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    posted a message on [Puz] Escape the Puzzlemaster (207,000+ Downloads!) (MC 1.3.1 - MC Beta 1.7.3!)
    You guys are gonna be so impressed with me!!!
    My score was 108
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    posted a message on More beds mod idea
    Quote from pokert54

    More beds? Sounds sexual.

    I agree. I consider this mod VETO
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    posted a message on [Taking Requests]I Will Make Your Dream Mod
    Please give meh like status or email what u have so I know
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    Hello. Can Anyone help me?

    The problems (with the mod):


    The sky and this black bar...


    Thats what happened to me! I have to figure out how to fix it because this mod looks incredible.
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    posted a message on [Taking Requests]I Will Make Your Dream Mod
    Quote from Kulkinz

    Email:[email protected]
    What mod you want:robot mod
    Why:i want it
    How it works:first you need metal you get metal by melting iron then you fill in a 2 by 2 space with metal
    xx (x is metal)

    to get metal block
    then stack the metal in a t standing up and put a pumpkin on top

    o (x is metal block and o is pumpkin)
    and it will make a robot that attacks mobs that you attack or mobs that attack you and it follows you (like a wolf)

    Why not just use cobblestone or iron instead of "metal". Its just pointless
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    posted a message on [WIP] ~Warrior Cultures~ Updated!
    It looks fun but not really like Minecraft. Ill try it though...
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    posted a message on [Taking Requests]I Will Make Your Dream Mod
    If you make my mod I will like cry with joy and make a utube showcase and give you credit
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    posted a message on [Taking Requests]I Will Make Your Dream Mod
    Ok so I was sitting around thinking one day "What's the opposite of MineCraft" And I said "CraftMine" which have me the idea of this mod. It's really big and I would like you to try and use all I say. So the mod is the exact opposite of Minecraft. So here it is

    1: Gold is no longer smelted and is better than diamond
    2: Diamond sucks and can break 10 cobble before breaking
    3: Stone I now collectable when broken and cobble is smelted
    4: Grass blocks are collectable 
    5: Dirt is only collected with Silk touch
    6: When it rains, it rains meatballs (totally original!) which heals 1 heart
    7: There's another place to go! The Rehten! It's like heaven in Minecraft. You can use this or just do it yourself. I dont care.
    Netherack is snowy grass
    Glowstone is the same
    Nether brick is Rehten Brick which is cyan 
    Soul Sand is now Bone Sand and shoots you into the air, like the original piston mod (ahhh! Good times :)) and also leave the nether and make the portal out of dirt. YOU HEARD ME! DIRT!
    And I'll get into mobs in a bit
    8: Switch the water and lava textures
    9: The End is better now. It's now THE BEGGINING. During the BEGGINING you must fight the ender unicorn by feeding it many cookies and cakes and Popsicles he gets sick and barfs rainbows. When his health runs out he will explode and go to mod credits. After credits the world will be deleted
    10: The tools are mix-matched:
    Pickaxe is shovel
    Shovel is pickaxe 
    Axe is junk 
    Hoe is sword
    Sword is hoe
    1 The Turkey
    Replaces the chicken but is the same
    2 Jesus
    Replaces cows. When hit it explodes and makes it so you cannot respawn.
    3 Pigs are the same but now drop Artificial Bacon or Facon, whichever you like better
    4 Junk
    Replaces creepers. It's a big bin of trash and comes in two forms: Recycle and trash
      Recycle drops wrappers
      Trash drops either Cheeto Crums, Whiskey Drops, Popsicle Sticks, or Random Junk

    The first three can be farmed. You plant it and wait an hour or so and harvest Cheetos, buckets of whiskey and unflavored ice pops
    None can be eaten yet because you need to craft things for it.
    To get a bag of Cheetos put 32 (a stack) of Cheetos into the center of your workbench and sourond it with wrappers. Then for whiskey you must put the bucket into a bottle (a potion bottle) in your crafting grid to get a bottle of whiskey. It will regenerate hearts, you will be only somewhat able to control your player, and you will be able to sleep during the day.
    The Popsicles must be added with a dye to get a flavored Ice pop. If two or more are eaten within 3 minutes your health bar will turn to ice and if you move around to much you will lose hearts that cannot be regained until the brainfreeze ends after 3 minutes. 
    Now random junk is different. You take random junk and smelt it to get epic random junk or an Afro which can be worn as a helmet and is super protective (like protection IV) and never breaks. Now if you souround it in any order including: Lapis, Redstone, Gold, Diamond, Iron, cobblestone, wood planks and a bucket of blood you get Unknown Junk, also known as the Axe. 

    5 Spiderman
    Replace spiders. Spawn in high places such as jungles or mountains and will set web traps near your house. If killed he will drop Mary Jane spawners which will slap you and yell at you about bills. 

    5 Umpires
    Replaces Testificates
    If spotted they will run up to you and yell about your crappy pitching, batting, catching or running. If hit he will try to kill you with a baseball bat and if killed will drop it.

    6 Vampires
    Replaces Skeletons. He will spot you from a distance and say come closer then closer until HE FLIPS OUT AND TRIES TO MAKE YOU 1 ALSO. If killed he will drop a bucket of blood and possibly a knife although it's highly unlikely.

    7 Clifford
    Replaces Wolves. He's a big red dog and will bark at you if you don't play with him. You can ride him and if killed he will drop red wool (a bunch) and doggy stew which is the same as mushroom stew except doggies are sticking out of it. 
    8 Lions
    Replaces ocelots. They growl and try to kill you harshly. If killed they drop kitty stew which is the same as doggy stew except has tigers and cats sticking out of it.

    9 And zombies are a little different. They are the villagers. And they are called Zombie Villages. 

    10 Beginner Men
    Replaces Endermen. They cannot move and are very white. If you look him in the eyes he'll throw you Popsicles.

    Same as zombiepigmen except VampireTurkeyMen. Epic

    The opposite of a blaze. Surprise me there.

    Replace Ghasts. They cannot fly and shoot water out.

    Sorry there's so much but as you can see I have spent a lot of time thinking about this mod. 

    Why you ask? Well it's simple: it's fun. People like goofy mods like this and will definitely download it. Also the goofier ones get more credit. More Creeps and Weirdos for example.

    My ign is zauferio and my email address is [email protected]

    Thank you so much and PLZ my life is really tough so I'm begging you! Make it happen!
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    posted a message on What's a snapshot on Minecraft
    Thank you so much. I looked at some and they are really cool. Thanks again :P
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    posted a message on MCReezn Hunger Games Server!![Brand new map][Youtube]
    I'm also getting a new forums profile: xXMustachioXx so look that 1
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    posted a message on MCReezn Hunger Games Server!![Brand new map][Youtube]
    Age: 13
    Skype: xXMustachioXx
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Ive been playing for 6 months, I am excellent with redstone and I have built my own hunger games map but is private
    And I will play or build but I prefer an admin, whatever u want.
    MSG me back soon :)
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    posted a message on What's a snapshot on Minecraft
    The title says it all. PLZ reply soon.
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    posted a message on Free Skins!! Anything for Anyone!
    I guess the buianess is going good :) I love the skin. I edited it a little and I use it all the time. Thank you :):):):)
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    posted a message on I wish I never updated to 0.3.0
    You are such a dumbass. The new update is the best thing that ever happened to me besides getting married, lol.
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    posted a message on Delete post please =]
    I got an idea: To tame hoses you have to attach horse shoes. I'm a genius. :D
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