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    Quote from Spasticbuddha

    Holy crap, this is still a thing that exists. We should get MarginallyDwarven in here and we'd have the old group back together again!

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him in around two years. I'm still in contact with Dbone though!
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    Quote from Falager

    As I said, I wanted to make it hard. Overall, I meant it to be a single-player path, some things wouldn't work well in multiplayer Minecraft. So if this goes through largely unchanged, multiplayer En would require it's own path, separate from single-player En. The thing I'm focusing on when I think of different paths is that I want to make them unique, standing out of the rest. That is why I made the path so different from the usual and that is why I incorporated alternate endings.

    Again, in canon, all the paths take place in multiplayer, you just never meet any other players.

    I'm gonna take a crack at writing Net later today, see how it goes. Honestly, his is the path that I'm the least sure about, except for the final stage (summon the Wither in the real world and let him kill you, destroy your house, and then leave).
    Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Quote from Falager


    I think En's path should end with going to the end and being killed by the Ender Dragon, giving him your soul so that he may grow stronger. Keep in mind that in canon, there are many people following the path of En, and the path should be a broader challenge that makes sense to exist as a common practice for followers of En. I do like the restrictions you came up with though; the two block high thing might be a bit harsh and pointless, but I agree that followers of En shouldn't be able to touch water. Perhaps pumpkins should be a required headgear though, as they allow you to look at Endermen without agro-ing them.
    Quote from Kenvier

    I want to start a cubeaism server. But i need a few people to say that they will help, otherwise it will become a complete waste of time. Im thinking of having the server be the first 'version' until the path's for Roki and Net are finished, and then, The Great Shift will happen. If anyone has any input at all, that would be great.


    P.S: I will be hosting the server.

    It's definitely a good idea to start with the original Cubeaism and wait for The Second Coming to come out of beta. I'd be happy to help with the server; contact me on Skype (businessguin200) whenever you want to start talking about it.
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    Quote from Falager

    Yeah, I didn't really imagine Witithe as a separate god anyhow, more like an incarnation of Net. He's basically Net, when he transforms into his earthly shape. The wither skeletons start worshipping Witithe as Net, leaving the orthodox followers of Net, believing that they no longer represent Net. That's what I was thinking. But hey, it was a rough idea anyway and if you think you can improve it, I'd be happy to hear it.

    Now, I've got some ideas about En. I'll post them in my next post, to be honest, I've almost got a full path made up already, but it's open to any kind of suggestions, improvements or changes.

    Also, will you add the minor gods like Nixos and Penna into the 'canon' as well or not?

    And it seems we got moved to Fan Art. To be honest, I didn't feel like it belonged to Discussion either, but definitely not Fan Art, because, you know, at it's core, it's still a collection of survival challenges, so it should go to Survival Mode instead o.O

    I'd love to see what you've thought up for the path of En; to be honest I hadn't even started thinking about it beyond the lore.

    All the minor gods created by archebuS will be added and given new paths. Some of the fan gods from the original Cubeaism will also be carried over into TSC. What would you think about Shepern in The Second Coming? What purpose would he serve/god would he be loyal to?

    Regarding being moved to literature, there's a bit of a misunderstanding with one of the forum mods that I've been working on sorting out since last night. It'll probably be sorted out soon.

    EDIT: Witithe will likely be one of the first minor gods I add; what did you have in mind for the path of Witithe?
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    Quote from Falager

    Ok, so I have a few very rough ideas.

    First off, the wither skeletons. I can see in the lore post that they didn't want to follow the generals Net had appointed (assuming Net appointed them). So, it would make sense if they sort of broke off from the rest of Net's followers and began to worship their own god, right?

    Here's what I have in mind (in the style of their holy texts or something):
    And many skeletons felt that the generals that Net presented them, weren't really what Net stood for. The generals represented order and that was absolutely against the beliefs of those skeletons. And they felt that Net was a representation of pure chaos, anarchy and that those Generals were destroying everything Net had ever meant to them. So they fled to the deepest pits of Net's home realm, to the mighty fortresses that had been built by followers of Roki, only to be corrupted and taken over by the almighty Net.

    There, they changed and transformed and warped themselves, all around them and even Net himself. And the almighty Net began to take shape after ages of ghastly existence. Thus, a new god was born. Witithe, Net's own spirit and soul, full of rage and chaos and destruction and corruption, soul, that wanted to see the world burn and wither away as if it never existed, began to live a life of it's own. Net had finally taken shape, but it was not the shape most expected. And many of the wither skeletons, as they were called now, began to worship this new form of Net and wished nothing more and nothing less than to see the world burn and wither away as if it never existed.

    So basically, what I had in mind was the the Wither (Witithe) would be worshipped by the wither skeletons as the true form of Net and they wanted nothing to hear of the rest of Net's followers. So, if we speak in terms of 'factions' or so, they'd be a completely separate faction, all alone.

    Speaking of 'factions', who are allies and who aren't? Are they all fighting with every other god's followers, or are there alliances between gods and their followers as well?

    As much as the idea of Witithe appeals to me, it seems a bit redundant. It'd also be a bit difficult to make an entirely new path based around the Wither alone. The Wither Skeletons represent Net's personal guard, and the physical incarnations of him. They did feel that the generals were too orderly, so they defected to a different branch of Net's army; the branch that better represents chaos.
    However, I do like the idea of Witithe as a minor god, faithful to Net but hostile towards all of his "imperfect creations" (non-Nether mobs). If you happen to have any more ideas for Witithe, I'd love to hear them!

    In terms of alliances, All of the gods are hostile towards each other in some way. The followers of Terrae and Roki generally try to stay out of each other's way, while they both hate Net. Terrae's realm doesn't really come into contact with En's realm, so I don't think Terrae really knows much about En's existence. Roki, however, despises En with every fiber of his being, and followers of Roki attack followers of En on sight. Net has no idea of the existence of En, but his current goal is to destroy everything; first Terrae's realm, then Roki's. He's bound to discover En sooner or later. Once he does, there's no telling if they'd fight or if En would influence Net the same way he did in the creation story to form some sort of alliance. En feels that getting rid of Roki's followers is important, but he urges his followers to be stealthy in doing so.
    I'm pretty sure that covers the big four.Welp, looks like I ballsed up the main post again by daring to add a link to the main post. I have a backup version on my laptop, which is currently broken but should be fixed in a couple days.
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    Hello everybody! No, I'm not dead. And yes, I do plan on continuing making the Second Coming.
    Here's the problem: I have serious issues with self-motivation. If there's nothing but myself forcing me to do something, I usually slack off and completely ignore it for months on end. It's a pretty big problem, and I'm working on it.
    With this post comes a new announcement: Fan submissions (for anything; paths, lore, challenges, etc.) are now open!
    Many of you have offered to help with TSC, and I have stubbornly refused/didn't answer. This was because I was selfishly and somewhat foolishly convinced that I could carry a project like this all on my own. Another part of why I didn't accept fan submissions was that I was afraid it would "ruin my creative vision" or some pretty lame reason like that.
    This is, after all, a community-driven project; I would have to be absolutely bonkers not to give the community the chance to contribute to it and help it grow.
    In other news, I just finished a small side project I've been working on since... Earlier this morning. Check it out here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2457817-challenge-cubeaism-hardcore-cubeaism/
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    Original Cubeaism: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1213801-cubeaism-old-gods-and-new/
    Cubeaism: The Second Coming: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1612036-cubeaism-the-second-coming-beta/
    Hey everyone, Superguin200 (creator of Cubeaism: The Second Coming) here. First of all: no, I'm not dead. Second of all: I will be getting back to TSC soon; this is a little side project I threw together over the course of about a day. There will be more details as to why TSC hasn't been updated in forever in the TSC topic (found here).

    So let me start off by talking about what this is:
    Hardcore Cubeaism is a bit of an extra challenge for those of you out there who've finished all the paths in regular Cubeaism and are perhaps looking for a bit more of a challenge. I will also be adding updated biome/block lists for the gods, as some of the original restrictions for the gods are becoming less and less valid as time goes by and updates are released.
    This will not be any sort of fancy post with headers or colored text or different sections or anything like that. This is just a casual project I felt like making in my spare time.

    The Path of Terrae:

    Materials: Planks, Logs, Fences, Sand, Glass,
    Brick, Water, Dirt, Grass, Vines, Mushrooms, Melons, Sugar Cane, Wooden Stairs, Wooden Slabs, Flowers, Mushrooms, Clay, Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, Hay Bales, Pumpkins, Cacti, Bushes, Fences, Fence Gates, Wooden Trapdoors, Wooden Doors, Stained Glass, Signs, Ladders, Glass Panes, Flower Pots, Carpets, Saplings, Ferns, Lily Pads, Stained Glass Panes, Leaves and Wool.
    Colors: Green, Brown, Blue.
    Foods: Mushroom Soup, Fish, Bread, Carrots, Potatoes, Apples, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, Salmon, Melons, Cookies, Clownfish and Cake.
    Biomes: Taiga, Mega Taiga, Mountain Taiga, Mega Spruce Taiga, Sunflower Plains, Forest, Flower Forest, River, Jungle, Mountain Jungle, Jungle Edge, Jungle Mountain Edge, Birch Forest, Birch Forest Mountain, Birch Forest Mountain Hills, Roofed Forest, Roofed Forest Mountain, Savannah, Mountain Savannah, Plateau Savannah, Plateau Mountain Savannah, Forest Hills, Taiga Hills and Jungle Hills.
    Armor: Leather.
    Weapon: Bow and Wooden Sword.
    Shrine: A 3x3x2 pool of water, With a single log surrounded by 6 leaves on each of its sides.
    Note: All restrictions listed above must be followed throughout the entirety of this path; not when the rules "activate" them as in the original Cubeaism.

    -- Level 1 - Initiate of Terrae --

    Forest Haven: Build a simple 1 room structure made only from materials listed above, in the biomes listed above. The structure must have a bed, workbench and a double storage chest. Out the front of your structure build a small shrine to Terrae.
    Woodland Warrior: Now that you are an initiate you must dress as an initiate. You must acquire and maintain a full set of leather armor at all times. If you ever lose a piece of your armor and do not have a spare, you must destroy your entire current inventory by drowning yourself in you shrine to Terrae. Do not pick up the items; wait for them to despawn. If you do accidentally pick up the items, drown yourself again. Also you must acquire a bow and carry it with you at all times. If you ever lose your bow, your only other allowed weapon is a wooden sword.
    A Faithful Friend: Obtain and tame a wolf, this first wolf is to be your companion and protector throughout your journey. If you are ever without any tamed wolves, you may not fight anything until you have found another wolf to join you. This includes hostile mobs and all animals (Optional Rule: Skeletons are exempt from this rule unless you have enough bones to tame a wolf).

    -- Level 2 – Tree Shepherd --
    The Watchful Eye: Your structure must be extended by adding a tower to the roof that continues above layer 100; your tower must also always be above the treetops. This will give you a good overview of the forest surrounding your building.
    Tree Herder: You must replant all the saplings you have stored around your building. This will create a thick forest around your structure. Build another shrine to Terrae on the roof of your tower, along with placing a circle of sunflowers around it.

    -- Level 3 – Fey Child --
    The Sacred Grove: You must now establish a sacred grove around your structure. This grove is usually circular in nature and must surround your structure. The grove must be at least 150 blocks in diameter. Mark out your grove with flowers.
    Druid's Wrath: Every morning you must cleanse your grove of all evil mobs and throw the collected resources into
    the pool of your shrine. Do not pick them up; they are tributes to Terrae.
    Untouched: A druid’s grove is sacred. From now on anything natural within the grove cannot be destroyed. You may not damage the trees, dirt, tall grass etc… within. You may still farm but only a small 4x4 area.
    Master Gardener: You must seek out and harvest every plant in the game and plant them in your grove. This includes: All types of sapling, Cacti, Pumpkins, Melons, Red and Brown Mushrooms, Lily Pads, Vines, Sugar Cane, Dandelions, Poppies, Blue Orchids, Alliums, Azure Bluets, Tulips, Oxeye Daisies, Sunflowers, Lilacs, Rose Bushes, Peonies, Bushes and Ferns.

    -- Level 4 – Druid --
    The Child’s Path: You must go on a pilgrimage to prove you are fully committed to Terrae. Craft a fully scaled out map, and gather appropriate supplies. Walk directly North to the edge of the map and establish a tower and grove here. If the biome is inappropriate find the most appropriate spot. Do the same heading east, west and south. Looking at the map with your main grove in the center you should see you have formed the symbol of Terrae on a world scale. You are now a fully anointed Druid. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Terrae is proud of you.
    Freeing the Body: Only raw food may be consumed during the pilgrimage.

    The Path of Roki

    Materials: Stone, Diorite, Polished Diorite, Granite, Polished Granite, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Cobblestone, Bedrock, Lava, Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Lapis Lazuli Block, Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone, Powered Rail, Detector Rail, Sticky Piston, Cobweb, Dead Shrub, Piston, Wool, Mushrooms, Giant Mushrooms, Gold Block, Iron Block, Stone Slab, Cobblestone Slab, Sandstone Slab, Stone Brick Slab, TNT, Mossy Cobblestone, Obsidian, Diamond Ore, Diamond Block, Sign, Ladder, Minecart Rails, Cobblestone Stairs, Levers, Stone Pressure Plates, Iron Door, Redstone, Redstone Ore, Redstone Torch, Stone Button, Iron Trapdoor, Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, Chiseled Stone Brick, Iron Bars, Stone Brick Stairs, Emerald Block, Cobblestone Wall, Mossy Cobblestone Wall, Anvil, Gold Pressure Plate, Iron Pressure Plate, Redstone Block, Activator Rail, Dropper, Hopper, Dispenser, Stained Clay and Coal Blocks.
    Colors: Gray, White, Orange and Red.
    Foods: None. Roki would say "Food for little girls only!"
    Biomes: Ice Plains, Frozen Rivers, Spiked Ice Plains, Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills Mountains, Extreme Hills+, Extreme Hills+ Mountains, Stone Beach, Plains, Desert, Desert Mountain, Savannah, Savannah Mountain, Mesa, Bryce Mesa, Savannah Plateau, Mesa Plateau, Savannah Plateau Mountain, Mesa Plateau Mountain, Desert Hills and Ice Plains Hills.
    Armor: Iron or Diamond.
    Weapon: Iron or Diamond Sword.
    Shrine: A 2x2 square of with a one block high iron wall around it.

    -- Level 1 – Initiate of Roki --
    Into the Deep: After no more than two days and two nights of resource gathering, you must leave the surface for your new home in the deep. Dig to bedrock starting from one of the above biomes. The entrance to the deep must be inconspicuous and hidden as best as possible. You may not return to the surface ever again.
    Hall of Kings: Locate layer 11 or 12 and carve out a throne room above this layer as large as you please. In the center of the hall you must place a shrine to Roki. Once you have set a size for your throne room, you may not dig out any part of the walls or floor, unless it is for a second room, your shrine to Roki, or your infinite spring. Your starting hall must have a workbench, double storage chest, bed and infinite spring. Make a second room that leads into a mining operation. Table, throne and carpet mandatory.
    Iron Man: Now that you are an initiate you must dress as an initiate. You must acquire and maintain a full outfit of iron armour at all times. You may never be without your iron armour. If your armor ever breaks and you don't have any spares, you must destroy your current inventory by jumping into your shrine to Roki.
    I can slice through Stone: The next 2 diamonds you encounter must become a diamond sword. You must carry this sword with you at all times and if it is ever destroyed it is to be replaced immediately. If you cannot replace it, you must destroy your current inventory by jumping into your shrine to Roki.

    -- Level 2 – Forge Lord --
    It’s hot down here: A new room is to be built off the side of your entrance hall. This will become the forge; the walls are to be flanked with at least 30 furnaces and you are to create a lava disposal pit in your own particular style.
    Life Line: A second room is to be created and floored with dirt, plant a SINGLE tree here so your dependence on the surface is lessened (for best results make the room 6+ blocks tall).

    -- Level 3 – StoneHeart --
    Anybody Home?: You must now fortify the entrance to your deep palace. Use booby traps, lava pits, mazes, or what ever suits you best. Get creative. Roki smiles upon good defense.
    Diamoneer: Forge lords work with inadequate tools! StoneHearts do not! If you do not yet have a diamond pick, shovel and axe acquire them. If they are lost or spent you must replace them immediately. If you are not able to replace them immediately, destroy your current inventory by jumping into your shrine to Roki.

    -- Level 4 – Dwarf --
    The Mighty Plinth: The final test is the creation of the mighty plinth. A grand temple is to be built in Roki’s name underground with stone steps leading up to the plinth. The plinth is to be built by layering the various levels of resources granted by Roki. Stone > Coal > Lapis > Iron > Gold > Redstone > Emerald (optional) > Diamond. The Plinth must be at least 4 blocks wide.
    No blood spilt: Dying during the creation of the plinth is considered a failure. Tear down the current blocks and break them back down into their base form. You must mine fresh minerals for creation of the new plinth.

    The Path of Net coming later!
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    I keep getting a "Login Failed" error whenever I try to log in. I'm connected to the internet, and I've double-checked that my username and password were correct. I've even tried restarting my computer, but that didn't work either. What do I do?
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    Quote from Kenvier

    I am starting a cubeaism server :D Perhaps i should consider the second coming?

    Sounds great! Keep in mind that I have a multiplayer section for TSC coming not-exactly-soon. :D
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    Well, I FINALLY rewrote the path of Terrae and put it back in this post. I'm sorry there haven't been many updates lately; I've been working on writing a novel and several other IRL things have been keeping me busy. I am resolving to devote more time to this though.
    So, on the topic of rewriting the post: That weird thing I did with all the colors REALLY came back to bite me in the ass, as every single color change was converted into a long line of code that I had to erase. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but jeez, I really went crazy with those colors.
    Another thing I've noticed while rewriting the path of Terrae is that the MC Forum post editor SUCKS. Partly because of that, the post is still very hard to read. To resolve this, I'm going to write down the entire thing from scratch in Microsoft Word or something, and re-format it to make it more readable and less clunky, then copy/paste it into here. It's going to be pretty hard work, but it shouldn't take more than a week to do that. The reason why it's going to take a week is...
    I plan on having the full new path of Roki the next time I update the post!
    Roki followers rejoice!
    One last thing: I am always open to constructive criticism, and if you find anything, anything at all that feels akward or forced in the main post, please feel free to tell me. This is the Beta, after all. ;)
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    Working on re-writing the original post now. After that I'll get back to work on some of the god paths.
    Speaking of which, has anyone tried out the new path of Terrae yet? If so, how was it?
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    An old spoof spirit that I came up with a while back but forgot to post:

    Halonius: The Spirit of Halloween
    Halonius is the child of Net and Toximit; he was born on October 31st, 2010. With him came many changes to the Minecraft world: Clocks, Fish, and Biomes. When he was born, he saw a vision, promising him a new light source dedicated to him, something that would render torches useless. He waited and waited for this new gift, but it never came. He went on a rampage and nearly destroyed the Minecraft world. He was banished to the Nether to live with his father. Legends say that two years after his birth, he will rise again and create an apocalypse of zombie villagers, wither skeletons, and armored mobs.
    Materials: Netherrack, pumpkins, glowstone, soul sand, lava, jack-o-lanterns, and moss stone.
    Colors: Orange, Black, and Purple.
    Foods: Pumpkins and fish.
    Armor: Pumpkin helmets.
    Weapons: Fishing rods.
    Shrine: A cube of Soul Sand with Glowstone at the lower corners and lit Netherrack on the upper corners, with a Jack-O-Lantern on top. The bigger the cube, the better the Halonian.
    Level 1:
    Cave House:
    You must immediately find a cavern below level 40 to live in. You may not put torches up; instead use Lava or Jack-O-Lanterns. You may make any changes to the cave, as long as they are spooky or Halloween themed.
    Pumpkin Hunter:
    Journey back aboveground and find a pumpkin patch. Return to your underground lair and create an underground pumpkin farm. Give one of the pumpkins a name and wear it for the duration of the path. You may not press F1 to hide the pumpkin GUI; deal with it.
    Curse the Torches:
    You may never use torches, as they were supposed to be replaced with lanterns, but the idea for lanterns was cast aside by Notch.

    Level 2:
    Keeping Time:
    Gather four gold and one redstone and create a clock. Carry the clock around with you at all times.
    Something's Fishy:
    Build a fishing rod. It is now your only weapon. From now on, the only thing that you may eat is fish.
    Long Journey:
    You must go on a journey aboveground to find all pre 1.8 biomes that are still in the game: desert, forest, plains, taiga, and tundra/ice plains.

    Level 3:
    Build a Nether portal and move all of your belongings to the Nether. Build a lair there with a shrine, destroy the portal, and throw away the obsidian. Spend the rest of your days in solitude preparing for the second coming.

    Bonus Challenge:
    But Mommy, it Smells Like Death and Old Pizza!
    Find a Nether fortress, and visit there every other weekend to spend time with Net, your patron god's deadbeat dad.

    In between working on the Second Coming and various other projects I'll make a Pretty Scary Update version eventually.
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    Quote from mclevicah
    im sorry, no that is to far, I enjoy minecraft how it is with my own religion, when you posted this did you have any thought of what people with actual religions might think of this? You are being closed minded, When posting something you must think of people who could disagree, or might be offended by it. No support, and I hope this is not going to be an addition to the game.
    Quote from mclevicah
    I regret this religious stuff ever entered Minecraft, If we all kept it to our selves i wouldn't be so mad. haha, no worst idea ever
    Quote from mclevicah
    im sorry, this stuff can really offend me at times, and I know its just for fun, but its better off not added to minecraft, instead just a activity you can do with your false gods.
    Quote from mclevicah
    well good then. why are you getting so aggro?, Its just my opinion, get over it, and get over myself? hm, let me think... nah that doesn't work.

    I just facepalmed about 10 times.
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