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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Ok some Cursed Fabric/Babric news.

    For any Cursed Fabric/Babric HUB stuff check here: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Cursed_Fabric_Mod_HUB#Babric

    2 things to note.

    1.First up the new mod:


    Wiki created just now: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Macula


    Macula is a shaders mod for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Fabric fork named Babric. Related/"ARE" now I guess? a name change to GLSL Shaders.

    To install it you simply need to get the Babric instance, install it in your launcher of choice, and use Macula as a usual Fabric mod.

    Modern shaderpacks will almost 100% not work or will look extremely broken. But you can find some old ones in the legacy Minecraft Discord servers, such as Mango pack - https://discord.gg/y8xyzvZnjS




    GLSL shaders are now Macula

    -Added shaderpacks

    -Added shadow quality option

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/mineLdiver/Macula/compare/1.0.2...1.1

    2.Updates to existing Cursed Fabric mods or forks to Babric for one of them.

    2.1: EnviroSound (a mod known to be supported with Station API Pre 2.0 not 1.3.1. It's a mod for underwater/cave sounds I have a video on it.

    Not intended as shameless plug, I don't even have videos for more of the updated stuff (hence this forum/wikis pages I make) anymore anyway (busy) and I only use videos to inform that's it, I hadn't posted anything about the mod since 1.0 pretty sure.

    I forget if I got the sounds works across or described them as I had sound issues for a time either way, it's sounds that likely fill in the gap where Betas lack basically and later versions would have them likely)


    -Updated to Babric

    -Updated to no longer require StAPI



    Changelog from GitHub:


    EnviroSound Video for those interested on an in game showcase/demonstration in Beta 1.7.3

    (Cursed Fabric, Station API 2.0 Pre version so EnviroSound 1.0)

    2.2: SmoothBeta

    Wiki created just now: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Smooth_Beta

    Description on Glass Repo:

    This mod is a collection of tweaks and optimizations that improve b1.7.3 performance. Version 1.1 brings an alternative terrain renderer which utilizes OpenGL 4.3's multidraw, greatly improving FPS


    -Reduced the amount of uniforms required by terrain shader

    -Fixed Advanced OpenGL



    Changelog from GitHub:


    2.3: OptiBabric (pretty much updated to support Macula shaders, latest Station API and other fixes)

    Wiki for info/all changelogs: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/OptiBabric

    Description (cut out installation instructions):

    This is an OptiFabric fork for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 and a Fabric fork named Babric.

    Note: This project is not related or supported by either Fabric or Optifine.

    Note: This project does not contain Optifine, you must download it separately!

    Tested and supported editions

    -HD G

    -HD S G

    -HD MT G2

    -HD MT G2 + Long Distance Patch 1.1

    -HD AA G5 (without StationAPI)

    More information on editions

    Notes on compatibility

    Since this is a fork of OptiFabric, it works similarly, and as such is not automatically compatible with every mod.

    If you find a compatibility issue, report to issues


    -Added a compatibility API

    -Added Macula compatibility

    -Updated to latest StAPI

    -Fixed StAPI tessellator buffer resizing



    Changelog from GitHub:


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    posted a message on bedrock or java?

    If you have a console or mobile or don't want to mess with Java and other browsing the internet for things go legacy/bedrock, if have a PC go Java over Windows 10 Bedrock. If achievements well........ Depends what you want of that. Them to reset then Java, if completed then well any Bedrock version with achievements/trophies.

    Legacy Console made sense if you wanted the game to just 'work' want how to play, sure, want host options easily then commands/parity then sure go Legacy Console. Bedrock is fine but I want it more tedious (also no pause why..... I know Java singleplayer is treated like a server but still it does pause the session still).

    I don't think console versions have keyboard support other than what commands/chat I think maybe? While you can get controller mods on Java. They aren't anywhere near the feel of console/windows 10/pocket edition if it supports controllers but 'you have the controller mod option' even if it has gotten better between the ones that exist but they don't feel as refined (at least years ago) compared to the official controller support. Even if with the mods you have more controller support options so that can be a deal breaker over 'how it feels to play and what you can and can't rebind'.

    The differences make each version interesting from animations/controls/redstone/map marking with the player positions then banners and more differences that make them good, bad, interesting. I find it fun.

    I go to legacy console for the old experience. I can 1.0 to 1.2 Jungle Update again with a physical copy and no updates. Or I can 1.13 with all updates if I want. Or well trophies/achievements. Bedrock good luck with that. Unless Bedrock physical has somewhat recent at certain points then sure but otherwise updates for some consoles are forced so good luck there unless you can PS4 (easy to avoid updates, somewhat even if offline console of course), maybe Switch just ignore it each time the option comes up or well offline state. Good luck on Xbox with the offline is possible pretty sure but is annoying with an online detected console where it forces updates.

    If value of things to consider the game for then Java. You want all versions to play on go Java. Free fan content Java (Mods, resource packs, maps, skins, whatever, sure you have to know the safe website but many are so easy to find and the rest to ignore as scams/reposts). And if youtubers do the right thing about redirecting to places too.

    If were talking performance then Bedrock. Java has mods or vanilla over time but it's like "master caver or others" will say you can tell which versions for performance, resource changes and more. I'm not one that digs that deep so those people can cover those details where I can't/haven't.

    The differences over time of Java edition besides the hardware changes in 1.10, and whatever since I don't know I haven't played 1.17+ versions I went to wiki making these days and other games to play instead. Been busy.

    If were talking animations (I hate the way swimming feels. I get creative mode flight lacking drift for nausea I totally get that or just if you can even do that in C++/C# then you can Java with the way the code works). I'd say it depends how the game controls/physics/animations feel and look to you of timing and flow.

    But otherwise want mods, Java, any free other fan content (no paying for it on the marketplace because the Java EULA says no but Bedrock EULA says yes that part aside) you want to import them go to Bedrock Pocket Edition/Windows 10 for Behaviourpacks/Addons/Bedrock Mods there not console accessible only every other form of fan content.

    Bedrock's marketplace moderation I assume can be very hit and miss.

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Some more Phosphor related but this time it's 1.8.9 Forge (by HowardZHY then by Grayray):

    Description: https://github.com/HowardZHY/Phosphor-Legacy-Forge

    Download: https://github.com/HowardZHY/Phosphor-Legacy-Forge/releases (you want the universal file not the sources file that's for devs)

    Some relation to this unofficial fork but no builds here but if you want to take a look at whatever is listed there by all means: https://github.com/kappa-maintainer/Hesperus

    1.8.9/1.12.2 Legacy Fabric of course are above.

    Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyfabricmc/comments/160ooyj/release_forge_189_phosphor_build/

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Legacy Fabric news we have Phosphor for 1.8.9 now wooo! And Modrinth now has files/description finalised.

    Downloads: https://modrinth.com/mod/phosphor-legacy/versions

    Wiki: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Phosphor (Legacy and regular modern Phosphor (Fabric, Forge and Crash Fix info)

    Some images as well to showcase the stages of the 1.8.9 port (made before the 1.8.9 finalised release but the 1.12.2 builds were uploaded by then)

    Quote: The 1.8.9 port might take a bit longer than I was expecting

    but block light sources are working ... what

    fixed it, the problem was single misplaced !

    Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyfabricmc/comments/15zmstz/release_phosphor_189_port/

    End of post

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    More Legacy Fabric news:

    +OptiFabric for 1.0-1.7 (1.0 to 1.6 that I have below)

    +And a Phosphor 1.12.2 port

    OptiFabric backports:


    Versions supported/listed according to those part of file names:






    tildejustin Quote:

    "backports of redlime's backports (heh)
    did this a while ago but just now thought this is an actual contribution to society unlike the other mods i've made (no-paus <3)
    has a class excluder system to be able to load optifine light releases w/o crashing if set up correctly (included configs for `1.7.10` and `1.3.2`)
    for some odd reason fabric loader crashes with `1.1` (but works on `1.0.0` and `1.2.x`) (ornithe mappings), i don't know why but i don't think it's my fault (?)"

    2nd Quote:

    "and i just now realize i never released the 1.6-1.7 update, i'll get to it soon hopefully"

    Phosphor 1.12.2 port:

    Grayray Quote:

    Phosphor Legacy is port of JellySquid's Phosphor mod to Legacy-Fabric.

    This port may still have some bugs, if you encounter one please report it to me

    Description/Source: https://github.com/Grayray75/Phosphor-Legacy

    Releases: https://github.com/Grayray75/Phosphor-Legacy/releases

    Modrinth: soon, currently under review

    Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyfabricmc/comments/15prcoh/release_optifabric_1016_and_phosphor_1122/

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    posted a message on Fabric vs Forge on 2023

    More sure in volume. Does it matter if Forge doesn't offer certain ones because Fabric authors make something and there is no alternatives (sometimes there is sometimes not) then well who cares about volume.

    You can have 100 mods in a modpack doesn't change anything if the content in them isn't there/what you want or just 100 quality of life mods then 100 content mods with too much and hard to make your PC run is it?

    Quality not quantity.

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0-1.13.2), Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3), Old Forge/Glass Repo News & Q/A Thread (For B1.7.3 to 1.13.2 content)

    Some more Legacy Fabric news.

    I forgot to post about Axiom Client, here is some screenshots.


    In-game, showing Frame rate, Clicks per second, Keystrokes and Auto sprint toggles menu (key display in the top left no idea if position changeable/scalable)

    In-game, General & Module Settings

    Otherwise a library, maybe some mods will soon use this but for now keep an eye out I guess for this. If a mod dev and haven't seen it then here you go:

    Downloads for Fabric/Legacy Fabric for the Library: https://github.com/MCLegoMan/fabric-simplelibs/releases

    Wiki: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Fabric_Simple_Libs

    Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyfabricmc/comments/15ns825/showcaserelease_axiom_client_showcase_screenshots/

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    posted a message on Transfer wolrd from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition to PS4 console

    For Xbox One from 360 it was possible same as PS3/Vita/PS4 but those are removed by now.

    If third party tools maybe I don't know how 'safe' or 'accurate/effective' they are. They could be good, they could be dodgey. Hard to say.

    Save file formats and cross platform is very much only possible (if it is) with third party tools, it's not likely a thing to work though unless the tool is really good.

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    posted a message on Why minecrat PS3 is the BEST version ever made???

    Legacy console had it's benefits. The host privileges, the UI, it all worked well for a console. Commands while nice or the 'lack of pausing in singleplayer' among other things does make Bedrock kind of suck.

    I do think Wii U/Vita were good for touch screen support (sad no splitscreen for Gamepad/TV). But they are minor.

    I never used PS3 only 360, PS4, Xbox One (legacy and bedrock), Vita and PC (Bedrock and Java).

    But legacy console on any console was great. I enjoy it on Vita (same as the PS3 version just less powerful platform).

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    posted a message on If I Mod My Bedrock PC Realm Will Switch Members Still Be Able To Play?

    No. Bedrock behaviour packs/addons if that's what you mean only work on Windows 10 Edition or Pocket Edition platforms that support it (assuming Android there).

    They won't be compatible at all. Unlike Java edition where you likely can import a datapack/resource pack to a Realm things Mojang does support. They don't mods so mods don't get supported with Realms. If it is for console I'm not aware but I doubt it's only for approved, if it's not in the marketplace it isn't legit to be compatible I think.

    If you mean even mods outside that say with hacked systems even more so no it breaks the EULA I think. And console makers want the original experience no altering at all.

    Unless the game devs say it's ok mods don't exist for those games. It's why Skyrim Special Edition exists is 'particular mods' or I guess even Ark Survival Evolved any community maps/mods that became part of the game that console players also got access to.

    No consoles support mods. Mojang doesn't want to moderate them/have to deal with them. PC/Mobile mods don't even get money it's up to fans to donate to them via other sources you can't make money for third party content but you can if it's approved in the marketplace for 'third party/fan content' go figure there.

    Not even importing Resource Packs/Worlds, only what is marketplace accessible of worlds, skins, resource packs are allowed on console or whatever worlds you created yourself and want to move between console likely. But that's because it's your worlds. Or when you were allowed to convert worlds from 360 to Xbox One, PS3/Vita/PS4 or for example.

    So community content is not really accessible to console users if it's 'free' and on 'third party' platforms such as a MCPEDL or Curseforge unless it's mobile or PC the two platforms that both offer fan/unofficial mod loaders in the past and current even.

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    posted a message on What is a good and affordable laptop that can play minecraft with a reasonable fps?

    Any laptops with specs close to the game on Mojang's/Minecraft's website. A price that's affordable and tweak the settings even if need be (launcher settings or modded with performance mods if you need to)

    I run an average PC even from 2016 that's a study PC it works fine.

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    posted a message on Ms-dos isn't dead, and I have proof

    Was going to say isn't the Command Prompt a leftover (even if commands and certain services) from the MS DOS days (besides Power Shell these days being different).

    Of course not all things work on compatibility layer of software. But 32 bit Windows 10 can still run old 32bit apps 'depending'.

    DOS Box exists as well for running DOS software of course.

    I've not experienced enough of old eras of DOS (of course many besides MS DOS exist, I've heard of but never used) or DOS based Windows then how they are now.

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    posted a message on Fabric vs Forge on 2023

    I recommend making modpacks based on a theme. Is it fantasy, is it sci-fi, is it a category of tech, magic roleplay, biomes, performance (high end, low end PCs), food, a bunch combined whatever content you think works. That what I did. I made some low performance.

    I made a Tesla Power API modpack just because I wanted to know those that were compatible with it, I made quality of life modpacks, tech mod ones (niche and mainstream for variety, some niche ones add things mainstream ones don't, they have different use cases that make them worthwhile besides their popularity), I made combined ones.

    It really varies what mods attract you of content, what in the base game you already like doing, or mods offer you don't have access to and expand on those.

    Forge has more but it's been around since beta and reworked many times so yeah. 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 were big jumps and many people continued, started on newer versions, dropped off or started on either of those versions when it came to 1.8 or 1.13.2+

    Fabric is 1.14 snapshot+, Legacy Fabric is 1.3 to 1.13.2 and Cursed Fabric is Beta 1.7.3, People think of Fabric as just a Liteloader kind of modloader oh it's only quality of life mods. I've covered it for years since 18w50a aka 1.14 snapshots (and Rift late 1.13/1.13.2) and 4000+ videos on mods/datapacks for both there is magic and tech, biomes, mobs and more offered just look on modrinth/curseforge or youtube. I use both so I can vouch for what both offer.

    I mean many projects have died since even like Patchwork Forge/Fabric compatibility on 1.14.4 and briefly 1.16.5 I think, Intermediary (added Fabric support to Curseforge launcher later so not needed), of course Legacy/Cursed Fabric are still going which is what I cover these days.

    Forge likely they want you to be on the latest, you need the installer file to install it. Add mods to mods folder and your good. Maybe certain libraries/APIs depending. If mods are modular like tech mods you can see Redstone Flux or Thermal Foundation as requirements for example.

    Fabric you can use fabric loader on 'any' version, the API however you need in the mods folder as 1 extra step, most mods need Fabric, some don't (like Disable Custom Worlds Advice doesn't need the API), same with some on Cursed Fabric. Many of Fabric's focus is to be lightweight on performance, coding for authors and I think less APIs/Libraries mods

    Fabric is very lightweight in code/performance (was easy even for my lower than needed level to code to attempt at least). Forge can be a hog (and very complex to code unless you know how) but it's also fair as to why due to being differently designed and offering the whole API offering/mod layer potential. Fabric's API does that but it's still lightweight on your device.

    Both Forge/Fabric aren't compatible of course so you need to get used to that (besides Patchwork for a period).

    If you see mods, use any alternatives don't go for only popularity that doesn't mean anything it's the content not the top this and that people download.

    You will notice which mods per modloader appeal to you, not oh the fans say this and this. Use what suits you. I see benefits to both. I have no issues with both.

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    posted a message on any mod for speeding up loading time?

    While performance mods can help like Sodium and others.

    You could try tweaking the settings in the launcher for RAM allocation and other details so it can use more of your system or less of your specs and load times can change that way. If you understand how/what to change and not break it.

    I don't know if any performance mods can change load times. It's possible due to chunk loading, maybe what it can do to work with the worlds, not sure with textures the game has to load correctly, but I'm not sure. Check the descriptions of some for Fabric and see what they offer. They can say more than I can on what they offer.

    Sodium, Lithium, Optifine (optifabric is still needed, if not then ignore it).

    Fabuolously optimized is a modpack about performance check some of it's mods as good suggestions and what ways you may be able to tweak the game.

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