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    posted a message on I don't know what else to do in my Hardcore Mode.

    heres a thought: kill yourself, start again

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    posted a message on .:: MadRealms: Vanilla ::. [No Whitelist][Anti-Grief]

    Ingame Name:Where do you come from? Koswald, Slovenia
    Where did you hear about our server? Browsing forums

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    posted a message on Best Texture of ever
    The fact that its called Best Texture of ever and has no pictures makes it realy suspitious
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    posted a message on ** 1.8 ** ---WHITELIST--- ~~~Decade Of Statues Vanilla Server~~~
    IGN: Arne1066

    AGE: 17

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? For atleast 3 years if not 4.

    What kind of player are you? Builder, miner. (and RPing)
    How Often are you Available?: Not much becase I have school during the week and I stay at the dorm, but I come home for the weekends.
    What do you do as a job (If you have one)?: Not you, I'm going to high school.
    Do you have any Hobbies?: Yes I do, I play the clarinet, saxophone and starting to play the piano aswell. I do music and art :)

    Tell us A little about your Minecraft journey so far: I started as a vanilla Alpha player. I was literaly addicted to the game at that time, but over the years I felt lonely playing just on my own and my brother. So I decided I'll look up some minecraft servers and me and my friends joined a random session. After a while we all had to go to diferend schools and we couldn't do LAN parties anymore so I started to make it on my own. The first role that I've learnt about playing with random people on internet is not to trust anybody. So I because very protective and I didn't like it. It was like the odl days with people building, mining. It was just slauthering one and another. So I tried to find a solution to that and I came across whitelisted servers, which grants you that trustful people will come on. And once more, I could enjoy myself the odl way. Unfortunaly that server was closed for good and now I'm in search of a new one.

    What is your favorite thing to build? Small houses, I don't have time to build big with the resources I have.

    Timezone: GMT +1 or CET +0

    Tell us A little about yourself: Well as you might guessed I am a musician in the making (congrats if you figured that out :P) and I play games with during the weekend, when I have time. I play in the town's windband (2 of those), helping out my home towns school band and my ex-high school jazz band (I switched schools you see). And I also can write Elvish :)
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    posted a message on Halloween City/Builds?
    make a stone brick tower with netherbrick roof and make the base of the tower cracked, you add stone or cobble instead of stone brick, also halfslabs of some sort and vines will help creeping it up. the tower has to have a brewing station, since it will be a witchin tower :) also whats the ip of the server of that house?
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