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    posted a message on [Challenge] Blind Arena v2.2
    Now before you get all rage and troll at me, this is not my idea at all, this is fully Etho's idea.

    Etho's Idea Ceremony
    docm77's Attempt
    xisumavoid's Win

    Now as you can see, the map is played with your eyes closed to produce an exciting challenge.
    I have taken his concept and put it into a much more advanced version of it.
    It is currently not fully completed as the music portion of the map is not positioned on the dome.

    However the music is on a separate platform for viewing and is audible from inside the dome.

    Changes I have made are the following:
    Spawners Enabled are now top of the dome.
    There is now a round system. [5 Minutes/round]
    There is an exit [opens when round is over]
    Spawners only get enabled when the round starts [by pressing the button]
    Background music [to make the game harder or more relaxing]
    Chests come with a full set of leather armor already assembled.


    Spawner Selection




    PLEASE NOTE [2.1 Users]:

    When using the death trap the round will start.
    In order to reset the round go to the back of the entrance.
    There will be a dirt block on the wooden pressure plate, simply pick it up and put it back in the dispenser.
    Doing this will make it so rounds are not longer then they are supposed to be.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?82vhwubn5688wr9
    2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?z8oi6ah9zy4mc63
    2.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?5wx15vx61rck0m6


    - Item Destroyer Opens Arena Doors [Doesn't Trigger Round]
    - Moved Entrance Over 1 Block
    - Added Death Trap [Inside Dome]
    - Music can now be played from dome
    - Initial Release

    Future Changes

    - Music on dome.
    - End Round Music.


    0. Name [Base Score][Multiplier][Real Score]
    1. xisumavoid [52][1.5x][78]
    2. EthosLab [25][1.5x][37.5]
    3. docm77 [5][1.5x][7.5]

    Score Multipliers

    Default Multiplier: 1.0x
    Easy: +0.0x
    Medium: +0.5x
    Hard: +1.0x
    +0.125x / Spawner
    Music +1.5x
    +0.25x / Round Passed

    To submit a highscore a video or picture proof must be provided [video preferred].
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SSP] Helpful Death Mod
    Nice Idea, but you should make it only respawn with 3 lives if you respawn at death point.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Advanced AIs
    You may be wondering, how is this guy going to make an Advanced AI? Aren't the Millenaire ones already advance?

    The answer to that is Millenaire is pretty advanced, but they are what I like to call Basic-Advanced AI.
    Basic-Advanced AI is, in this case, when the AI does everything absolutely perfectly. It can make no mistakes, it can't interact with the world around it as well as you think it does.

    My goal is to make a true advanced AI.
    Some goals of this project will be:
    - AI will move around to place blocks
    - AI will not really on the player for everything
    - AI will gather most of it's own resources, relying on the player only for certain items
    - AI will slay monsters that threaten him and his mates
    - AI will group together to form 'tribes'
    - Tribes will not exist at start of world, but slowly form on it's own
    - Tribes will slowly advance from age to age
    - Tribes will use modded blocks [if you have the appropriate version of the AI]
    - Tribes can become hostile to the player if they kill one of the members
    - Tribes can become rivals with each other, producing full on wars
    - AI will have feelings
    - Feelings will affect how the AI interacts with the world
    - AI can misplace blocks, and will correct itself for doing so
    - AI will reconstruct if it is able to

    If you would like to join the project, feel free to do so.
    REMEMBER: We will be a team of coders, not textures. When we are testing I will create skins for them.

    Thank you for reading this little blurb of my future project. Wish me luck and have a good day.


    Signature (Courtesy of Sarzael):

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    posted a message on Help!!!
    Quote from Sto0kerz

    Xtra ores, Single player commands.

    Also, any other suggestions of good mods to do?

    Well I don't recommend XTra Ores, but some good mods are:
    Wireless Redstone
    Rei's Minimap
    Custom Recipes
    Better Then Wolves
    Optifine Dual-Core Edition

    Installing Mods:
    [Not Required if Installing what you want to, but is for mods I have suggested]
    1. Download ModLoader
    2. Download ModLoaderMP Client
    3. Download Minecraft Forge
    4. Get WinRAR or 7Zip
    5. Force Update Minecraft to get a fresh jar file
    6. Navigate to %AppData%/.minecraft/bin
    7. Right-click minecraft.jar
    8. Open With > WinRAR / Other Extraction Software
    9. Open ModLoader.zip
    10. Drag Files from ModLoader.zip to minecraft.jar
    11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for ModLoaderMP Client and Minecraft Forge
    12. Run Minecraft

    If you don't black screen your good to go.
    To install mods, make sure minecraft is closed then do the following.

    1. Download the chosen mod
    2. Open the mod in WinRAR
    3. Check to see if any base files have been modified, if not proceed with A if so proceed with B
    4A. Navigate to %AppData%/.minecraft/mods
    4B. Navigate to %AppData%/.minecraft/bin
    5A. Drop the ZIP file into the directory
    5B. Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR
    6A. Run Minecraft
    6B. Drag files from Mod zip to minecraft.jar
    7B. Run Minecraft

    1. META-INF Deleted?
    No? Then delete it [Found in minecraft.jar]
    2. Check ModLoader.txt
    It will usually say what the problem is

    Most mods create a config file when starting minecraft. I recommend you open all the config files in Notepad / ++ and start at 255 and work your way DOWN

    Block A must be +1 then Block B:
    Usually means that you modified your configuration files. To fix this find Block A and set it to Block B's ID + 1 this is usually the case for liquids.

    Block cannot be added because null already exists:
    Please note IDResolver edits base files, Minecraft Forge also modifies them. If this situation occurs overwrite the IDResolver base files with the Minecraft Forge ones.

    Usually means you forgot to install a dependency. Look at the mod's forum thread and see what it requires. Most mods require ModLoader, some ModLoaderMP, fewer require ShokahPI, and fewer still require Minecraft Forge. A list of mods that use Minecraft Forge can be seen on the Minecraft Forge Thread.
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    posted a message on How to kill with gravity and ferry items?
    Have the mobs drop onto a 1x2 platform or longer then have pistons firing the items into a water stream every 30 seconds or so.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Blank Block Mod - New Blocks! [wip]
    Since the wool blocks use 'Meta-Data' or Damage Values; I was wondering [Once you learn] if you could compress groups of 16 into one block. This will allow you to add multiple sets of blocks by using 1 id for every 16 blocks.

    Made some textures for some blocks [3 Only]


    Modified Workbench Top:
    Modified Furnace Top:
    Modified Furnace Side:

    As you can see in the In-Game screenshot it all blends rather nicely.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Backgrounds
    Quote from dinizithu

    I'm sorry to be an asshole here but...they aren't that good. :sad.gif:

    Well we do have all our separate views and feedback IS welcome...
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    posted a message on BuildCraft NextGen 6.0.17 - (Builders, Blueprints, Pipes, Quarry, Auto Crafting, Engines)
    Oil Barrels.
    Allow for easier filling of Combustion Engines.

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :: :Iron: = :White: 1x Empty Oil Barrel
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:

    2 Ways of filling oil barrels:

    :Coal: = Oil Bucket
    :Coal: :Coal: :Coal:
    :Coal: :White: :Coal: = :Grey: 1x Filled Oil Barrel
    :Coal: :Coal: :Coal:

    Placing the oil barrel and right-clicking on it with Oil Buckets.
    If broken before it's full it returns an Empty Oil Barrel

    Oil Barrel fills Combustion Engine for 8 Buckets worth.
    Oil Barrel can be stacked 4 Times.

    This would be great... Auto Crafting tables, and a lot of buckets... Maybe I'll download the bucket filler... Hmm...
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    posted a message on Survivors [RP]. [ started accepting.]

    "You better get out of the way!" I yelled to the on coming man. I concentrated on my sword. A flash of dark. Everything stood still besides me. The only being that I could see was the Ghast floating in the air, it's hellish mouth opened. I ran like I've never ran before, Glowstone passed by me at full speed. I lunged at the man, the explosive landing only mere meters away from where he stood. I stood up, regained my senses then went at a full charge towards the hellish ghast. Another hellish pop and another fire ball was coming directly at me. I swung my sword, causing the ball to bounce off and explode else where. The ghast was in obvious shock that a creature so tiny could deflect it's only form of attack. It started floating away. I jumped, jumped higher then I ever had before. I swung my sword, feeling the sword make contact with the flesh of the ghast. A loud screaming pierced the air. As I came tumbling to the ground I smiled to my self. Another flash of black and I had blacked-out.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6 Beta] Repair Mod
    Repair Mod - ModLoader Reliant
    Video by Shigan

    Repair Mod is another repair mod. But instead of over shooting it I managed to balance it. As seen in the video you can not only repair your tools but upgrade your tools. Very useful for branch mining.

    SMP does NOT use SDK's MultiPlayer ModLoader. I will port it later when I have more time.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8j171ct5w4h3i8e
    SMP (Tools Only): http://www.mediafire.com/?0w6z4zm47h9y01k

    Iron Rod Mod by dasdestroyer - Download
    Black Diamonds Mod by Tingelz - Download

    Armor Compatible! - http://www.mediafire.com/?furtue3f2kx723m

    For an alternative use ZGA's Repair Mod

    I would like to thank the following people:
    Notch - Creating Minecraft
    Risugami for making the ModLoader Modding tool - Makes Life Easier
    Searge and Everyone at MCP for making an easy to use decompiler
    Wreckage for pointing out the Black Diamond Armor Module glitch
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