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    How long you've been playing: 9 ish years
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    IGN: Karkelo

    Discord: Straul#9549


    Nickname: Karkelo

    Why you want to join? I've never played old versions of minecraft with other players before, and it sounds like it could be a nice blast to the past.

    Why you want to play? Just love building and chilling in a block game

    Are you willing to be in discord calls often? If you guys are willing to chat and have fun, so am I.

    Do you like old Minecraft? (if you don't that's ok it would be more funny) I don't think it can compare to the content of modern minecraft, but you cant help but be nostalgic.

    What kind of person are you? Somebody that just likes to chill out after a day of work.

    What are your hobbies outside of video games? Going on hikes, watching cartoons, listening to metal.

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    Filled out the form, hope we can get something going here :)

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