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    posted a message on I want to make a mod with people! Lets make an amazing creation!

    Welcome to everyone who has decided to click on this thread! I wish to make a mod (or many mods depending on how things unfold) but I do not know how to create a mod. I want to team up with someone or multiple people so as to create an amazing mod! I have so many suggestions and I can make textures and stuff using gimp so I know that if we can get a team to make the mod it will turn out really amazing! If you want to create a mod with me then please message me here on the Minecraft forums so we can further discuss this or just reply to this thread! I hope that some of you join and help make a mod with me!

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    posted a message on Defend Your Cookies - Version 3 DLC Update! - A twist of story and arcade!

    This map is awesome! I'll try had mode soon to see how far I can go

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    posted a message on Final Fantasy VIII Balamb Garden

    Awesome map!

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    posted a message on Not enough items mod 1.7.10 crash

    I have followed every tutorial I could find and this mod still won't work.

    Before anyone asks here is what I am using:

    Windows 10

    Java 8

    I've tried multiple forge versions for this but I use this version for my mods: 1.7.10

    NotEnoughItems 1.7.10- Universal

    CodeChickenCore 1.7.10-


    - This mod doesn't work with any other mods and not even just those 2 mods work, it crashes me at the launcher.

    If anyone can help me get this working or if anyone knows any alternative recipe mods I can use that would be great.

    I tried craft guide already and it didn't register all the recipes (I have 70 mods),

    I hope someone knows what to do or has another mod for 1.7.10 or if you can make a mod for recipes.

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    posted a message on MineCon 2016

    I wish it would be in Australia Aswell If its not in Australia I can't go.

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