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    posted a message on Top 20 Most Useless Features in Minecraft

    The new 1.14 update is coming soon and with it are some more useless features! There are two main criteria I use to determine whether a block, item, etc is useful or not. It must be worth the cost and be a distinct addition to the game. Although aesthetics are generally good, a block that has a function or seems like it should have a function must be useful. This thread will go over items from the snapshots in addition to items already in the game.

    20. Bells

    Image result for bell minecraft 1.14

    The bell may be given more use in the later snapshots, but as of now, all it does is make a sound. Placing a gold block under a noteblock already makes a bell sound making this a redundant feature. To make more sound blocks, the noteblock would have to be seperated into many blocks such as it seems the crafting table is to avoid redundancy. Even so, that seems useless as well.

    19. Cauldron

    Image result for cauldron minecraft

    Yes, the cauldron is uesful in redstone builds, and has a few other trivial uses, but so much more could've been done with the block. Hopefully, the cauldron can one day replace the brewing stand as it has in console edition.

    18. Snowballs

    Image result for snowball minecraft

    They don't effect the player who is hit anymore. Snowballs should not damage the player but still do some knockback.

    17. Light Sources

    Image result for light sources minecraft

    As of now, different light sources are used purely for aesthetic reasons, but what if they had varying abilities. For example, a sea lantern could be brighter than any other source of light underwater. Jack O' Lanterns could be slightly less bright than glowstone to make access to the nether more vital.

    16. Crossbow

    Image result for crossbow minecraft

    There is little to no difference from the crossbow and the bow. The crossbow would be more useful if it could instantly fire arrows. Although less realistic, it at least provides a useful alternative to the bow. It already does less damage than the bow making it balanced.

    15. Golden Tools

    Image result for golden tools minecraft

    The golden tools are for the most part useless- the sword and hoe especially.

    14. Dolphins

    Image result for dolphins minecraft

    Dolphins should be more effective in helping the player find treasure.

    13. Chest

    Image result for chest minecraft

    Barrels are cheaper and can be opened even if a block is on top of it. The double chest is the only advantage it has over the barrel.

    12. Polar Bears

    Image result for polar bear minecraft

    There's a reason everyone forgets about them.

    11. Rotten Flesh

    Image result for rotten flesh minecraft

    The only reason this is so low on the list is because rotten flesh can heal wolves and be used for trading with villagers.

    10. Egg

    Image result for egg minecraft

    Although they might be useful for chicken farms, they're useless as throwable items. Perhaps since eggs are slightly more difficult to get (without a chicken farm) they could knock the player back further.

    9. Wooden Tools

    Image result for wooden tools minecraft

    The wooden pickaxe is the only wooden tool that anyone creates. Players should be able to craft cobblestone with rocks/pebbles so that these five items can be removed from the game.

    8. Ocelot

    Image result for ocelot minecraft

    Ocelots should just be a reskin of the cat mob specific to the jungle biome. They are currently harder to tame than a cat and less useful than cats too.

    7. Dead Bush

    Image result for dead bush

    This would have been lower on the list, but dead bushes fit well in the desert.

    6. Diorite

    Image result for diorite minecraft

    Ewww... Perhaps dolomite could replace diorite. It's less messy, but not to the point that it looks polished.

    5. Pigs

    Image result for pig minecraft

    The pig is one of the most iconic mobs in Minecraft. More useful features needed to be added to them. Perhaps pork could be the best food in the game- even better than steak. This would incentivize pig farms in addition to other farms. Riding pigs, although silly, is rather pointless

    4. Clock

    Image result for clock minecraft\

    Clocks can tell the time, but so can the sun. If you're mining, why would you need to know the time anyways.

    3. Beetroot

    Image result for beetroot soup minecraft

    Beetroot itself only heals 1 hunger bar. Beetroot stew heals 6, but bowls don't stack! Additionally, beetroots can't be used to breed any animals.

    2. Hoes

    Image result for hoes minecraft

    Hoes only vary in durability. A stone or iron hoe is all you need.

    1. Poisonous Potato

    Image result for poisonous potato

    At least make it a little less obvious that it's poisinous. I understand the reference to the potato blight, but it seems pretty useless overall.

    Do you know any other useless features? Feel free to share.

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    posted a message on Intensity

    I like the idea of a global difficulty. However, some of this seems too hard. While I do like the idea of an impossible difficulty, most of the difficulties should still be playable. I would only keep peacful, easy, normal, hard, insane, and impossible.

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    posted a message on How about a use for the illusion illager in Raids?

    The illusioner seems more mystic and doesn't really seem like it would fit raids.

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    posted a message on Revamped Combat: Modifications to Melee Weapons

    Does the modification of the pickaxe sound reasonable? Should it have a different special attack?

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    posted a message on Puddles! Add a fun SPLASH to Minecraft!

    I like this idea for the added realism.

    Full Support

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    posted a message on Modifying Shears in Minecraft

    Thank you for your feedback everyone

    I have made these changes:

    1. Shears have returned but their uses will be restricted to shearing sheep, shearing mooshrooms, shearing snowgolems, and carving pumpkins.
    2. Swords can now only collect leaves and cobwebs with silk touch.
    3. Hoes can collect grass, ferns,and other related blocks with silk touch.
    4. Wool can be instantly broken by the player as it would make logical sense.

    Yes, I understand the hypocrisy for I said that shears were limited in their uses. However, making shears strictly a tool that can't be used for mining was my sole intent. Now, the gap in the logic of shears not being able to be crafted by gold or diamond makes sense.

    If you can find any other creative uses for shears, please do so.

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    Shears uses will be restricted to shearing sheep, shearing mooshrooms, shearing snowgolems, and carving pumpkins. In minecraft, shears are very limited in their uses. Therefore its mining abilities should be merged with the sword and the hoe. Swords as of now are very similiar to shears. It is slightly quicker to break cobwebs and leaves with a sword. With this change, the sword's efficiency would be multiplied by 2. Additionally, the sword can receive the enchants any other mining tool can. With fortune 1, cobwebs have a 50% chance of dropping string. With fortune 2, the cobweb always drops 2 string and with fortune 3, cobwebs has a 50% of dropping 3 string. Any item can instantly break wool. As somewhat off topic, hoes can collect extra crops with fortune.

    Silk touch should only be applied to blocks of which efficiency is applied to. For example, a efficiency pickaxe cannot break grass blocks any faster than a regular pickaxe, so why should it drop a grass block with silk touch.

    • Glass can be retrieved by picks with silk touch
    • Cobwebs and leaves can be retrieved by swords with silk touch.
    • Grass, ferns, and blocks of the sort can be retrieved by hoes with silk touch

    If you read my thread on the melee combat update, it makes every mining tool into a weapon with unique abilities. With this update, the sword is a mining tool as much as it is a combat one.

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    posted a message on Can it be made so that opening books pauses the game in singleplayer, and LAN if possible?

    There is no valid arugment. I understand that Minecraft should implement features for less lag, but you can't just change features to do so. I would also prefer if book and quills don't pause the game even in singleplayer to add to the realism.

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    posted a message on GOBLINS - Includes new primitive weapons and blocks!
    Quote from Drakortha»


    Goblins generally spawn within biomes that provide a lot of shade from the sun, such as roofed forests. They may also have above-ground villages/tribes/campsite (much like Villagers we have now, except hostile). Goblins can be armed with primitive weapons like clubs, throwing spears, slingshots. Goblins can be geared in leather armor most of the time, but stronger goblins can have better armor and weapons.

    The goblin campsites should have tents and huts that look like the clash royale goblin hut.Image result for goblin hut minecraft

    Goblins primary combat method is silent ambush, which they have an advantage to surprise ambush you, and very often in groups. Goblins have strength in numbers. Goblins have agile movement. They can hit fast but tend not to hit too hard with each hit. Goblins prefer to attack in groups of 2 at the very least, with 3 being the most common group size. This would be a distinct attack which is good. I do not know of any mobs that hit fast as of now.

    Extra Behaviors

    Goblins will not burn in sunlight but they will avoid it, and remain either indoors, in caves, or in dense forest as that is their preference and provides them an advantage when ambushing.

    Goblins may wander in groups at night to hunt, much like the AI behavior of Illagers, except they are out to kill cows/pigs/other passives for their resource.

    Perhaps any drops they pick up from slain creatures they take back to their village before sunrise and store it in a chest of some sort. An experienced player could attack goblin settlement to access the chest. Goblin huts and/or the mob should drop gold.

    NEW Blocks:

    Campfire block - Every goblin settlement need a campfire in the middle for them to cook their meat. A player can use the campfire the same way they use a furnace, only it could have a slower cook rate and to keep it burning you need to place wood in the fuel slot. An extinguished campfire can be relit using flint and steel. What would be the use. Perhaps a campfire should spawn naturally in huts and can also be crafted by the player. When lit with flint and steel, it will cook for three times as long as a furnace. However, when it runs out, it will dissapear leaving cooked foods as items.

    Tribal Bedding - Made from leather this block provides the same function as a regular bed, just without the wool. And it's only 1/8th of a block high, much like existing carpet blocks. Perhaps the tribal bedding can be a sleeping bag. Once used returns back to your inventory.

    TALL torch block - They provide the same function as the regular torch, except you use 2 sticks instead of one when crafting them and they are 2 blocks tall when placed. Goblins use these to light up their camp. This block should be renamed to tiki torch.

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    posted a message on Revamped Combat: Modifications to Melee Weapons

    Yeah, sorry for the confusion; the crit hit is already in the game. I forgot to mention that. Seeming as how useless wooden tools are and how players almost immediately build stone tools as soon as they have stone, wooden tools are unnessecary. I would prefer a method for a player to craft a stone pick using a sticks from leaves and cobble stone from pebbles rather than a wooden pick. However, that doens't pertain to this thread. Thank you for the support!

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    posted a message on 🔥TotallyNotSuspicious🔥 - 1.13 [16+] [Custom Map] [RESET in Dec.] [WHITELISTED SMP] [Vanilla] [DISCORD

    The decade war consisted of a clash between seven savage tribes. Of them were the wood elves: a group of young and brave warriors, the nymphs: eternal spirits of nature, the faries: unimaginable mystic beings, the gnomes: crafty but mishievous midgets, the ogres: mighty cave dwellers, and the goblins: gold lovers. There seemed no hope for Rivendell as the goblins gained power. The enchanted forest was caught aflame as a consequence of the goblin domination. However, the trees of which they resided resisted destruction. Of their home came living, breathing creatures- the Ents.

    The Ents taught the creatures a new way of life. A one in which each creature adapted to the other. Together, they formed the seven pillars of fellowship. The wood elves represented courage, the nymphs represented love, the fairies represented imagination, the gnomes represented wisdom, and the ogres represented strength. Lastly, the ents represented growth, for they had given the once barbaric creatures a chance to coexist in tranquility. However, redemption seemed not a viable option for the goblins who were representative of greed. They were banished never to return again.

    Today, the creatures in Rivendell live as one enitity- Hespera. Hespera is a guild in which several distinct species coexist in an enchanted forest. Even through the age of technology serving as the greatest temptation for the guilds of TNS, Hespera remains to live a simple way of life. A one in which natural beauty is prioritized over industrilization. If you watch closely, you can see the naiads dancing in the rivers and the dryads dancing in the woods.

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    posted a message on fishg's Autumnal Forest

    Trees: Each new leaf would be an individual block right. That's the only way I could see this working. (yellow leaf, orange leaf, maple leaf)

    Syrup: Perhaps you could collect syrup by right clicking maple wood with a bottle

    Syrup Block: How high you jump should be lowered when on a syrup block. Additionally, if you try to jump, the block should make a sticky sound.

    Sweetened Bread: Idk, seems to no Minecrafty. Too complex.

    Turkey: Seems reasonable considering we have donkeys and mules. Maybe it should be a reskinned chicken.

    Black Bear: Definetly. They should climb up the trees as well because that is kind of what they're known for. Off topic: I hope that they add grizzles as well since they have polar bears and pandas now.

    Vampire: They should also be able to regenerate their health like a player with regeneration 1. In bat form however, they should be more vunerable (bats in general should have their health lowered from 6 to 4).

    Autumnal Creeper: Should just be a reskinned creeper rather than a seperate mob.

    Pumpkin Houses: Perhaps you could add carved pumpkins or jack o'lanterns somewhere in the build.

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    posted a message on Revamped Combat: Modifications to Melee Weapons


    I'm going to be completely honest, I hate the 1.8 combat. That's weird coming from someone like me because I'm a builder. Generally speaking, more people are in favor of the new reworked combat system that 1.9 gave us as it provides a challenge rather than the old, broken system. However, both have their pros and cons. In this thread, I'll be improving upon and compromising between both systems.



    • Fast paced (preferred by minigame servers)
    • Easier to prevent annoying creeper explosions
    • Better for Player vs Player combat
    • Accuracy based combat (aiming)


    • Swords are a monopoly in combat
    • Unbalanced Player vs Entity combat
    • Promotes spamming controls
    • Gives advantage to players with better mouses



    • Longer lasting battles between players
    • Promotes strategy (varying items)
    • Makes combat more challenging (preferred by SMPs)
    • Better for Player vs Entity combat (preferred by single players)
    • Precision based combat (timing)


    • Makes bows extremely overpowered
    • Added overpowered shields
    • Bad for PvP with multiple players


    Slash: A slash is an attack that is performed when the player waits for their attack indicator to reach the max. In a slash attack, the player deals full damage.

    Swing: A swing is an attack that is performed when the player’s attack indicators is 50-99% recharged. If this occurs, the player will deal 75% damage.

    Cut: A cut is an attack that is performed when the player’s attack indicator is below 50%. The player will only deal 25% damage.

    Crit Hit: A crit hit occurs when the player is falling downwards. The player does +1 damage. The animation is the vertical version of the sweep animation.

    Slash’n Dash: A slash’n dash is an attack performed when the player’s attack indicator is full and they are sprinting. The player deals +1 damage.

    Swing’n Miss: A swing’n miss has a 50% chance of occurring if the attack indicator is 50-90% recharged. The player will deal 0% damage if this occurs.

    Close Cut: A close cut occurs when the player’s attack indicator is below 50% and the player is crouching. The player deals 50% damage if this occurs.


    Every whack level is an extra block the player is knocked back from the original amount. The whacking animation is the same as the critical hit animation. For whacking to work, the player must deal a critical hit. Gold, being a heavier metal, will whack the player back further. Whack is useful when on the high ground.

    Swords no longer perform the sweep special attack; the hoe does. However, there are some slight changes. First off, the sweeping edge enchantment is no longer in use. Secondly, the sweep level represents the percentage of damage distributed to all enemies besides the main target (the main target receives full damage). Enchantments are also distributed. For example, an iron hoe with sharpness V and fire aspect II would deal 4 damage and add 32 fireticks to all enemies besides the main target. The sweeping animation is unchanged. The player must be standing still to perform sweep.

    Every stab level calculates the percentage of armor points (doesn’t affect enchants) that is ignored. In the stab animation, the player use 2 hands and pushes the sword forward at the enemy while it is parallel to the ground. The player must be sneaking for stabbing to work. Wouldn’t gold swords be overpowered? Considering the fact that a max enchanted gold sword does around half as much damage as a max enchanted diamond sword and has a low durability, not really. However, a gold sword could be debated for whether it’s as useful over an iron sword. Armor ignore would be most useful for late game when the regional difficulty is higher. Battling players would be slightly faster paced, but still based off of strategy if players could do some more damage.

    Every ram level is indicative of the added percentage chance a common, uncommon, rare, equipped, and experience drops will be dropped from the entity hit. For ramming to work, the player must be walking. The ramming animation is the same as the stabbing animation.

    Every smash level is a second that the shield is disabled. Shields being disabled now have an animation. For smash to work, the player must be sprinting (this is similar to before except for the fact that it relies less on luck. It used to be 25% without sprinting and 75% when sprinting). By now you’ve probably caught on to the theme of gold being the most useful in special attacks for each type of weapon. Shield disable would only be useful in single player if the chance for zombies to spawn with a shield was added.atting issues

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    posted a message on Cooking Pots that make Stews, Soups, and other Foods / Campfires with Spits

    This idea is a bit silly considering we have cauldrons. A camp fire isn't much different than a fire so ditch that. Campfires are more of aesthetic builds built by the player. A cauldron should have fire next to it so you can make soups. I do like the idea of another form of cooking: boiling. Boiling food is another form of cooking rather than frying it. The cauldron an furnace should have it's up an down sides though which you should explain in the OP.

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