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    posted a message on 1.9 Materialized (Based on Material Design) Resource Pack

    Very nice pack! I love the sort of futuristic and clean look! Almost makes minecraft look like a next-gen game!

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    posted a message on Make your Own Unique Seed!

    Hello, I am a Minecraft lover and I love the seed aspect of the game. I love to try to make up random things for a seed and see what I get. Although this has gotten pretty boring, which is why I am making this post. Just make a seed using some suggestions below. Then reply and post a screenshot as well as the seed you used so we can see how awesome your seed truly is! I tried out one seed with my real name, my type of PC, and the state I live in. Look at what I got! (attached to this post)


    State you live in (I wouldn't recommend doing this if you aren't open about it to the public)

    Type of Laptop/Computer/Mac you have:

    Your Real Name:
    Your Minecraft Username:

    The date of today or whatever you want:

    Favorite Drink:

    Favorite Food:

    Favorite Color:

    Favorite Animal:

    Mixing these up in a combination however you like will result in your very own unique seed! Try to use at least 3 of these suggestions to make your seed really unique. These are just examples so you can do anything else in a random combination. Example: John11515Cat (this is something I just came up with, so you can tell it is very easy!)

    Well, I will love to see what you come up with! Just reply with the seed used, a description (if you want), and a screenshot. Thanks and have fun making your own seed!

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    posted a message on LimeCraft | A Unique Minecraft Experience

    Accepted!!!! I think you will be a great administrator on the server and a great person in the community. I will message you on Skype.

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    posted a message on ★ Pixelated OP Prison ★ Need GFX, Builders, Co-Owner, and Way More!

    I'm sorry we are no longer looking for a co-owner but you may apply for a different position if you'd like.

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    posted a message on Minecraft hosting company
    *Correction* it is Garry's Mod and your prices are pretty good! :)
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    posted a message on Needing Help! Need Answers! [Minecraft Hosting]
    I really do not recommend ggservers. I think you should use hosthorde or if you want really cheap check out http://www.trueworldgaming.com
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    posted a message on Upcoming 1.7.9 OP Factions PVP server Needs Staff and Builders!
    Quote from xXPH4NT0MZz

    IGN (in-game name) : xXPH4NT0MZz312

    Email (not required): [email protected]

    Skype (required): xXPH4NT0MZz312

    Skills: Good at socialising with people, can give good advice. I know my way around most commands so I could possibly help with some command based subjects. OKAY at building, but I'm not the best.

    Experience: I've been an admin once, moderator 3 times, helper twice & have been a joined owner with the official Owner to help him out.

    Rank applying for: Moderator Or Administrator.

    Age: 15

    Maturity (0-10): 8

    Why do you want to help the server: I like seeing successful servers, so I would love to help a new one become just as successful. I'd like to meet new people & gain new friends & also gain their respect & trust. I can be on every day for quite a long time, unless I have something else to do. I can help out with ANYTHING you want me to do, just have to ask. ;)

    Few more I'll follow ALL rules & won't disobey orders. I also won't abuse any privileges I get. I know that I should be mature, but I may have a little laugh here & there. (Just to brighten up the mood :) )

    Thank You For Your Time!

    Accepted! Thank you for applying! I have decided to give you administrator. I will give you all the details on Skype! We look forward to working with you! :)
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    posted a message on The Minecraft PS3 Issue Thread
    4JSteve plz help I have some errors I have recently discovered in the minecraft PS3 full version:
    1. When my friend tries to join it says lost connection to host.
    2. When I look down sometimes you can see all the lava and ores.
    3. When I try to place seeds sometimes they just break and come back.
    4. My sheep sometimes go through gates and I have to push them back in.
    Hope you fix these I am really frustrated with them I spent $20 for this game and I would like to enjoy it. Thanks 4JStudios have a Merry Christmas!
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