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    posted a message on VoxelMap [1.16.1 to 1.7.10] - a minimap and worldmap

    still wish there was a keybind for toggle biome overlay...

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    having a new critter in the game is a step forward. These behaviors for it are two steps backward. However, we can keep the baby when we toss this gross bathwater, and get something cool later.

    I think it could be improved if they make the following (admittedly unlikely) changes:

    1. It becomes a neutral mob like wolves, zombie pigmen, polar bears without cubs, and endermen you don't look at.

    2. It naturally hunts spiders... or zombies. Spiders and zombies don't have any natural predators, whereas wolves attack skeletons and creepers are terrified of cats. The idea of it only being out at night (to hunt) would be cool, and attracting them with big piles of rotten flesh or spider eyes would be a neat mechanic.

    3. They should just be 'around' in the sky. Not necessarily only triggered by certain events. Relatively low spawn chance that's always active.

    4. They should drop something COOL to incentivize hunting them! For instance, what if Elytra were to have come from THEM???

    Alternative on 2: what if they were predators of endermen, and were actually native to the end, only popping into the overworld at night to follow some of the endermen that come here and feed upon them. In the end, they would be plentiful and glide peacefully through the void preying on endermen... shulkers could view them as hostile and their 'levitation' projectiles have the opposite effect on them, making them drop out of the sky, take fall damage, and be helpless on the ground for a bit, which gives a neat little reciprocating ecosystem to the end.

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]

    Regarding the skylight problem,

    I think that the further away a block is above another block, the less efficacy its light occlusion should have.

    []chunk that is entirely filled with floating island casts a shadow downward

    []chunk immediately beneath floating island is pitch black

    []chunk beneath that has sky light level 1

    []chunk beneath that has sky light level 2


    []16 chunks below, provided there were no occluding solid blocks, it's as if the sky were totally unoccupied above.

    unrealistic for caves, but more realistic for cliff overhangs or amplified terrains.

    And I also think it'd look just fine, provided there were some cosmetic application of gradient.

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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3

    There seems to be a problem with the formatting on your front page, making parts of it illegible and hard to follow...

    Where did I put my microscope...

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    posted a message on New launcher?
    So what you're saying is, it will not disrupt my mod installations, right? O_O because I've very carefully fine-tuned my mod balance for 1.7.10 and I'd hate to lose that.

    Yes, I'm still using 1.7.10, because 1.8 still runs like garbage on my machine, sadly... and some of the mods I find to be indispensable will never be updated ever again. I'll be stuck on 1.7.10 for quite some time.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Minecraft Sound Improvement & Custom Music - a Matmos Expansion
    So apparently Hurricaaane is using the Resource Pack System to load sound environments into MAtmos now. I don't suppose you have some preliminary versions laying around at all, would you, Colonel_Oneil? ^_^;

    I'm testing MAtmos for 1.7.10 for Hurricaaane right now.
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    posted a message on RictCraft - The Ambitious Community [Large Biome][Build-Centric][Guilds]
    Oh my. It seems to me that that skype link won't connect me to that chat. Although I have skype, clicking it produces a server not found error. I would expect that somehow my browser should know that this command should be forwarded to skype, or something like that... but it simply does not seem to do this.
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    posted a message on RictCraft - The Ambitious Community [Large Biome][Build-Centric][Guilds]
    MCUsername: CycloneDusk
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Chaotic Good*
    Start Date: 09/05/2010
    Play Style: Benign survival (NO PVP), focus on stone construction
    Crafting Style: An unsettling mix of Gothic and Brutalism
    Availability: It varies. Sometimes I'm on at all times. Sometimes I burn out and I'm offline for several days.

    *: My alignment is always good, but my belief that goodness has its own law puts me in opposition to certain strict-lawful but morally ambiguous regimes. If you're lawful in any way, I appear chaotic. If you're chaotic or even neutral, I appear lawful. But law is not a matter of opinion, no matter how many people agree.

    You may notice that under my forum avatar, it says Minecraft: Stonehawk. I have both stonehawk AND cyclonedusk but reserve Stonehawk for admin purposes. Cyclone is Me. Stonehawk is my authority, if I am given any. Gotta keep your business separate from pleasure.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4/5] Pony Powers Mod! (previously called Further Ponification)
    The way I've seen EPs manifesting their magic seems to have been with a kind of... surge of life around them. Stomp their hoof, seeds shoot up. I think... it'd be pretty neat if Earth Ponies could channel their endurance (hunger bar) to send out a shockwave of pure "Life".
    • When standing on dirt, WHOOSH! GRASS!
    • When standing on grass, WHOOSH! TALL GRASS AND FLOWERS!
    • When standing next to a tree, BAM! APPLES! The leaves break and a higher quantity of apples than normal fall. But not as many as Applejack might get.
    • When standing amid a cluster of the undead, WHOOSH! KNOCKBACK, SPLASH DAMAGE! Since, you know, earth ponies are super tough and strong, so it's kinda' like a "roundhouse buck", and also "life energy" in Dungeons and Dragons terms (bearing in mind D&D is also now a product of hasbro!) directly opposes "unlife energy", where 'heal spells' damage the undead.
    • Or maybe when standing amid a cluster of friends, it could even heal them a heart or two--but not themselves, only their friends (like neutral/friendly mobs and other players).
    This'd make earth ponies pretty durned formidable and valuable in any community.

    Unicorns, though, I think what they could use is a way to express their telekinesis--by being able to:
    • Interact with objects at much longer range
    • Pick up dropped items and experience from much farther away
    They could also very likely benefit from rather power-hungry rudimentary teleport power. Much akin to most standard servers' "/Jump" and "/Thru" commands. Not to mention firing energy bolts a la Minigun Twilight. Possible energy bolt effects: Damage monsters one at a time heavily; buff friendly mobs/other players slightly (more "positive energy", but not splash damage; this is single target ranged). And by Buff, I mean, brief application (5-15 sec) of random positive potion effects: Resistance, Regeneration, Strength, Haste, High-jump, Speed, Fire Immunity, Night Vision. This would make it useless for pvp unless it could differentiate by /scoreboard "team", but all in all I think that's good; don't want to de-balance PVP too much.
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    posted a message on [SOUNDPACK] Talk of the Town! - Makes Villagers Speak!

    Get Audiotori Here

    Talk of the Town is a soundpack expansion for Audiotori that enables Testificates to speak.

    Of course, they don't speak English, but rather, Testifican.

    Which is to say, it's complete and utter gibberish that I came up with by mashing meaningless syllables together in a way that sounded nominally foreign and pronouncing it all with absolutely the most herp-derp voice I could muster (and warp to be a little bit more strange) that always believed Testificates should have.

    The result is a lexicon of villager communication:
    • 14 phrases they bark at each other, at animals, at themselves, and at you,
    • 7 upset exclamations interjected when taking damage,
    • 5 hilarious wails of existential despair when dying.
    Now your villages are lively places full of cheerful babbling voices.
    Or at least they can be,
    If you Download Talk of the Town Here

    04/14/2013 - changed the phrases. Something was bothering me about them before. Now I feel that they sound more like they ought, especially when you have a whole crowd of the buggers.
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