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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    hello! i'm a player of modern minecraft and got interested in this mod! so far, it's very cool and a refreshing take on the game, even if i continuously get frustrated at the lack of sprint (its not even the lack of a food bar, it's JUST the sprint that im so used to XD), but i do have some suggestions for the mod!

    - subtitles. please, please, i use subtitles on java minecraft and pray for them on bedrock soon, and while one of the accessibility issues i have with java lacking in controller support is fixed with this mod (native controller support was shocking but fantastic to find out), the mod doesn't re-add that accessibility feature with the subtitles. it'd probably take a bit of work but it'd be helpful!

    - similarly, but not as necessary for me, a screen reader option / narrator option. reads chat, reads screen, etc

    - also, an option to disable lightning flashes, same as modern minecraft's disable lightning flashes. i dont technically need this one either but the sky flashing bright is a visual thing and removing it doesn't remove the actual lightning strike anyway lol

    - aaaand whatever other accessibility options that are in modern MC that seem important to yall. i know this isnt modern minecraft, but to have the options that add accessibility and stuff back in this version would make it a LOT more fun to play, even in subtle ways. or subtitle ways- JNDSHJN

    - also maybe the ability to switch skins in the game itself? this one is definitely a preference thing, and maybe a mod for the mod would work better, but as a player of minecraft bedrock for most the time (controller easy and go brr) i do enjoy the skin switching on bedrock compared to java. on my main 1.19 instance, i have a skin switching mod (technically only partially works but when on survival on my own it works well enough) but on here i am stuck with one skin. not inherently a thing i need but would definitely prefer.

    the main one i want to see added is subtitles though, and i'll definitely check back for updates soon! thank you for this variation in minecraft gameplay :D

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