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    Quote from KooladeisBAE»
    ter] Killer Rabbit Idea

    So I had an idea for a new item and possible new blocks, Now I know Killer Bunnies have changed to only spawning via /summon command, But what if they didn't, what if Killers Bunnies could naturally spawn again, Now Killer Bunnies have no purpose they are just there to be there so why bring them back?

    Thats question is what this idea came from, there should be a reason they are in the game other than to attack you and be there. Now what if there was a special item called a "Lucky Rabbit's Foot," *(a enchanted golden rabbit's foot)? A item that is only gainable from killing a killer bunny, a item when brewed together with a nether star will give you a "Merger Nether Star," and when combined in the beacon recipe (Three obsidian and 5 glass) it would make a "Sharpened Beacon," a Beacon with the original effects and some other effects including Luck, Bad Luck, Night Vision, Water Breathing, Fire resistance, and Mining fatigue.

    It would change the struggle for map makers having to use commands to make effects in areas, give thoughts and ideas on grinders to get the Lucky Rabbit's Foot to redstoners, give another reason to keep working on a survival world, and give a purpose to Killer Bunnies. This list of changes just goes on into smaller subjects but you get the point, a new reason to try and get that chance of spawning a killer rabbit for that illusive Lucky Rabbit's Foot. So what do you think? Do you think Killer Bunnies should be added back naturally spawned? Do you think this Idea should do through? well post in the Poll what you think!

    Please post your thoughts down and signing out


    Umm... No

    Killer bunnies are just a reference to a scene in Monty Python's The Holy Grail. They are just easter eggs and are not intended to be added in the game. Also please don't use paintball guns in your text.

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    posted a message on A new "Dark Block"(Block that decreses light levels)

    Since it is a block is it craftable or exclusive in creative only? Is it invisible? What does it look like?

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    posted a message on Life as a simulation

    I don't want to think about that. I have been thinking of that for days and makes me wonder if it is true or not. I'm trying to be optimistic here and I don't want to think this is just a simulation :(

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    posted a message on Isn't it time enough to just allow for infinite lava?

    By making this, it would be too OP. If you have a friend with infinite lava, imagine what would happen to your 3 months worth mansion made of wood?

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    posted a message on Annoying types of OCs you encountered

    Any OCs. I hate OCs unless they are actually an interesting character but most of the time most OCs are annoying and cringey, especially fnaf OCs

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    posted a message on What is the Most Reliable Foodsource?
    Quote from Will85237»

    Meats are certainly not the most reliable because mobs tend to escape fences, suffocate in walls and generally glitch.

    Fishing relies on an unpredictable amount of time, so it's not reliable either.

    Cakes, golden apples, golden carrots, pumpkin pie, etc. all rely on multiple ingredients, meaning it's harder to rely on being fully stocked when crafting the food.

    Rotten flesh and spider eyes are unreliable because you can't farm zombies and spiders.

    The most reliable foods are therefore bread, carrots, potatoes, and melon.

    I don't like bread and carrots, they have low food value, the only crops I like are melons and potatoes (baked)

    However I object to your first paragraph because mobs can't escape fences, fences are around 1.2 blocks high and players and mobs (without jump boost) can't jump that high, if you have a fence gate don't use that, use carpets instead. Suffocate in walls? Then don't make walls. I rarely see passive mobs glitch, unless your world is laggy that is.
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    posted a message on Villager Popularity Overhaul
    Quote from Sadly_Not»

    Actually, I've been thinking for a bit and thought of the donation values.

    Iron: 0.5 points (Why? because iron is common enough that I can have multiple stacks of it)

    Gold: 3 points (Why? In real life gold is seen as very pretty, and think villagers would think that too. Its also harder to get than iron)

    Emeralds: 5 points (Why? This is the currency of the villagers. Generally people like people who give them money)

    Diamond: 10 points (Why? One, this would be late game. Two, do you see yourself giving five diamonds away just for max pop? Three, diamonds are hard to get)

    Thanks for reading. These are tentative and subject to chance, hence why they aren't part of the main post.

    Eh, diamonds are too OP, I find them almost instantly, emeralds are rarer so you should switch the two.
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    posted a message on What is the Most Reliable Foodsource?

    I like steak, porkchop or/and mutton.


    1. Pigs, cows and sheep are easy to breed and are not hard to find and can be found in almost any biome.

    2. All when cooked fills 8 hunger and you only need 3 to completely fill up the hunger bar.

    3. Unlike potatoes, they don't necessarily need to be smelted, you only need to kill livestock with a flame bow or a sword with fire aspect.

    4. They give the most xp when cooked.

    5. Unlike crops, food can be farmed easily, if you can make an automated food harvester with specific animals you can get tons of cooked food easily with dispensers full of arrows right next to lava with a fence gate on front of it, animals smashed into one specific spot and a hole in the bottom to breed animals without killing the baby version of the specific animal. (Completely optional)

    6. Even though wheat may seem slow at generating food you can use it to breed more animals thus low budget needed to overpopulate your farm with cows/sheep/pigs thus more food.

    7. Sheep and cows also provide wool and milk which are also pretty useful materials. Pigs can be used for transport.

    Other food:

    Fish- Fishing for them takes too much time and only fills up 6 hunger (cooked) which is not worth it.

    Chicken- Even though just like meat, they only restore 6 hunger.

    Crops: Wheat, pumpkins, carrots etc. have low food value. (except melons since they give lots of food and grows back, the only problem though is space. Baked potatoes are also reliable but only has an effective quality of only 11 while steak has effective quality of 20.5)

    Stew: Although very useful in PVP they are unstackable and can fill your inventory space.

    Craftable food: They are just too tedious to craft.

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    posted a message on Villager Popularity Overhaul

    I like the idea, suggestion has all the basic info needed to be justifiable to be implemented into the game, new features are not necessarily too OP.

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    posted a message on Chest Improvements: Make 'em organized (and bigger)!
    Quote from jdc997»
    enter]Chest Improvements
    NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, these suggestions apply to all chests and chest-carrying entities.

    The Problem

    Ah, chests. A miraculous addition to Minecraft that allowed people to store huge amounts of items in one-block spaces. They've been around practically forever, yet, have remained largely unchanged. Since their introduction in Indev, chests have had graphical and audible improvements, and recently got the ability to utilize loot tables, but the chest's mechanics have remained largely the same for the survival player. However, several of the problems of chests remain as well. If you don't organize, chests can become cluttered and it can be difficult to find anything. Also, 27 slots per chest can be a little small, especially later in the game. Sure, you can build more chests (they are cheap), but have you ever wished that you could save space by increasing the capacity of chests? That's what this suggestion will go over.

    Survival Stuff

    When you open a chest, you will notice a few new icons with text to the right. The first icon will be two apples on top of each other with the text "Arrange." Pressing this will combine stacks where possible, collapse empty slots, and sort stacks by alphabetical data value first (minecraft:apple before minecraft:stick), then by damage value. The second icon will be an arrow pointing to a chest with the text "Deposit." This will dump your inventory, starting from the top left slot, into the chest. Your hot bar is uneffected. The third icon will be an arrow pointing away from a chest with the text "Loot." Pressing this will dump the contents of the chest into your inventory where possible. Finally, there will be two icons, the first being an arrow pointing to two apples saying "Stack to inventory," and the other being an arrow pointing away from two apples saying "Stack to container." These buttons will take items from either your chest or your inventory, and put them in the respective container if and only if some of those items already exist in the container. For example, if you have 5 apples and 3 cobblestone in your inventory and the chest has 2 apples and 6 iron ingots, pressing "Stack to container would move all of your apples into the chest, but not your cobblestone, since no cobblestone is in the chest. It will still place the items in there if it would overflow a stack, as long as there is space.

    Another improvement would be a craftable "chest compartment" that could be placed onto any normal and trapped chests. A compartment is crafted with eight sticks in a ring around an empty center. A compartment will add eight slots to a chest and can be used twice per chest block, so an indivdual chest can have up to 43 slots, and a double chest can have up to 86 slots. If used on a double chest, the compartment will add slots to the south-eastern most block first. In Creative Mode, you can add compartments infinitely, but each chest block will be limited to 255 slots.

    If a chest has more than 54 slots, the ninth column will be replaced by a scrollbar. The chest GUI will never be taller than it is now.

    Comparators connected to an expanded chest will still use the percentage that the chest is full when determining output strength.

    More Information

    Chests, Trapped Chests, and Minecarts with Chests will have a new NBT tag, "Size." This determines the amount of slots the chest possesses. It can be any value between 0-255. If 0, the chest cannot be opened. If an item has a slot tag that is higher than the size tag, it will remain in the chest, but will be unobtainable and it cannot be moved.

    Ender Chest slot count can be edited with a new gamerule: /gamerule enderSlots <size>. Size can be anywhere from 0-255. 0 disables opening ender chests entirely. The ender chest GUI will also get its own texture file for resource pack artists.

    The generic54.png texture will be changed to be completely blank on the chest side (your inventory and hotbar will remain in the texture). A new texture will be added called chestIcons.png which will include the scrollbar, ender chest scrollbar, the slot texture, and the icons for Arrange, Deposit, Loot, and Stack to Inventory/Container.


    You're basically copying terraria, however is would be a nice addition to the game.
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    posted a message on Cauldron Revamp.

    This is great. Adding more uses to a cauldron is definitely better. I just don't like that using potions on cauldrons would make tipped arrows though because that would make the tipped arrow recipe which uses lingering potions useless.

    Almost Full Support

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    posted a message on Is there any commands I can use to add diseases?
    Quote from metalbones1»

    All of these can be cured with a golden apple, except swamp fever, which requires an enchanted golden apple.

    Since the only cure is a golden apple the diseases will be too OP. The concept is good but you should change the cure method because well... REASONS!!!!!!!

    Eh support I guess...
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    posted a message on Wither + poison = blackish green hearts.

    Eh, this should be better in small suggestions. Still pretty cool though.


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    posted a message on Please Reverse My Skin, PLEASEEEE

    Like this?

    I'm not great at photoshopping so... it's bad

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    posted a message on Inventory Cleanse
    Quote from dimgam»

    Ya and your enemy is a dum guy that will wait for you to empty your inventory and then walk up to it and pick it up.

    Also you guys are going of topic. This forum is about a system that automatically organizes your inventory. You guys took it all the way to a trash slot like in Terraria. Like wow. Most of these replies are about doing Ctrl+Q at lava like wtf. What does that have to do with organizing your inventory. Any experienced player knows about Ctrl+Q and you guys are telling me to do it as if I don't know about Ctrl+Q is and that lava/cacti delete items. Some of you guys have probably played as long as I have. Who here knows what the biome in the end used to be called?

    It used to be called: The Sky (I think)

    Then kill the dum guy first. Common sense bro.
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