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    Quote from Snipps»

    • No F3 coordinates. This I imagine is divisive, so maybe as an option, but I think this change really helps make the world feel larger, helps you get lost, encourages you to build infrastructure between locations and just makes the game feel more like it used to. Maybe Y could stay, or maybe there could be a new item, like a depth meter, to find out your Y, since manually counting to figure out when you are at diamond level would be bad.
    • In the same vein as above, I'd like semi-randomized spawning locations. Instead of spawning in the world spawn every time, you spawn somewhere in a X radius of where you died. Paired with no coordinates, this creates a semi-hardcore experience of having to start anew, but being able to discover your old works, and eventually causes you to end up with a sprawling, living world.

    I feel like these 2 ideas are in conflict with each other somewhat. Having the ability to see coordinates would negate the effect of randomly respawn locations by allowing the player to quickly find their base. Between the 2, I greatly prefer the latter. In my own vanilla survival world, I ended up building everything near the world spawn, because that location was always the most accessible regardless of where I last slept. I think a randomized default spawnpoint would make for far more interesting gameplay. (Of course, this should be toggleable for servers since those tend to need a centralized spawn area.)

    I like the idea of adding a depth meter. I've used a mod that adds one made of copper and redstone (in a shape that matches the gold clock and iron compass), and I think it's pretty cool, though I think a more precise display would be helpful: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/depth-meter

    Quote from Snipps»

    • Ability to disable beds. I never did like the addition of beds, since it made death far less punishing and so less scary, and it also made the night completely irrelevant (although the old mechanic of monsters sometimes being able to spawn is better than the modern version). This paired with random respawn I think would really spruce up the world and make death feel really dangerous.

    Having played NSSS for a while (which has no beds), I think I agree that beds were probably a bad addition to the game... or at least that they need some disadvantages. I think it would be neat to just copy how NSSS implements setting your spawnpoint (spoiler for NSSS ahead)...

    NSSS makes crying obsidian the spawnpoint block. By right-clicking the block with a compass, you set your spawnpoint and the compass points to the block. It acts like a combination of vanilla's respawn anchor and lodestone, albeit without any concept of "recharging". I think it might be even better if it kept the recharge mechanic, since it would penalize repeated deaths and encourage taking some risk to obtain whatever item is used to recharge the respawn point. Additionally, the lodestone functionality, combined with maps and perhaps a new depth meter item, should provide a pretty immersive substitute for F3 coordinates.

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    Decided to try this out, going in mostly-blind. Here's my impressions so far:

    The good:

    - YES! Sprinting! I like how you managed to make it work without a hunger bar.

    - I really like how you made gold tools useful and replaced the silk touch enchantment at the same time.

    - I like how you gave swords the functionality of vanilla shears/hoes. This and gold touch are both clever ways of doing the same thing as vanilla by improving existing features instead of adding new ones. I really appreciate that.

    - I like that you brought back the Classic wool color palette.

    - Thank you for making armor act more like modern vanilla where its effectiveness doesn't depend on durability.

    - Thanks for fixing boats. Well, the controls still feel worse than modern vanilla to me, but having the boat not be made of cardboard is already a wonderful change. I wonder if EATS roads work in this version...

    - I like that the score is made more prominent. It always felt weird that it only showed up after you died.

    - Crying obsidian is cool, and I managed to figure out how to use it. I really like how you combined vanilla's respawn anchor and lodestone into a single block. Another great example of doing more with less.

    - The Infdev clouds are nice.

    - The modem sound when joining a server is a cute touch.

    - I like that you added in a bunch of previously soundtrack-only Minecraft music, but I think the Droopy tracks make more sense as a music disc.

    - Making skeleton arrows purple is something vanilla should do. It really helps to make it clear which arrows you can and cannot pick up. (It would even make sense for Infinity arrows because purple is associated with enchanting.)

    - I saw in creative that you added calm4 as a music disc. Neat!

    - I see that iron pressure plates can only be activated by players. That's definitely more useful than vanilla's weighted pressure plates have ever been, haha.

    - I like that you can actually eat eggs. It's kinda weird that vanilla added so many foods, but not the ability to cook eggs.

    - Items falling through leaves is a cool change that gives some technical functionality to leaves, which I appreciate. I picture using it as the floor of a mob-killing drop, with water streams below to collect and transport the resulting items.

    - I like finding caves by listening for mob noises, so I think the spawner noises are a great addition.

    - Ambient noises are neat, though I think perhaps they could use a bit more variation.

    The bad:

    - Inventory management is annoying. I'm so used to all the dragging and shift-clicking shortcuts of modern vanilla.

    - Moving porkchops in and out of a furnace is particularly annoying.

    - An inventory bug causes me to keep crafting dark gray dye when I'm making torches using shift-click and I use up my last sticks.

    - I forgot just how bad water visibility used to be. I thought maybe I could find sponges in the ocean, but since you hardly see anything underwater, I guess I'll have to get lucky with dungeon loot.

    - I miss vanilla's recipe book. Trying to guess recipes is a pain. I managed to figure out how to craft gears, but...

    - I can't figure out the recipe for redstone lamps. I've tried glass around a torch, glass around a redstone torch, a torch above redstone with glass around it, glass around redstone, wool around a torch, glass surrounded by 4 torches, and various other patterns, but I just can't seem to crack it.

    - Gear hitboxes are weird.

    - Is there any reason why dying wool isn't a shapeless recipe? Do shapeless recipes not exist in this version? If not, you should add them. I was confused for a while on how to dye wool.

    - Redstone activating doors does not act like you'd expect. Some doors have inverted powering behavior, which gets really frustrating when you have double doors. I think that's a pre-existing Alpha bug, but it's still really annoying.

    - As fun as the retro mineral blocks (iron, gold, copper) are at first, it doesn't take long before you realize just how goofy they tend to look in builds... at least when stacked on top of each other. The side textures really don't lend themselves to building most of the time. I really want to build with copper blocks in vanilla; in NSSS, I just put my copper blocks in a chest because I don't know what to do with them. Iron blocks are at least tolerable, thanks to the milder gradient compared to the other two.


    - Do gears do anything yet? They don't seem to have any interactions with redstone, as far as I can tell.

    - Copper in general looks kinda cool, but it doesn't seem to have much use yet. Gears are alright, but I think the vanilla copper block texture is far more versa

    - Not sure how I feel about the new creeper behavior. I get that having them blow up earlier makes you less likely to insta-die from one that sneaks up behind you, but it also means that it's nearly impossible to melee kill them. Granted, bows are machine guns in this version, but I'm not so sure I like fighting creepers in this version. I think I prefer modern vanilla where they walk up to you and stop moving as they begin to detonate. It feels more fair.

    - Having iron armor completely stop arrows is interesting. It removes all threat from skeletons, but it does take a toll on your armor. I think skeletons are a bit too easy now. I found myself standing in the middle of a skeleton dungeon, sorting my inventory while skeleton arrows bounced off me. That feels a bit OP. I think skeletons need to have a melee attack so they aren't worse than zombies once you get iron armor.


    - Ability to set render distance father than "Far". This is 2021; I think I can handle a larger render distance for an Alpha fork.

    - Change the toggle perspective button to C, or at least make it rebindable. F5 is far from ergonomic.

    - Front-facing 3rd-person perspective, mainly for the sake of YouTubers, haha.

    - Bringing back over-the-shoulder 3rd-person like Infdev had could be pretty cool, too, and certainly more practical than normal 3rd-person.

    - Rotate the top/bottom textures of bookshelves by 90 degrees so you can combine them in floors with normal planks to create a criss-cross pattern.

    - Make the cobblestone texture tile properly like the later vanilla textures.

    - Backport the furnace top texture so furnaces can become more useful as a decorative block.

    - Backport redstone blocks so I can compact my redstone storage... and also so there can be a red mineral block to go with all the others.

    - Backport the vanilla feature where a pig on fire drops cooked porkchops. It would make flint and steel a lot more useful, and it would provide an alternative to the very boring process of moving porkchops in and out of furnaces one at a time.

    - Backport flower pots, to make bricks more useful and add a way to bring flowers into houses without having to place dirt or grass.

    - Backport horizontal logs, because it makes wooden cross-beams so much cooler.

    - Add hoppers, but give them have a blockier, fewer-cuboid appearance to fit in better with the fat chests (and save FPS). Also, maybe they should be made out of copper, just to give that resource more functionality. (Screenshot from https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/qwuiblingtons-fps-block-model-pack)

    - Also, hoppers should drop items if they're not pointing into anything. This could allow the block to double as a replacement for droppers in some way, and make it easier to integrate with water streams.
    - Speaking of which, items should move faster in water like in the later vanilla versions. I'm not even talking 1.13 physics (though that would be cool), just please make them move faster.

    - Add hay bales (and make them reduce fall damage like vanilla), because water bucket MLGs don't seem to work in this version, and it would be good to give wheat some usefulness outside of food, since porkchops are usually much easier to obtain. Also, make your hay bale texture not have any red bands, so it will look better as a thatch roof.

    - Have you seen what Better Than Adventure did with its moss blocks, by making them essentially look like a grass cube? I kinda like that. Maybe it would make sense for NSSS to have the same feature. Alternatively, maybe giving moss a different color from grass would be good for expanding the building palette. Bright green grass doesn't exactly fit every aesthetic. I also really like how BTA's moss blocks add some splotches of color to the caves.

    Overall, a very pleasant experience. While I miss a lot of stuff from vanilla (like modern redstone, advancements, biomes, and lively oceans), this is definitely far more playable than Alpha 1.1.2, and certainly an interesting look at what could have been. There are definitely some design choices that are arguably better than the vanilla equivalent.

    Personally, I think Beta 1.7 is the peak of old-school Minecraft, so I'll probably be playing Better Than Adventure more, but I'll definitely keep checking out NSSS every now and then as well.

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    I started playing Minecraft in 2013, when 1.5 was current, so I never knew what it was like to play the game back in the Beta days. I thought it would be cool to try this out "blind" (meaning I don't know what features there are beforehand), so here's my thoughts so far after several hours of gameplay:

    The good:

    - Using bone meal to convert dirt to grass is a very good feature and ought to be in vanilla.

    - Cows dropping lots of leather (at least right now, not knowing how it plays into the added tech progression/balance) appears to be a great decision. It makes leather armor actually worth crafting since it's so cheap.
    - Is it just me or do leaves decay faster? It certainly feels that way, and I like it.
    - Leaves breaking faster with an axe is a good quality of life change.

    - Clay always dropping 4 balls is a good change considering there's no silk touch (that I know of).

    - Moss being basically an all-sides grass cube is cool, and I like the touch of color it adds to the caves.

    - I like that the score is shown in the pause screen. It gives a subtle sense of progression, and it never made sense that you only saw your score after you already died.

    - The stone variants are nice. I like that each one has a different brick texture.

    - I'm noticing slime particles drip from the ceiling in some areas. I'm going to take a guess and say that's a slime chunk indicator. If so, that's great and ought to be in vanilla.

    - The lack of item entity grouping makes collecting items feel a lot more satisfying. I know that's just a Beta 1.7 thing, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

    - Thanks for backporting path blocks.
    - Thanks for backporting that 1.12 feature where items in your crafting grid get moved back into your inventory if you exit the UI. I see it only works with the 2x2 grid and not the crafting table, but still, an improvement is an improvement.

    The mediocre:

    - Breaking moss with a pickaxe feels wrong. Maybe make hoes do that instead, just like in vanilla? Or maybe just make shovels do it.

    - Some of the stone variant textures feel a little too pale/bland, but maybe I'm just not used to them yet.

    - I like the consistency with stone slabs and stone bricks, but I prefer the way vanilla stone bricks tile.

    The bad:

    - I really miss all the modern mouse/keyboard shortcuts in the inventory. If it's not too difficult to backport some of the modern functionality, please do so. I prefer to spend as little time as possible in inventory screens.

    - Screenshots appear to not work when in fullscreen. I'm using the provided MultiMC instance, Java 8, and KDE Neon Linux.

    - 3D anaglyph seems to be a bit broken, with things not lining up the way they should? Also, it seems like moving into an area doesn't render it properly? Then again, I have no clue if this was also broken in Beta 1.7.3.

    - When harvesting wheat, it seems to drop zero seeds surprisingly often. I'm not sure if this was already part of Beta 1.7 or not, but I don't like it. I think you should always at least get back 1 seed when it's fully grown.

    Other observations:

    - I see that zombies drop cloth. I have no clue what that's used for, and I haven't been able to guess any recipes yet. It definitely makes more sense than feathers, though.

    - No way to craft beds? Or has the recipe changed? I assume there must at least still be some way to set your spawnpoint, though?

    - Diamonds are either super rare or non-existent, which makes me wonder what the next step is beyond iron tools.

    - Apparently I can't light a nether portal either. I've heard something about nether coal, though, so I assume the Nether must be accessible somehow...

    Would you say it's possible to discover most of the features without any outside help, or do I have to read the patch notes? Maybe you could provide an alternative changelog in the style of NSSS that hints at the features without giving everything away?

    Things I miss from vanilla (in order of importance):

    - Inventory shortcuts.

    - Recipe book. Or even just some way to find recipes without having to look them up. In hindsight, it's truly ridiculous that Java Edition lacked a recipe guide for so long.

    - Advancements to guide players into finding stuff. This goes hand in hand with the recipe book. If you've ever seen PiroPito's Minecraft series, you'll know how crucial the advancements and recipe book are to figuring stuff out without having to resort to a wiki or tutorial.

    - The ability to put more than one porkchop in a furnace. Maybe there's an upgrade or something I haven't discovered yet that provides a solution, but it's really boring to have to swap porkchops in and out of a furnace.

    - Beta 1.8 Bow mechanics. Machine gun bows are alright, but they have very limited range and don't feel very skillful.

    - Sprinting. It's not just the speed I miss, but also the ability to do 3-4 block jumps. Parkour almost can't exist without it. But how to implement it in a Beta 1.7 style? Here's my idea: instead of being hunger-based, it could be armor-based. Players with leather (or no) armor could sprint just like in modern MC, but players with heavier armor like iron could not. Perhaps each piece of iron armor would reduce your sprinting speed by 25%, with a full set removing your ability to sprint entirely. That could add some strategy to armor selection and keep leather armor relevant in the later stages of the game.

    - Horizontal logs.

    - 1.9+ boat controls.

    - 1.9+ rain sounds. Seriously, I forgot how obnoxious rain sounds used to be, and without separate volume sliders, all you can do to escape the noise is run inside/underground.

    - The ability to rebind the change-camera control to something other than F5. I typically use the C key (which is way easier to reach), so it's annoying every time I try to press it and nothing happens.


    - I wanna be able to bonemeal sugar cane. For some reason this still isn't a thing in vanilla.

    - You should be able to craft moss with cobblestone to make mossy cobblestone... or is that already implemented and I just haven't been able to guess the recipe?

    - Have you considered making a texture pack in the style of the 1.14+ textures? I hacked one together by combining the BTA textures with https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/village-amp-piston-1-14-textures-backport-to-beta-1-7/, and I think it looked pretty neat.

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    Quote from MasterLazorX»

    Just updated the beta and alpha packs for MCPE to add in more features (Biggest feature is old title screen) and to better support MCPE 1.0.

    You need to update the links on the thread.

    Alpha: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kk8rt8rinws5jqt/NostalgiaCraft Alpha MCPE 1.0.zip?dl=0

    Beta: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwm663kfp9j7on7/NostalgiaCraft PE Beta MCPE 1.0.zip?dl=0

    Firstly, thanks for porting the pack! :D

    Tried importing your Alpha pack and noticed that it gave a few warnings. One being that you're not using a valid UUID for the pack_id. (This can be seen by going to Global Resources, tapping on the pack, and tapping on the warning sign that appears.) You should probably generate a UUID for the pack and use it, just in case it every becomes a required part of the format. Here's a good UUID generator that was mentioned by an article on minecraft.net:


    And here's the article, which has some other useful add-on tips for pack-makers. https://minecraft.net/en/article/new-add-ons-features-10

    EDIT: To be honest, I can't figure out at first glance what's wrong with the pack_id you're using in the Alpha pack. The Beta pack is definitely using an invalid one, though.

    Your packs_version was also not SemVer compliant, according to the in-game pack validator. EDIT: Additionally, the packs_version field is intended for the MCPACK format version, not the version of the specific pack itself. (The current pack format version is 0.0.1, I believe.)

    The same errors happened with the Beta pack, plus a syntax error. You should probably check your pack_manifest.json for errors/typos.

    Also, while the main menu screen uses a flat dirt background, all the other menus do not. Also, the pause menu has this weird black thing instead of the Minecraft logo. Not sure if any of that can be fixed or not, but just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't already.

    Also, I have some other suggestions for future versions of the MCPE port of this pack:

    * Add in the Java edition rose bush & peony textures - MCPE has modified versions, and I think that since these packs are emulating the Alpha & Beta stages of JAVA Minecraft, then other textures should match that edition as well.
    * mobs.json allows for changing geometry like you did with the zombie villager, so you could make pigs have flat snouts again through a simple model change & texture swap.

    Again, thanks for putting in the effort to port this pack to MCPE! :)

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    Quote from Gentle_Stream»

    Just one quick question as far as porting to other formats/edititions:

    If you know where to find the tools and such, why don't you do that yourself?

    Not saying that the author will or will not bother with your request, but are you able to just do that yourself in the first place?

    (and then maybe provide a download for everyone else who would want it?)

    While I could definitely do it myself, I don't have the pack author's permission to redistribute the pack or a modification of it, and so therefore I won't unless the author gives me explicit permission to do so.
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    Optifine recently added the ability to change entity and block entity models/animations. Is there a possibility of you updating the pack to add support for this, so that chests use the old full-cube model with no animation?

    Also, would you consider porting the pack to MCPE? (Pocket, Windows 10, Gear VR, Apple TV, and etc. Editions) MCPE has recently gotten full custom resource pack support, and tools such as this one already exist to easily port most of the textures over (though some will need some changing/fixing): https://redd.it/58t5fc

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from MuzikBike»

    If this gets added in the next 50 or so years, I'd like to see the stone layer going down a lot more before the void. Like, 1024 blocks down. Down to layer -1024, assuming layer 0 is the new sea layer.

    The whole point of cubic chunks is that there doesn't have to even be a void by default... the chunks can just extend infinitely downward and upwards just like how chunks extend infinitely horizontally. (Well, technically only 30 million blocks in each direction, but that's already more space than anyone could ever use anyway, so being infinite vs. several million doesn't really matter.) So even if it isn't infinite in the y-axis on default worlds, it would be easy to use a custom preset and/or world type to have a void-less world.
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    1.2 has now been released for Minecraft 1.10! There's no new features in this update (it's literally just the 1.9.4 version recompiled with a different version number), but enjoy playing it anyway!

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    Quote from SusannePlays»

    Wow, that's so cool! Does this also work with the chisel / microblocks part of the Ye Gamol Chattels mod?

    No, because that mod hasn't been updated from 1.7.10, and this mod was originally released for 1.8. And no, I don't plan on porting the mod to 1.7.10. That's a dead version... everyone is moving over to 1.9.4 now, and there are too many nice changes in more recent versions of Forge & Minecraft that make modding a lot easier and more open to modification thanks to things like the model files, loot tables, and etc.
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    posted a message on How to use your own Texture Pack in Minecraft PE/W10 Version 0.15?

    Custom resource pack support won't be officially added until the next update, but for now you can just go into your files and add them manually like so:


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    posted a message on [Updated to 1.10!] The Colore Mod - 840 monochrome blocks in every color of the rainbow, plus tools and armor as well!

    Update 1.2: The Super Update is now out, and available for 1.9.4!

    In this update, I've added a total of 700 new blocks, including stairs, fences, walls, panes, and even transparent blocks! The tools & armor have also been rebalanced for 1.9! Check out the trailer here:

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    Update 1.1: The Slab Update is now available for 1.9!

    When Forge for 1.9.4 is released, I'll update the mod to that version, and depending on what changes have been made, I may or may not support both 1.9 & 1.9.4 for future updates until 1.10 is released.

    1.1 for MC1.9 Release Trailer:

    EDIT: 1.1.1 has now been released! This is a bugfix update which fixes a bug where updating a 1.8.9 world to 1.9 would cause all the slab items in the world to be deleted. If you have created a world with the Colore mod in 1.8.9, do not load the world with Colore 1.1 if you update to 1.9. Use 1.1.1 instead to make sure you don't lose any items. I've also cleaned up and optimized some more code in this update, and I've also removed the item forms of double slabs, as they were unnecessary, vanilla slabs don't have them, and they were causing problems. (If you tried to place one in the 1.9 version of 1.1, the game would crash.)

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    posted a message on [Updated to 1.10!] The Colore Mod - 840 monochrome blocks in every color of the rainbow, plus tools and armor as well!
    Quote from fantasmatic»

    not to be an ass but flat colored blocks already adds an adjustable amount of shades and flat colored blocks that are automatically generated so they dont use an individual texture each

    it doesnt add armor or tools though

    Yeah, I've seen that mod before... but until it adds slabs or stairs, my mod is still kind-of relevant. :P But I'll be honest, I'm making this mod to learn the basics of modding, and I do think my approach to the colored blocks concept is unique enough to warrant its existence. (Mining the literal "essence" of color and crafting blocks from it vs. dying cobblestone/glowstone/glass.) If I was making this mod purely because I thought it was a 100% never-done-before totally unique idea, I would have quit the moment I saw that block. But if you don't care about slabs, armor, tools, or the novelty of colors as mineable ores then yes... Flat Colored Blocks is amazing and you don't need my mod. :P
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    posted a message on [Updated to 1.10!] The Colore Mod - 840 monochrome blocks in every color of the rainbow, plus tools and armor as well!

    Update 1.1: The Slab Update has arrived!

    I have now updated the mod to 1.8.9, and I've added slabs as well! A lot has changed behind-the-scenes in the code to make it more efficient and easier to add new blocks, and I've learned quite a bit about how Minecraft & Forge works while coding this update, so expect the next update to come sooner! The mod will be ported to 1.9 and 1.9.4 soon, and I'm planning for the next update, 1.2, to have stairs, fences, walls, transparent blocks, transparent slabs, transparent stairs, transparent panes, bows, shields, and tools/armor rebalancing for 1.9.

    New 1.1 Release Trailer:

    Future Updates & Additional Info:

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