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    posted a message on What Resource Pack is this?
    Sphax PureBDCraft
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    posted a message on Help with Custom Heads?
    /give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"name of player"}
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    posted a message on Command Crafter[CC] V0.3 - Easily Create Commands!
    Quote from Kalman98

    Okay, sorry I wasn't able to help you yesterday. I spent the entirety of the day preparing for and going to my brother's birthday party.
    Anyway, I believe I found your problem. I compiled the program to work on 64-bit systems, and apparentally it doesn't work with 32-bit. So, I've compiled a new version for users with 32-bit systems which I am posting in the downloads up above, you can get the file here.
    If you still can't run it tell me, but I believe that should fix it.

    Thanks for the download!

    Ok, gonna try!

    EDIT: Runs perfectly, but only one command. :/ Anyways, looks cool!
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    posted a message on Is this a good (minecraft) creepypasta?
    Use the console and pardon urself! To ban the player just close the server and add him to banned-ips.txt, and run the server another time. Not that scary, but that version was waaaaaay better than the original :P
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    posted a message on Command Crafter[CC] V0.3 - Easily Create Commands!
    It says not working on my windows version. I have windows 7 32-bit
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    posted a message on ModMaker Dynamic Cinematrix (Pre - Alpha) (1.6.2)
    I gonna try to (idk how) use it on windows and see if works.
    LOL failed attempt at making invisible text
    Yeah, wheres the download?
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    posted a message on Paste - my version of "Pastebin"

    paste this in notepad and save as prank.bat
    XD and run it
    (JK, not an actual virus its a prank)
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    posted a message on Paste - my version of "Pastebin"
    Looks cool! I love CMD ! :D

    Quote from LordSaad

    Looks so sexy! :D

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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashed 1.5.2 First Time This Happens!
    I'm almost 90% sure that I'm posting in wrong section...

    Well, Minecraft crashed on v. 1.5.2, I had a bukkit server console opened.

    The Crash:

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // Who set us up the TNT?

    Time: 09/01/14 19:53
    Description: Failed to start game

    at java.io.Reader.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at java.io.InputStreamReader.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at bp.a(SourceFile:64)
    at bp.a(SourceFile:100)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(SourceFile:252)
    at avv.a(SourceFile:56)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:507)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    -- System Details --
    Minecraft Version: 1.5.2
    Operating System: Windows XP (x86) version 5.1 (LOL, minecraft is crazy, I use windows 7)
    Java Version: 1.7.0_45, Oracle Corporation
    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode, sharing), Oracle Corporation
    Memory: 14066528 bytes (13 MB) / 43425792 bytes (41 MB) up to 518979584 bytes (494 MB)
    JVM Flags: 2 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xmx512M
    AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used
    Suspicious classes: No suspicious classes found.
    IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0
    LWJGL: 2.9.0
    OpenGL: Intel Bear Lake B GL version 1.4.0 - Build, Intel
    Is Modded: Very likely; Jar signature invalidated (actually, no mods was used)
    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Texture Pack: Default
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null
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    posted a message on [16x][1.4.6]Moderncraft[Updated 12/16][80K+ Downloads]
    FYI In Concrete Ties there are torches but torches were replaced by Lightbulbs on metal poles! Explain me: WHO is the KIND of person that show a photo with Lightbulbs on Metal Poles, and them a photo with concrete ties but there is NORMAL torches? Huh? EXPLAIN ME! Just kidding :P btw, gonna use it :D
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    posted a message on Mini-game maker
    Name:Co-op Jumper

    1.While you are in contact to a 'Giver' (must be 'Normal' or 'Helper') , it give you Jump Boost. So you can jump 2 blocks.
    2.If you are in contact with a 'Giver', but a 'Reciever' too, then only the 'Reciever' will get Jump Boost
    3.If you are a 'Helper' you can use 'Helper Tool' to give players Jump Boost for 2 seconds (you have to wait 5 seconds to use it again)
    4.'Pushers' can push other players to death, so be careful!
    5.Players must finish before the obstacle course on a certain time.
    6.'Pusher' cant be pushed
    7.'Punisher's can use punishments
    8.If you fall into lava/void then you're now a 'Invisible'. 'Invisible's cant do anything, just see the other players

    Punishments: (by chance)
    1/3 Ability to push 'Pushers' for 3 seconds
    1/5 Teleport 'Pusher's to a random place, 1 block far from were they are
    1/10 Same than 1/5, but 2 block far
    1/20 Teleport 'Pusher's to a random place, 1/5 (chance) Ground/Plataform, 1/10 Void/Lava 1/20 Near the finish 1/50 In the finish line
    1/50 Take out health from a 'Pusher' (can be 1 heart to 5 hearts)
    Command to use random punishment ('Punisher's only): /punish *player name*
    To all 'Pushers' /punishall
    /punish cant be used ONLY on Pushers

    'Normal' - Normal player :/ nothing special | chat tag: [Normal]
    'Giver' - Give players Jump Boost | chat tag: [Giver]
    'Reciever' - Steal Jump Boost from normal players :P | chat tag: [Reciever]
    'Helper' - Give Jump Boost without needing a Giver | chat tag: [Helper]
    'Pusher' - Push other players to DEATH | chat tag: [Pusher]
    'Punisher' - Punish Pushers | chat tag: [Punisher]
    'Invisible' - Nothing, just spectate :/ | chat tag: [Dead]

    Yep, I know, its big :P
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V

    Freedom (all-op) server IP
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
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    posted a message on 6x4 Trash Can [5 Items per second] Survival Friendly
    Hello and welcome to my first redstone creation here on Minecraft Forums!
    This is a fully customizable (and compact) Trash Can.
    If you don't need one item, put in the trash can and they will burn in lava!
    It's 5 items per second.
    I used a Three Fast Clock (I maked this clock, its really fast)

    Now the screenshots :P
    Used Imgur

    Download link:

    4shared link: http://www.4shared.c.../Trash_Can.html
    Mediafire link: Coming soon
    MEGA link: Coming soon
    Adfly link: http://adf.ly/bS3gT


    No videos yet.

    (blank space 101)

    So yeah... That isn't something cool but I have no ideas :/


    I don't know what to put here but... If you want to continue clicking "show"...

    Congratz! You've reached the Really Far Lands!
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    posted a message on Internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.readTimeoutexception
    Same here... :/ But is for ALL the servers I have on my list.

    Quote from RandomUltimax

    Direct Connect! It works!

    Ok, gonna try.
    EDIT: Don't work. :(
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