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    That is not a good seed actually. there are other seeds that have that with strongholds horses and many animals and 1 of every biomes which is insane.

    just 1 village? that isnt rare...
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    Could you link older versions? I'm adding a bunch of scary mods to minecraft, just to make it more scary.

    i'm looking for the 1.6.4 version.
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    posted a message on Looking for youtubers to join our server | Free donator rank

    Subs: 641

    Often. 5 - 9 hours depends if you got enough stuff for me to record with.

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    if don't know any of those things. you arent fit to own a server.
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    they obviously don't understand the skills needed.

    they think owners of servers just chill back and are well known?

    server owners need to be able to fix bugs, pay for it, update it, ddos protect it, php coding.

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    Quote from Blaizius

    Try larger sentences. You don't run server by doing the bare minimum. And seriously? " Why You: Because I'm suited for the job" Thats just plain lame, stupid, lazy and bad form. You obviously don't know how to write good applications. yet another case of "I'll do the minimum and see if I'm accepted. He's probably dumb anyway"

    you disgust me

    haha ikr ?
    you would probably go into depth in why you could own it.
    like, what skills you have that a normal player or person doesn't how you could run it better.
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    I love how you want the other owner to pay for it. so what are you doing? you are just looking to get known and let them do the work.

    this is sad. just save for it your self
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    [b]Position : Admin[/b]

    [b]IGN : XMOAB2DEATHX[/b]

    [b]Age : 13[/b]

    [b]Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph) : I want this position as i could benefit the server with my many skills, I have huge experience with the internet and troubleshooting. if there is an issue it is rather likely that I know what is wrong with it.[/b]

    [b]I can solve issues rather quickly, contributing to the situation and solving the issue before it gets out of hand providing many chances for the player to redeem themselves, I have great english skills and I can fully get the player to understand me and know what is going on fully.[/b]

    [b]I can also speak some dutch.[/b]

    Experience (details) : I was Moderator for many servers and I enforce the rules on many servers. I know how the player should follow the rules and in the manner it should be followed. Wither something is on the rules or not, I know what's allowed and what's not. wither it's loop holes in the system or what not.[/b]

    [b]Contact info (Skype) : Drew6607[/b]

    [b]Timezone : GMT[/b]

    [b]Dedicated time (Please Specify - Hours? : 12 hours max. I doubt i'd even be on that much as i have other things to do.[/b]

    [b]about 12:00pm to 12:00am is my awake time.[/b]

    [b]What you can bring : I do graphics Design, it's just at a professional stage yet. I can bring knowledge on how to control a server, I've made a few servers in my time. I have great knowledge on commands and how to set them out or find out commands, and I'm rather ambitious which basically means I can bring many ideas to the server which you could discuss and add.[/b]

    [b]Proof of work (If You A Graphic's Designer or Builder) (IF Admin then What server did You Administrate/Moderate) : [/b]

    [b]I Moderated a server called Fantasy Craft which had a player peak record of 67 players. (It has shutdown as of May 2014)[/b]

    [b]Did You Own A Server? Once, just a small server for friends. but we changed save files and installed plugins and mods. my friend and I did the permissions.[/b]

    [b]Country : United Kingdom[/b]

    [b]P.S - I realize my age is rather young. maybe if you consider it at all you could make a few exceptions.
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    posted a message on ---{!Staff Needed!}---
    1. Real name (Just first is fine): Drew McNamee

    2. In game name: XMOAB2DEATHX

    3. Age: 13

    4. Country: United Kingdom

    5. Time zone (I need a variety of people from around the world!): GMT

    6. Why should I choose you (DETAILED, paragraph required):
    Because I'm a trustworthy being, I can look out for the server whenever, I have LOTS of time on my hands and as long as i'm here you'll have nothing to worry about.
    I take care of situation very well, so if something gets out of hand, it's easily taken care of no issues.

    7. Past experience? Links? Names? Have you ever been banned? Most of servers I was staff on have closed or moved on to a new server. FantasyCraft was the name of one, I was on it for 5 months. I've been banned twice, one was a misunderstanding, another for griefing 3 years ago.

    8. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 3 years.

    9. Any experience of redstone? I might need you if so (redstoner?): no.

    10. Do you know about WorldEdit? If so, what is the default tool?: I do. //wand

    11. Do you know anything about plugins? (Configurating): Indeed, I know a short amount.

    12. Are you a good builder? (rate yourself on a scale of 1-10): 5

    13. (sorry. out of order question) What position do you WANT (I know what i said and I changed my mind) (See staff positions in the general discussion thread)

    14. If applying for redstoner, show proof of past builds (doesnt apply for anyone else): ---

    15. (sorry. another out of order question) I need a way to contact you (phone number, email, skype, etc. the forums does not count): if needed: drew6607

    16. How often do you play minecraft (hours in a given week): 42 hours or so. It's my main game.

    17. How often could you play on the server: Often, as long as my internet stays stable.

    18. **Scenario** Someone connects to the server, the start cussing everyone out, as a MOD what do you do? (I'm not there):

    me: Please keep your words to yourself.
    give them a second warning.
    then mute them.
    19.**Scenario** Someone griefs, what do you do? (I'm not there): get more details. ask them what they are doing ( unless it's huge)
    then ban them (depends on the situation)

    20. **Scenario** Someone is being rude to another player. what do you do? (I'm not there): ask them to stop. 2 warnings.
    then mute them.

    21. RANDOM QUESTION WITH NOTHING TO DO WITH THE APPLICATION AT ALL!!! What is your opinion on a YouTuber rank? (maybe at least like 300 subscribers to get it?) I think it's a good idea. As long as the person is making videos for the server often :3
    Quote from lacrossedude212

    IDK if anyone wants to fill out that form.
    Its WAY to long

    Good detail always matters.
    If you fill it out then it shows you are contributing and patient.
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    posted a message on New Unique Minigame and MMORPG Server | Looking For: [Builders] [Terraformers] [Developers] [Web-Developers] [Loremasters] [Worl
    Youtuber App

    Name: Drew McNamee

    Age: 13


    Skype: drew6607

    Country/State: United Kingdom

    Timezone: GMT

    How many subscribers do you have?: 623

    How many videos do you upload a day, week, month?: I try to upload 1 a day but fluctuates from time to time.

    Do you speak in your videos?: Indeed.

    Past Experiences: er... I've been a youtuber for a server once, but it closed and I couldn't make videos for it because there werent't enough players and updates.

    Skype: Drew6607
    Youtube: StorySaysProductions
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    posted a message on Youtubers needed
    Quote from Raw_

    Accepted but first please make a video about the server and I assume you are willing to work with a team? or will you provide your own team?

    After you check out the servers (mc.the-crafted.com) I would also like to know if you will be doing videos on all servers and if not which ones.


    I am going to be trying out all of the servers, I will make videos on the minigames and maybe OP Prison.
    I'll do a video after People start using minigames.
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    posted a message on MassiveMine | Looking for staff (Mostly Developers) || SERVER IS ONLINE

    Drew McNamee




    I am a Student and I enjoy computing studies, I make youtube videos often and I play lots of games with my friends, we have a lot of fun especially in minigames, it's the only thing we all play :)
    I can do Morgan Freemans voice and I try to do other voices too, just to make people laugh :D

    I've had a few bits of experience here and there

    I can dedicate lots of hours a day, I have a lot of free time anyways, around 5 - 6 hours a day, 10 on weekends.

    I know a lot of commands, I don't know what you want me to say really, /feed, /gamemode, /speed walking, /speed flying, /vanish, /report, /tempban, /ban, /mute, /kittycannon, /invsee, I know lots more :)

    I want this position as I have had many moderator positions but none quite like this one, this could be the biggest opertunity for me and To recieve it would be an honor, I would dedicate my life to this server, It would teach me a few things too, Like what moderating such a professional server would be like and meeting a few new people along the way too :)

    Thanks for reading my application.
    p.s I also realise that I'm far too young for this position but I do hope you take it into consideration.
    - Story
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    posted a message on Youtubers needed
    How many subscribers do you have: 622
    Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/StorySaysProductions
    How often do you with post videos: Every 3 Days, it fluctuates from time to time.
    What kind of videos will you make on our server: Reviews, updates a few videos on whatever is on the network such as minigames and such.
    Age: 13
    Minecraft IGN: XMOAB2DEATHX
    Country where you live: UK
    Bio: I am Called Drew McNamee, I was born In Aberdeen Scotland. I have always sat on a computer most of my life, it was my main thing, It was consoles for me in the beginning but after I realised the possibilities with a computer, I transferred my life onto it.

    I Am training to be a game developer and Graphics Artist. I make youtube videos in my spare time and research many things involving youtube videos, I create graphics for people, all free and never sold any.

    I have many friends, we all make videos together, we have a laugh a lot and we enjoy learning at school, our favorite subjects are computing.

    Something interesting about you: I can do Morgan Freeman's voice. :)

    - Story
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    posted a message on SkyWars
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    posted a message on Looking for Youtubers to record with | All Ages! |
    Hello There! My Name is Story often called Drew.
    Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/StorySaysProductions

    I am looking for a variety of players and youtubers on my channel because most of the time it's the same people.
    Small Requirements, quite brief.
    • Microphone (good or bad)
    • Skype
    I am allowing any age, I don't mind :)
    If you are shy it is fine and any others.

    If you are interested add me on skype: Drew6607
    - Story
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