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    posted a message on MCP Clans is looking for staff!
    Name: Drew McNamee
    Age: 13
    Skype: Drew.xbox720.mcnamee
    Timezone: GMT
    Position: Admin
    Why I should be picked as admin for your server (paragraph) : People deny me because of the way i "sound" they dont look at the skills i explain the full of my skills but they dont care.
    I can be a great addition to your server, if your looking for the most in one person, i know a lot of things that others dont, you would probably need lots of builders, devs, plugin managers, someone to watch the server, troubleshooter, advertiser all these different people, I know 90% of that, i troubleshoot all the time, growing up with a terrible laptop , troubleshooting games and technology was all i did half the time, so for my new gaming computer it was pretty easy, editing videos was what i wanted to do, so i did it all the time, to get my knowledge up there with everyone else. My youtube exploded once i found what i was good at (advertising) , minecraft became my favourite game in 1.1 (after beta), so, i installed everything to it, Mods , textures, maps, plugins, made my own server you name it.

    Advertising: 6/10 - The advertising works, but not everyone is interested, the video of a server i did on my channel has, 250 views after a week.
    English Skills - 9/10 - I know what i'm typing half the time, i type pretty fast so, i will make mistakes and shorten the sentences.
    Editing - 8/10 - Done it all my life, what i'm good at.
    Minecraft Skills - 9/10 - I basically know EVERYTHING about this game, i know most releases of all objects and implements from the game.
    Experience as staff: 6/10 - Only started a while ago, and gave a pretty good example.
    Building: 5/10 - I have an extraordinary imagination , i have lots of ideas but i cant express them too well.

    Thanks for reading! :)
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    posted a message on Mine5397's Server|Looking for staff members! (Moderators)
    Hi Mine, Story Here.
    Bad News, and you may not be bothered but i have to tell you.
    I'm resigning for my spot as Mod. I Will no longer be active on your server so there is no point in me even being mod, might aswell pass the job to someone else.
    Reason: A Lot has come up for me, stuff to do, stuff i cant do due to position on the server.
    I Have time to log on to the server but most people on are staff and barely any Guests / Members to actually moderate.
    Apart from that there is literally nothing else i can do on the server.
    I Will be popping on and off after a while to see how things are cooking.

    Finally My Pros and Cons about being on the server: (Truthfully)
    Pros: Everyone is friendly, this has been pointed on numerously by me, but everyone is nice and not shouting and swearing all the time :D
    Nice Builds The Builds are amazing, especially the roleplay, but intensionally half the time are imported. xP

    No Minigames: I Said this about 100 times, "add minigames" it was a suggestion that never came, if you imported this, i would be on every hour of the day but sadly, they never came, I Only play on minigame servers when im actually on servers, lots of others will too.

    Unoriginal: Most of the content (Most of it) on the server is imported as you pointed out, but the spawn wasnt and it was good, you have some nice builders on the server, put them to use! isnt that why they were there? hmm.

    Popularity: The server isnt as popular as you want it to be, it might seem popular, these people are only on most of the time because they have staff, thats why when people are rejected on the forums "here" they dont even join the server.

    Anyways.. enough of that, the video on my channel will stay intact there for your server.
    Other than that i hope you get the server you were looking for.
    Have a good 2014 - Story Out!
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    posted a message on Want to Hire Youtubers with 15k Subs or More - Paying $$
    You shouldn't be
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    posted a message on In need of Staff
    In Game Name: XMOAB2DEATHX

    Age: 13

    Position you are applying for: I kinda want a mixed staff, or you could decide im really not sure. I really wanna do manager though because from my perspective, thats where I revolve around.

    What is community to you? A group of folks that are sharing with each other and all are into the same stuff.

    How could you contribute to this community? A bring a lot to the table when it comes to help.
    I Bring laughter, technical help with everything, i know plugins but cant get myself to work Permissions. Troubleshooting and very formal when it comes to organizing situations.

    Why do you feel you should receive this position? Because if it goes to someone else then they might not know the stuff i know and your pretty much stuck at this position, if it was me i would research these people and see their previous projects and helping in their history. :)

    Do you have Skype? How about TeamSpeak? Skype, but im not a "teamspeak" person but ill get it just now xP

    Because i'm dedicated, ill add a long list of stuff i know from personal knowledge.
    Video Editing
    Photo Manipulation
    Audio Editing / mixing
    Advertising / Extremely persuasive
    English Skills
    Technical Work
    Experience on games
    IP Tracing
    Hunting (Really good at finding things out about people with a small detail ;)"
    I Would do it for you right now but.. thats probably not upto me to say
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    posted a message on [Based on LOL] Avarice Craft [Looking for Staff]
    Minecraft Username: XMOAB2DEATHX

    Age: 13

    Speciality: Editing, troubleshooting, Advertising etc

    Rank/Position: Any but builder
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    posted a message on Minecraft Frame rate drop while recording suddenly?
    I record lots and i know FPS really well.
    First off, Minecraft drops that much in fps, it always drops about 20fps, but if your pc has Lots of ram then it doesnt drop that much.
    for recording minecraft 8GB of Ram is great!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Gulliver Server -Whitelisted- {Non-Forge}
    Why do you want to join our server?: I love playing this mod on servers and there are no other servers like this, I was on "under gullivers toe" server and donated $10 but thats about it.
    What can/will you do to contribute?: I'll keep people busy, im pretty energetic and funny when it comes to minecraft, i'll help people when they need it, but if people annoy me , ill act very passive at first until ill eventually CRACK. (not a good sight)
    Tell us a little about yourself: Well, I enjoy making youtube videos and reading comments from my subscribers and i play a LOT of video games, i dont leave my house ever, I like to eat junk food and i love dairy products, i like milk , I LIKE CHEESE and I like broccoli xP
    Other: I do admit, i've done some things in the past, and there over and never to be seen again (griefing)
    Its only been done by myself a few times and i did it before i matured and stood up for myself a little, I never griefed since.

    Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Help wanted: Builders and Administrators
    Quote from OmniousDestiny

    Alright let's take this apart...

    You do know that Cain and Abel has a notorious reputation because kids on XBL use it to capture IP addresses and boot people? Sure the ARP spoofing and other functions may be useful but the name itself doesn't sound appealing when you ask someone what they use.

    Well...if you count using a shutdown command as hacking with CMD, I don't think it counts unless you have metasploit installed.

    That is assembly...not hacking...

    @On topic

    I will leave my application here. I have a question for you though.
    Q: What will be different about your server? How is it different from other servers? In what way will you change how this server is from other newborn servers?

    Minecraft Name:
    Real Name:Brandon
    Age:14 1/2
    Maturity Level (1-10 1 lowest 10 highest):8
    Position Applying for:Administrator
    Have you been moderator/admin before: Yes/No (If applying for moderator):Yes I have been an admin before.
    Have you been banned before (If so why): I may have been banned once or twice (Once on reddit because I placed a ton of blocks(?) and once on a different server for trying to help an admin.
    Reason why I should pick YOU (paragraph please): I have played and maintained several servers of my own. I know the ins and outs of being an administrator and I know what to do if a situation pops up. I knew how to use plugins (I haven't played in awhile so I may be rusty) and I interact with the community. Usually admins are the ones who build/interact but I am the type who manages/solves problems.

    "cain and abel" is a hacking program, its hacking into places it shouldn't be, and no other program can.
    CMD, can be used to change security and get into private files without administration.
    Physical hacking is not called assembly it can be used as hacking, not pc's actually...
    more of things you arent MEANT to take apart, like xbox's and phones.
    They arent meant be taken apart so its known as hacking.
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    posted a message on Help wanted: Builders and Administrators
    Quote from Emperor_Nero_XI

    I'm curious. What PC do you have? And what program do you use to hack?

    Cain and Abel, CMD can hack local pc's (used in school to help my teacher :3)
    and physical hacking like taking apart a pc

    Windows 7
    Manufacturer: ZooStorm
    Ram: 8gb (7.9 Usage)
    Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU 3.30 Ghz
    64 Bits
    anything else with pc?
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    posted a message on Help wanted: Builders and Administrators
    Minecraft Name: XMOAB2DEATHX
    Real Name: Drew McNamee
    Age: 13
    Maturity Level (1-10 1 lowest 10 highest): 9
    Position Applying for: Mod or Builder (I only build Survival games, parkour and stuff like that, not structures)
    Have you been moderator/admin before: Yes/No (If applying for moderator): Yes
    Have you been banned before (If so why): no http://fishbans.com/u/XMOAB2DEATHX <- proof
    • Reason why I should pick YOU (paragraph please): I'm probably the best person you can get in a small package C: , I know basically everything revolving pc's , i troubleshoot, hack (keep your socks on) , edit videos, audio and music, i can build, i have a great pc, a popular youtube channel , im a plugins expert and beginning coder. What else do you need?
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    posted a message on Want to Hire Youtubers with 15k Subs or More - Paying $$
    Quote from JorBinks

    Exactly. I agree 100% with this guy. Example, someone may have 15k subs but less than 100 views on a 1 month video. This guy has 487 subs and can get almost 100 views in 1 week. You should always base on views, and for better choices, views per month.

    Also, drew6607, if you could montage my YT channel that would be really thankful!

    Sorry, i seen this yesterday and i just noticed today that i didnt reply.
    I've seen your youtube channel and looked over it and i think i can make one for you.
    But time and patience gets over me and sometimes it takes longer than a week, i have 2 youtube channels that i use and im builder on 2 minecraft servers and admin on 1.
    So, its hard to do lots of stuff at once.

    I'll make it though. :)
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    posted a message on New Creative Server Looking For Staff, [Admins, builders, mods, etc.]
    Application: Admin (preferably)
    Age: 13
    Years playing Minecraft: 2
    Experience: Very well, if you need more info on this just tell me.
    Position: Admin / Mod / Builder, i build survival games maps, adventure maps and parkour maps only.
    Worldedit/Essentials Experience: Intermediate, i literally know every command.

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    posted a message on Want to Hire Youtubers with 15k Subs or More - Paying $$
    5 Reasons why this is a bad idea / post.
    1. Its VERY Rare to find youtube channels with 15k subs
    2. People could have botted those subs or done sub 4 sub
    3. Its not subscribers you should base the channel on.
    4. It should be based on views per video.
    5. Why dont you do it?
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    posted a message on Looking for trusting staff for my server! ~
    I could do building, i do VERY well on hunger games, parkour and adventure maps.
    Not Building in themes at all.
    If you need my building i could gladly help out!
    Skype: drew.xbox720.mcnamee
    Youtube: StorySaysProductions
    I can do other things if you wish for something else: Video editing, audio editing, photo manipulation, etc
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    posted a message on Looking for Staff for a new server!
    Applying for Mod/admin: Preferably Admin.
    Have you been mod/admin on any other servers? Yes,
    What is your in game name? XMOAB2DEATHX
    Would you consider yourself mature? Yes
    I'll give you a nice short paragraph about myself to show dedication.
    I'm Drew McNamee , I'm known everywhere as Story or Storysays, i was born in UK, 2000, I play video games all the time and edit videos for my lovely subscribers on youtube, they love the videos and dont care what I upload, i make videos for smaller and popular youtubers so the small ones can get some recognition for the videos they make and it worked for someone, he has 125 subs and before he had 25. After it worked for him, i decided to do it pernament.

    Thanks - SSP
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