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    posted a message on [Staff Needed] New server is coming!
    1.) Why should you be picked for this position? I am very friendly, I have a LOT of skills based on technology and computers which could very may help you on your servers journey.

    2.) Are you familiar with most popular plugins, and know their commands? Yes

    3.) How often can you be online working, or helping others? Whenever i have time, its not set in stone, im admin on another server which i will be on just as much as this one, I promise to come on to your server EVERY day.

    4.) How old are you? (Be honest, I don't care, just would like to know.) 13

    5.) Do you have a Skype? Yes (drew.xbox720.mcnamee)

    6.) How can you help the server grow, or improve it in anyway? Well my skills first: Youtube, video editing, audio editing, photo manipulation, hacking, Game Developing, Games, General Graphic Operating, graphics etc I Could make a trailer for the server (maybe not, takes a LONG time) Help with commands and general questions, build lots of stuff.
    Parkour is a popular thing around minecraft, if i could build that on the server then i would be grateful. I've build many enjoyed parkour maps on other servers and people enjoy my work.

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    posted a message on New Minecraft Survival Server Looking For Staff/Builders
    Name: Drew McNamee
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Username: XMOAB2DEATHX
    Skype Username: drew.xbox720.mcnamee
    Past experiences: Moderator on a server recently
    Time available: all day after 4 unless weekends
    How long have you been playing MC? since 1.1
    Why should you be accepted? Because I bring a lot to the table that others don't, i know the following
    Video editing - Audio Editing - Graphics - Photo Manipulation - Hacking (calm down, protective issues only) etc
    What function are you applying for? Admin, or mod if you feel more comfortable with mod.
    Have you ever been banned from a server before? Yes, Self-Advertising, it was a misunderstanding, one of the staff didn't know that the owner requested that I made a video for him and put the link in chat and he banned me for self advertising without hearing my side of the story or giving me a warning :/
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    posted a message on MineAx [BETA] ✲CYP✲ Hiring Staff Again

    Skype: drew.xbox720.mcnamee

    Age: 13

    Location: UK

    Position Applying For: Moderator (i would be very useful for advertising though)

    How Active Are You: Very Active, I have school which shouldn't get in the way too much.

    *IF ADVERTISER OR MOD* How many Minecraft friends do you have? Quite a few
    *IF ADVERTISER* How many people can you get to join within a week?
    *IF ARCHITECT* Please post some examples of your builds:

    Would this be your main server? Yeah, but i have moderator on another server which closes for hours each day, shouldn't be a problem at all.

    How will you fit in with this type of server? I think i would fit in quite well

    What do you bring to the table that separates you from everybody else applying? I have many talents around technology and the internet:
    Photo Manipulation
    Audio Editing
    Video Editing
    Hacking (Don't get worked up about it, at least I am being honest :) )

    Might be too young but keep this in mind, "Maturity is a choice of the human mind and an age is only a number"
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    posted a message on The Street Server | Looking For Staff Members & Beta Testers & PhotoShop Designer.!
    • Minecraft Username: XMOAB2DEATHX
    • Contact info (Skype please): drew.xbox720.mcnamee
    • Age: 13
    • Experience with basic Minecraft: Very Well!
    • Experience with server staff: Ok, have Mod one
    • Why do you want to be a moderator / beta tester?: Just helping out.
    • Proof of service in other servers: mine5397sserver.enjin.com
    • Do you have any experience with coding?: Only Some
    • Are you a very intricate (designed) builder?: Interior Only
    • Can you handle things is a sensitive order?: Yes
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    posted a message on Mine5397's Server|Looking for staff members! (Moderators)
    Minecraft Username: XMOAB2DEATHX
    Contact info (Email please): [email protected]
    Age: 13
    Experience with basic Minecraft: Very Well, played since 1.1 and know all recipes also have skills with plugins and server handling
    Experience with server staff: Never (First Time For Everything) Right? :)
    Why do you want to be a moderator?: I've always wondered how well i would do at managing things and i really like helping people.
    Proof of service in other servers: Im trusted in quite a lot, if that helps.
    Do you have any experience with coding?: Yes, Not Intermediate but good
    Are you a very intricate (designed) builder?: Not very artistic but full of ideas :)
    Can you handle things is a sensitive order?: Yes
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    posted a message on what do you do on youtube
    Hello There! I Post montages / top moment videos of smaller youtube channels and sometimes popular ones and try to help the smaller ones gain subscribers and its worked for some.
    Someone was lucky enough to go from 25 - 130 subscribers!

    VVVV Youtube
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    posted a message on Epicraft looking for admins
    Application for Tech Staff
    Age: 13 (Age is just numbers, maturity is a choice)
    Why do you think you will be best for this job: I am very technical person and i enjoy it because i love learning new things if i do them wrong and i have been doing this for a while and i am very GOOD at plugins and using them,i know all the essentials plugins and i have a thing where i can tell if someone is hacking based on what they have and if its possible ;)
    I could be a great use to your server.
    Name: Drew McNamee
    Contact me:
    Skype: drew.xbox720.mcnamee
    youtube: StorySaysProductions
    twitter: drew6607
    Other Info: I am always polite unless someone says something to me that is uncalled for :)
    I NEVER swear, the only thing i say which isnt swearing in UK that much is "goddamn" or "Damn"
    Thanks for your time! - Drew
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ► ► ► ► ☆~☆~☆ EMENBEE-REALMS ☆~☆~☆ ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄ [Creative]✹[Large Plots]✹[Worldedit]✹[Builder Ranks]✹[Marriage]
    i have a new favourite creative server
    I had a very nice welcome from one of the staff :)
    and i dont see any lag whatsoever
    lots to do, cool ranks :D
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Gulliver Server -Whitelisted- {Non-Forge}
    Why: I really love gulliver servers but this is one of the only ones and its good that you go out of your way to make a server for the community
    Other: I LIKE CHEESE!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Gulliver Server -Whitelisted- {Non-Forge}
    Very Late application
    Why: I have NO other servers to play on with this mod, at least there are some amazing people such as yourself who go out your way to do something for the community Thanks!
    Other: This server has been up for awhile and still has people in it :D omg
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    posted a message on [WIP] SAW - Minecraft - Not Finished
    Early Pictures!

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    posted a message on Making Gaming Montages For People :D
    Making Montages For Anyone
    Bad at Editing Want a Montage on your youtube front page
    Welcome to The Forum For You!
    I Love Editing, which is strange so i thought i should help people and enjoy it whilst doing it.
    I Need a Form Filled out and Typed Below:
    Youtube Channel:
    And this is only for gaming channels :)
    Email, so i can send the montage to you
    and youtube, well that's kind of obvious
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    posted a message on Yum Yum Yagger
    I Just played this with some friends it was fantastic!
    creative name for the gamemode/map
    lots of fun and things to do and loot!
    :D keep it up
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    posted a message on Graphics Issue
    i Would love to help!
    Reason 1: Can happen after or when mods are installed to the .jar file :)
    Reason 2: Your Graphics card is has a malfunction or error or something
    Reason 3: java not updated - outdated
    Minecraft has had a lot of lighting and graphic issues since it was made and not this bad so yeah
    i noticed you had a texture installed so i suspect it was that, like messed up texture inside but it was faithful and faithful works well with minecraft, try what i said and get back to me ^_^
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