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    posted a message on Recycling Machine!
    Have you ever accidentally crafted something you don't need? I bet you have alot of items that you don't need in a chest somewhere. Suppose you have items you did use before, but later, not anymore. You want something to do with it, right? You should recycle it!

    The recycler should be crafted like this:

    EDIT: Texture pack was used. Oops :(

    It is mainly used for "uncrafting," items. It will have 2 slots like a furnace, but the output area is a 3x3 grid. The coal will go on the bottom, and the item you want recycled on the top. When it finishes, it will produce the ingredients to that item, in the same shape. Not all items can be recycled. Heres a list of my ideas:

    Enchantment Table
    Eye of Ender
    Flower Pots
    Iron Door
    Redstone Lamp
    Rotten Flesh (Porkchop!)
    Skeleton Head (5 Bonemeal)
    Sticky Piston
    Stone Bricks
    Undamaged Diamond Armor
    Undamaged Diamond Tools
    Undamaged Flint and Steel
    Undamaged Gold Armor
    Undamaged Gold Tools
    Undamaged Iron Armor
    Undamaged Iron Tools
    Undamaged Leather Armor
    Zombie Head (3 Rotten Flesh)

    So that's pretty much it. Please give feed back, positive, or negative, but please don't hate. :)
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    posted a message on Blast Furnace
    Good idea, but it is a bit too OP. It should have two slots only, then it would be ok. ;)
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    posted a message on Slimeball Rarity -SUCCESS and 50+ Supporters!
    I support this. I have an idea for this. There should be a 1% chance that a giant group of slimes will spawn in areas, making invasions that could give a lot of slimeballs. But since it can give too many slimeballs, you have a challenge, and a low chance of this happening.
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    posted a message on flying pigs
    Kind of like the Aether phygs? That would be cool in vanilla, there just needs to be a way to get the wings...
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    posted a message on Harder Enderdragon
    Thank you all for the support! :D Zoju, I like that idea with the Endermen, because it does seem strange when you're fighting their ruler, and they don't do anything about you.
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    posted a message on Finally did it!
    Wow, nice job! I always get a sudden burst of pleasure when you kill the dragon, because you know you beat Minecraft. I made a hardcore world once, but a creeper cornered me, so I saved and quit. That world was in my list for 3 weeks until I moved it to my worlds folder on my desktop... o_0 I haven't been on since... :(
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    posted a message on Your opnion on endermen?
    I treat Endermen as any other hostile mob. They're bit annoying, more challenging than other mobs, (yay,) and awesome looking. Only thing I hate is finding random dirt blocks on the top of my house... xD
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    posted a message on Found my first diamonds
    Congratz! I remember my first diamonds... I was making a slime farm, and I ran into some on the roof. I ended up with four, but I was happy. :D
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    posted a message on Harder Enderdragon
    It's rediculously easy. The Enderdragon was supposed to be hard, but it turned out very easy. I beat him with only a bow and a stack of arrows. I have suggestions.


    He should shoot flaming chunks of obsidian, that explode the size of a creeper, three times ever 10 seconds. This would be something to avoid from it, instead of just standing there shooting.
    There should be a chance that when it swoops down, it scoops you up in its legs, and drops you, making another thing to avoid.
    Lastly, it should go into rage mode when its 3/4th's of the way dead. He will shoot fireballs faster, and start to fly faster. He will also shoot endermen, due to it's anger, and to create a sight that shows a battle actually happened. It should also grab you in its mouth sometimes, and shake you around, leaving you at two hearts.


    The Enderdragon should sometimes so barrel rolls, making all arrows bounce off of it, far back. Also, if he makes impact with you while rolling, it will do three hearts with each roll.
    The dragon should fly around the obsidian towers, and crystals, to defend those.
    In rage mode, the Enderdragon should smack the ground, and send 5-15 End stone into the air. each one will give a heart of damage.


    Building a 3 block high obsidian tower with a dragon egg ontop will spawn a baby Enderdragon, that grows fast, into a full size one, ready for battle. This only works in the End.

    Anyone like or dislike the suggestions, and does anyone think vanilla Ender dragon its too easy?
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    posted a message on Wither boss too hard?
    I beat the Wither in survival alot, diamond armor, and diamond sword. I had a bow, and a gold apple. Its useful to use a bow in the first half, then, charge at it from behind, and click non stop. He'll push back, and His shots will most likely miss. I have 2 nether stars, and a beacon block. :D This was not on my main world, it was my non legit one, but the fight was legit.
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    posted a message on New Snapshot 13w36a Wither Boss Attacks EnderDragon!
    That's An Interesting Find... I Shall Try This And Get A Good Laugh. ;)
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    posted a message on What Was Your First Time Playing Minecraft Like?
    Jumping off cliffs, and dying by zombies. All that good stuff...
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    posted a message on What are some awesome or weird things that happen to you on minecraft?
    A skeleton shot me into lava. I knew I was gonna die, so I shot him with my bow; into lava. We died at the same time, but lucky for me, the new game rules in the snapshot kept my inventory. :D I was wearing armor also, so that slowed down my death.
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    posted a message on How to spawn villagers in survival
    Cure a villager zombie, if you wanna do it legit. Make sure your on the snapshot.
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    posted a message on Wither Armor?!?!?!
    When the wither loses half of its health, that appears, and makes it reflect arrows. :)
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