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If you'd like to know my IRL infos, Please read the following.
If not, Skip reading that.

      • I live in Philippines.
      • Shaders are not entirely my favorite of all in Minecraft, I like making Redstone contraptions.
      • I made the Paolo's Lagless Shaders. (Remake coming soon.)
      • I'm interested in Electronics and stuff related to computers.

Oh, that banner above? That's my imaginary future plan for a company. I even made a story about it.
No one would care to read it though.

I know it's not possible for a simple guy from a poor country have a company like that, Unless I pursue my studies really hard. My ambition for life? Well, I wanted to be an astronaut. But my dreams were crushed after knowing that you have to shell out hella lot of money just to have a single flight. I turned back and I decided that, I wanted to be a Computer Engineer instead. I began to code a little using Computer Craft's LUA API.
Then the vertex shaders came in. It became my interest, but now it's slowly beginning to fade. I got lazy to derive and modify Chocapic's code. I wanted to make my own, but I don't have that much free time to spend. I will remake the shaders from scratch, Just give it some time.


Playing League of Legends on my freetime.

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