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    posted a message on New Server Looking for Credible and Experienced Staff!
    Name: Drew McName
    Age: 13
    Experience: I've been moderator a few times and I've always done my best to support those servers, I've come out of it and I want to start moderating again.
    I cannot provide proof of experience but tell you what I can benefit the server.
    I Could help support the server, I have good experience in setting up servers and I also have great Vocabulary and speak in a formal context when speaking with others, unless I know them very well :)

    Why Should we choose you?
    I have a set amount of skills I can provide, Graphics and Advertising, Easily Taking care of situations and Technical experience with internet and computing.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    3 Years, I started playing back in 2011, It's really my main game, I have many others but nothing can compare to Minecraft.

    Building Skills:
    I Have built many things but it is limited to certain things in which I know specifically and carefully how to build.

    Skywars - I measure these pretty well and have some great ideas lined up waiting to be applied to a new server.
    Parkour - My Parkour is more than jumping puzzles, it tells a story with its Beauty and Illusion.

    Pixel Art - My pixel art is limited but I can do many pixel art.

    I Know my age is younger, I was honest, but Age restrictions are nothing, there could be some really talented young people out there.

    Thanks for your time!
    - Story
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    posted a message on Lag with mouse
    So your minecraft isn't lagging? it works with other games... hmm
    Texture pack lag - a very high texture pack shows high jittering
    Cinematic Mode - Strange idea but it makes the camera fade slowly to a stop after moved. goto controls and see what the control is and when back in game press that game should enable or disable it.
    I really don't know any other ways, it could be a very technical issue, if so you may need someone else :)
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    posted a message on Looking for free 2D intro maker?
    Unfortunately if you do find one of these they are normally horrible and give you a boring and unprofessional result.
    Nowadays you need to do things from scratch with all the right editing tools.
    if you can't do this, get it done for you, plenty of people that can do that :)
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    posted a message on {Fusion-Gaming} {Looking For Staff}
    Age: 13

    Name: Drew McNamee


    Skype: drew6607

    Previous experience: Not really a lot of depth I can give you on this subject unfortunately.

    Photos of builds: ------

    Country: UK

    Why Should we choose you: Because I can provide many skills the server may not have received before, I can moderate and I can identify a hacker pretty well, i am very persuasive and can do many things such as HTML and CSS Coding, I can do pixel art, I'm currently in the middle of training for JavaScript which I cannot seem to get the hang of.
    I do graphics in which I do 3D modeling in blender and can create 3D Text and Mob Renders, i could do some great designs for the website, currently my HTML isn't funky at the moment but I can certainly manage a website alright, I have my own which is doing pretty good, I made it for flash games.

    Any Extra comments:I hope you choose me for your server, I could bring a lot to this server and could help it get popular, I have many aspects and skills that your server could use, I can build skywars and Parkour if that's any use.
    Position: YOU CHOOSE
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    posted a message on Offering My Skills to Servers | GFX | Minigame Map Building |
    So I decided I would offer all of my skills to any available servers that are out there.
    I can build Skywars and Parkour.
    I can Code.
    I can Advertise by making youtube videos for your server.
    I can Moderate and Administrate.
    I can Manage Plugins and be a developer for the server APART from Perms, I Don't do permissions.
    I can Do Visual Effects and Graphics. Special Effects and web design.

    I used "i can" a lot there, anyways.
    If you are looking for someone who can do any or all of the following hit me up below or on skype.
    Skype: drew6607
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    posted a message on Looking for: Mature Staff for a Hub Server!

    - Name: Drew McNamee

    - Age: 13

    - In Game Name: XMOAB2DEATHX (soon will be 'StorySays')

    - Skype: Drew6607

    - Position Applying For: Moderator or Pixel Artist. "Beginner Coder" (nothing special)

    - Are you currently staff on another server? Not At the Moment, Used to.

    (If so, how many)

    - How many hours a DAY can you be on the server? 5 - 10 (not kidding, I have a break from school so, and I'm bored out of my head)

    - Can you donate to the server: Saving for new Graphics Card at the moment.

    - Will you vote for the server? Once I've seen if the server has a good look and keeps me busy then, Sure, Why Not?

    Extra Info about me: If your still curious I'll tell you all of my occupations and what I do to help the community.

    I am a beginner Coder in Java Scripting and HTTP Web Design.

    I only started recently and only stopped recently aswell.

    I make graphics for friends and are not paid in any way at the moment from anything, In my spare time, I like to go to the cinema (irrelevant) , but the 5 - 10 hour period is if I'm am not going :P

    I'm an indoors person and I only socialize in school and on twitter, I'm well known for setting up websites for school and creating videos on youtube.

    My Headset Microphone broke 2 days ago, which is unfortunate and I will get it fixed ASAP so we can talk, but text will do fine.


    Beginner Coder


    Graphics Artist (Basic)

    Well Mannered



    Skywars and Survival Games Map Building

    So, To wrap it up, I'd love to help out with your HUB Server, I do lots of mini games and I know lots of plugins.

    If you would like to have me as staff on your server get back to me.

    Originally I was aiming for Admin but this is your rules and I will respect them.

    Thanks for Reading!

    - SSP
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    posted a message on Downloading Old Versions?
    Quote from NurseRedheartFiM

    It did help but I have a little problem. With .jar vs .exe... How do I change the server properties and all that? Because it didn't create all those files if it was supposed to.

    if the server properties are there then right click - open with - notepad - and edit it.
    If its not there then it hasnt downloaded after opening the .jar or .exe.
    .exe you should download for windows, jar works but exe is better
    and for mac do .jar

    if you want to download the exe file do the exact same link i showed you and change the .jar part to .exe
    e.g - https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.7.4/minecraft_server.1.7.4.exe
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    posted a message on Server help 1.7.5
    Quote from LegndPowerdNube

    1.7.4 servers are compatible with 1.7.5. There shouldn't be anything that broke.

    That is true, but still affects it.
    1.7.5 added more realm support and working, and realms are private servers made with the click of a button.
    Mojang may have screwed the way servers work up.
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    posted a message on Downloading Old Versions?
    Its very simple.
    I couldn't find the real list, but this is close enough.
    Where it says "1.5.2" change that to the version you desire..
    e.g for you https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.7.4/minecraft_server.1.7.4.jar

    If this helped please vote this post :)
    Bottom right corner
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    posted a message on Server help 1.7.5
    My quick tutorial.

    After downloading the server file from the official website, you want to put it in a blank new folder on the desktop (desktop because its easier and more convenient there for now)

    It should be blank for a bit and text comes up saying stuff like "loading server" and "creating spawn" it should tell you once its done.

    Error: If it doesnt pop up and its a blank window, its actually there but its invisible. Just keep it open for about 2 minutes then delete it.

    It should create some new files in the folder. Click on the one called: Server.properties
    Open it in notepad, by right clicking it and clicking "open with" and select notepad.
    You can edit it and change its settings.

    Try not to add spaces and enters in here, its very formal and well set out and may not work if you do so.

    In the IP slot, where it says IP: Server-ip: _______ it should be blank, then you enter your LOCAL ip.

    1. Goto START on the bottom left corner and search "CMD" and click the command prompt.
    2. Type "ipconfig" and scroll down till you see the second repition of text and look where it says "iPv4 Adress" and it says local: 192.168._____ something like that.
    3. Put that in the Server-ip slot. and your son should use this to connect to server unless he is trying to connect from OUT the house.

    If you already have the local IP, enter it in there.
    If you have already port forwarded, you should go forward and open the server.
    Goto Ipchicken.com and the IP that shows up is the Public ip and his friends or anybody out the house should use to connect.

    If it doesnt work because its 1.7.5 is probably not working because the developers are working on a quick server maker which isnt that long coming out from now.
    After it is released your son should be able to create a server with 1 button :)

    If this didnt help or there is new error just tell me.
    Lots of errors show up that i can fix, but i cant list them all.
    - SSP
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    posted a message on Looking for some staff for my creative server!
    1 Month Later

    Age: 13
    Examples of servers you were staff on: Your old one, and a few others.
    Why do you want to be staff?: Because I'm not busy in school anymore ^-^ and looking for a good way to spend it.
    Do you have Enjin?: Yes (drew6607)
    What is your email? (optional!): [email protected]

    Hello Mine, Remember me? Sorry I showed my face ever again, leaving was a bad decision. I'm looking to come back and help you out again.
    I've learned a lot since december. I've been doing lots in school since i started back and I've been doing well in youtube.
    I hope you let me return to your server again. - Story

    P.S a few errors. /help | you do not have access to that command. I am also in survival and its a creative server. Im guessing you are just starting up just now.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 [[Antesania]] Towny Servival SimiVanilla Skyblock! Looking For Players!
    Quote from MoonFairy

    Me and my boyfriend can't connect...keeps giving the error "internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.readtimeoutexception", which apparently has something to do with corrupted chunks, try restarting maybe?

    Netty.handler.timeout. means your connection isnt good enough to connect to the server, if your connection is pretty good and is never like this then it means that your internet isnt doing so great with the server. This can normally resolve itself, im guessing because its you and your boyfriend, he is on the same internet which also helps. it shows that it IS the LAN.
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    posted a message on Create Survival Games Texture Pack
    Quote from Alvoria

    Yea! Why should one person me inconvenienced to fix his mistake? I mean, it's clearly better to inconvenience everyone who downloads the pack. Why cost one person a little bit of time when you can cost many of people lots of time?!

    Also, drew6607, have you ever considered a career in government?

    Wow you are so funny, Don't worry, just for you i wont finish that sentence ;P
    yes i have considered it, but because you mentioned it, i wont anymore.
    I mean, just because i said 2 sentences i can get a job in the government, from minecraft gaming to running teh country!
    You make so much sense! Nobody is actually gonna download this pack, so your sentence is invalid. you should probably look up what subjects etc you need to take to work with the government, because according to you, I only need to write 2 sentences :P
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    posted a message on Create Survival Games Texture Pack
    Quote from Goodlyay

    Yes, but why make things unnecessarily complicated? Especially to anyone who can't extract .rar files.

    who cant extract rar files?!
    I dont see why he should change it for something so simple.
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