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    posted a message on A creeper made me crash on world load...

    After several hours of playing Google&Guesswork, ich have managed to find a solution.

    * In the Forge config, set removeErroringEntities = true.
    * Load the world.
    * Save and exit Minecraft.
    * Reset the config setting to false.

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Quote from Streetwind»

    Just a heads up - I upgraded from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 and lost all my research. And I mean literally all - even the basic stuff like the aspects directory and such now prompts me to equip scribing tools and paper to unlock the research.

    I don't know if this is a known issue or not, I've not had Thaumcraft installed since the early days of v4. I just thought I'd mention in the off chance that I'm helping someone prevent experiencing the same. If there are known fixes - I'd be very interested right now >.<

    Update: I managed to fix my problem by setting research to xp levels only in the config file and then going into creative mode ingame.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Honestly I'm in favor of simply not dealing with lighting issues for infinite heights. Cubic chunks has so much else to give us besides infinite height, it would be a shame to can the idea for one special case that can simply be avoided/ignored.

    Right now the world is 256 blocks tall. That is a whole lot of blocks, as evidenced from playing in a world with the Alternate Terrain Generation mod, which actually uses the entire available height to produce varied, rolling terrain. It's double to quadruple of what vanilla Minecraft has in terms of landscape above sea level - I was extremely surprised how much of a difference there was despite still being "confined" in "only" 256 blocks vertically. It only shows that if you can do so much with that, you don't need 1000+.

    Mojang has always cited performance issues when people wished for more height variation in the vanilla terrain generator, and that is what cubic chunks could handily fix. The point is, you don't need desperately more than 256 build height, when right now you're barely even using half of what's available. You don't need negative y-levels. You don't need to think about changing bedrock or the void or the upper build limit "wall". Keep the world 100% exactly as it is now, and cubic chunks still gives you advantages.

    Then maybe, if it is technically feasible, you can think about a second step where you up the world height to 512, and move sea level to 128 instead of the current 63. I imagine that, with that much space available, a terrain generator that actually uses it (the highest peaks stopping somewhere between 400 and 450, I'd imagine), and the performance advantages that cubic chunks bring, you would have a solution that satisfies 99.99% of all people and doesn't break anyone's computer's back with lighting updates. But yeah, even that shouldn't be first priority. Just making it work within the standard confines of the world that we are already used to would be a great start. :)
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    posted a message on Newcomer looking to learn more.
    Hello all! I know what you may be thinking: oh dear, another noob coming to ask how to mod Minecraft?

    Well... not entirely. I generally look stuff up myself. I taught myself the basics of Java, I followed along VSWE's excellent tutorial series, and I google guides. However, I have hit a snag, and I'm hoping you can help me along.

    Basically, I don't want to make a content mod. I don't want to add blocks or items or Yet Another Macerator(tm). I know plenty of mods that do this already, and probably far better than I ever could, considering I have the artistic ability of a comatose warthog. No, instead of that, I want to change the underlying rules. I want to generate a config file for vanilla Minecraft, if you will - a config where you can change things that Minecraft normally doesn't expose, like how much hunger it generates to swing your pickaxe at a block, or how many pieces of leather a cow drops.

    Unfortunately, I don't even know where to begin googling for info on how I do this. Modifying base classes is of course not the solution - not only does it cause incompatibilities, but Mojang has also made it clear they don't like modders doing it, and that should be respected. But what is it that I do instead? What is the name of the thing I am looking for? And do you guys know any good resources for learning about it?
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    In other words: "We could attempt to meet the modding community halfway with this, if we wanted to, but we definitely won't do it if that saves us a ton of work and/or compatibility issues."

    I'm honestly not sure if you can infer anything good from this statement. Now, you can't automatically infer anything bad either, but what I mean is to not read more into it than it says. That statement gives no actual, hard information on anything other than "the idea used to exist but was sacked and shelved".

    I'm all for this concept as much as the next person here, and I'll let Mojang surprise me any day if they like, but I'm certainly not holding my breath for them making a concerted push for it based on that statement alone. Keep your bets with the modding community, folks. And if you're a supporter who can code, consider doing so. Don't wait for one single person to do all the work for everyone else!
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    posted a message on Somnia - Simulating the world while you sleep!
    Awesome, I've missed this mod so much.

    Quote from sh00ter999

    Excellent mod but the fact that you have to unequip armor gets annoying :/

    You can disable it in the config.
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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29
    Looks decent - and I applaud your creative usage of 1.6's new health regeneration mechanics (for those who don't read patchnotes: regenerating health rapidly depletes your food bar, making health a lot less "free of charge" than it used to be).

    As long as you can avoid any glaring cross-mod exploits, I'm sure this will be an excellent addition to any magic-themed modpack. Might be extra fun with the likes of IguanaMan's Hunger Overhaul, which puts a lot more emphasis on keeping yourself properly fed.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from The_Watchman13

    It was a mod, but it hasn't been worked on in over a year. The main focus of this topic is to get Mojang to make this part of Minecraft.

    Then I must ask you: have you guys talked to Mojang yet? To an actual dev? Potentially one who's working on rendering revamps already? ;)

    The "contact popular youtuber" option doesn't only involve getting the word out to the community, you know. There's this beautiful thing called Forgecraft, where major mod developers using the Forge modding API test out their development builds. And they have at least one Mojang employee (Grum) regularly showing up and playing there, checking out how people mod Minecraft and what modders are looking for in an API.

    Forgecraft also has a large number of streamers and youtubers. Direwolf20 is among them, Jadedcat, Eddieruckus, Sotmead... heck, you could go directly to MinecraftForge and hit up the dev community there, too, since this is dealing with the core systems of Minecraft itself. If anything, API devs are going to be even more excited about core system changes than regular players :P If you managed to get in touch with the right people, maybe they can put a word in with Grum for you, maybe get him to at least give a comment on this suggestion or even discuss it with you. It's probably not going to be easy, but if it works out it'll be worth more than a million upvotes in this forum.

    P.S.: Have my +1 anyway.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Team CoFH Mods - Thermal Expansion
    Quote from Apasz

    What is that big yellow thing in the pic?

    A phallic symbol Some liquid glowstone. It is lighter than air and flows upwards.
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    posted a message on Forestry for Minecraft, Trees, Bees and more!
    Quote from SirSengir

    Usually best to report issues at https://bitbucket.or...new&status=open which I use as a laundry list before doing new releases.

    Alright, I'll keep that in mind.

    That said, I was able to run a peat bog at maximum efficiency (all mature bog more or less instantly harvested) using two peat-fired engines... while at 400%. That would mean the peat bog consumes so little energy on default that you could run two bog/turbary pairs off of one single peat-fired engine? Guess I should have bothered to build a peat bog sometime in the past... :P I'll test it out by throwing some really high and low values at it and comparing.

    @ weltallofid:
    No idea about your fermenter issue, never encountered anything like that. As for biofuel, consider this: 1 bucket of biomass is worth 50,000 MJ in a biogas engine, whereas 1 bucket of biofuel is worth 200,000 MJ in a combustion engine. Both running at 5 MJ/t. Does it seem like a worthwhile investment to you? I personally like using combustion engines, so I often do take the extra step to build a still in order to refine my biomass. Plus, Railcraft liquid fueled boilers take biofuel as well (and give comparable yields) whereas they will not accept unrefined biomass.
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