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    posted a message on Locks and Keys! Adventure Map Makers Behold!

    Introducing the Key: Simply throw it in an anvil and name it.
    NOW Throw an iron door, chest, iron trapdoor into an anvil and name it the same thing.
    Hold the named key and use it on the entity.
    It will open the chest's inventory, and open doors/ trapdoors for the same length of ticks as a button will.
    Entities can still be opened via redstone.

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    posted a message on Casting Magic Combat Using Lexicons ⚔🔮⚔ [[NEW GAME MECHANIC]]

    Now I like these ideas but I fear that it may be too complicated to implement and balance, and may become too overpowered. If someone pops a strength potion, has a god sword and then uses a "deactivate enchantments" lexicon, well, you're done for. But I do like the idea.

    --> Something that I think is important is I want to see these be implemented as a form of combat, not ONLY as a supplement to combat. Because for players like me, I would really like to finish my adventure map and have a mage and a healer class.

    Now I really like the idea of disarming a player's offhand, a great deal, and I think that if Lexicon's don't end up being able to do that, then axes should have small chance of randomly disarming an enemy's offhand. All-in-all, I certainly agree with you, Necrosid. Having JUST another way of delivering potion effects would be anti-climactic, but I would like for the lexicon to have a variety of effects, including those potion effects.

    But I seriously like the idea of disarming the off-hand, maybe for 3 swings/uses by the enemy? This way if your enemy isn't paying attention and just swinging away, he would have to use his offhand 3 times for it to come back -- or alternatively, just disarm his offhand for 3 seconds.

    Please keep the thoughts flowing and share with your friends!! The best way to make this idea a reality is to have high activity in the forums and keep the creative process alive and flowing!!!!!

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    posted a message on Casting Magic Combat Using Lexicons ⚔🔮⚔ [[NEW GAME MECHANIC]]

    Please ellaborate. I'd love for this to be built based on what the community thinks!

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    posted a message on Casting Magic Combat Using Lexicons ⚔🔮⚔ [[NEW GAME MECHANIC]]

    1.) In response to your first statement. The crafting recipe doesn't really matter. I think the Nether Star makes a bit more sense as the only use is beacons.

    It also forces players to chose which lexicon they really need.

    2.) In response to your second statement. You use different materials to charge the lexicons with different spells. Whether or not it's a nonrenewable material doesn't really matter because you won't be using it constantly. Lapis will be used as your "mana".

    3.) Cooldowns make the lexicons relevant, but they won't be overpowered like you might think. They are especially here to provide a different utility and aspect to combat.

    4.) Spellpower and Intellect enchantments that you put on your armor affect the ways that the lexicons behave.

    5.) I don't really understand what else your 4th statement is asking.

    6.) Durability doesn't really matter. These aren't really pertinent questions to the functionality of the item... let the devs decide

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    posted a message on Casting Magic Combat Using Lexicons ⚔🔮⚔ [[NEW GAME MECHANIC]]

    I will keep this post as brief as possible to avoid it looking too wishlist-y...

    >>Minecraft is becoming more and more of a fantasy game with every patch; potions, shields, enchanting, I think it's fair to think that LEXICONS would be a reasonable implementation into the game, without breaking immersion or being too far-fetched.

    1.) Players craft lexicons in a crafting table using books, and diamonds. Recipe doesn't matter for the suggestion, as long as it is somewhat expensive. For example, surrounded by diamonds... MAYBE even give NETHER STAR another use!! ...but whatever... By themselves, lexicons are useless, until they are paired with an enchanting table...

    2.) A player will insert their lexicon into an enchanting table with some type of fuel, ie, ender pearl, ghast tear, fire charge...etc... while also spending levels. Lexicons then become charged with an aspect involving the fuel you fed it and it will now have a spell associated with it.

    3.) Players will now be able to cast spells and each lexicon will have their own individual cooldown. This way it is possible for someone to have their whole combat rotation based off lexicons, but also prevents them from spamming. Important: If Lexicons are in the main hand, players will cast a spell and shoot it, kind of like a snowball, except it would just stay on a straight projection instead of falling to gravity... If lexicons are used in the offhand, it will be applied to the player themselves. This way, something like Lexicons of Healing could be used with a sword so that a player may heal themselves between combat strikes. There would still be a cast time however.

    4.) Some examples of Lexicon Types:
    Lexicon + Glistering Melon = Lexicon of Healing [4 second cast time, 8 second cooldown]

    Lexicon + Blaze Powder = Lexicon of Strength [0.5 second cast time, 40 second cooldown]

    Lexicon + Ghast Tear = Lexicon of Regeneration [0.5 sec cast time, 20 second cooldown]

    Lexicon + Magma Cream = Lexicon of Fire Resist. [ 0.5 sec cast time, 20 second cooldown]

    Lexicon + Dragon's Breath = Lexicon of Fireball [4 second cast time, 5 second cooldown]

    Lexicon + Bucket of Milk = Lexicon of Cleansing [0.5 sec cast time, 10 minute cooldown]

    ...The list goes on and on...

    5.) Some questions you might have...

    Why would Mojang waste their time with this, when there is already splash/lingering potions and now tipped arrows?

    >>Excellent question my dear chap, potions, while they can be thrown, aren't necessarily long range and they really can't be used as a main method of combat. But tipped arrows my dear boy! Tipped arrows can apply potion affects, and they are truly long range! True! But the arrows themselves are consumable, in order to heal someone with an arrow, you have to shoot them with an arrow.... The arrows that you want to use, aren't necessarily as easy as scrolling thru your hot bar. In addition, each arrow doesn't have unique cast times and cooldowns for balance, nor is there a way to have the player easily cast the effect on themselves, unless with a regular potion.

    Would these lexicons use fuel, similar to mana or salts?

    Excellent question! I had thought about them using lapis lazuli or depleting your hunger bar. But this is definitely something the dev's would have to vote on.

    I don't see anything to do with redstone or glowstone, so how would a player increase the magnitude or duration of an effect?

    Elementary, my dear Watson! The magnitude or duration of lexicons are based on enchantments on a player's armor. Charged Lexicons themselves cannot be enchanted. HEY DEVS! This means adding 2 new enchantment values to armor: <Spellpower> - Increases magnitude as if glowstone were present, <Intellect> - Either decreases casttime of spells, or increases duration of debuffs/buffs.

    *Please feel free to critique me hard in the comments. This is something that I really want to see in Minecraft, and it would really change the way that we fight and heal!

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    posted a message on Leather Horse Armor + Exclusive Horse Armor Enchants + Dyeable!
    Again you find the horse armor in dungeons. Of course for creative mode.
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    posted a message on Leather Horse Armor + Exclusive Horse Armor Enchants + Dyeable!
    I support this idea. Yeah, you could argue that leather is more rare than iron, but maybe we could begin to use leather for more utilities since leather human armor is useless unless in hunger games environment. I disagree mostly about the enchantable horse armor, since I feel like people would be dicks and kill the horse on purpose. I support. I do however, like the enchantments you've thought of, however I just am not used to them. I'm not knocking them, they're just uncommon. I especially like the cloud step/featherfalling thingy. +Support.
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    posted a message on Balancing the Armor Gap!
    Right now, you go from leather, to iron, to diamond, you'd be damned if you ever used gold armor. Well I did a little research about the hardness of some materials, and I'd like to suggest some new armor and weapon gaps. Using a hardness scale, I figured the hardness of certain materials that could be or are already incorperated in minecraft.
    Steel:4.5(which means re-cooking iron would be a pointless implementation)
    Obsidian:5(and since it takes diamond to break, it wouldn't make a balanced armor)
    Titanium:6(this is rational)
    Quartz:7(Nether Quartz, seems to be the most rational)
    Emerald:7.5-10(Seems smart to me, maybe it could be the "chain mail" of quartz)
    That's it, just a suggestion. Let me know your thoughts.
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    posted a message on [Open-Ended] Another Use for Nether Stars?
    I personally think that Nether Stars could use an alternate use. Beacons are both expensive and somewhat useless in Survival, especially on servers. So there really isn't much use in grinding all those Wither Skulls and fighting the boss. How would everyone feel about Magic Wands or Runes in Vanilla? I've asked many people, and got mixed reviews. Unless you have an alternate idea, suggest one below or comment on this idea.
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    posted a message on Disguise Potions (Disguise Yourself as a Mob!)
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    posted a message on Iron Golem Redstone Patrol-route Programing
    Why not have a golem follow any villager within 32 blocks? This way you could trap a villager in a minecart underground, and just have the golem follow the villager.
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    posted a message on Male Animals for Vanilla
    We all know that Minecraft only features the female versions of most passive animals, but incorporating the male versions of animals will make farming cattle more difficult, provide room for improvements, add a larger sense of realism and more items!
    New mobs:

    Possibility of Rooster and Bullshroom(or for the Italians, Fungulls)

    So you're now thinking: "What's the purpose of dedicating valuable dev time and money for the addition of 3-5 seemingly useless mobs?"
    Bull - Drops leather, raw beef. Possible mount? Or could till farmland with certain rigs?
    Boar - Drops raw porkchop. Definite mount! Travels at same speed as pig.
    Ram - Drops wool relative to their color. Definite mount! Travels at same speed as pig.
    Use your imagination with Rooster and Bullshroom.
    The male variation of the animals would be used for a pig alternative, also to provide more of a concern when players are raising cattle. Offspring would have a 50/50 chance of being either male or female. Roosters are a bit redundant because chickens lay eggs during their periods naturally, and mushroom Biomes are so damn rare, that the addition of a male variant would be kinda dumb.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Minegicka - REWRITING
    I have a serious concern about this mod. I want to include this on my server, along with Noppes' Custom NPCs mod, however I need to scale down monsters to gear players receive.
    Players on my server will be playing in a world in which they cannot alter, they are in adventure mode.
    Perhaps make a separate version of the mod that has spells that do not influence the world.
    1) Fire spells should not leave fire blocks on the floor. Perhaps they should leave entities like fire arrows.
    2) Water spells usually put out fire blocks.
    3) I do believe that fire spells remove paintings as well.

    Another concern, there seems to be no way to decide how much damage a player can do, so how about limiting staffs, ie. Wood staff allows spells to do up to 6-13 damage, stone up to 7-14, iron up to 8-15, diamond up to 9-16, emerald up to 10-17. These limits are just 1 point above the sword damage values, however this is just a suggestion.
    Also, a smart idea, enchantments that grant you more magical power.
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    posted a message on Alternative Block Placing
    Add a key-bind that places the same block with a different skin.
    i.e: Right click: Places anvil. Alt+Right click: Places a wooden desk skin over the anvil.
    There will be a secondary directory that has skins for all blocks. These skins will be used as the special placements.
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    posted a message on Dyed Water
    I'll keep it short and sweet.
    Dye water. New buckets. New potions(no effects). New everything.

    Bottles of (color) Water - Can be mutated with MCedit, to give it a custom effect, name, and now, personal choice of color.
    How is this helpful?
    It makes life a lot easier for us creative, mapmakin' folk.

    Splash Bottles of (color) - Now, you can dye splash potions in order to "mark" entities that your potions affect. The potion effect applied most recently will overlap all other colors.
    How is this helpful?
    In Multiplayer environments, you can make sure your alchemist is healing by having that light tint over player skins. Also, you get a good idea of which alchemist is healing more by the difference in dye colors.

    (color) Water Bucket - Makes landscapes brilliant.
    How is this helpful?
    This can be used in a lot of ways. For example; brown water can be used to symbolize dirtiness, soda, or beer! Orange and yellow can be used to symbolize liquid gold, urine. Magenta, purple, cyan and pink can be used to create some kind of mythic pools, grape drank or lemonade!

    The possibilities are endless! Actually, no they aren't but hell, if we get pretty rock, pretty glass, pretty wool, cant we have pretty water?
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