start but I think it's gonna be fun, I've got some projects in mind, I try to upload them ever couple of days.

    Superior plays minecraft playlist
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    Do you a have a floating tower, underwater base, or distant outposts you would like to travel to. And are tired of the ladder "legs", air tubes, walk way, water elavators, etc. Then you may like this idea.

    The idea in simple terms, custom portal ways in one realm (nether, overworld, end) that is set up by you.

    If i still have your attention then i will go in greater detail, if not i will still go into greater detail, but you just won't know what it is.

    To set up a portal way you get a stack of the material you want to make the portal out of, in this case, stone brick, you take the stone brick to the enchanting table and give it an enchantment (doesn't matter which one), and enchant a stick or a crafted item, you then place the usual portal out of the enchanted stone brick in one end of the where you want your portalway, and then go to where you want the other end and build another portal of the same material and "light it" with the enchanted stick etc, and you are done.

    You now have a portal between these two points. Now your floating tower can actually float with nothing touching the ground. Now you can have a portal hub and go any of your base or outposts or bedrock mining operation.

    With this you can have potals out of everytype of block in the game, lumber, wood planks, cobblestone, etc

    I would like for it to be instant travel, but if there was a loading screen it wouldn't kill it, portals are connected to portal of the same material.

    Now for SMP, the enchanted stick can become keys that will allow someone to go though the portal, by activating it, you can give keys to your home portal, and you can rekey your portal if you dont like someone anymore

    It's an idea, prolly could use some polishing, but that's why im putting it out

    enjoy ripping every mistake, oversight,and flaw i have made goombye
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