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    posted a message on New use for Emeralds and Blaze Rods
    Emeralds were ment for currency only. BTW, did you know that diamonds used to be emeralds? I have a feeling if they were tools, they'd be the same as diamond. Which would be useless. I think currency works just fine.

    And for the blaze rod thing, sounds cool. But lasting longer doesn't seem to make sense. If things lasted longer in the nether, then netherack wouldn't be weaker then cobble now would it? How about they do extra damage? Like when you craft it, you start witha 90% chance of getting sharpness 2 enchant and a 9% chance of getting fire aspect 1, and a 1% chance of getting both?

    Or you could just have flaming items. Like flaming diamond pick. Or make fire stuff. With netherrack and blaze rods to make nether stuff. Although that kinda reminds me of terraria.
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    posted a message on Enemy Spawn Condition: Miasma
    I would be pretty scared. Seriously? A corpse on the ground? Imagine a kid standing right next to a live chicken that gets it's head chopped off and gets killed. I would be terriffied and i would close my eyes.
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    posted a message on Making rotten flesh more useful
    Quote from D_Cooper

    Again. Illogical.

    By your (lack of) logic, obsidian tools, airplanes, and every new dimension idea should be added because "Some people will not care and some people will like it."

    You do not add things because few will use them. If anything, you add things that many will use.

    It adds nothing new. It improves on nothing old. That makes it a bad suggestion.

    This is my oppinion on your examples. Remember i said no one will care. That means no one will really hate it that much.

    Obsidian tools: If someone used an obsidian sword and obsidian armour, then people will care and hate it. Which is diffrent then what i mean.

    Airplanes: I would hate people flying away. thats less logic than me.

    New demensions: New demensions will have new items. New items mean people who don't care will not have them. They will care. Which is diffrent than my point.

    Dirt: Who would object to dirt? If someone doesn't use it, they won't care cause all it is is an inefficient use of flesh to get dirt. While people who use it will like it cause they get to use it.

    It seems the the reason why people hate this is just because its based off of dirt. Stop thinking about the idea itself for a while and think about what the game will be like. Whats going to happen? All it is is dirt. So not much will change except for getting dirt inefficiently.
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    posted a message on Skeletons are just unfair and annoying ! Balance suggestion
    You think thats strong? Dodge those things man. At least they don't fly or set you on fire. I can kill those skeletons with my fist and leather armour. Maybe a wooden sword. Most people have stone though and that should make it easy as i have killed many skeletons with only stone sword.
    Blazes are strong as they set you on fire. Ghasts have explosive attacks which are more of an anoyance than a threat but still better than a skeleton. If you think skeleton is tough, then i feel sorry for you if you find a skeleton spawner.
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    posted a message on **** SERVERS
    I'm sorry sir but i can't seem to find the suggestion in this topic.
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    posted a message on Making rotten flesh more useful
    Quote from grox19

    Probably agreed with the dirt part. But on the leather part: said noobs who haven't got any iron yet should kill 17 or so zombies to get enough flesh. Not an easy task with stone tools.

    Are you saying zombies are tough? I'm a noob and i can kill those zombies with a wooden sword. Heck, i've been killing spiders with my fist!
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    posted a message on Nerf endermen
    Quote from Inky_Musty

    Endermen are in the need of a major nerf. They are just way too powerful and difficult to fight.

    I'd spent the entire day looking for a stronghold, but to no luck. I really needed an eye of ender. I'd managed to aquire some blaze powder but unfortunately no enderpearls...
    Just as I was about to sulk off on my way home I spotted 5 tall endermen passing around a huge orange enderpearl. My jaw dropped.
    team of 5 basketball players and the enderpearl basketball.

    Just what I need! I thought, but it's too risky to take on 5 endermen at once. I decided I'd try and be a bit sneaky... I crept towards them trying to be as silent as a creeper when I got close I lept for the enderpearl... and missed.
    Lept for the enderpearl. Lept for the basketball. LOl.

    All the endermen stared at me. Crap! I didn't dare break my gaze because I knew as soon as I did the endermen would teleport behind me and start attacking.
    "What you doin' kid?" One of them asked.
    I kept staring.
    "Who are you looking at?" another one asked, angrily

    "Who do you think you are busting in on our training?" The endermen began closing in...
    Basketball training.

    Luckily I was prepared...

    I poured my bucket of water on the ground around myself.

    "What the- Kid! What are you doing to our court?"
    Basketball court

    They kept aproaching. Damn it! why isn't this working? Jebb must've put in a new update. Bloody kids on the minecraft forums thinking up the most ridiculous suggestions...

    I had to escape! I pulled out my pickaxe and began mining down. Unfortunately it was only a stone one so not very fast...

    What the flaming hell kid!!! Our court! it's ruined!" Cried one of the endermen as he pulled me out of my hole.

    Oh I'm not going own that easily. I pulled out my diamond sword and swung it into his face. He keeled over in agony clutching his face. Seeing my chance I grabbed the enderpearl and ran for it.
    �Hey where are you doing with our ball?�
    Basketball breakaway

    I didn�t stop running until I had made it safely home and locked the door.

    Endermen are just too powerful they need a drastic nerf. Please make them susceptible to water damage again and also remove their ability to pull you out of your hole. I like the new graphical update for ender pearls though, you can keep that.

    I just realized this is about basketball. Read the bold in the quote.
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    posted a message on Odd yet epic seed for snapshot 12w07b
    This is where you download the minecraft jar for the snapshot. http://www.mojang.com/2012/02/15/minecraft-snapshot-12w07a/

    The is the seed. -7967910267966909582
    Nice seed huh? It has tundra next to a dessert with a jungle on top of a mountain. Great huh? First world in the snapshot and i get this epic world.
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    posted a message on We need Mooshrooms.
    Quote from fwerty123

    I don't think it works that way.

    What do you mean? Mooshrooms are obviosly cows infected with mushrooms. It should be possible to infect them.
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    posted a message on We need Mooshrooms.
    Has anyone noticed that its near impossible to get mooshrooms without a seed with mushrom biome. I mean, think of all the people who wants farms of everything and got disapointed? Maybe you could get the grass stuff from mushroom biome, and use silk touch to get it, place on ground, and cows eat it to transform into mooshroom.
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