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    Thank you so much for the fixes, those Missing textures / Z-Villager Arms were driving me bananas! <3

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    Checked up on the Pixel Perfection V4.0_TEST2 and these are the problems I found:

    Blocks that Show up Purple/Black:

    - Oak Fence Gates (Opened)

    - Nether Brick Fence

    Texture errors:

    - Powered Rails (Activated) Texture looks squished and Stretched

    - Leaves (All of them) In Graphics: Fast Have white or lime green filling the cracks

    Block Textures Missing/ Not added yet:

    - All new 1.14 blocks

    - All paintings (I like your custom ones a lot!)

    - Turtle eggs

    - Bamboo

    - Sea Grass, Kelp, Sea Pickles

    - Glazed Terracotta

    - Stairs, Slabs, Walls (

    - Disabled Conduit

    - Corals

    - End Crystal

    Mob Textures Missing/ Not added yet:

    - Cats (excluding Tuxedo, Red, Siamese and Ocelot)

    - Horses, Donkey, Mule, Skeleton, Zombie (I know textures are disabled and the bug where they were horribly deconstructed abstract art)

    - Llamas, Merchant Llama

    - Pandas

    - Wandering Trader (Invisible), Villager Biome variations (All except plains)

    - Pillagers, Ravager, Vindicator, Evoker, Vex

    - Zombie Villager (Horribly deformed, missing arms), Phantom (Wings are transparent- showing background blocks instead) , Husk

    - Turtle, Dolphin, Fishes

    Personal Comments:

    - I miss the pink birch leaves and the teal Dark oak leaves, felt fantastical!

    - All the armour in this texture pack is wonderful, I'm especially fond of the Gold, makes me feel like a gladiator!

    - The cocoa pods growing on Jungle trees feel quite harsh in colour- but that's what they look like in real life *shrug*

    - The player heads have always seemed a little off to me

    - Wither/ Skeletons are my absolute favourite hostile mobs only because of this texture pack. I modified the texture in the past to fit it to a player model. Haven't changed it since!

    - Cauldron appears strange with the wavy pattern on the sides

    - I love how the ice blocks look!

    - The Mossy Cobblestone block look odd with the specks of green on them, I prefer the old appearance

    - The flowers are marvelous, sometimes i wish there were more

    - I'm not a fan of the new Cobblestone textures, In the city i'm building everything looks out of place.

    - Going to miss the old Acacia and Oak doors, I liked the screen door.

    - The water lilies are so cute!!

    - More of a question: Is it possible to add skin variations to Dogs/ Wolves?

    I'm excited to see the completed version, hope this all helps! :)

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    I'm excited for the 1.13 version of Pixel Perfection to come out, I've been checking every day for updates! It's the only texture pack I've used for the past 3 years or so- (I've even used the skeleton model for my character's skin 'cause it's phenomenal!)

    Keep doing what you do, I love it! :D

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