About Me

MC, late 90's and early 2000's platformers, EDM music, coding fan but not to the extreme.



I love tech mods for storage options, transportation of items/fluids/power/gases, ore processing, progression and more, but love new ideas. But my passion for mods after playing tech, tools, rpg and dimensions, and more over 3 years of MC after starting in 1.4.5. is to play less known mods and give them more attention, but also play with new ideas the community has. In 2015 I got the feeling to play less common mods that were RF or Thermal Expansion addons, from there I started to play more 1.8.9+ mods with new ideas, cool content and more in 2016 with mods I now have spotlighted to give them attention somehow no matter my YT channel size now. Tech mods are my strong interest in MC, but no matter what I will play anything modded, vanilla, adventure map-ish or creative ideas.

Other things:

-Coding Basics

-EDM Music

Location Down Under The Duck Pond

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