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    posted a message on Tortoise -=- [MOB Suggestion](Custom Graphic)
    I doubt it's possible to place blocks on entitys. but anyways, maybe you could ride them yourself. The idea of a turtle is a good idea and your turtle models are so cute. How do you make them?
    Quote from miner_king

    im having trouble installing... can u further explain?

    Installing what?
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    posted a message on Notch fixed nothing...
    not tundra. Taiga. I think i have a seed for the snapshot that has tundra next to dessert though. So i guess he un-fixed it. The diffrence between taiga and tundras is taiga is more of a forest. Here is the seed link. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1036138-odd-yet-epic-seed-for-snapshot-12w07b/ you need to download the snapshot for it to work though.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass
    Quote from Menen

    Could it color the light?

    Lol. i didn't think of that. Good idea but do you really think notch will ever add coloured light?

    And good idea. It would be like transparent wool.
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    posted a message on Generate Caves option
    Quote from minepenguincraft

    I think I like the idea of a cave "slider"

    Slide it to 100% shitton of caves,
    0% no caves,

    The higher the precent, the more caves the generator puts in.

    I kind of like the idea of having that for stuff. Like biomes and stuff. Like when you make a world, you can make a normal world, or custom world. If that won't be added, someone make a mod for that please!
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    posted a message on Fire Charge = Instant Cooking/Smelting
    Why are blaze rods that valueable anyways? On a server, there was iconomy plugin. Heres to give you an idea of how valuable blaze rods were. Diamonds were worth 700 of the currency. Blaze rods were 800. Then i made a blaze farm that requires snowballs that lowered the blaze rod price to 100. People were getting stacks of rods. So i'd be worrying about the gunpowder more than the rods.

    Anyways, i'm pretty sure fire charges should be able to cook stuff. Not sure if it should be furnace or crafting. Your ideas pretty good.
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    posted a message on Nerf endermen
    Quote from Inky_Musty

    Endermen are in the need of a major nerf. They are just way too powerful and difficult to fight.

    I'd spent the entire day looking for a stronghold, but to no luck. I really needed an eye of ender. I'd managed to aquire some blaze powder but unfortunately no enderpearls...
    Just as I was about to sulk off on my way home I spotted 5 tall endermen passing around a huge orange enderpearl. My jaw dropped.
    team of 5 basketball players and the enderpearl basketball.

    Just what I need! I thought, but it's too risky to take on 5 endermen at once. I decided I'd try and be a bit sneaky... I crept towards them trying to be as silent as a creeper when I got close I lept for the enderpearl... and missed.
    Lept for the enderpearl. Lept for the basketball. LOl.

    All the endermen stared at me. Crap! I didn't dare break my gaze because I knew as soon as I did the endermen would teleport behind me and start attacking.
    "What you doin' kid?" One of them asked.
    I kept staring.
    "Who are you looking at?" another one asked, angrily

    "Who do you think you are busting in on our training?" The endermen began closing in...
    Basketball training.

    Luckily I was prepared...

    I poured my bucket of water on the ground around myself.

    "What the- Kid! What are you doing to our court?"
    Basketball court

    They kept aproaching. Damn it! why isn't this working? Jebb must've put in a new update. Bloody kids on the minecraft forums thinking up the most ridiculous suggestions...

    I had to escape! I pulled out my pickaxe and began mining down. Unfortunately it was only a stone one so not very fast...

    What the flaming hell kid!!! Our court! it's ruined!" Cried one of the endermen as he pulled me out of my hole.

    Oh I'm not going own that easily. I pulled out my diamond sword and swung it into his face. He keeled over in agony clutching his face. Seeing my chance I grabbed the enderpearl and ran for it.
    �Hey where are you doing with our ball?�
    Basketball breakaway

    I didn�t stop running until I had made it safely home and locked the door.

    Endermen are just too powerful they need a drastic nerf. Please make them susceptible to water damage again and also remove their ability to pull you out of your hole. I like the new graphical update for ender pearls though, you can keep that.

    I just realized this is about basketball. Read the bold in the quote.
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    posted a message on We need Mooshrooms.
    Quote from Phantom_100

    light up a dungeon and put mycellium in the floor. Poof, mooshroom spawner.

    Does that even happen or is that just an idea?
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    posted a message on Odd yet epic seed for snapshot 12w07b
    Quote from Crusaderdeleters

    Pics or it didn;t happen.

    Okay then. Download the snapshot, use the seed, and get the pic yourself. And if you don't see the jungle, well it's fairly far away but it's not so far that you have to walk for more than a minute. If you walk the correct direction, you will find the jungle.
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    posted a message on Odd yet epic seed for snapshot 12w07b
    This is where you download the minecraft jar for the snapshot. http://www.mojang.com/2012/02/15/minecraft-snapshot-12w07a/

    The is the seed. -7967910267966909582
    Nice seed huh? It has tundra next to a dessert with a jungle on top of a mountain. Great huh? First world in the snapshot and i get this epic world.
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    posted a message on I got a question about xp and snowballs.
    Quote from Devon206

    They would drop both.

    Thanks. Although i found out already. I was asking this question cause i was making blaze farm. I tested it and they droped the xp.
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    posted a message on I got a question about xp and snowballs.
    So, if i kill a blaze with snowballs, do they drop items or xp?

    Ps: i know this is the wrong place to put this probably. But i tried putting this in the support section and it said i couldn't make topics in there.
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    posted a message on Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Texture Pack
    Quote from razourik

    I'm not playing this until at least all of the MOBs look like pokemon, and until there's screenshots.


    ghasts = koffings

    They shall be ghast-ly. Ghastly.
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    posted a message on I need a way to make a creeper in minecraft.
    This is probably not the correct place to put this but i really have no idea where to put this topic so i'll put it here.

    Anyways, can anyone get me a model of a creeper? i need build a 3d Model of a creeper in minecraft made of wool and i need to know how to make a perfect one. Anyone know how? I want other mobs too but i prefer Creeper. I want to make the creeper pixel by pixel in 3D with TNT in it.
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    posted a message on Iron Golem - A New Redstone Powered Monster
    I honestly don't like the idea of an iron golem. But if i did, this is how i would make it.

    It's slow moving. Like really slow. Slow as your sneaking slow. It has low attack. Like 1 or half a heart but has so much health that it could possibly survive the damage it would take for TNT to destroy obsidian(Alot of TNT). Or maybe just 30 hearts. More than double of an enderman.

    Seriously, you should all take into consideration that snow golems do 0 damage.

    Here are the stats i thought of. Which set of stats do you think is the best.

    Set 1
    Health: 30 hearts.
    Power: 1 heart.
    Speed: As slow as sneak

    Set 2
    Health: 10 hearts
    Power: half heart.
    Speed: Normal speed of player.

    Set 3
    Health: 15 hearts
    Power 2 hearts
    Speed:1 1/2 of player.
    Extra Ability: Survives lava and walks on it as if it were solid.

    Set 4
    Health: 20 hearts
    Power: 3 hearts
    Speed: half walking speed.
    Extra Ability: Walks on stable lava and dies from water and avoids water.

    What do you think? Oh, and No Redstone. Please.
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    posted a message on You can use a bed outside? Absurd
    You guys are noobs if you think sleeping outside has no consequenses. Once i was sleeping, a creeper blew up my bed and almost killed me, and i had to fight a zombie behind it with low health. I'd rather just stand there and be ready to fight them to sleep in the open. It almost killed me.
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