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    Looks Cool

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    Sorry Guys Still Working! Pictures Should Be Out Tommorow :rolleyes:

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    PokeCraft Go™

    Sory Haven't really updated the post very much a lot of bugs! So I left it But right now I am going o try to fix them 😁

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    ImagineStudios™ Presents Crime Craft©

    Crime Craft©

    About: A Mod/Game Made with Minecraft That Brings A game Like GTA 5 to Minecraft!!! In Early Alpha No Download (Yet)


    Cause there's no I in Team.

    SuperPug68 (me) - The team leader.
    BlastDroid9876 - The team manager.

    DamedDaniel - Head Coder
    Johnald8 - Senior Coder
    BubbleTrouble174 - Coder
    ERSBF - Coder
    eigmx2000 - Coder
    bigfish2014 - Coder
    gegydy1000 - Coder

    JurassicChicken - Head Modeler
    Builtt90rooper - Head Modeler
    DanyiBrixton - Modeler
    FiskoVaneBiscuitBoy - Modeler
    Leonelmogomegaman - Modeler
    JadeCow - Modeler/Entity Texturer
    JaiJai__ - Modeler
    gojiiman - Modeler/Entity Texturer
    SaberTooth908 - Modeler/Texturer

    Texture Artists:
    CrEayTiVe_ONE - Head Texture Artist and Modeler for Blocks/Items
    blakeiins - Texture Artist
    Stdfealhelm - Texture Artist
    Tobi yKaneki - Texture Artist
    Wireufire101 - Texture Artist
    Caity67Ko - Texture Artist / General Artist

    None of these People have a MC Forum account except me.Logo

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