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    posted a message on REQ Boathouses
    Here is a simple thought for you.
    You need to get around.
    And you would LOVE to explore the ocean...
    But you would have to leave your wonderful house.
    I have seen many boats, but none really very.... Big.
    I think it's hight time we formed a boathouse on Minecraft.
    Rather than...
    :wood: [] :wood:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water:

    I would like to see

    [] [] :brick: :brick: :brick: [] []
    [] [] :brick: [] :brick: [] []
    [] [] :wood: :wood: :wood: [] []
    [] :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: []

    Movable, boats that you can walk around on and put chests in.
    Floating houses.
    It can be done. It MUST be done.
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    posted a message on REQ Witches and Brooms!
    I believe a Minecraft has evolved sufficiently to enable witches.
    I also believe the "Spells" the witch might have could be simulated through using the same programing methods as the Console commands and World Edit commands.
    To put it simply, you startle the witch, she turns you into a creeper or some other mob. If you try to attack as a creeper, you explode. Alternately, if she turns you into a skeleton, you can use your arrows, but you can't get into the sunlight. The witch would have a hut, probably made of wood with a straw roof.
    Depending on the modder's choice, these witches could be awake during the day or at night.
    Personally I like two flavors, pretty and nice witches with pretty long and blond (Or Red, variants would be nice) with different hairs indicating different behaviors. These witches could fight hostile mobs and probably heal the player unless angered.

    AND the Evil witches, which would exclusively come out at night or with a full moon, which would need to be modded in. The Evil Witch would attack unprovoked, and fly about setting trees on fire. The Ghast's fireballs could be used here to great effect, and they could maybe even create other mobs from inanimate objects.
    I believe one in many of these should be a mob based off of Kamek the Magikoopa from the Mario games, but that is just me.

    So, Witches would have a simple hut where they would stay when they are asleep, possibly in a bed if that could be modded one day, and when they are active could fly on broomsticks. The player COULD perhaps even steal a broomstick, but in doing so they would need to kill the witch. Perhaps :SSSS: up her hut while she sleeps?

    More thoughts, cats would be a compatible mod, black cats regularly would be good but according to some legends witches could turn into animals but never could grow tails so a black cat without a tail could indicate that it is really a witch.

    Anyway, much of this is unrealistic at the moment, given the number of mods I have added to the initial request. Sleeping, cats, witches, broomsticks that allow flight, moonphases, but then again I believe all of these things can be done.
    Go forth and mod.
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    posted a message on When do we draw the line?
    Dwarf Fortress would be a wonderful goal.
    I would love to see a management system that detailed in Minecraft, and I will leave this thread so that I may begin bombarding the forum with requests. Be sure to comment, all of you.
    May the :SSSS: Be with you.
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    posted a message on When do we draw the line?
    Personally, I say never.
    Minecraft is an amazing game, and the community is SO CRAZY! Which is how I like it.
    It takes an INSANE human being to spend 50+ hours making a bat mob for a game that they will recieve no money for creating, yet if ANYONE makes a bat mob people here will WORSHIP them for their achievement.
    Minecraft has many incentives, yet no goals as of yet. The game is entirely about creation, and the community is unmatched, at this moment even rivaling that of Valve, for a game that has not yet been officially released even!

    But.... One day the mods may have to stop.
    Eventually there may be too many to install into the game at once and even remotely get it to run.
    Frankly, I think that day may happen, many, many decades into the future.
    Technology moves on, and so do the mods. Minecraft takes up so little space on a computer, and the mods can be so streamlined...

    I am in favor of NO limit, of the idea that when the final release is made, THIS FORUM could be used as the new developing department for the game. As of yet, Minecraft still feels limited, but the POTENTIAL for such an adaptable program feels LIMITLESS.

    I have no skill at Modding, but a knack at times for game design. I stay awake at night browsing for new mods now. I get hyper at the thought of posting a new topic. Congratulating people on great mods.

    One day, birds with individual characteristics in behavior and witches and pteranadons will fill the Minecraft skies....
    And it won't be enough.
    Sharks and dolphins and whales will swim the seas...
    And the player will have a diving suit or maybe even a submarine with torpedo bays...
    And it won't be enough.
    A mod will enable mp3 files to be added and a music blasting Sports stadium map will be downloadable for multiplayer Minecraft games like Spleef...
    And it won't be enough.
    Every addition makes these people, probably many of the people reading this, GO WILD with imagination.
    One day, JUNGLES and tigers and individual species of bears and characters from India's Legends will roam the world in a world that will resemble an online version of the original Jungle Book...
    And it won't be enough to satisfy our wants and demands.
    Almost none of this is done yet.
    Go make it happen.
    Petition modders.
    Become one if you can.
    Even a crappy, original mod is a good start.

    (This rant is hammy. This is intentional. We are all crazy here. Also, direct people to this, I want people to salivate enough to actually DO things in this AWESOME online community.)
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    posted a message on REQ! Fill in blank portions of outdated textures.
    Paint? I will! I think it's high time I did. I just think there are people, like me, that tend to be lazy and require a mod to do their work for them. I myself had to learn to add mods, when my TFC modmanager finally broke.
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    posted a message on REQ! Fill in blank portions of outdated textures.
    The titles says all of it really, a mod to allow full use of outdated textures by defaulting to the default texture for items the custom texture pack does not have a texture for.

    For example, I love Animal Crafting.
    However, it is outdated, and so does not have bones or dyes for wool.
    If these blank portions were filled in automatically, then there would be no problem.
    I'm sure if I knew how to PhotoShop I could do this, but I really think a mod could save a lot of people a lot of time.

    This would allow anyone at all to use textures regardless of their age.
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    posted a message on IDEA/REQUEST For simpler way to update textures.
    There is a simple solution, I think, to the problem of outdated texture maps.
    Why can't there be a program to allow the default textures to overwrite the blank portions of outdated texture packs?
    I am a huge fan of Animal Crafting, the pack themed after Animal Crossing, and it does not have the textures for bones or dyes. This bums me severely.
    I am severely bummed by this.
    If the default texture could be made to fill in the blanks, then no texture could be useless, even if it became hopelessly outdated.
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    posted a message on [Req] Sleep/beds. Also, RUNNING. Also, faster mobs.
    I have several simple wishes.
    Firstly, I have noticed that Xie's hunger mod is wonderful.
    It changes the way the player plays. I love the Nazi Zombie styles Nightmare mod, for which I do not remember the name of the creator. Anyway, that mod works extremely well with the hunger and farming mods. (Surprisingly to me at least.) I noticed that I could hole up in a stone wall surrounded area at least with line of sight mob targetting off. This would force me to create food with the farming mod and exit to gather resources. This is a unique and amazing experience, changing Minecraft into a largely survival based game.

    However, during this I noticed a lack of any ability to change speed beyond crouching and walking, and also most mobs move at the same speed except for jumping. I would love to see a spring function, for players and appropriate mobs like wolves. The real star of this rant is SLEEP. I believe that a need for sleep could add a great deal to the immersion aspect of Minecraft. It is established by the hunger mod by Xie that a timer can be used to trigger a change in player status, and the Succubus mod (Creator name lost) establishes that camera interference can be implemented to great effect. I would like to see a simple sleep mod in which the player would have a timer that would cause the player to perform better or worse based on the amount/quality of sleep he/she has had.

    This would require elaboration. As you go without sleep, your vision could become blurry. This would be hard to add I think. Alternately, your vision could become increasingly shaky, this CAN be done as shown in the Succubus mod. If you go FAR too long without sleep, your movements could become sluggish or unresponsive and the camera could start blinking out to suggest extreme fatigue. Maybe attacks could be weakened, but these are all just ideas.

    A bed would need to be created, and I think several could be made with common sense prevailing. For example:
    [] [] []
    [] [] :White:
    :////: :////: :////:
    Straw bed, just straw on the floor. Poor sleep.
    [] [] []
    [] [] :White:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    Wooden bed with pillow, better sleep, needs mattress.
    [] [] :White:
    :White: :White: :White:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    Much better wood bed with mattress and pillow.
    The pillow could be made by placing :White: and a feather together, or again just wool.
    I feel like this mod could tie into the sprint function, aiding or hurting the player performance and maybe even being tied into hunger. This would require a seperate item generically called "Condition" which would improve if well fed and rested and possibly uninjured.
    Note that I am going far beyond reason at the moment, this is because I have seen some excellent modders here and expect all of these to be possible at least.
    Also, minor complaint, it seems like many .class files for mods use very common names, why can't they use rarer names like rather than girl_cry.wav they could use girl_cry1463256.class!
    I could not mix two very good mods for humans because of an event like that where both files kept overwriting the other.

    -Stolas the owl

    Request, misc. I want to use the Animal Crossing Mod, but it does not have the textures for the multi-colored wool or the bones or other materials that have been added in the relatively recent update. I want this to change. How?
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    posted a message on [V1.6] Xie's Farming Mod v1.4
    I am a huge fan of what you have done with food related aspects of Minecraft. Your hunger mod is simple, yet very effective at changing how the game is played. I mix and match mods a lot, and I found that your hunger mod is very effective when combined with the Nightmare/Pet mod another modder posted online on this forum. It forces the player to both avoid staying in a little spider hole AND makes the player develop their home. I would love to see more mods like the hunger mod you created. Personally, I would love to see sleep. But that would be a nightmare to program unless the same timer based system for the hunger mod were applied to a new mechanic that might cause the camera to wobble or perhaps make the controls less responsive as the player got more sleepy. Then to get rid of it the player would need to lay down on a bed, perhaps made from either straw, wood, stone, steel, all probably laid out on the bottom row, then wool on the layer above it with another wool in the top row to make the pilow. Then the time would advance ingame with the screen simply blacking out when the bed is rightclicked. And then immediately after being well rested, say with different levels of efficiency based on the quality of bed and if it was a wooden slab or a pile of straw or if it had wool covers or even feathers filling the mattress. I have seen player camera control being overridden in the Succubus mod, when the Succubus approches and it forces the camera toward her, which means the wobbly camera should be possible enough at least. If really ambitious, it could be possible for time to speed up rather than skip outright, maybe while showing the clock item over the screen, then if a sound from a hostile mob is hear it may wake the player up. Maybe. I'm sorry for the HUGE rant, but I just feel like your hunger mod really sets an amazing precedent toward a more realistic Minecraft.
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