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/\ That's just sad, me being a creeper and all.

Okay, so let's get down to what the About Me page was meant to be used for:
I Like:
-minecraft -fantage -minecraft -portal/portal 2 -minecraft -making skins -minecraft -robotics -minecraft -volleyball -minecraft -chocolate -minecraft -dragon cave -minecraft
Oh, did I forget something? Yeah, I did. MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT

Forums I post in:
The forums I go on most are Discussion and Off-Topic (particularly Forum Games.) I go in Suggestions and Minecraft Survival sometimes, but not as much as the first two. Of course, I occasionally dabble in the other forums as well, such as Minecraft Creative, Seeds, and Minecraft Realms.
Minecraft, mine craft, MC, the invincible wonder game, whatever you want to call it.
Location Planet Namek

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Minecraft 3_D_S Xbox Don't have one.

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