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    Aquor Flatlands Survival Public Test Server

    Normal uptimes for different US time zones:
    4:00PM - 7:00PM PST
    5:00PM - 8:00PM MST
    6:00PM - 9:00PM CST
    7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

    Disclaimer: Aquor is not easy. You will likely die many times before either making it to a safe haven of some sort, or building your own. Don't become discouraged! Group up with friends and feel free to ask for help from the other players :) .



    Aquor Flatlands Survival is a public test server for a future server that is under construction and in-development. Gameplay-altering command block features are being experimented with. Aquor Flatlands Survival functions as an independent server and runs as a finished public server.


    Various gameplay-changing Command Block mechanisms have been implemented. These changes include:

    1.) Only being able to deal damage once per second (to simulate winding up and recoiling from a swing)
    2.) Being inflicted with Nausea and Blindness for a short time when hit, to simulate the shock of being hit.
    3.) Mining Fatigue level 4 on all players, nearly doubling the time it takes to break blocks.

    More will be implemented as time goes on, and existing ones will be tweaked based on gameplay outcomes in order to balance them.


    More Info:

    During the day, the world is infested with slimes, and at night, mobs. This server is not easy by any means. You will probably die many times before either making it to an existing base, or building your own.

    The purpose of running on limited uptime is to make it possible to defend your home from potential raiders.

    The fact that everyone is inflicted with mining fatigue level 4 at all times also contributes to this greatly; since the world is flatlands, most people will be limited to wood and stone tools that only break blocks at around half speed compared to vanilla. Structures are now worth something and take effort to build even a fairly simple safe haven from the hordes of slimes.

    Stone is quite limited due to the only source being structures in villages, and cobblestone generators, which require villages to get the resources and tools for as well. Wood is much more accessible.
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    Hello everyone! I made a fairly long hiatus from the forums, the reason for which should be fairly obvious in this subforum: People cause ­storms over every little change.

    The current complaint is about how most current designs for iron farms and mob farms were made inoperable. Here's what I have to say to that:

    Get over yourselves.

    You complain about how gold blocks and iron blocks are too expensive to use in your builds without using a farm for them. That's the point, nimrod. If you want to make a golden throne room, use creative mode. If you want to make an iron fortress, use creative mode. Don't play SURVIVAL MODE and expect to make the most richesty rich richhouse of richness all by your lonesome.

    Survival mode is called survival mode for a reason, and I am loving the more recent changes that are helping to make the mode live up to its name, as well as all of the other tools they are adding. They've been needed for too long, and I am very happy with Mojang for starting to implement them now.

    The next major thing I'd love to see is a delay between clicking and your blade swinging and hitting, then a "recoil" period while you ready your next hit, but that's for a different thread on a different day. In the meantime, I'll be using the plethora of bukkit plugins and various mods to customize my SMP experience for the better.
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    Most servers are garbage. There's no denying that. Many are run by children, most that aren't run by children aren't regularly moderated due to outside obligations, many offer adminship for money, and other stupid bullcrap that ruins the experience for everyone but the owner's wallet. It's one of the main reasons I started hosting servers.

    The trick is to keep searching until you find a server that works for you. Keep in mind what you're looking for, read descriptions very carefully, and try interviewing admins or other players when you get on. Get a feel for the server, and remember that you can always lurk moar to get a better feel for the environment.

    I hope I could help :)
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    Aquor Terrafirmacraft.
    Signature image:
    Copy and paste this into your signature!
    [url= "http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/4648-aquor-20-rearming-the-aquorsenal-original-limited-uptime-server32-slotssurvival/#entry69147"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img703/1127/signatureimage.png][/url]
    Normal uptimes for different time zones:
    2:00PM - 8:00PM PST
    3:00PM - 9:00PM MST
    4:00PM - 10:00PM CST
    5:00PM - 11:00 PM EST
    Server IP address:
    Required mods:
    Aquor Servers was created in 2010 with this goal in mind: To create a Vanilla Minecraft survival server that made base versus base competition a satisfying game. While it saw some success, seeing actual organized raids on attackers versus defenders, it was hampered by the limitations of Vanilla Minecraft, and was ultimately shut down.This all changed when I, Sting_Auer, learned of Terrafirmacraft. The combination of an overhauled resource system, and the overall slowed pace of the game, solved the problems that faced Vanilla Aquor.
    With a new tool bestowed by Bioxx and Dunkleosteus, the developers for Terrafirmacraft, I forged a new server, and Aquor saw greater success than it once had. While the playerbase was initially smaller, the game was much more engaging and thought-provoking. Risks needed to be weighed more carefully, and player cooperation – as well as competition – was more meaningful.
    Now, unlike in Vanilla Minecraft, civilizations pour their resources and labor power into powerful castles and manufacturing copper, bronze, iron, steel, and red/blue steel, instead of powering through to the top-tier in 30 minutes and building obsidian cubes floating in the sky. With the increasingly region-dependent resource distribution, inter-civilization trade is becoming more and more important. Changes to metalworking have made it easier for new players to get off the ground and start playing, while still giving more established players a defensive advantage, if not an offensive one.
    This server has had its ups and downs, and its goals as a server and a community have changed over time. The current plan is to raise enough money to build a proper dedicated server machine, and afford greater bandwidth, resulting in a higher player cap. Donations are accepted, and Subscription is available to those that would like something in return for supporting the server.
    Customer support:
    If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or criticisms, please post them on our forums or send an E-mail to [email protected]
    To maintain a friendly, but still competitive environment in Aquor, certain rules must be followed. While wewish to grant players as much freedom as possible, there are certain behaviors that must be restricted to make the gaming environment enjoyable for as many players as possible. These rules are listed here:
    1.) Profanity is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, saying or alluding to Rape, discussing sex in a joking or unprofessional manner, and other similar topics.
    2.) Cheating of any kind is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, combat logging, X-ray texture packs, hacking clients, speedhacks, flighthacks, noclip, griefing clients, etc.
    3.) Personal attacks on other players is not permitted. Banter between players is fine, as it is a part of the competitive gameplay.
    4.) The admins have final say in what happens on the server. That being said, you can voice your opinions in a respectful manner, and the admins will listen.
    5.) Griefing and raiding are allowed, but don't be a jerk about it! The point of this server is to have fun, not make others feel bad or quit the server. Making people leave is a loss for everyone, not just the quitter.
    6.) Always be courteous to other players. If something you are doing is interfering with another players ability to enjoy the server experience, then you should stop! Unless it breaks a rule or stops you from enjoying the server in the way it is meant to be played, there is no need to continue.
    7.) Metagaming, while it can't be stopped, is heavily discouraged. Metagaming entails causing other players to quit, doing things outside of the game that are detrimental to others (regular communication is fine), or anything that works outside of the intentions of the game. Not only does it ruin the fun for other people, but it's actually detrimental to the server itself!
    8.) Outside of ~9KM from spawn, you are not allowed to farm. This is a soft limit, so if you are afraid that you are breaking it, contact an admin and they will check your coordinates and location to make sure it's okay.
    For ban appeals, subscription info, and other information, please refer to our thread on the TFC forums here: http://terrafirmacra...ival-tfc-07715/
    Alternatively, just click the picture in my signature!
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    Quote from engie_ninja

    Probably. I get a lot of hate, so people end up doing whatever they can to get a strike on me.

    I like to think that the phrase "hate breeds more hate" means that people who create hate will in turn be hated, not that hating should be avoided.

    People like you who genuinely hate, for no reason whatsoever besides thinking a group of people is icky, are the absolute worst people. People like you, Engie_Ninja, are the source of every single conflict, genocide, and atrocity in society. People like you caused the Crusades, the Holocaust, even WW1 and 2 themselves. I hope you're happy with the blood that your kind has on its hands.

    When revolution ultimately comes, people like you will be the first to be removed from society and existence if I have any say in it,
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    Quote from RealmsOfHW

    I also love how you define capitalism in a few sentences...really? Do you know how profound capitalism is? Maybe you should look into it....http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Capitalism

    Yes it is capitalist country but do you know how vague that is?

    Btw, if you do not know capitalism countries have competitive markets... as the article shows independent business run by individuals are shrinking rapidly...

    Capitalism is characterized by the private ownership of the means of production as a means of profit for the owner.

    It's as simple as that.

    Just as Communism is as simple as the communal ownership of the means of production in common.

    The part where it becomes complicated is the subsets, specific ideologies, subideologies, and modifications of all of these things.
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    Quote from RealmsOfHW

    communism is a joke! psh

    How insightful.
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    Quote from Inteli7

    Oh haha, I was referring to pedohpiles.

    Pedophilia has always happened. You can't just pretend that it never took place prior to acceptance of gay marriage.
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    Quote from Snweos

    I'm confused, why would you be against it being called a "gay marriage" legally? Is that not what it is? Am I missing something really really important here, gay marriage is when two homosexuals marry correct? Or am I confusing that with something else?!

    Does "Separate but equal" ring any bells?

    Negro marriages.

    Hispanic marriages.

    European marriages.

    German marriages.

    Midget marriages.

    dark-but-not-quite-black marriages.

    fat woman and tall skinny bearded man marriages.
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    Quote from Snweos

    Regardless of what various governments call it, people are going to call it “gay marriage”, but I feel that seems a little too slang almost? To be used in legal documents and in formal use. “Civil union” also feels a little too sterile and cold when used, so I feel a word in-between that should be used.

    There should definitely be a distinction between marriage and gay marriage when legally worded just to keep things very descriptive and clear.

    I agree. Let's also distinguish marriages between a negro and a legitimate white man. We should also distinguish whether or not the woman is above or under 30. Additionally, the amount of facial hair between the two newlyweds should be takne into account, along with their religious and political affiliations.
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