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    You might want to include your IP.
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    Matthew, you appear to be misrepresenting your 24/7 chat support as tech support while your 24/7 chat support states that they are NOT in fact tech support.
    Chat transcript

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 03:52:05 am

    Hello Modfodder. What can I do to help you today?

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 03:53:11 am

    We have once again experienced a node crash on 174E... and once agin
    our server.properties file has been deleted. This is NOT BEST
    PRACTICE... this is damaging to the worldfiles because the world seed
    the world was genned with is not included in the replace file you then
    start the server back up with

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 03:54:50 am

    You're right. It was not a crash, but it is having issues again.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 03:55:06 am

    The way to properly nerf a server during maintenance id to
    add .DISABELD to the jar file This prevents it from running and does
    not damage anything

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 03:55:58 am

    I will tell our technicians. Keep in mind the issue that pops up is not
    a planned one most times. So preventative measures would have to be
    taken with much time in advance.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 03:57:30 am

    Not planned on? Why not? That is what an administrator does... he plans
    on how to prevent bad things from happening before they happen... and
    plans on how to allow the user data to survive unmollested if something
    bad does happen. This is first year comp-sci stuff This makes 6 crashes
    since the 16th

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 03:58:23 am

    First, please do not use such vulgar words in Livechat. Secondly, while
    you're correct that preventative measures should be taken, in this case
    the issue is rather new, so much so that we're still in the stage of
    developing a fix for it. It's not something that happens on every node.
    We're aware of the issue.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 03:58:42 am

    What Vulgar words did I use?

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 03:58:51 am


    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 03:59:40 am

    Molested... English isn't your first language is it? Molested in the
    common usage means "to damage"...

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:00:14 am

    Or it can mean to subject to improper and unwanted sexual conduct or
    activity. Also, please do not try to belittle my intelligence by being
    coy about 'my first language'. You are here to talk about your server,
    I asked you politely to not use a potentially offensive word.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:00:33 am

    We aren't talking about that context are we?
    We are talking about your service damaging our data through deliberate
    and inept action.

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:01:13 am

    Is there anything else I can do for you today Sir?

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:02:17 am

    Tell you what how about If I hang this transcript up with the rest of
    it and see if anyone fluent in the English language finds the use of
    the word inappropriate?

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:02:45 am

    I believe you are getting a bit off course. If you don't require any
    support then I must move onto the next client. You are welcome to do
    whatever you'd like with your personal time and space. Was there any
    other support I could give you today?

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:04:01 am

    I'm getting off course? You claim I'm being vulgar by using a word
    which is appropriate to describe your service damaging our data by
    inept deliberate action. If you attempt to restart our server with a
    damaged server.properties file... as you have several times now
    recently, I will be discussing the possibility of filing a complain
    with the Florida State Attys General for deceptive sales practices. I
    suggestyou refrain from doing so.

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:05:56 am

    I'll be sure to pass on your message to my Manager who will get it to
    the right people. As I personally don't do any of those things, I'll be
    sure someone who does, gets your message. Is there anything else I can
    do for you today?

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:06:34 am

    Since your "uptime" display is also deceptive... I expect notification
    when your node is stable. You have failed thus far to provide this

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:06:46 am

    You can keep an eye on www.twitter.com/mcphsupport for further updates.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:06:56 am

    Restarting our server is not a substitute
    Yeah... like all of the previous crashes that do not appear in that

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:07:38 am

    I can't speak on that.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:07:47 am

    Why not?

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:08:07 am

    I'm not the one who updates Twitter. It's my job to report the problems
    users are having and to be your punching bag, so to speak. And of
    course to do what this sales chat was intended to do, provide answers
    to sales related inquiry.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:08:29 am

    It is meant to be a means to notify and yet that and the "uptime" page
    do not notify

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:08:45 am

    I'll be sure to pass on your concern to my manager.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:09:43 am

    If this is for sales support, then why is it being advertsied BY
    MATTHEW in public forums like minecraftforums.com as 24/7 chat tech

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:09:58 am

    Because if you require support we can get you the support you need.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:10:00 am

    Another misrepresentation to add to the growing list?

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:10:08 am

    More than likely anyway, I can't speak for Matthew.
    But if you don't need any further support, I will have to close this

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:11:03 am

    I've asked now several times that the server NOT be restarted if the
    node fails... and that our files NOT be edited without consulting us,
    and we have been ignored This is going to stop

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:11:25 am

    I have sent your message onto our technicians.
    If they deem it appropriate, they will stop it.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:11:40 am

    They best read it... I'm tired of this

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:12:03 am

    If you're interested, we can walk you through the steps of cancelling
    your server.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:12:19 am

    I don't care if they deem it approrpiate to NOT act when their actions
    are inept and amateur hour. They need to not continue to damage our data
    The can do that by simply not acting to restart the server they haveno
    business restarting

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:13:21 am

    Again, I've sent what you requested to our server technicians.

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:15:14 am

    I'm going to discuss that matter with my associates... I will suggest
    that the misrepresentations made during sale and the time and effort
    you floks have wasted, will demand a refund in full. Otherwise we have
    an issue of deceptive sales practivces.

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:15:38 am

    If such a case were to be brought up, you'd have to speak to someone
    higher up than I, as I have no power to do any of what you have

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:16:24 am

    Believe me... I can bring this to the doorstep of those who can make
    that decision. I will wait tio see if your service screws this up yet
    again... That will weigh heavily into our decision.

    Zeke Day Tue, 10/22/2013 04:17:26 am

    Sure thing. In the meantime, was there anything else you needed today?

    Modfodder Tue, 10/22/2013 04:17:33 am


    Duration: 00:25:33

    E-mail from LiveChat

    Their 24/7 support appears to be not only an outsource, but an outsource which is not literate.

    The additional list of MCPH fails. This is in addition to the previous list, none of which has been addressed in spite of promises by Matthew that he has taken these matters on as his personal responsibility.
    • Uptime Claims-
      • 6 node failures in a week
      • None of these failures has been displayed on the MCPH "Uptime" page.
      • Claims of 99.99% uptime do not survive examination when failures that are not reported as failures are included.
      • This implies that the claim as made is a deliberate deception for the purpose of monetary gain.
      • The definition of "Uptime" being used by MCPH PR is the uptime of MCPH's data farm, not the Uptime of MCPH's own services. MCPH appears to be saying that they are up when Phoenix NAP is accessible to them. NOT when MCPH services are available to their customers.
      • This appears also to be a deliberate misrepresentation for gain.
    • Inept Administration -
      • On node failure, our server.properties file has been deleted each time.
      • On the event that that the node becomes available again, our server.properties file has been replaced with a generic file which does not include our settings or world seed.
      • We have explained to MCPH several times now that this will cause damage to the world files in the event that new chunks are generated.
      • MCPH has refused to adopt a safer means by which to disable server start during maintenance, like renaming the server jar file .DISABLED or renaming the server.properties file in a similar way.
      • We have also required that they not start our server in this way because it would damage our world files. They have also refused to act accordingly by NOT restarting our server.
      • It is not that they have not been made aware. They refuse to NOT damage our files by simply not acting in this amazingly inept and unprofessional way.
    • Matthew has accepted responsibility for this list personally and having acknowledged that he is aware of the issues, I must consider that the continuing pattern of failure rightly belongs to him personally.
    Here is our server.properties file. (the IP addy and port have been munged in these examples)

    #Minecraft server properties
    #Sat Aug 31 19:56:44 MST 2013
    motd=DIMentia FTB/Forge/1.5.2

    Here is an example of the server.properties files our own file has been replaced with during one of the recent node failures.

    Eample 1 -
    #Minecraft server properties
    #Thu Oct 17 03:19:34 MST 2013
    motd=A Minecraft Server

    Anyone competent to set up a vanilla server... just a vanilla server... can look at these two files and see why this policy is insane.
    MCPH refuses to NOT do this even when asked not to repeatedly. Even when I have explained that it will damage the world files.

    Is this really the host you want? A host that is willing and eager to destroy your world files by their willful ineptitude?

    Following the above conversation and those like that preceded it, our server properties file has once again been replaced with a server properties file which omits our world seed.

    Following our repeated requests that our server NOT be restarted under these conditions our server has indeed been restarted.

    MCPH tech support Helpful?
    If by helpful you mean recklessly destructive and completely oblivious to any concept of best practices, then they are that in abundance.

    My recommendation to anyone considering hosting with this company is at this point...

    If your allegations are true, why on earth did you wait so long to leave? I mean, if I was receiving bad service from any form of service provider, I would stop using their service. On the outset you seem quite intelligent so you should rely on this and start making better decisions for you, and your community.

    I am not sure which world you live in, but in the real world things don't run as smoothly as you would hope. Surgeons who have studied for 14 years still make mistakes that cost people their lives.

    I wonder what you hope to achieve by posting such long, in depth complaints on a community forum. It reveals that you wish to tarnish their name, which I am sorry to say is petty and childish. Yes you may have received bad service, my post is not to dispute that at all, but the way you are handling it is astounding.

    Logic dictates, that if MCPH is that bad, Hypixel, skydoesminecraft, theshaft and many of the other really famous youtubers/mapmakers/server owners, would all take their business elsewhere (you do know how much money they spend on their servers right?)

    I admit that I have had service failures using this host too, but show me one host that runs without any errors? As I said, I live in the real world where there are so many factors to consider that I can't even begin to express myself about it.

    At the end of the day, as with everyone you are entitled to your own opinion, but what you are doing is getting overly emotional about something that you could have chosen to not withstand. At any point you could have taken out a new plan with another host and migrate your server files over. Surely that would have taken a few hours as opposed to the weeks that you are claiming to have endured?
    Quote from Destiny_Rockz

    How can u make your server cracked? Please reply

    Cracked? I am sure you mean online-mode=false?
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    posted a message on Isn't it weird how 1.7 gets most of it's biomes from biomes O' plenty mod?
    This might have been mentioned before, but biomes are modeled after their real world counterpart for the most part (excluding mushroom islands and such) So it's only natural that the biomes that biomes o' plenty and the new 1,7 biomes will be similar. This is because both are simulating semi real types of geography.
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    You should honestly report this yourself. It takes minimal effort to do so. In fact, in the time you took to start this topic you could have registered your account.
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    posted a message on Particle spray from obsidian?
    It's hardly game breaking.
    If you want to apply real logic to this problem then in actual fact nothing should have particles flying off of it when you walk, except maybe sand.
    I've never seen particles flying off of my wood floor when someone jumps on it. Just saying.
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    posted a message on Starting A Server On My PC Versus Hosting A Server
    I would suggest paying for a premium host.
    If you host a server on your pc, you are limited by the upload speeds of your internet connection. You might have monster hardware capable of holding 100 players at a time but if your upload speed on your residential connection is low, you will still have a bucket full of lag.
    Hosting it on your pc gives you the freedom to change the hardware as you see fit, and you inevitably have root access to your server but most hosting companies provide this and more these days.
    The nice thing about a third party host is, they own the hardware. If the ram pops, if the ssd's crash, if the processors melt, you don't pay a cent towards fixing this. Most hosts also offer the ability for you to upgrade your servers specs if the need arises, which it often does when your server becomes popular.
    If you are in a position to spend a ton of cash on a dedicated server box, and rent a commercial internet line, then I would say you should go this route but realistically it's more cost effective to host your server under another company. If you host your own server, you will need to pay for your own control panel too, unless you are happy with using putty or something similar to access the console.
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    posted a message on Designing a new server! Help us out!
    I completed your survey, however I do believe that you will need to do a lot more research as the questions on the survey will not generate useful data in terms of what your server should be like.

    Let me know if you need any help with anything.
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    posted a message on Minecraft no longer a sand box ? upcomeing updates blocking are worlds ?
    The "wall" is not going to change a single thing. As already mentioned, you couldn't do much after the 30 million mark.
    I don't see how additional content has removed any of the sandbox feel.
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    Epic have you done your reviews yet? :)
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    posted a message on Username Changing News
    That's quite useful, I've been waiting for this for quite some time.I played minecraft for nearly a year before I bought it in offline mode, and by the time I actually registered my profile my favorite username was registered already.

    I'm quite curios how this will affect things like donationcraft, server whitelists etc. If they make an easy way to retrieve a players UUID then it won't make much difference then. I see that dinnerbone mentioned that all players that are banned from servers by name, will automatically have their UUID banned once this comes out.
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    posted a message on OptiFine Setting sin 13w38a!
    Quote from brabbit1987

    Actually that statement does not imply that optifine invented it. All it is suggesting is that minecraft took features that where in optifine. Which is true. Again that also doesn't imply that it's directly taken from optifine either. To copy someone, doesn't mean you need to take what they did. You can do the same thing as another person did with out stealing.

    I think you just are misunderstanding the usage and the meaning of that statement. Maybe taking it a tad bit out of context?

    Maybe even on purpose.
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    posted a message on My minecraft is acting up. PLease help! <3
    When you launch, click the "edit profile" button, make sure the correct .jar is set.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Quote from PuffinPuncher

    Let's play spot the continents!

    I must really suck at this game, I can see a few big islands but they are barely seperated from the main landmass. In fact, I'm going to hazard that YOU haven't looked at the new world map preview, or perhaps you have mistaken a 1.6 world map for a 1.7 one. Here is a map from 1.6 so you can check.

    Now how can you argue that it won't change the way people will play the game? The 1.7 map makes horses a lot more powerful for travelling long distances, 1.6 meant you had to use more than 1 horse if you wanted to explore 2 continents. Sure, you can argue that few players are going to fully explore more than one of those continents anyway (the scale of those maps is approx 83000x43000) and so may go along never knowing there used to be continents and never noticing the change (aside from all oceans are easy to cross now). But if people were not exploring that far why were people complaining about the size of the oceans in the first place? The majority of the people that like long distance exploration say they liked having continents, so why take continents away from them if other people were not going to leave a 4000x4000 area anyway? You could walk around the coast to avoid crossing oceans the same as you can in 1.7, the difference being that you would eventually run out of land, but the majority of continents were already huge enough for this to not be a problem to most.

    Well firstly, you wont have this magical overview map of the world. Secondly, you missed my point entirely. I appreciate that you are so passionate about oceans but try relax a bit? You will still have "oceans" they will just be smaller.
    Quote from Malacodor

    Wow, what an ignorant person. Some people including me really like to travel endless oceans.

    So, by your reasoning, I am ignorant because you like to travel "endless" oceans? Well in that case, high five. Why don't you try engage me in civil conversation instead of petty name calling? Not everyone has to agree with your point of view.
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    posted a message on Why all of the Whining?
    Quote from Warpshard

    I've had a week suspension from posting on the forums. However, I kept coming back each day to see if I could post again. Whenever I decided to head on over to the Future Updates forum part, I always saw one thread going "Put roses back in because they've been there since Alpha!"

    Why? Why all of the bellyaching over a flower? I fail to see how this is a problem in the slightest since the Rose Bush still exists & it can be retextured & renamed. It doesn't matter that everyone thinks that the Poppy has supposedly replaced the Rose's ID. Know why? That's because I (for whatever stupid reason) actually played on my Snapshot world in 1.6.2 & I saw that all of the new flowers I planted were roses. The Poppy didn't replace the rose, all of the new flowers did.

    Now then, how is the replacement of one plant for another bad in any way? It's like saying that you're giving up your Granny-Smith Apple for a shiny red one. It may taste & look different, but it's still an apple none the less. The same goes for the Rose & all of the the new plants. They're different, yes, but they're still the same.

    Finally, why is everyone acting like "Roses are not in the game anymore! It's the end of the world!!"? It's a very stupid argument & I've yet to see a sound reason why we should not remove roses. All I've seen is "They've been in since Alpha, so why remove them??" I'll tell you why people are acting this way: they're either ignorant or lazy. If you really wanted to, you could copy the Rose texture & rename the rose bush with a language file. That's what I've done with Ender Eyes or EXP. Bottles. If I can do that (& I procrastinate quite a bit in my games), then people like Spaceboot or that person who uses some girl from League of Legends as their avatar certainly can.

    The sad truth is, there is a portion of the community that will complain about anything. They are more interested in the actual complaining, than the issues they are allegedly complaining about. I assume they get an emotional rush from being validated by other like minded people?

    Their natural progression is, complain that there is no snapshot yet >> Complain about the Snapshot when it's released >> When they see no-one really cares about their opinion, then they start nit picking at the smaller details.

    I have respect for someone who can offer their opinion about why they don't like feature X Y or Z, and then offer a better, more logical suggestion. This rarely happens though. You will notice that most people who complain about in game features will say they think minecraft is going off the rails and what not, and leave it at that.

    It's almost as omni-present and definite as the air we breathe, nothing is going to change any of the above. You should just come to terms with it, for your own sake. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as annoying as it may be for others to read.

    That being said, I couldn't care less that they changed roses. To be honest I was not even aware that they did, but it makes no difference to me. The only contact I come into with roses is when I empty my iron farms collection chest.
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    Quote from Epicman3


    Nice, may I have a link to your channel? :)
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