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    Honestly i can't exactly tell WHY i hate this update so much, I just do. Combat feels LESS fun for me since they started. It may be a little better now though. I gave up on MC about two weeks ago and moved over to other games.

    I think the biggest issues for me was the simple fact that rather then doing things to make the mobs more interesting they are just NERFING the living crap out of EVERYTHING the player has.

    I probably wont be back. It may work great for PvP but "make you do less damage and take more" is not a fun way to go when making a game more challenging.


    I would also like to add i dont want to see these changes removed entirly... and i know that seeing all the previous updates that server owners will have some power of the magnitude of these changes, whether it be via settings or command blocks.

    I really just cant be bothered to play the game in this current state. I don't give a toot about PvP... But that seems to be about all anyone cares about anymore. Maybe the games just outgrown me?

    regardless, i hope it works out and the game does well off it. I hope they give us some new tools so people can find better things to make then PvP minigames.

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    Im working on this command block system, its a big box of command blocks intended to be mc-edited into any normal world and enhance the survival mode experience. I also intend to post pictures of it and more details of it later tonight.
    Would this be the correct sub-thread for it to be posted?
    i cant decide if it belongs here or in command blocks section

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    posted a message on 1.6 Pre-Release Now Available!
    Quote from kamild1996

    So even if I will stand still when having (for example) four health points, food bar will be drained during health regeneration?

    Exactly, until you drop down to 7 1/2 food. then you stop healing
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    So who else is upset about the "balances"?
    So you make it harder to heal naturally, and then you nerf all the health potions.
    Wonderful, and what else, now you also nerf the regeneration.
    May as well nerf dieing too so you re-spawn at half health...
    So now i have to eat food every 1 1/2 missing hearts, wonderful. now ill take 4 more in the process of recovering the 3 i lost in the previous mob pile. And then ill lose more while recovering that.

    Im not the only person who doesn't want to be eating ALL THE TIME am I?
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    Not excited... Health tweaks are going to make combat SO TEDIOUS!!! Health was fine as is guys... wth... Guess im not updating... again
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    so i lowered the small backpacks capacity to the minimum 9 slots, but i still feel that's crazy for how EASY they are to make... Is there any way you could make a alternate crafting recipe possibly in the config that makes the small backpacks require tanned leather? I love the mod but 8 leather is just far too easy to get to justify extra inventory capacity, considering you can carry multiples of them.
    unfortunately as it stands i may have to take this mod off my server for that reason. Too many players running around with 10+ backpacks.

    Also. A big problem in the config. If the servers config doesn't match the clients playing it really confuses the hell out of their client and will make them crash repeatedly. Which means if you want a server to have a reduced or increased backpack capacity you have to have ALL your players tweak their config the same way.
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