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    posted a message on How do I change my name?

    The game uses your 3DS profile's username as your in-game name. You can change it in System Settings.

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    posted a message on Magnus PvP - Factions server recruitting staff | Mods | Admins | Helpers

    Age: 14
    Location: New Jersey, USA
    Name: Robert

    IGN: StrongRobert

    How much time will you be able to contribute to the server weekly:
    I would say around 8-10 hours/week.

    Which role are you applying for?

    Why should we pick you over others:

    I can easily respond to a situation on the server and I am very friendly and cooperative. I mainly want the players to have a friendly and safe environment to play on the network in.

    Previous staff experience:

    [not applicable]

    What would you do if someone was hackusating in chat (this field is not required for developers):

    Since "hackusating" means to accuse one of hacking, I would head over to the player the other player is hackusating and see if they are hacking, and go through one of 2 scenarios:

    A. The player is hacking, so I would ban them from the server once I find sufficient evidence, then give the other player a warning for hackusating.

    B. The player is not hacking, so I would give the hackusating player a warning, and if they continue I would ban them.

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    posted a message on Builder in need f a fantasy roleplay server to build on

    Ay, I don't have a server, but I'm just saying the autistic part may kill your chances of getting hired by a lot

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    posted a message on Ring Waypoints Command

    I am creating a map where the player has to fly through a series of waypoints (a set of rings) with an elytra. I do not want to use tripwires, as the player can miss it by flying next to the edge of the ring. I need some sort of command(s) to track a player's position and detect when they fly through a ring. Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Help with 4 different commands.

    Ok, so I am having trouble trying to get my clock system to work. I'm using 4 different command blocks with 4 different commands, each working in conjunction with one another.

    To make it easier to understand what Im working with, I'll make a visual concept.



    C > D

    C > D


    Command block A has the command:

    /time query daytime

    This tracks the time and puts it in a query.

    Command block B has the command:

    /stats block ~2 ~ ~ set QueryResult @a Time

    This takes the result of the /time query from A and displays it as the scoreboard objective "Time." It's a dummy objective, so nothing else can interfere with it.

    Command block C has the command:

    /testfor @a[score_Time=x,score_Time_min=x]

    This checks if the time is at x ticks, and it powers a comparator going into D, which displays the time in the action bar with the /title command. This goes for all of C and D, with a 1000 tick difference in each one.

    Whats supposed to happen: It checks for when the time reaches 0 ticks, 1000 ticks, etc., and display it to all the players (yes, Im using a server for this) in the action bar.

    What actually happens: The comparator doesnt light up.

    Why is it happening and how can I fix it?

    (My personal theory: Since a tick is 1/20 of a second, it takes the command block more than one tick to run the result to the comparator, and it just doesnt have enough time to react.)

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