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Hello, I'm SunGodMonkey.

What's there to say about me? My real name is David, my favorite sport is baseball. My favorite food is the so amazing tortellini, most people (Or kids :tongue.gif:) don't know about it. If you haven't, look it up. Perhaps buy it, cook it and put Italian dressing on it, 99% guaranteed you'll love it. It really depends on the dressing.


My top two favorite games are Minecraft and Transformice.

Minecraft is a very addicting sandbox game. You can build, you can run away from creepers, you can join a buddy on Multiplayer, you can pretty much sculpt a life from blocks, and the 'Lets Plays' makes it even more amazing. (I've seen seananners, kevin, MinecraftWB with Luclin, EditZP, and nogamesforyoungmen. You guys should check it out ;3) Good work, Notch. You must be very wealthy. :tongue.gif:

Transformice is a very fun mouse game. And when I mean mouse, I mean mice. It's a 2D game where you go through obstacles to get cheese, once you've accomplished, you may have to go through the entire obstacle again or through another one to get to a mouse hole. It's a competetive game really, if you register you get a cheese count, you get a shop filled with accessories for your mouse character, you can join Tribes, forum, and generally all that good stuff. It's multiplayer, so you'll never be alone. :3 I also have to congratulate Tigrounette on making that game. ( )

So yeah, I have a brother as well. He's pretty cool. He showed me to in early 2009, he was playing a game called Incredibots. Incredibots was a very interesting game, until I found it's forums. I was a real noob back then, I was like "can i have mod please". Of course they told me No and that I have to earn it. Eventually I grew more mature, I was actually using capitalizations and crap. :tongue.gif: Anyway, when I saw a club named "iWorld", there was a link in the post. And that lead me to a minecraft server. From there on, my life changed. (Well not really, I just knew a new game. x3) So then I joined a server called Altair Clouds. It was amazing, I got director and everything. I knew all the other directors, but I quit that place not too far from the present. I have my own channel in IRC to keep in touch with all my friends from there. ( #Sungod If you will join it, don't be perverted or cursing every second.) I guess you could say Nexus is the replacement for Altair, and yes Nexus is a classic server. It has an IRC bot hooked to IRC, so I dont always have to be in classic to communicate with everyone. :tongue.gif: So yeah, that's basically from Notdoppler to here.

Thanks for reading!
Interests I like chatting with others, not just flaming or arguing, actually cooperating with them on anything, such as Minecraft or Transformice. (Never heard of it? Look it up.) I have a very big interest on the word 'create'. It could mean, 'Create your new website' or 'create your new world'. It's just generally a pretty cool word, for my opinion at least.

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