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    posted a message on [RELEASE][iOS] Carbon PE for 0.7.1 - Mod Menu - DOWNLOAD LINK UP AND ONLINE!
    Quote from DJjustin54

    Freecraft is the best mod out so stop complaining and I bet your saying that because you can't get it

    Hmph.. freecraft mod was deleted, the modders realized that the mod makes the players CHEATING very much and they can have stacks of items on multiplayer and then, the modders just won't continuing and there's no reason for complaining. freecraft? you could find it on the other site and patch it.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] MinecraftSMP.org - "The Original cracked SMP server". [ Gameland, oldworld, Main world! ]

    Finding a survival server? Well.. we got one for you!

    Server IP: minecraftsmp.org

    About this server:


    Start with nothing but bravery and courage. Work your way from rags to riches by surviving encounters from players and mobs alike. Gather with friends to take out your greatest enemies, or become a feared predator by sneaking through the shadows and attacking the unsuspecting.


    Gather together with friends and defeat countless foes. Build castles and destroy enemies. Pour your blood, sweat, and tears into gatherting the best armor and weapons to out strength your enemy. Where there is one person to kill, there are dozens more waiting for their turn.


    Steal your foe’s treasures and earn fortunes. Browse and explore the many markets of the world. Slaughter different mobs for the bounty they possess. Band together with friends to kill bosses for even greater riches. Buy items from comrades with your hard-earned cash.

    We have 3 server, in 1 server. we have oldworld, main, and the Gameland! in this server, we all are very nicely to each other, we always help each other, and more about us, find us!

    MinecraftSMP Original Website


    We have some rules. but yeah, i think you guys will be much better to see the rules on the site, http://minecraftsmp.org/w/rules.php


    We have some plugins for you too see.
    • PreciousStone
    • ChestShop
    • and more!
    Well, idk so much, but there are some..


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    posted a message on Day 1
    When i buy minecraft.

    LOL, i have seen minecraft by LOL, i just typed 'Micrasoft' and i seen a "Minecraft" page, so i discovered, it. and it says i need to buy it. im just thinking *Hmm.. BINGO, A great game with blocks, need to try!" after i clicked, downloaded, i logged in, it just doesnt allow me i need to use the offline mode. i just want a crack one, i FOUNDED THOUSANDS OF IT. so, i downloaded it.

    Playing the game.

    When i play the game, i just typed /help. ( its a command i always used when i play GTA multiplayer XD. ) then.. i seen a command time. so i did '/time' and it says i need to /time set [day/night] so i did, /time set night. i seen a black nigerian tall alien. ( actually it was Enderman ). when that black nigerian tall alien come to me, it runs fast FASST! ( i still didn't know. LOL ). so i just died with 1 wood, lol. and thats it.

    The Trolled

    I HAVE BEEN TROLLED, OMG!!. it trolls me. my friend is so much smarter at minecraft. so i just seen his hand full of TNT. and i seen a thing like blabla. ( flint n steel ). then he launched a tnt. it was on an epic place. and i falled with 3 diamonds ONLY. o.o!
    then yeHAA.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Hide 'n' Seek! (v.1.0)
    No Pictures, No Clickers. thats what im talking about. ;)
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    posted a message on looking for a grove street skin (GTA san andreas)
    Well, here's some:

    Carl Johnson / CJ:

    THE char.png:

    Big Smoke:

    Srry couldn't get the model.
    the char.png:

    Srry couldn't get the model.
    the char.png:

    WELL! god.. outdated pictures? oh fu... srry dude. :(
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    posted a message on looking for a grove street skin (GTA san andreas)
    Well.. im getting on it. ;)..
    brb about hours/minutes.
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    posted a message on oCd Pack by disco 1.8
    disco, your redstones are epic. REALLY EPIC. and your tp too!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Minecraft Youtuber's Name Pack! (Now With NO overwriting!)
    702cooper, i know you're wrong. its "B-U-T-T-E-R" --> Butter. not budder. god!!, much of peoples call butter we're budder. WHY!?!?
    "PSST: There's about tons of people made Sky's Language Pack. you know how much,
    heres a spoiler:


    theres it.
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    posted a message on I Need Free Craft Mod For Android!
    500ISE has the best android mods, download free-crafting for android on his thread. ;)
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    posted a message on Sprinting
    This is an epic idea. and also, great i have the mods.
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    posted a message on Blah
    Quote from MCPELover

    I just made this tell the "new members" (see what I did there?) to think twice before typing questions -.- Plus I will not update this thread once 0.7.0 releases. Pulse sometimes InfectedSkies forgets to put in some additional details. Also Stormius, I typed "MIGHT". -.-

    Plus I linked to the pinned thread didn't I?
    oh yeah, srry bro, don't look at that part. lol! rlly sorry. O.O
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    posted a message on PE on Nook... finally

    He doesn't give us the source. lol.
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    posted a message on Mod request More stuff in creative for IOS.
    Android has more hack stuffs. And, they're very smart then iModders. That's why. So yes, i want this too. +1

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    posted a message on Advanced iOS MCPE Mods [0.9.4: Fly In Survival]
    Epic mods there, CH, could you make sneaking mod faster, I can't wAit :))
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