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    I had a problem getting this to load, very likely its conflicting with another mod? I can't tell... Error reports are mostly gibberish to me.


    If anyone could steer me towards completing a solution that'd be grand.

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    Alright - I got the issue resolved.

    Big thank you to the guys in the Feed the Beast IRC. You've really helped a fellah out!

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    For a long while i've had an annoying issue with how MC dumps it's memory when I have multiple mods installed. At first it seemed like the answer was just to add more RAM, however all that did was serve to provide a bigger dump, resulting in a MASSIVE FPS drop which essentially freezes the game for maybe 2 whole seconds every 20 seconds or so.

    It doesn't seem like that big of a deal on paper, but when you're walking outside your home, and a Creeper catches you on your blindside and the memory dump occurs? Congrats, you have a new hole in the side of your home.

    I've died too many times from that example alone not to mention while fighting withers and other modded in bosses.

    Needless to say I've had enough of that...

    I've come to a possible conclusion for my problem, but I have no idea how to implement it unfortunately, and I need some help with that.

    The link below is to a screenshot.


    The box highlighted in yellow details part of my issue; the Used Memory will continue to climb rapidly until it peaks at around 88-95% at which point it commences its dump and resets back to around 15-25% The dump is what I mentioned above which is causing me some performance issues. As mentioned above i've also tried increasing the allocated memory to upwards of 12gig however it just means a larger dump and longer wait during said dump.

    So what I've noticed when playing modpacks is that the Allocated memory is always throttled (usually at around 50% while mine rests at 100%) which means I experience many more memory dumps but very little time passes during the dump, with practically no FPS drop whatsoever. Simply because the memory is making more loops but has less to deposit at each loop.

    That Red Box which has the Allocated Memory is what I want to manipulate, however I have no idea on how to do that... So if some could point me in the right direction or give me some steps to follow, i'd very much appreciate the help.

    I don't know if this will even solve my issue, but it's the closest i've gotten to a solid theory on my problem.

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    Quote from Sinhika»

    Just to be pedantic, "honey mead" is redundant. Mead is made from honey. If it's not made from honey, your booze is called something else, but not mead.

    And to be even more pedantic, Mead with added fruits or ingredients besides the honey and yeast is called Melomel.

    EDIT: Actually, a quick question. Will there be any plans to add Cocoa Beans to the Market Block?

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    Quote from Namorax»

    Did anyone actually use the books? I mean, I read them when I played with TinCon for the very first time, but after that I just used the FTB wikia since it was easier to look things up over there. The books are helpful when you want to try out TinCon and know nothing:
    It teaches how to make smelteries (If you're not just lazy/lucky and find/steal one in a village) and how to use the smeltery to produce the parts.

    But I can't remember ever using the Material guide to look up the stats of a specific material because the one page per material interface was too unwieldy.

    Something I would like to see would be a journal like the one in Agricraft. For those that don't know about it, you need to "identify" seeds to see their stats, and if you have a journal in your Seed-Identification-Table, it will remember everything about the seed: The growthstages,how to mutate this seed and which seeds it can mutate into.

    The Tinker's Journal could "register" the materials and alloys you made with the smeltery, and then offer a search-function so I could quickly find a material that offers a specific Trait, or tell me which materials have a handle-modifier of x1.2. Or a durability of 300+. Or sort them in descending order according to how much damage they deal.

    (Sorry for the blurb)

    That's the thing, I never really used the books. And I still didn't use the agricraft book even to look up what mutations I had.

    Because I used NEI.

    As a redundancy, some in game documentation is pretty much needed, at least to explain the mod or how it all works together, afterall any mod must surely work vanilla and not be dependent on other mods or plug-ins in order to function effectively.

    Thaumcraft had a very exploratory approach to it's research system, where you had to scan objects to learn what they were made of to catalog what you could break them down into via alchemy. It was a very interesting system.
    Until you had to go through that system 10 or so times, then it just became a chore. A rather tedious barrier which had to be climbed in order to progress.

    Considering how many different materials there are in Tinkers to play around with, plus the number of different tool/weapon components, AND the number of potential materials added by other mods or mod authors who may likely want to make material add-ons for Tinkers2. I don't think the manuals need any unnecessary steps in order to simply see what's available to the Tinkerer. It would just take too long every time you wanted to "research" what a material is.

    I say, keep the manuals as reference material, and not a hurdle that gets in your way.
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    Quote from DeadbringerX2»

    Wait this mod is based on Full metal Alchemist isn't it?

    It's primarily based on alchemical fiction, there has been plenty of lore building over the years from numerous authors of fantasy and even science fiction and I'm pretty sure Pahimar has been dipping into that a lot considering I'm seeing a few namedrops here and there in some of the WIP items.
    So yeah there might be a reference or two to that anime series, but it's not the only source for this type of fiction.

    To be honest I've kinda stopped using this mod for anything other than the chests.
    Once you've learned to scan diamonds or even nether stars it's pretty much game over, you'll never need to really do much of anything ever again if you can hook your EE up to an automated tree farm or even a mob grinder linked to a Blaze spawner.
    You're pretty much set for life at that point.
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    I'm personally eager to see how the ranged equipment pans out, I only ever used two items out of the old version. A Crossbow and a Longbow.

    Throwing Knives, Shurikens, Javelins and Short Bows were completely ignored by myself and everyone I knew who used this mod.

    Even with the added addition of material modifiers I still don't think that will add any benefit to using the remaining variety of ranged weapons that once were available.

    Not unless there is some kind of particular advantage to using them. For instance, Javelins adding a slow effect whenever they hit a target (Due to the giant spear sticking out of you) or Short Bows maybe being able to be used from Horseback (As historically they were used to that effect)

    I've just trying to make these items seem valid compared to minecraft pvp and pve. But for the most part, a lot of them seem defunct in a game where number crunching favours the highest DPS output.

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    Might also be the fact people cant stack sharpness to godly heights on their weapons anymore.

    Honestly, there was no other reason to use any other weapon than the rapier. Quite literally as fast as a double-click was all it took to kill someone in any armour regardless of enchantments thrown on there.

    Every other weapon was pretty much useless.

    It was similar with tools, there was a strict progression curve that you needed to make a tool out of certain materials to make it "the best", rendering every other material useless and ignored. It just became a speedrun to attain that material and everything else was a stepping stone.

    Now it seems that there are more material effects which serve different purposes. But it remains to be seen yet whether players will actually USE those added effects or just ignore them.

    It could also be that people just dont like change and will **** into the wind of a coming storm.

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    Hi guys,

    I've had a look at the modlist for the 1.7.10 version of MC, but not found anything relating to this. What I was wondering was, are there any mods which allow you to have a separate Vanity slot for armour/clothing much like Terraria/Starbound does?

    For instance wearing Diamond Armour but covering it up with Iron or Leather to keep people guessing. Or any modded armour for that matter.

    I was just curious is all.

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    posted a message on [1.7][1.6] Ender IO - How many pipes in one block?
    Quote from 6210classick»

    are you sure it's not connected ? the texture pack you are using might be causing a visual glitch so it appears like it's not connected

    try switching back to vanilla

    Nope its not a texture issue (see image) http://i.imgur.com/qMdthDa.jpg
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    Quote from 6210classick»

    is the conduit connected to the correct side of the machine with the hole in it ? also try crafting then using a new Rancher

    The side doesn't matter, you've always been able to extract or insert items from any side on Minefactory with exception to the "business" side, which performs the task the block performs. Thermal Expansion IS an exception to that as you also have to configure the sides on the block before adding pipes but Minefactory doesn't require this to work functionally.

    I have crafted a new Rancher and new Item Conduits since then, but still the same issue.
    For an example i've attached three images.

    The first is the item conduits, I've tried manipulating the Conduits proper side with both a Crescent Hammmer and Yeta Wrench but nothing happens.

    The second image is the same item conduits, but i've added pressurized fluid conduits which as you can see, connect fine, but the item conduit still doesn't connect. If you enter the GUI (as shown in the third image) nothing is listed on the side bar to display that the item conduit has connectivity to the Rancher.
    Fluid Pipes - http://i.imgur.com/jW90ZJf.jpg
    Pipe GUI - http://i.imgur.com/BsMnO8d.jpg

    Not sure what the source of the issue is, i'm probably overthinking about this and its likely something glaringly obvious, but I figured I'd post just to check for a solution and be reminded of how much of a dumbass I can be sometimes.

    And yes, i've tried this on both Survival and Creative, just in case...
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    posted a message on [1.7][1.6] Ender IO - How many pipes in one block?
    Quote from 6210classick»

    what version of EIO are you having this issue with ?

    Yeah that was the problem I had, so I've updated and that's fixed the issue.

    However after updating I noticed that another issue had cropped up, the ender IO item conduits are not connecting to Ranchers from Minefactory reloaded. They connect fine to other constructs though, the Grinders are fine, the routing system for Breeders is still connected and the devices from Thermal Expansion are still hooked up, but Ranchers have mysteriously disconnected.

    Minefactory Reloaded was updated maybe around a month ago, so maybe that's the cause? I dunno..

    EDIT: the fluid pipes and power cables are still connected to the Ranchers btw, just felt i'd mention that, its only the item conduits that wont connect.

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    posted a message on [1.7][1.6] Ender IO - How many pipes in one block?

    Having a recent issue with trying to smelt Electric Steel in the Alloy Smelter.

    It seems its not accepting any kind of silicon together with iron ingots. Whether it be the silicon from this mod or AE2, it is also not accepting the pulverised coal at all in any slots whether items are in the smelter or not. Even though the recipe explicitly states it can use Pulverised Coal or Coal power. There is also no recipe for coal powder anymore and the sag mill only produces pulverised coal.

    I have already tried altering the modes on the smelter and it has enough power to carry out the operations many times over, it just does not want to accept the items placed inside of it.

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    posted a message on Growthcraft Community Edition
    Quote from Sunconure11»

    To get bayanus yeast, break grapes.

    By break grapes you just mean to harvest them via a quick punch off the vine? So its a random and rare drop when you harvest?
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    Quote from migueeel»

    Too true. I remember back in the days when there was just Mod Loader (Hosted by Risugami, only 1 guy)...
    Besides who cares about forge not updating right away? We still need modders to update their mods. And they have lives, jobs, careers, university, etc.
    They aren't your slaves, they aren't robots, so stop pushing them further on.

    Would you guys like to have 5 times the homework? All you do is study, so you should be able to!

    Indeed, which is why I still play on 1.7.10 for the most part. Too much content available for that version and very little of it by comparison on 1.8.9.

    Many of the mod makers who have produced content for 1.7.10 have flat out refused to update their mods to 1.8 or higher simply because of the amount of work it would take to revamp their work to the next MC-version, and I dont blame them.
    This has unfortunately created a gap of content which may get filled by other developers who create similar mods in their stead for the newer version, but many of these same creators might be hesitant fill in certain gapsin case they're accused of copying or being unoriginal with their ideas.
    E.G. Bringing in a Buildcraft/Minefactory clone to 1.8

    Thus a content gap for certain mods might remain for quite some time.
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