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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0 to 1.13.2) & Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3) Discussion Thread (For Pre-1.14 Fabric related content)


    Pig Nose Model for Beta 1.7.3 Base Edit (Client)

    Description: Backported 3D pig nose model from modern versions. This is completely visual changes, and you can switch back to old model just by replacing the new pig texture with the old one.


    BuildCraft Quarry Bukkit Fix for Beta 1.7.3 Bukkit Mod, Forge, ModloaderMP

    Description: Fixes an issue where chunk that Quarry is in will reset when the chunk it is in is reloaded due to a nullpointer. Install as a patch to Buildcraft Bukkit port.


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    posted a message on Returning player, hard to choose mods

    I'd say look at modpacks or if you have a vague idea what items you want to use in a modpack with individual mods. Do you need mods that add tweaks, helpful items to clear grass maybe like a sickel? Copper tools maybe? More animals? More food? More armour?

    That's usually what I do but if you just want the popular mods that have a bunch of different elements than go with an already made modpacks or i guess that modpack has a bunch of stuff to catch people up (never seen it but I assume many players know of some suitable ones).

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    More Legacy Fabric things to showcase, quite a lot since my last post it seems.

    1.moe Quote: "might be a little late, but here is the probably more vanilla-style config lib (technically existed for some time already, but only now completely separate). Includes Widgets for probably all ever needed config types, and handles saving / loading to a json file. Also comes with an example config screen when loaded with modmenu (screenshot). (will include more screenshots in the thread, e.g. the color picker). Client-sided commands are also included, but might be a bit janky."

    2.Code: To me (SuntannedDuck2) I think it looks like a translation layer with the lang, mainResource and generatedResources. I am only guessing based on what vague things I can speculate of the terms used. It's being used for some project according to the quotes below.

    That and what the other two in the comment section of the showcase channel says of course. XD I'm not knowledge enough to know but it's got parts that seem likely.

    The code: https://discord.com/channels/679635419045822474/770951821095206930/1023099276479443014

    CDAGaming Quote: "Not so much a visual part, to prevent spoilers for other parts I'm working on, but those who can read code can easily tell what I did here"

    "Nice! I'm mainly using this to allow Crowdin to work easier down to Alpha MC for a thing Im working on It doesn't involve Legacy Fabric yet, but the mod this is tied to has gotten requests to make new ports for Legacy Fabric, I'm just waiting on the toolset im using to get there"

    A website project someone made for JSON to lang file contents:


    Another response from someone else:

    "Mostly on the « data generation » Trying to port updated lang files from latest versions to older versions"


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    posted a message on Bluestone dust

    Oh of course. Though some times they do just make things decoration but if they did read the suggestion or see a bug or something they may ask for more feedback sometimes, they may ask for more of a description, but I still like the idea purpose given or not I'm just expanding on what you started with.

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    To me something like that needs a purpose of quicker rate like say a redstone dust equivalent to the different repeater settings for example, or separate connections for different contraptions so that not all join (like mods do with different redstone dust like colours or pipe mods with sandstone pipes or microblocks to prevent connecting to others).

    A different one would be nice but it needs a purpose. Colouring Redstone would be fine enough but only if it has a function not just 'I have Blue, Yellow and Green dust now' but I like function before decor as 'everything' can be classed as decor if you use it for it's non-intended purpose or the block is useless.

    A fine suggestion but needs more.

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    posted a message on Hobby

    Gaming (retro more than modern these days), anime, manga, tech, EDM music

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    posted a message on Best Survival version to choose from?

    I'd say check the wikis ( https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_version_history ) to see what content is available and see which sounds the most appealing to experience and which you can play without.

    Some like Release 1.8 have the Ocean Monument or armour stands and tweaks that may be appealing, others like 1.2 or 1.3 had Jungles/Villager trading, the Desert Temple, the old creative mode/new creative mode with tabs for example.

    Some features can really change the game for whether certain blocks sure, but also the way the game feels like swimming, sprinting, how much the game uses of RAM, animations, mob AI, stuff like that.

    It's why I think quality of life updates can be important and think 1.15 wasn't a bad update, sure it had bees but I cared for the tweaks more than I did just bees.

    If fine with mods have mods that add features that come close to them (blocks, ones that remove hunger, stuff like that).

    Some old versions like when I play 1.2.5 feel old enough of mob AI to be old school, hunger is slower to deplete (as far as I remember), animations are different too.

    I kind of go for a 1.13+ if I care about swimming, 1.2.5 for an old enough feel but don't want to go too far back into Beta versions and anything in-between it really depends.

    Mods usually determine what I want as I usually only care about Redstone blocks or hoppers for 1.5+ Release versions usually as I like to have them. Mods with the feel of the older versions does enough to convince me to play that far back.

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    Legacy Fabric showcase

    U9G Quote: "Finally ported a settings manager from forge to a legacy fabric library, time to make some cool mods" https://lbda.net/3n5k.mp4

    The video shows a command opening a UI ( /mymodcmd at the moment). The UI has two categories: 'player options' and 'misc options', some for player size/opacity in 'player options' another for beacon/waypoint colour with a colour picker and hex presented in the 'misc options' category.

    I made it full screen and print screened so all detail was captured and it wasn't blurry so just try to view what you can with the forum's photo viewer. Of course the video is clearer/cleaner and the better option besides being a portable link it isn't a download so just put the link in a new tab/window.

    Honestly I think this looks really cool. Whether it stays a command or keybind or whatever to access it and what it's called later in the UI or window header (what it will be called besides it being just 'My Great Mod' at the moment on the UI header currently, but who knows) but if you are up for customisation of colours/player scaling you might like this.

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    Legacy Fabric showcase (multiple screenshots and quotes part of the same showcase)

    U9G Quotes: "what 0 alpha does to a mf"

    "(I did end up figuring it out 🙂 )"

    "new gamemode?"


    "(obviously not intentional, but ive been fighting mixin-extras for hours)

    i hate gradle"

    The video shows them moving their camera and the screen changes or some key press. I really don't know yet what it's supposed to be it is just a blank no HUD, environment, hand anything. Watch the video it is better explained

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    Quote from HowardZHY»

    would u like to introduce TooManyItems on MWP Wiki?

    Wiki is done in 30 minutes: https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Too_Many_Items

    I was thinking about it, just was questioning what way I wanted to present it, similar to how I did the Iron Chests variations (the Cursed Fabric Station API Beta 1.7.3 port, the Rift 1.13 port in general) on MWP but hadn't got around to it. Will do so now :)

    The wiki pages I mean:

    https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Iron_Chest_SL (Station API Beta 1.7.3, Rift 1.13, Forge/other modloader Beta 1.7.3 version before it was ported to StationAPI) Seemed no need to cover the later builds as most other wikis already have but most will not have the Rift or SL version so made sense to fill in that gap of information.


    https://modwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Legacy_Extended_Hotbar (the separate approach, I just realised I have to add a link between the two besides just the sentence pointing it out so I'll edit that now that both pages are done).

    I may just make it, it's own page like I did with Legacy Extended Hotbar and have them separate or maybe like I said above combine the 2.

    I am also going to of course post the current showcase stuff too below this. I'll edit this post with the wiki for TMI Legacy Fabric when I'm ready to. :)

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    posted a message on Legacy Fabric (1.0 to 1.13.2) & Cursed Fabric (Beta 1.7.3) Discussion Thread (For Pre-1.14 Fabric related content)

    Legacy Fabric showcase (OpenGL lag whatever the window is supposed to show or whatever is actually supposed to happen.... not sure what else to say)

    U9G Quote: I hate OpenGL ❤️ https://lbda.net/LTy4.mp4 (no idea how to fix the lag

    14 second video showing a blank window not loading properly, not sure what it's supposed to present but still better to watch then me explain.

    Otherwise some projects to keep an eye on

    Wikis and links (I'd say take a look to check progress):

    LiteFabric - a Liteloader compatiblity layer for Legacy Fabric.


    Babric/Beta 1.7.3 (compatibility layer for many modloaders)




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    posted a message on Looking for this mod i forgot the name of

    Well I tried. :)

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    posted a message on Alpha 1.2.3 generation in 1.19?

    A mod like Modern Beta should do the trick as it has Alpha/Beta/Infdev and Indev terrain. For textures I forget if it has the blocks of them or not but the generation it does for sure.

    It is 1.18 though surprisingly though. I can't think of any others though biome or terrain mods for Fabric that do alpha than this while Forge likely has others I assume. It will likely make it's way over at some point I assume. They are probably fixing a few things before porting it over by the looks of the changelogs. No idea how much a 1.19 port undertaking is either, could be dramatic could be straightforward who knows. I'd say wait or go back to 1.18



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    Back to Legacy Fabric and with a release. I showed the showcase for it but the release is ready it seems.

    There is a TMI 1.8.8/1.8.9 Forge build also here: https://github.com/HowardZHY/TooManyItems

    But I'm going focus on the Legacy Fabric related stuff below.

    TMI or Too Many Items is now for 1.8.9


    HowardZHY Quote: "Too Many Items Legacy Fabric 1.8.2-1.8.9,

    But needs to convert files to install."

    There is instructions on the download page but I'll paste them here just encase (there is a jar file and a zip file, both are important):

    "1.Install Fabric Loader

    2.Launch Legacy Fabric, there'll be a .fabric folder, then exit the game

    3.Drag the files in the zip into .fabric\remappedJars\minecraft-1.8.9-0.14.9(or other version)\client-intermediary.jar

    4.Put TMILegacyFabricLoader.jar in mods folder

    5.Launch and Enjoy

    Known Bugs: Search bar cause game freezing. Save panel might have EOF exceptions."

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