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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Legacy Fabric News

    Another Mod Update:

    Animation Switch update by Fineless71 (the MiniStrokes, MopMenu and other mods aka those above)

    Download Link: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/AnimationSwitch/releases

    Mod Description: "For Legacy Fabric 1.7.x. This mod allows you to configure the swing animation."

    Description and Screenshot Link: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/AnimationSwitch

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    posted a message on whats your opinion on any version of minecraft?

    For me it varies. Some versions I prefer because of mods available for them (niche ones not just the mainstream ones in certain mod categories). Some updates are alright.

    I haven't played 1.17+ release I stopped at 1.17 Pre-Releases. Got busy and also just care for mod news these days/wikis making. The world changes were fair, not the most amazing but fair. Later updates I glance at and go oh the mob votes and the mechanics offered to them are ok.

    The 1.19+ I barely remember what I've looked at/missing out on or not missed out on. The last new updates stuff was fair of the copper use/wind mob and what not. The auto crafting is fair I'd say.

    1.13 was fair for Rift mods or early datapacks. Swimming was nice, treasure was good to have, the reworking of commands was odd at first as planned for 1.14 then back tracked but got used to it. On Bedrock it's very awkward but Java it's more fluent I find or the drift even in creative mode flight i"m also used to which Bedrock doesn't have

    I was thinking of stopping by 1.12 but kept going.

    1.10/1.11 was fair for niche mods. Also I liked the Tesla era a fair bit it's why I'm documenting a few in wikis currently after having done the Liteloader, Rift and certain Fabric/Forge mods already.

    Otherwise for quality of life 1.10/1.11 offered were actually not bad. Iron Nuggets or other things I've forgotten.

    It pushed my older PC quite a bit (average or outdated Windows XP spec) but nowadays pretty good quality of life brief updates on my current average one.

    1.9 End and other stuff was ok.

    1.7.10/1.8.9 were fair for mods. I hated the 1.7.10 update changing the world/biome algorithm. I still do but not as much as when it launched I stayed on 1.6.4 for a fair while. 1.8 was fine I guess for the blocks it offered.

    1.14+ are 'fine' in terms of quality of life or content and mods. The enchantment combining was cool sad they removed that. The changes and update content was fair. Glowsquid was the stupidest way to give use to a mob. Forget underwater lighting or other things Mojang have the most pathetic ideas sometimes and no imagination others.

    1.16 Nether eh. I like it and hate it. The biome are nice, not as annoying as 1.7.2+ was but at the same time it still was a bit eh. 1.15 was a fair bees and mostly quality of life update. It felt like 1.5 again of minor.

    Older versions have their place, the mob AI as particular as they were was actually pretty alright of a challenge to go back to whenever I felt like it.

    Content was actually more exciting I think. I don't remember 1.3 really at all of Villages and Emeralds and things. Enchanted books or the Wither/Witches, flower pots and more were alright.

    1.2 Jungle was fair. I was mostly around 1.4.5+ but I go back as far a 1.2.5 unless it's Beta 1.7.3 for old mods and yes I don't mind no hunger mods in modern versions. I never got 1.0 working or think I missed much. 1.9 glass for strongholds would have been nice but was an early thing on purpose.

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    More Legacy Fabric news.

    1.OptiFabric releases

    GitHub: https://github.com/tildejustin/optifabric/releases (version bump and probably fixes)

    Build 2.3.2 for B1.7.3-1.14.4 Ornithe and Legacy Fabric

    https://modrinth.com/mod/legacy-optifabric/version/2.3.3 1.3-1.13.2
    (accesswidener for 1.8.0 hd_beta_h2 :/ fix assuming)

    For 1.3 to 1.13.2

    2.Zoom Fix for 1.7.10, no description but if it's what I think it is, it's
    likely a keybind zoom feature. How far it zooms, whether controllable
    range no idea.

    GitHub: https://github.com/tildejustin/zoom-fix/releases

    3.Many mod downloads (the more recent days):

    Mod Author Post Quote:

    "I figured I should make a post for these mods or not many people will find them: https://codeberg.org/explore/repos?only_show_relevant=0&sort=recentupdate&q=legacy-fabric

    NOTE: To change the mod settings, you need my own mod menu: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/MopMenu/releases

    Some of the mods also require Legacy Fabric API Make sure to read the mod descriptions, 99% work both on 1.7 and 1.8, but some are exclusive to 1.7 or 1.8."

    Relevant for this news:

    MopMenu: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/MopMenu/releases



    Added about screen to view info about mods


    -Fixed bug where hovered button when scrolled was wrong with custom screen.

    -Fixed bug where you couldn't edit text fields with custom screen.

    -Now allows mods to indicate when they are enabled or disable

    MiniStrokes: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/MiniStrokes/releases/latest

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1241084964624273450/1242405041306992660/screenshot2.png?ex=664fb19c&is=664e601c&hm=ecec38c2bbacc076fa93e5ee9a9c47e7de5b20cf3ba4058972dc0d1c6a97b5db& (not functional link so added to the bottom of this post instead)

    DisplayCPS: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/DisplayCPS/releases/latest

    -Added anchor positioning

    Added prefix and suffix option

    -Added text shadow option

    -Added background option

    -Added CPS period option

    WhoAmI v1.0.1: https://codeberg.org/fineless71/WhoAmI/releases/latest


    -Added 1.8.x support

    -Added option to add text shadow to nametags

    -Added option to remove background from nametags (1.7.x only)

    Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyfabricmc/comments/1cz89wg/releases_optifabric_update_zoom_fix_release_and/

    Images are related to Ministrokes with the keystrokes next to the hotbar and of other keystrokes pressed.

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    More Legacy Fabric news.

    Legacy Fabric API build 1.9.4 is out for Curseforge, Modrinth and GitHub.

    Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/legacy-fabric-api/files/all?page=1&pageSize=20 (for older 1.8.9 of older LF when it was only 1.8.9 isn't ideal. For the 1.9.0+ builds for 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 as well)

    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/legacy-fabric-api/versions

    GitHub: https://github.com/Legacy-Fabric/fabric/releases

    Supports 1.7.10–1.8, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2 versions.

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    posted a message on Minecraft vs roblox

    Roblox let alone Project Spark, Dreams, Mario Maker/Game Builder garage or others are cool but Minecraft I think while it is was it is. The others offer more tools to make different things.

    Minecraft I think works if you know what your doing withini it's limits but if you want a game of survival then sure just play updates, mod it however you want and still get a fair experience without having to build your own or play a bunch of servers/other's creations.

    I prefer just modding Minecraft with tons of tech mods, quality of life and going. It's why I don't buy other survival games is because modding Minecraft and the game's core itself is so easy to do and the other games just don't have enough going for them to me. They have core and a few aspects sure but I can swap out whatever I want with Minecraft mods, they can be fluids, mechanically, steam, magical/fictional. I came up with XP or Enchanted Book tech mods it's in line with the game but still fictional, to a bunch of others.

    Most are still the same repetitive steam generators, typical machines. Where is my Hydrator, where is this fictional cool gameplay idea block we never see them it's just sad how lacking some people's imagination is.

    Oh we have these building mechanics sure it's different but annoying. Oh we have these bigger model blocks, no thanks I want compact blocks not taking up more space/realism to them.

    Other games go too close to reality or the surface level mods (fiction barely getting pushed because laziness and safe easy to understand things yeah but it gets boring) and I find them boring/lacking.

    Same problems i have with nostalgic Indies games is surface level ideas and just boring from there (platformers, racing mostly or we get safe oh this era of wars in shooters like just come up with something fictional then a recreation of something safe) they lack depth/originality and just feel like fan games. Dumbed down experiences I'm sick of seeing so heavily.

    It's disgustingly safe and hilarious the gaming industry is that way. You get the odd good original Indies but many are safe recreations of surface level good games from the past or look licenses, look this period in history, look this, look that and nothing but.

    Why even bother if it's just repeating history for emotional highs people have and nothing but just weak game design. It's just wasted development and easy money.

    The fact Roblox has it's business model sure. But at least the games in it many are still original I'll give them that. Or just the tweaks they need to be good for quality of life to be fun to play (from videos I have no experience or interest in Roblox).

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    posted a message on What can you break obsidian with? (Besides the diamond pickaxe)

    -Diamond Pickaxe

    -Netherite Pickaxe

    Mods related solutions:

    -Block Breakers (diamond pickaxe in the recipe or not)

    -Pickaxes with Diamond or higher stats for pick/mining level

    -Tech mods with blocks that produce cobble, stone and obsidian

    Just off the top of my head/memory

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7.10 Custom Modpack Crash

    The pastebin post is privated so can't read it.

    A capture/screenshot of the mod list if possible in the mods folder (snipping tool/snip and sketch or print screen key binds)

    Try moving mods in and out of the mods folder.

    I have heard of GT New Horizons but even used it/looked it up enough to tell so not a lot I can say there.

    Maybe Java version, if you have a later Java build the game is trying to go after but you need an older one try looking for older Java builds instead as Java has changed a lot in certain ways and the mods can't understand it. So go for say Java 8 or 11 if possible then the modern Java 17+ or so modern Minecraft seeks. Maybe that could help.

    Sometimes modpacks can be configured a certain way by the mod author or they can be very simple and easy to recreate. It varies how the original modpack was.

    Didn't notice anything that difficulty to understand with the English you posted, google translate or otherwise. But I think/speak weird for English being my first language so. XD

    Maybe core or library mods? I'd say try mods in the mods folder one by one and look over the description/download pages to see what they say about the mods for installation in folders.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6.4 crash with NEI

    Does the game actually launch though? Does it still crash or it's just not showing up in-game/in the inventory?

    Maybe try a keybinding maybe it's just hidden. I forget if it displays it on inventory opening or a keybinding when you first add the mod and start up a world or use it with an existing one.

    Not Enough Items I forget if it's a regular mod or core mod. Same with Chicken Chunks. Whatever the download pages say.

    Otherwise try moving the other mods out and just focus on NEI just encase and see what may make it not function.

    Those are the latest builds from memory I remember 9.0.9 but I think 1.6.19 is latest. Hmm. I'll take a look at my folders and see.

    Hmm well the 1.6.4 folder for CodeChickenLib is there. CodeChickenCore/NEI are there. Though I have them in my regular for some reason (probably did testing). Even in my other 1.6.4 folder similar hmm. Don't know what I was thinking and maybe it did work and core mods applies to others hmm.

    Try different saves and see what happens, maybe differences with the other saves are conflicting if changing too much with mods.

    Otherwise maybe launcher settings but they should work in one of these ways just trying to remember/tell by the folders structure.

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    posted a message on What mod loader would be the BEST to you?

    Yeah I do go overboard. But just wanted to cover my bases and my perspective using them both. :)

    See I can make small posts. XD

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    posted a message on What mod loader would be the BEST to you?

    Having uncovered Forge, Fabric, Liteloader, MCPatcher is it's own thing (research), Meddle (research), Risugami's Modloader or simply Modloader and ModloaderMP (research), Rift and probably more.

    I don't pick sides and I also find threads like this can go either way of silly places and forum moderators stepping in (well at least on other forums that is). But I like to give a fair response and I have used both for years so I'll give a fair take. :)

    Fabric I like. It's dev environment is less confusing than Forge, but as a player (as I can't mod make for anything) I mean I use both for different reasons.

    I have made enough modpacks to go yep these work with Forge, these Fabric, these both if I find downloads for both. I found enough mods to make modpacks for them. So when people go it's for Fabric well I find alternatives just look around more and you'll find it or find mods instead that aren't aiming for that or just use Forge, use Fabric.

    I enjoyed the Tesla Power API just as much as Redstone Flux and Forge Energy or any other mods making power apis for their mods exclusively, and some do convert, some don't. Aka my thread for Power API exists. Because you never know what some mods offer there. (not trying to plug my threads just saying).

    The Fabric APi plus the installer are like 2 extra steps. They aren't hard and in some ways make sense. They also get people to remember them. The structure of Fabric and Fabric API makes sense to me even as someone with primitive coding knowledge of Java. I get why they structured it that way.

    Performance wise even without performance mods which I don't use to get a good idea. Fabric. It's lightweight like it says on the tin. It may be for code efficiency to code. It is so to run it.

    Forge is big, does get better over time but like many things with Minecraft itself gets bloated and needs a good performance update/some reworkings to get it going. Forge is good yes but the way it is can still be a load on one's system. Fabric I haven't had that really.

    Granted some Fabric mods can break just as much as Forge. But it never bothered me that much. Some people I think had worse than I came across so that happens sometimes when you mix different mods or the loader acting weird probably.

    They have different goals too. Snapshot mods for example help mod authors a lot to prepare/come up with new ideas too alongside the snapshots. Which Quilt has some of but not as heavy and I forget if NeoForge has at all.

    Forge is too particular in it's structure to be hopping snapshots which is why it doesn't. That's not a bad thing. Forge being on releases/people waiting is totally fine. They get it ready when it's ready. Snapshots happening every week is crazy to do.

    So I won't say oh Fabric fan. I just liked what their principles were. I understood both sides. I still use Forge I'm not biased it's a modloader I don't care. I mean as if me labelling the others to prove the 'hey more than Forge exists and could go into a 'there has always been two modloaders but most people don't know as Liteloader was such a small presence' type of dragging it out but when Risugami's Modloader was around and Forge is a fork of it after all well you never questioned two modloaders because well things were different then of two modloaders and how they functioned I think for mod compatibility but I don't know enough about that era to talk about it.

    I used mostly niche mods on Forge 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 era anyways out of boredom not mainstream mods (I used them on occassion but mostly niche ones why because I wanted to try new mods, mix a bunch of things up not use the SAME ONES OVER AND OVER when it's like 0.1% of mods out there and some mod authors put a good spin on a type of mod or offer new features or fix problems or whatever why wouldn't I want to check more out) and people complaining they have to wait to update. So I had more fun just using many modloaders, many mods I came across new each version.

    Fabric has equivalents to mainstream mods if people have their heads out of the sand, for tech. I can't say magic as I didn't always see them as much, I can't say much for certain mob mods like the Dragon ones or others sure they are more on Forge, for biomes and a bunch of others sure you'd see them and for quality of life are great. But to say it never had good mods, is people that never used it/are too stupid.

    But I mean I never had issues making modpacks. I made many and still find a bunch of themes to base them around.

    I have 100s of videos reviewing mods on both Forge/Fabric 1.14 snapshots to 1.17 snapshots. So had a lot of them with both and see the good and bad with either.

    I made Fabric related update threads for 1.14 to 1.17 with Forge updates as well (got too tough and took hours yes to paste links), with other inclusions. A Rift one I made before Fabric.

    A Liteloader archive thread among other things and do Legacy Fabric/Cursed Fabric mostly nowadays as that's all I really need to focus on is their other projects. RIP Patchwork.

    So I could be seen as Fabric biased but really I just use all of them and just sound particular because I do my research, because I use BOTH. Most people that are Forge defenders can't say they have used both and even understand and just go oh I see Fabric in the title, comment/complain and so on.

    Those that jumped to Fabric had their reasons, or some people use both like I do.

    People that know the backstory to Fabric understand, but some players are too stupid and go I want 1 to rule them all or want these mods and are too attached so be Forge biased. Well game development or mod development doesn't work that way people have disagreements and things happen, get used to it.

    So in short I used both happily. :)

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6.4 crash with NEI

    1.So yep put the library mods in the core mods folder (or create one if one hasn't been created). Put any with a lib or a core in there. If the download/description page says otherwise then put it in the regular mods folder if not put it in the core mods folder.

    core mods has to be lower case too so 'core mods' the space does matter pretty sure like many things with computers.

    2.I'd say go with curseforge to be on the safe side for any mods not a mod repost site. I don't deny mod repost sites can be a good archive (even if not ideal as they do steal them) if you can't find certain mods online. So if you can't find them on certain safe sites understandable.

    3.Other than that I checked the crash report and I can't read it that well. 1.7.10 or otherwise had many indictators I understood but very loosely. Here I'm not too sure and just picking out not a lot I understand fully.

    So otherwise you could move mods in and out that aren't compatible. Some may conflict and say 'hey you need this mod or this one and this one aren't working together and maybe give a fair reason as to why'.

    I also forget if Codechickencore and NEI need forgemultipart or generate it themselves (or thinking some other mods or versions of Forge instead) too I can't remember about that. Maybe a 1.7.10 thing not a 1.6.4 I don't remember I'd have to check the folder structure/what jar files I have there. I'm just going off memory here and briefly checked my instances a not too long ago but for a different reason.

    I am no expert there is some things I could be missed and someone like TheMasterCaver that is a 1.6.4 era user that knows more and stays on it and mods it themselves, I'm just going off my memory here of the last time I used it a while ago.

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Cursed Fabric news, Station API update, Station API 2.0 Alpha 2.1 (the 2.0 or pre ones being a fair amount of time ago now).

    Download: https://glass-repo.net/repo/mod/stationapi/versions/2.0_alpha.2.1

    All Downloads: https://glass-repo.net/repo/mod/stationapi

    Brief Changelog:

    Fixed pistons removing blocks and overwriting other blocks under specific circumstances.

    Only vanilla piston bugs are present now.

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/ModificationStation/StationAPI/compare/2.0-alpha.2...2.0-alpha.2.1


    While probably may not matter I'd say if any Pre or later mods don't work make sure just encase.

    It could be situations like 1.3.1 and Pre where things changed and mods don't work with newer versions. You never know version to version what may break or still work totally fine. I haven't tested mods with anything past Pre 2 though so I can't say much. I'll take a look eventually.

    So this could be fine or it could be that it's best to stay on an older version as a player and use modern versions for testing as the API is still being worked on and is well alpha for a reason after all even if a piston fix (or others in the full changelog) are nice to see.

    Station API mods or no API required mods like I have separated on the HUB wiki page.

    If you want to check out other Cursed Fabric mods if new to it or returning (don't think updated it much, but that's what the page history tab is for) or know what's compatible (as been a while since Cursed Fabric news) you can so here: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Cursed_Fabric_Mod_HUB

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6.4 crash with NEI

    1.The latest builds being used?

    2.What 1.6.4 Forge are you using maybe try and older one? I can't remember if they work with the latest or 1 older.

    I maybe be confusing myself with 1.7.10 as I remember there was a later 1.7.10 build I think and some mods maybe didn't work with it as they were made with the older in mind as that was the last latest for a time. I may be misremembering/thinking it up but I remember something like that happening to me at some point, not sure if it was NEI related or not but with the many NEI/Codechicken related questions I've seen and tried to solve them I assume it may have been.

    3.Are they the same builds that match for CodeChicken/NEI?

    4.Do you have CodeChickenCore in the 'CORE MODS' folder. This is very important and different from modern modding of Minecraft some people may not know if they are new to old versions or they may forget if they haven't used old versions in a long time.

    Not the regular mods folder that's what modern modding simplified. You notice those differences or remember and go oh yeah that was different in the older versions when you use old modpacks 1.6.4 and older or go to old versions of modded Minecraft if your new to it you learn that detail/difference eventually.

    Forge around 1.7.2+ I think stopped the Core Mods folder use. I remember it being mostly a 1.6.4 and under use.

    Kind of like how the mod folders per version (naming a folder 1.7.10, 1.12.2, etc) was a great feature but 1.13.2+ that's gone now. I can't remember if it worked with 1.6.4 and older but maybe if you have multiple versions you want to load mods from you could do that. Anyway back on topic.

    5.Are you using builds from Curseforge or elsewhere?

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Another Legacy Fabric related update this time for newer builds of Fabricated Legacy Forge.

    With some April/May builds.

    For 1.3.2, 1.4-1.4.7 versions.


    For those new to the project here is the description about what the mod does: https://modrinth.com/mod/fabricated-forge

    Changelog (April/May 2024 related versions only are 2.6.2 to 2.7.1)


    Fix fabric mods icon in Forge mod list.

    You can now interact again with the second slot of any inventory.

    Fix immibis core crash.

    Fix TreeCapitator crash.

    2.7.0 Changelog

    Update MRAPI to 1.22.0.

    Make use of MRAPI v1 api.

    Fix most reflection related crashes.

    Improve compatibility with coremods by a lot.

    Fix NEI plugins not loading.

    Fix crashes related to a badly ported patch.

    Fix some class loading before coremods were discovered, preventing them from being modified by ClassTransformers.

    Cleaned up existing compatibility patches after mentioned improvements and fixes.

    2.6.2 Changelog

    Update MRAPI to 1.20.0.

    Fix crash on Fabric Loader 0.15+.

    CodeChickenCore and NEI are finally working on 1.4.6 and 1.4.7.

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    posted a message on Any tips for me to make a forum like minecraft forum?

    I maybe just misread which is fair. I'll check the link you posted thanks.

    Yeah while I know more than a Hello world or if else (how to add media, tables and a few other things) I myself feel like I know just as much as that sometimes. At least with Java, with HTML/CSS/JavaScript I know enough but I still have the confidence of a hello world/if else. XD

    Yeah sometimes certain sites only go so far with things how they explain it. Even doing study from schools yeah I barely remember some things and I just don't use them so unless I REALLY need to I just don't bother. I've never published a website only make sites for study purposes.

    Yeah I bet the domains cost a fair bit. I don't disagree there by any means.

    I myself had a writing period. I did word documents and I did Writerscafe (insert any other writing site here), I can't find my works but I vaguely remember the name I chose at least. Maybe I privated them. I'd have to log in and see if they are still there.

    Laggy not sure. Technically it'd be down to the hardware I mean weak hardware or an old OS or older web browser version (or whatever compatibility cut off), but who knows maybe those sites are just particular how they function I don't know for sure having never used one.

    I've heard stuff like that with Minecraft servers but don't completely understand them.

    Managing expectations for sure.

    I got on well with a server owner and a datapack creator. I haven't talked in a while but it wasn't bad terms just I got busy.

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