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    IGN: StorySays

    Age: 17

    Country: Britain

    How did you find out about The Sanctuary?: Server list on MinecraftForums.

    Are you familiar with Discord?: Absolutely.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a 3D animation student who likes to play games in his spare time. I like immersion & interaction in large worlds, which is mainly my reasoning for joining. Mainly just looking for a community I can indulge and chill with for a few months. Hopefully that wasn't lacklustre, I'm not a very interesting person.

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    Permissions is not programming.

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    posted a message on Drew's Art Shop | Renders, Channel Art, Profile Pictures |

    Thank you! :)

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    posted a message on If you could throw 100,000 of something off of the Empire State Building, what would it be?

    Fun fact, anything light such as Money or coins that you throw off the building will NEVER reach the bottom, the wind pushes them back towards the building and into a little garden area.

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    posted a message on breaking bedrock
    Opinions can't be correct or incorrect, that's what makes them opinions...

    What you said doesn't make sense, because, well because it isn't readable... xD
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    Being Able to break bedrock is a really bad idea, that's why obsidian was made, if Bedrock was allowed to be broken and picked up, that would take away the meaning of bedrock, it's supposed to be the boundary of mining, the only thing that CAN'T be mined in survival.

    If it was breakable, they would need to create a new block that is stronger and make it replace the bottom layer of the world, so all In all, pointless.
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    posted a message on Looking for: Mature Staff for a Hub Server!

    - Name: Drew McNamee

    - Age: 13

    - In Game Name: XMOAB2DEATHX (soon will be 'StorySays')

    - Skype: Drew6607

    - Position Applying For: Moderator or Pixel Artist. "Beginner Coder" (nothing special)

    - Are you currently staff on another server? Not At the Moment, Used to.

    (If so, how many)

    - How many hours a DAY can you be on the server? 5 - 10 (not kidding, I have a break from school so, and I'm bored out of my head)

    - Can you donate to the server: Saving for new Graphics Card at the moment.

    - Will you vote for the server? Once I've seen if the server has a good look and keeps me busy then, Sure, Why Not?

    Extra Info about me: If your still curious I'll tell you all of my occupations and what I do to help the community.

    I am a beginner Coder in Java Scripting and HTTP Web Design.

    I only started recently and only stopped recently aswell.

    I make graphics for friends and are not paid in any way at the moment from anything, In my spare time, I like to go to the cinema (irrelevant) , but the 5 - 10 hour period is if I'm am not going :P

    I'm an indoors person and I only socialize in school and on twitter, I'm well known for setting up websites for school and creating videos on youtube.

    My Headset Microphone broke 2 days ago, which is unfortunate and I will get it fixed ASAP so we can talk, but text will do fine.


    Beginner Coder


    Graphics Artist (Basic)

    Well Mannered



    Skywars and Survival Games Map Building

    So, To wrap it up, I'd love to help out with your HUB Server, I do lots of mini games and I know lots of plugins.

    If you would like to have me as staff on your server get back to me.

    Originally I was aiming for Admin but this is your rules and I will respect them.

    Thanks for Reading!

    - SSP
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    posted a message on Free giveaway
    Please remove this, nobody will fall for it and i doubt you could get the last one as a giveaway, why would you even randomly give this stuff away. You Are NOT fooling anyone.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Looking for STAFF: BUILDERS/MODERATORS/PARTNERS AND MORE - New Hub/minigame server!
    What is your IGN? XMOAB2DEATHX

    - Your age? 13

    - Functions you want to apply for? Builder or Admin

    - Tell about yourself Hello, My Name is Drew McNamee, I'm from the United Kingdom, I love making videos on youtube gaming and main channel, I goto secondary school and I love computers (obviously), I am interested in them with my life, it all i want to learn about, me and my friends are adventurous with them too. We all have fun in games and stuff, my favorite games are: garry's mod, minecraft, starbound, civilization V and so on.
    Minecraft is my main game and i am very skilled with knowledge on this, I've been staff on many server and was voted Head-Admin on one by the rest of staff. When it comes to monitoring servers, I'm one of your best shots, I love meeting new people. I have lots of friends from all over the world, literally, Greece, America, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Scotland. I am a small mapmaker, My Only and best specialty is map making for, Skywars, Survival games, parkour and stuff like that. My brain goes nuts over creation and imagination, i was a good poem creator at younger years and I am full of ideas and ready to express them. (longest para i've ever wrote on any post) xD
    - Your skills, like have been a admin/moderator before, do you have any experience with the plugin World-edit: I have mass experience with WorldEdit, I have been admin and mod on a few servers. I am very appropriate when it comes to solving issues.

    - Links or images of your former designs/creations/builds.
    I have made maps and stuff, but most are lost from previous servers. I can only show you what i have left.
    - How much Time can you Dedicate?
    Mainly everyday, school doesnt get in the way as much as it used too. I have a youtube group and 2 youtube channels. I'm still busy but i can come on more often than you expect.
    - Why should we pick you? (short but powerful)
    Because I'm the best in one package, I can do most things that everyone can't, your server would probably need Devs, builders, admins, mods, helpers, guides, innovators, advertisers and all sorts of different jobs, I can do all of that.
    I've always wanted to work with a big server and help them out. It would be a great opportunity for me, not just me, but maybe you.

    - Your type of communication? Such as Skype, TS3 or even steam?
    All of them, I have steam, skype and TS3.

    Finishing Sentence:
    I Hope you accept me, I've been writing this for about 15 minutes now, gathering my stuff and trying to show you as best as i can why i am best for your server, I hope you think this through and its entirely upto you wither im admin or builder.
    If you do NOT want me to be staff, I will still come check out the server and maybe help advertise.
    I hope you allow me to be admin or builder for your server , thanks - Story / Drew
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