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    Spells are now released! Join a class ($rogue, $warlock, $pirate, $aperture), and start with your spells!

    Spells cost money though, so it is advised to build a house at the wilderness and collect some items before purchasing spells.
    Or, you can visit towns and loot them (remember, raiding and stealing is allowed. Furthermore, chests in towns are different for everyone so looting won't affect others.)

    Just a note, you can do globalshop anywhere now. /buy stone 1 to buy 1 stone, /sell blazepowder 64 to sell 64 blazepowders.
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    A new jail is added. This is to make sure people behave. If people do misbehave, they will be sent to jail for a limited time.
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    lolasmil, I accept, but I'm not sure about prodfk. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the server.. :)
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    Adding a tutorial to the server. People will be able to do /tutorial for a step of instructions.

    In the meantime, we are still getting people for the trailer!
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    Some changes:

    Initially, people did not seem to enjoy joining the initial 5 factions, and opted to create their own factions.
    Because everyone has created their own factions, they can no longer bother to find the magic shops.

    To circumvent this, we have added an option to join "classes", which will allow players to enjoy the magic shops without sacrificing their factions.

    To join a "class", simply type $factionname. Faction name could be perl, otherkin, exehq, or aperture.
    So to join perl, simply type $perl
    If otherkin, then $otherkin
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    Prodfk is currently in charge of map creation, but may require several builders to help in the map. The whitelists for builders is currently OPEN. Builders will recieve in-game privileges once the map creation is finished and the closed beta is open.

    All builders will be notified when they are able to build (when prodfk opens the server).


    What type of builds are you specialized at:
    Any experience in builds:
    Examples of your builds:

    We thank you for having the time to help out!
    So What's FPC: Enderruption?

    Originally we had magic on our survival server. Skills, we might say. But the problem was, we had overpowering skills in a mighty boring land. Magic spells weren't useful or fun at all!
    So we're taking a different approach: We're going to have overpowering skills in an overpowering, hellish land. Well, not hellish as I would like, otherwise that would be too hard.

    The point being, FacePalmCraft will become one of the True PvE Servers, differing from fallout-apocalyptic PvE, but again differing to Heroes PvP.

    Why the Monstrous Update?

    We're calling this update Monstrous, because:

    1) The overworld wil become inhumanely frightening, with monsters and the environment.

    2) It's dauntingly huge: A complete revamp of the server.

    That's right, we are taking a revamp of the magic spells, and with classes, and with towns.
    No longer will spells be haphazard, or classes be uselesstowns be deserted.

    Read on..


    First announcement: There are now 8 classes.

    Second announcement: The first 4 are not part of any of them.

    These 8 classes are NEW, and now no longer useless: each class has their own skills and traits aside from their magic spells, allowing for different strategies for each class! Each class specializes in a type of combat, and with the right classes paired together, they will form an inseparable powerhouse.

    Classes can be joined by going to a town. In addition, unlike the previous version of FPC, classes can now be changed by visiting another town.

    Some classes have their limitations. For example, Albatrosses cannot wear diamond armor, and Tankers cannot wield diamond swords, et cetera.

    Well, here are the classes (Internets to those who know where these names came from):

    The Albatross class is the most mobile class in the game. Wearing armor will grant them greater speed and greater jumping ability, and even without them they are able to double jump. Not to mention less falling damage (80% falling damage suppressed). With this freakish speed, they are best suited for one to one combat, being able to hit and run before they strike back.
    Although they do not have amazing firepower (they're still stronger than normal), Albatrosses have skills to taint their swords in debuffs, being able to cripple, poison, and combust opponents, leaving them vulnerable for other players, to finish them. Albatrosses can also grant temporary invisibility and shadowstepping for faster action.

    Unfortunately, being swift and having lack of good armor, Albatrosses are particulary vulnerable to damage (25% increase damage taken). Thus, they are better off attempting to completely avoid being hurt.

    Albatrosses are best paired with long range classes, such as Rippers or Snipers
    Albatross' standard equipments are Wooden Swords and Stone Swords.

    Devastators are fire essences, distant cousins to Blazes. Because of this, Devastators' axes are embodied with the deepest, darkest part of Earth, being able to combust and cause explosions simply with a swing (Whether explosions will cause terrain damage is debatable.) Devastators are particulary good at ripping structures and Mechanic's machines apart.
    Devastators, through the power of Earth, can do pretty much anything fire or kaboom related. Creating firenovas, throwing flamethrowers, being able to combust anything from a distance, and assulting mobs with kamikaze AoE explosion. They are also able to spawn cannons (No TNT included.) They also blow up when killed, just like Creepers.

    Unfortunately, they are only reliable at close range (their bows do explode, though), and they are not as fast as Albatrosses, which means they can't just hit and run. This means Devastators will spend a lot of their time setting up traps (land mines doing special effects, etc..), ambushing mobs.. or simply just blow up everything, whichever you prefer.

    One last thing: Devastators hate water. Fire essences hate water, and rain. Life-threateningly.

    Devastators are best paired with the Mechanic, who build structures that can aid them.
    Devastators' standard equipments are Flame Guns and Axes.

    Here it is, the standard Minecraft warrior, unafraid of everything! For the standard Faction Overrated PvP server guy, Infantries utilize swords to bash monsters.
    Unlike many other classes, Infantries have the privilege to wear all types of armor; along with all types of swords. Unfortunately, they can only utilize swords (no bows, that's for Snipers). But nevertheless, with immense strength, they are arguably one of the strongest classes in the game, even more so with healing from Offworlders..

    Infantries can enchant stronger items more easily, allowing for the "Super Diamond Sword". With their sheer strength, they can also grab mobs and throw them. Finally, they can utilize grenades, with varying abilities to choose from: Standard Grenade, to Stun Grenades, to Flame Grenades, and tons more.

    Infantries are best paired with the Tanker, another hard hitting, but long ranged class.
    Infantries' standard equipments are Swords and Grenades.

    Mechanics do not attack, nor are they suited to do so. While they technically can, why would you need to? Mechanics are able to build machines (similar to how you build snowmen or iron golems), that can aid the Mechanic and your Faction/Party.

    Mechanics' first, and arguably the most important, machine is the war turret. A simple machine to guard players and areas from oncoming waves of zombies, it buys players time in case of a siege. War turrets are upgradable, from simple bullet shooting to lobbing grenades or even shooting TNT (Of course, grenades and TNT are hard to get, even though it's strong..)

    Other machines include healing machines, ammo factory machines, and damage amplifier machines (both to mob and players). Mechanics can also build temporary structures such as magical walls and PORTALS. Finally, Mechanics can have the ability to manipulate blocks from a distance.

    Mechanics are best paired with other Mechanics to help you with other machines.
    Mechanics' standard equipments are Machine Boxes and Block Manipulator.

    Offworlders are the standard "Mage Class" in FacePalmCraft. They are not as heavily armored as Tankers, nor are they well suited for close combat as Albatrosses. No, Offworlders harvest magic gained outside this land of Minecraftia, and use them for skills.
    Offworlders are unique in the sense that they have a Mana Bar (Like the original FPC!). Their skills do not need actual items, but comsume mana instead. Mana regenerates slowly in Minecraftia, so advanced Offworlders may choose to use Mana Potions to heal Mana quicker.

    Offworlder's main attacks are the Fireball and the Lightning spell. They are spammable, provided they have enough mana, causing immense damage. There are variants of Fireball and Lightning spells, so choose whichever fits your playing style the best. Offworlders can also blink to places and entomb monsters, immobilizing them.

    Offworlders are also special because they are the only healing class in the game. They are able to heal themselves, and any allies around them, as well as draining life from monsters.

    Offworlders are best paired with melee attackers, such as Infantries or Albatrosses.
    Offworlders' standard equipments are Scythes (Hoes..) and Books.

    The standard archer class in the game. While they are not good at swordfighting, they excel at archery, being able to shoot straighter, and farther than standard Minecraftian men. Their arrows also deal more damage. Skeletons worldwide envy your skills.
    Snipers are swift, needing to move to different sites to snipe. Thus, they are faster than most classes, second to the Albatross. Unfortunately, since Snipers are never on the front line, head to head combat, they are quite fragile, and monster ambushes can be fatal.

    Snipers' arrows can be dipped in several strange ingredients, resulting in varying arrows. Play with diamond tipped-arrows, or poison darts, perhaps duplicating arrows, or even exploding arrows borrowed from the Devastator! Snipers can also slow themselves for a zoomed effect, and thus more precision.

    Unfortunately, Snipers have no melee combat methods, and thus is very vulnerable close-range. Fortunately, wolves are their best pals, and hopefully they can help the poor Sniper.

    Snipers are best paired with melee attackers, such as Infantries or Albatross.
    Snipers' standard equipments are Bows.

    Rippers are so similar to Snipers, yet they are so different. Rippers sacrifice their long range for their close combat. Rippers are best suited for middle-range to short-range. And unlike Snipers, Rippers utilizes firearms, aka guns.
    Standard Guns, unlike bows, use seeds. They are similar to the instant arrow, dealing fast, but weaker shots. It is possible to change gear to using different ammo, such as Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, flint, even arrows (No arrow duplication for Rippers, unfortunately).

    Different Gun types are available. Gatling guns have an incredible fire rate, but obviously eats up ammunition. Shotguns have a wider spread, but less range. More guns to come.

    Rippers are more formidable than Snipers, being more on the front lines, but they are not as fast as Snipers. Also, ammunition is a huge problem for Rippers.

    Rippers are best paired with Mechanics which provide ammunition, and Infantries who can help in the front lines.
    Rippers' standard equipments are Guns.

    Tankers are, hands down, the most defensive class in the game. They take less damage overall, and being able to spawn magical armor, even with short bursts of invulnerability.. tankers are true tanks. One downside, though: armor weighs, and slows them down.

    Tankers utilize Rocket Launchers, that throw out Ender Pearls, causing massive explosion and splash damage. Because of the wide splash damage, Tankers can hurt themselves if not careful.

    Variants of Rocket Launchers are available: Ender Pearls can do different catastrophes aside from explosions, such as fire, knocking everyone out, or perhaps slowing everyone down. Varying Rocket Launchers, with different splash radius, damage, and effects exist.

    Tankers are not suitable at the front lines, because of the splash damage. Thus,
    Tankers are best suited with Infantries, who can deal in the front lines.
    Tankers' standard equipments are Rocket Launchers.

    The Map

    The main problem in the original FPC was, the towns were hard to find. Thus, it put people off, they weren't bothered to find the towns in the first place. That's why the new map will consist of easily navigable towns, as shown below:

    Each of the 8 towns (with 8 classes, respectively) is DIRECTLY North/South/East/West of the spawn.
    Even wandering aimlessly in one direction will help you get to a town.

    You will spawn in a little siege camp (0,0), where one can do a few quests to earn supplies before heading out. This is the only safezone in the world (aside from the towns), so make good use of it.

    In this hellish monster ridden world, support from other towns are your only hope of survival, and thus you will have to find one of the towns. Again, each of the towns is NSEW from spawn, making it easily navigable.

    On each town is a shrine, which you must access to join a class. In addition, towns provide services, such as NPC questing (provides you basic money and items), skill shops, and banks to store your money.

    Good luck in reaching the towns, though. Because...

    Hellish Environment

    The environment in this world is unforgiving. Let's start with monsters.

    First of all, all monsters are buffed. Some have greater health, some deal more damage. In addition, Skeletons shoot straighter and faster, and Creepers blow up when killed. Sometimes, monster hits can deal you status effects, such as poison, blinding, or even crippling, leaving you vulnerable. Killing monsters do give you money, however, you will lose a portion of your money when you die.

    Zombies will suicide to produce blocks which other zombies will climb, eventually reaching sky bases. They will also destroy any carelessly placed torches, leaving tunnels dark and spawning other monsters. Heck, even a zombie will spawn where you died, thus putting your allies in danger (I could make it put a grave with a monster spawn to make it harder, but this is debatable).

    Now to the environment.. each biome has its own dangers. Deserts' dangerous rays of sunlight will damage you until you are submerged in water. Snowfall from tundras will freeze you and harm you if you are not armored properly. Mining coal will give you black lung, harming you even further.

    You might have some intense fights and moments with monsters, but most of the time you will be making sure that there is no exceptions in which monsters and the environment will betray and avenge you. Live however you want, building underground or building in the skies.

    When Beta Testing is released, we will buff/nerf monsters and the environment according to the results.

    So what will you do after this Monstrous Update?

    Well there's a lot to do after the Monstrous Update. First thing I'll probably do is to add Class Upgrades (by paying In-Game money), so that there's stronger variants of the class items and there's more to strive for.

    Aside from that, I'll add more NPC quests, dungeons (challenge PvE sites), WarZones, MobArena, and then I'll see what the next problems are and what next to do.

    Currently, the server is under intense development, as features are being built from scratch. All the plugins and the server infrastructure is being constructed by me (Superboop).

    Link Removed
    Link Removed

    [center][size=medium]Magic Spells | Economy | Warzones | Factions | Survival | Join Now![/size][/url][/center]
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    We are collecting players for a trailer for this server!

    For those who wish to be in the trailer, join!
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    Dynamic Economy is fixed.

    The new map will come, adding some sort of RP-ishh element (not really actually).
    But it will come at a later time (aka. not anytime soon)
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    Nevermind, server's up! Fixed it myself.
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    Server is down. Prodfk thinks I'll destroy the server so he doesn't give me start/stop/restart,

    I can't even start the server back up now that he's away for like days and the server crashed.

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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    Security is a must now.. manual backups are done daily.
    Logblock actually works now too.

    If anyone can suggest an anti-hack plgin, it is most welcomed.
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    EDIT: Looks like only the spawn is destroyed. Expect to get it recovered by today.
    People's homes are most likely safe.
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    posted a message on Note this hacker..
    He first told me to visit his server. So i did.
    The server didn't work, so I came back, where he suddenly op'd himself and banned me.
    My admin partner went on console and banned him, but..

    What kind of program did he use?

    EDIT: He came back in even though we have banned him. Shyt shyt shyt.
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    The server has been hacked.. some person deop'd me and banned me.
    It's an emergency, prodfk has stopped the server and banned the hacker.

    We will provide 5 of each item for compensation, if your bases are destroyed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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    posted a message on [24/7]FacePalmCraft | Survival | Factions | Magic!
    Prodfk has made a new warzone. This warzone adds the element of parkour.
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