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About Me
I'm Erik, I own a semi-vanilla Minecraft server, I provide professional Web Developement and Graphics services, and I'm currently working on starting a business regarding GFX services.
I'm an all around nice person and wouldn't mind if you messaged me for advice. I'm pretty knowledgable with MC servers, Photoshop, Websites, Advertising, gray hat programs, and of course Minecraft.

A couple of ways you can contact me are:
Skype, Twitter, Here on the forums, or through email (Please PM me for that)
Skype username: Strychnos27
Private message me on the Forums! I'll get back to you within a day!

My Services
For starters, I can provide you with professional graphics for your business or group, such as logos, banners, wallpapers, backgrounds, and more! Unlike other graphics vendors, my prices are pretty reasonable and you can get a good amount of images from me for a small price! Example prices:
Small simple logo: $3.00
Banner: $5-10
Wallpaper or Background: $5-10
Full Web Layouts: $20-30
(Prices are subject to change and fully negotiable)
If you'd like to see examples of graphics that I've produced, please contact me and I will gladly send you links to images.

I also provide Web Development services. Websites can rage anywhere from $25-60 depending how complex you'd like the website and how much work needs to be put into it.

My Server
I own a semi-vanilla Minecraft server that started on June 17, 2013. We are a very friendly community with a great environment for people who want to survive and build together. We are also whitelisted, which also provides a very safe environment for your builds. Check the server out!
Interests • Life • Minecraft • Coding • FPS games • Many other things

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