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    This is a bit more like what I was looking for. I've been trying to find ideas for a bridge in Vintage Story and I'm covering water that spans about 400 blocks or so and most of the bridges I could find where small bridged across streams with virtually no supports because the bridge wasn't long enough to call for them.

    I'm using path block that gives speed boost when walking on it as the surface you walk on and wanted another layer below and beside that to sort of cradle it. along with room for light post on either/both sides to light the path as well as decently spaced out supports to make the bridge look sturdy.

    my bridge wont be as high as this one the bottom of the bridge will be about 3 to 5 blocks above the water with a bridge thickness of about 3 blocks from the walking path to the under side of the bridge so not quite this big but this is at least something for me to go by.

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    Not sure how busy you are with all the other request but I have a few ideas, I want to learn how to mod minecraft myself so not to bother others with such simple yet possibly complicated mods but unfortunately I'm not having much luck having anything sink in. I have made textures for some blocks and made my glowstone change colors in a couple different patterns but all of the glowstone changes color at the exact same time because I just added like 30 different colored textures to the texture file and it cycles through all the different colors what I was trying to do is get them to light up different colors at random intervals or use the texture pattern I made based on when I placed the item rather than all being synced regardless of when it's placed making the texture cycle start on the first texture of the list at that time so it won't be the same as a previous glowstone block when that didn't work I wanted to just add new blocks to the game WITHOUT removing or changing an existing item and that Is what I couldn't figure out how to do. it's not as easy as modding Kenshi Skyrim or 7 days to die to name a few games I have modded personally I just can't figure the minecraft modding thing out no matter how many tutorials I watch.

    slightly off topic, why are ALL the mods; at least the main ones I like to always include in all my modpacks stuck on 1.12.2 and never got any further? is it because the new forge for 1.16.1 is beta and unstable?

    anyway as for the mod request I have for you specifically,

    a tinting mod,

    basically you can take any item in the game weather or not that item is a block or something like weapons or armor and what the mod will do is simply put the item in the crafting grid "will work with 1 item and 1 dye up to 8 items and 1 dye at a time "example 1 birch plank and 1 dye will tint the birch plank whatever color dye used and it's stackable so the more you do this closer to the color of dye you used becomes and you would get the same results if you used 8 birch planks and 1 dye as apposed to 1 plank and 1 dye this would be better but still giving you the option to dye a single item if that's all you need instead of making you make 8 every time.

    you could use something dark like spruce or dark oak and with enough bonemeal make it white but it does it incrementally I haven't messed with leather armor in a while but it's basically using the same concept as how dyeing leather armor used to work it just tinted the armor with that color and depending on the colors used and how many times you dyed that same piece you can get all kinds of colors except I think the leather armor had a cap on how many times the tinting process worked preventing you from getting any really deep bright vibrant or dark clearly colored armor but this mod would allow it to make any color.

    I feel the best way to do this and easiest for the user would be a new crafting bench there is a mod that has a pink cyan yellow paint thing and you can use a color wheel to make certain items whatever color you want but I don't remember what mod that is and it only worked with certain blocks.

    this mod I am requesting would allow you to dye ANY item be it block or weapon and armor or whatever. if you can get it you can dye it.

    it would allow the color, contrast and shade values of the items to be changed really allowing you to get any color you could desire.

    you want to rock bright pink diamond armor you can you want your diamond armor to be white... no problem what about purple sure how about royal purple.. yep light purple.. yeah what about a nice violet? no problem

    lavender sure plum yup amethyst sure lilac yup eggplant sure thing periwinkle go for it I think you get the point literally any color you can think of you can make your weapons armor tools or even blocks that color while keeping it's texture.

    and probably the trickiest part of this mod is the lighting, yeah you could put any light source in this thing and get the color you want BUT there is a separate option to change not JUST the color of the block but also the color of the light emitted from the light source and it doesn't have to be the same color as the block you can have a purple torch, glowstone or any other light source give off a green or cyan light whatever colors you want.

    and also you would have a template slot where once you find a color you REALLY love and you want to make sure your colors are the same and not off by a little you can use paper to save the template of that color and then use the paper in the template slot of the painter with the items you want to paint and it will automatically choose that specific color definition for that item.

    this would of course work on glass sand concrete and so on too of course like I said every item you can get you can change the color of and it would work with modded items too because it would simply add the color over the existing texture so you don't need to make a separate block and item for every color it would simply change the color value of the item while maintaining it's texture.

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