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    Hello everybody, today Tmtravlr and I have a great mod for MCPE coming very soon. You guessed it from the title it is the Spiral Lucky Block! This block will not function exactly like pc, but pretty darn close! All we need to do is make more drops and we will be done! And with a mcpe exclusive item! Look below for more info!

    All Items added (More candy related items)

    The MCPE Exclusive

    The Cloak!!!

    So lets talk about development after the release. I believe that she would like to develop it on her own after this releases, but I could be wrong. When this does come out it will be on her page here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/members/Tmtravlr. No beta yet sorry.


    I will Release a beta to 6 Players just write a comment saying You want to be in the beta. It will close after 6 users have joined and they will be placed in a chat and you will test and report bugs. Have Fun!

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