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    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    Responses in red

    Light: it could be better.

    Cauldron: heh?

    Wooden tools are toys.

    Diorite: do you play on any community smp's.

    'Inventory space is fairly big' :lol:

    funny joke

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    Quote from Badprenup»

    Personally, I object to the idea that each item HAS to have a ton of utility or multiple different uses. There are always going to be items that are more useful than others, trying to make everything equally useful just results in cramming more and more features into existing items, features that probably aren't extremely useful or are very niche. Plus there isn't anything wrong with items existing just for fun (like Snowballs for example) I'm also not going to comment on any of the items that are introduced in the snapshots because they likely aren't done.

    Although I agree that features shouldn't be crammed into an item, the less items that can get the job done and still make logical sense the better. For example, I am unfond of the conduit hich acts very similiarly to the beacon. I agree with you that items can exist just for fun though. A snowball doing a little knockback wouldn't be practically useful, but would satisfy the player that shoots it (like a snowball fight).

    I'm also not really going to argue blocks that are purely or mostly aesthetic, such as most of the light source blocks. Different light sources look good in different scenarios. If I make a village I'll probably use Glowstone blocks. In my current build that is a fleet of ships in the ocean, I use Lanterns. In a game where building and creativity is a huge portion of the gameplay, I'm fine with multiple blocks that do the same thing but are visually different.

    I mentioned that the light sources vary in aesthetic.

    Cauldron - Personally, I don't use these other than for decoration, or to remove dye from items. I'm okay with them existing as they are though. They look nice and have some functionality.

    I like cauldrons as well. I mentioned that they should be given the brewing stand's functions as well for it would fit Minecraft's fanatasy theme.

    Crossbow - I haven't had much opportunity to use one yet, but the different enchantments and the ability to keep these loaded gives them a unique functionality. There is already a thread in the Recent Updates and Snapshots section saying they are too powerful for these reasons.


    Golden Tools - Not all tool tiers are created equal and they never will be short of completely overhauling the progression system. Gold tools seem to exist in a nebulous state and seem to be more of a joke item than anything else. Gold is decently rare (or it was, I seem to get a decent amount from Drowned now), so I can see the joke of making a tool from a rare item and it being low in quality because actual Gold would be terrible for tools.

    Well if it's meant to be a joke, I don't find it very funny.

    Dolphins - Yeah they aren't hugely interesting I guess. I like the improved swimming speed near them enough to keep some nearby, it can help when you are dealing with working underwater a lot like I am lately.

    That feature makes no logical sense though. Riding dolphins would've been a better alternative (but Mojang thought dolphins were cuter than pigs and forgot that coal pollutes the air).

    Chest - Not really going to comment because your main issue is due to Barrels now existing and those may not be done being worked on. But Chests look nicer than Barrels, and they are also extremely useful because they make Hoppers, Minecarts with Chests, Shulker Boxes, and Trapped Chests. All of which can be incredibly useful if you know what to do with them

    I prefer the barrel in terms of aesthetic but I guess it's just preference. The chest is indirectly useful via crafting ig.

    Polar Bear - No comment on these, I've never seen one in game because I don't like snow biomes.

    Rotten Flesh - I find this item very useful due to the trades. It has also saved me from death in early game more times than I can count because it is so easy to get.

    Egg - Automated chicken farms is a good enough reason for them to exist to me. I'd almost prefer that Chickens not be able to breed with Seeds just because it makes them more unique. These often lead to Chickens being my number one source of food because they are so easy to automate.

    I agree- eggs providing uniqueness to the chickens.

    Wooden Tools - Again, tools will never be equal without a huge progression overhaul. I don't see any reason to remove them from the game though, per your idea in the OP. It isn't like they take up a ton of space, between the textures and code to make them work they probably take a few kb of space at the most. They certainly don't make the game worse by existing, even if they don't make it very much better.

    There is no point in them and I would prefer a more realistic start to Minecraft. Also- collecting sticks and rocks would be a fun and interesting start to the game.

    Ocelot - These could definitely be more useful, I agree there. But I disagree with your idea to just make them easier to tame and keep them the same as regular cats. They could be given more use by actively trying to scare Creepers away from the player by chasing them and making so Creepers won't go after a player even if an Ocelot is nearby. Getting a bunch of them on Leads would be a good way to keep Creepers away from your builds without having to spam light sources.

    As kibg as tge ocelot shares some major characteristics with the other cats (similiarly to ho horses and mules share characteristics).

    Dead Bush - Aesthetics.


    Diorite - I happen to like Diorite quite a bit. I like the "salt and pepper" pattern it has, and it works good for decoration when mixing it with the other two underground blocks. I personally like to use one of the three as a floor, then use the other two in a pattern on the wall. It looks quite nice for subterranean structures.

    Pigs - Again, kind of useless but I don't really see a reason to make them better just because of it. There is always going to be a passive mob that is the "worst". Although giving them a new ability couldn't hurt, such as being able to root around for seeds or other treasures when you give them a mushroom. Pigs are renowned for their great sense of smell after all.

    Sounds like an interesting idea.

    Clock - Decoration and because it can be useful to know what time it is when mining. If I am deep underground I'd rather emerge in the day so it is helpful to know if I can sleep within a minute or so rather than having to surface and deal with mobs at night. All depends on play style.

    true, I'll raise it up on the list.

    Beetroot - Again, there will always be an item that is considered the "worst". I'd rather have a bit more variety that isn't quite as useful than not have it at all. But if it got a decent Villager trade I wouldn't turn my nose up against it. Or if Villagers were more likely to breed with those than if you gave them other crops.

    While we're at it, lets add rubies and amethysts for more 'variety'

    Hoes - I've wanted the functionality to automatically harvest and replant a crop added to the Hoe for a while. And an enchantment that gives you a chance of getting more from your harvest to go with it. But even without that I still make a Diamond Hoe and add enchantments to it. Not so much because it makes it better than the other versions of the Hoe, but because I always keep at least 4-5 Diamond Blocks in my storage and have XP to spare. I don't feel bad about "wasting" it when I have plenty to go around.

    There should be a progression system for the hoes.

    Poisonous Potato - Sure. I wish it was a brewing ingredient or something. Especially since you can get a ton by searching shipwrecks now.


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    posted a message on Saddle and Horse Armor Enchantments?

    Saddle enchantments, if the right amount, could be useful.

    Lightweight- increased speed (as the OP mentioned)

    Spread- increased jump (as ScotsMiser mentioned)

    Rampage- which should be a saddle enchantment (although the horse can still ram into people, this enchantment increases the damage

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    posted a message on Music for raids and fighting bosses (including wither and elder guardians)

    I don't see any problem, as long as the sound comes from the mob it should work. It would be pretty awesome hearing epic battle music when your friend spawns a wither near your house. The enderdragon music should be made better as well.

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    Light: If it's so hard to notice they should make the change in lighting greater. Do you agree with that?

    Caudlron: Image result for cauldron Brewing Stands aren't real things. I imagine them as modern rather than midieval, but then again, that's subjective.

    Wooden Tools: Wow, so now you resort to lying- that's low.

    Diorite: Actually, a new good looking or useful block is never bad. The bone block and stripped logs for example were game changing for builders. It isn't very hard to retexture 1 block.

    Pig: Yes, I've never met a person that preferred riding a pig than going on foot.

    Beetroot: Well obviously more food is never bad, but once you create an auto (or manual) food farm you'll have no use for them. Sure- if beetroot if is the only food you have it will temporarily be useful like rotten flesh. If you're mining and you don't have any shulker boxes, beetroots are just a waste of space. Using that logic Minecraft could useless ores and say- "oh well, would you rather have 1 ruby and 64 diamons or just 64 diamonds." I'm sure no one would mind giving beetroot another use.

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    posted a message on 🔥TotallyNotSuspicious🔥 - 1.13 [16+] [Custom Map] [RESET in Dec.] [WHITELISTED SMP] [Vanilla] [DISCORD

    The Zhou Dynasty is a new guild that is in need of members. I'm not in the guild, but it's theme is apparently Chinese style building.

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    posted a message on Revamped Combat: Modifications to Melee Weapons

    A piercing modification would be unique, but doesn't seem fitting for a pickaxe considering its shape. Thx for the feedback anyways.

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    You've certainly not done all your research, but good job nonetheless. Still, having some useless features makes you appreciate the useful ones more, so it adds balance in that sense.

    Beetroots are indeed useful, but not in a direct way. They CAN be used to breed pigs. The reason this is important? Because if you're in a village, you want to sell the other root vegetables to farmers to get money in the early days there. At the same time, food is still important. ON the other hand, beetroot stew is nearly useless. Its sum hunger and saturation is exactly equal to its parts (exactly 6 beetroots = 6 hunger and 3 saturation), so its only uses are to save a bit of space when you have exactly 6 beetroots and 1 bowl, or to save time when you need to eat fast (e.g. in a cave system). Perhaps they could be used to breed goats if they're added.

    Dead bushes are the only source of sticks in a desert, which combined with a desert village's new equipment is all you need to survive in a desert world for quite a while. They are also good kindling to start fires, especially from lava pools, so you can open nether portals with their help early on in gameplay. Kindling?

    Bells will obviously have more function, we'll have to wait on them.

    Clocks are necessary if you are defending villages or raising turtles because undead will attack at night and you will be caught unaware. Of course, you can just bring a bed and check it every five seconds - not that that's weird or anything. Or... you can look at the sun

    Snowballs and eggs are mostly useless, but I find them helpful sometimes to get mobs' attentions when I want them to charge me. Gets their aggro up. true

    Cauldrons plus water buckets and trapdoors can be a lifesaver in the Nether. Quickly build a cauldron, fill it, and place a trapdoor on top and open it, all of which takes about three seconds. Jump on top and walk backwards to the trapdoor so you hit the open trapdoor and fall in the small water space. For carrying three extra items, you can put yourself out of a ten-second fire and possibly save your life. This is indeed useful, but the feature lacks continuity (which I'm aware is not the topic of the thread).

    Light sources definitely need work. With the introduction of lanterns, I almost want them to make torches non-infinite again. I bet lanterns will be cheap enough to craft en masse anyway. Agreed.

    For the rest of the examples, I agree. I could also add a slew of blocks which are only good for decorational purposes, but I don't want to anger the Creative players. Decoration is technically still a use, meaning that they can't be useless anyway :P

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    Light: I was referring to the fact that although the torch varies in the code, there is virtually no visual difference in the game.

    Cauldron: Neither makes more sense than the other. I personally would prefer brewing my potions in a cauldron without a GUI as it fits with the fantasy theme of Minecraft.

    Wooden Tools: What do you mean. I never knew people made tools out of wood until playing Minecraft. Flint is much more common actually.

    Eggs: 2 different Minecraft encyclopedias

    Ocelots: true

    Diorite: Low priority doesn't mean low quality.

    Pig: I'd rather go by foot as it is more convenient than a pig.

    Beetroot: What about mutton and chicken? They give more food points and can be stacked making them much more useful. You can't have a double standard for realisticness. There for I deem your realisticness argument invalid.

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»
    With no advantage over and a durability lower than wood, the golden hoe beats out the diamond hoe which does have high durability… not to mention the "benefits" of (witlessly) conspicuous consumption.
    Many of the other contestants mentioned in the OP seem to have been put forward out of some misapprehension of the candidate items' untility (albeit often in less common circumstances)
    20. The bellHardly fair to comment on an item not yet finished. Disqualified from the <1.14 Golden Hoes on that basis.
    Yeah ig

    19. Cauldron
    The cauldron will hold water in the nether allowing a means of extinguishing oneself. This must be prepared beforehand and is certainly no competition for poitions of fire resistance, but can be useful. [Notably while trying to acquire one's first few blaze rods.]
    While it may be rare, there are times when cauldrons in redstone are exceddingly useful or actually required.
    For expansion & further arguments, Why Cauldrons are the Best Blocks in Minecraft!

    I've heard plenty of arguments on the matter but cauldrons in terms of their intuitive uses are not very useful. However, it is useful nonetheless.

    18. Light Sources
    Thes DO have functionally different behaviors.
    Torches (and possibly sea pickles[?]) have no collision mask so they inhibit neither movement nor spawning. The former cannot be used underwater, the later are only usable underwater.
    Sea Pickles are also the only currently avalable adjustable light source.
    Redstone lamps are switchable.
    Jack o' Lanterns [JoL] are these easiest to obtain top level (Block Light 15) source and can be used underwater, but (until 1.13) had more restrictions on block placement. JoLs are also the only Lvl15 light source that is a spawnable block (being transparent only in rendering) which is useful in slime farms.
    Sea Lanterns and Glowstone are the most functionally similar of the light sources. Both are more readily placable than JoLs (pre-1.13), but are non-spawnable being transparent.
    End Rods have unique collision masks and placement rules.
    This list ignores fire and lava as well as blocks primarily used for purposes other than lighting (eg beacons, furnaces, etc.)

    I guess I was referring to specifically- glowstone, sea lanterns, and lanterns.

    Also unfinished. My guess is that these will become either special purpose equipment (similar to Bane weapons) or YMMV equipment (similar to Fire Aspect swords). [YMMV equipment is that which is beloved by some and ignored by others.]

    Hmm... I don't really like the idea of bane weapons. I'd prefer that sticks to enchantments and the varying functions are for the item.

    16. Golden tools
    I award one of this family top 'honors'
    The only point to them otherwise seems to be providing a source for gold in increments of less than one ingot.
    [Thinking primarly of the swords obtainable form pigmen.]

    15. Dolphins
    I've not tried this (yet), but Minecraft Dolphin Super Highways from docm77.

    I heard of it.

    14. Chest
    I'd be inclined to claim the barrel (as currently implemented simply a halfchest that ignores a solid block above) as a better claimant for a 'Golden Hoe' runner-up.
    Responding, nevertheless, to the OP list: the ability of a single full chest to feed two hopper lines has some utility on building storage silos.

    Having both seems rather useless as one is just slightly different than the other.

    13. Polar Bears
    A worthy nomination.
    These are more common as of the 1.13 change that made normal ice a spawnable block, but otherwise seem no more than an overworld equivalant to the nether's pigmen that was made too rare to actually be cause for caution.

    12. Rotten Flesh
    As a cheap means of resetting cleric villager trades (notably redstone, lapis, glowstone, ender pearls) that also provides emeralds, hardly useless.


    11. Eggs
    While generally an storage system clogger, eggs form the basis of the only fully automatic infinite food farm. [Chickens on hoppers >> eggs >> auto-killed/cooked chicken.]


    10. Wooden tools
    Another potentially reasonable nominee…
    Loses out on a Golden Hoe due to the first day necessity. [Crafting a wooden axe (using 7/8ths log worth of wood) can provide a (minor) advantage in the first day as the increased speed of logging can more than compensate for the time/materials to craft if the immediate vicinity of the site for one's starter house has many trees.
    Similarly, using a wooden hoe to get seeds into the ground as quickly as possible can be advantageous. (One can start farming before the first night, possibly even spending a torch or two to allow the crop to grow through the dark 'hours'.)]
    The wooden sword would seem a better candidate as a stone sword is so frequently available at or about the same time.

    Stone is so readily available that it could be used instead of wood.

    9. Ocelot
    Post 1.14 nerf [inspired by the protected species SJWs?] this may have some basis. (The specifices of ocelot behavior after a player has 'gained their trust' are not clear.)
    Until that unfortunate walkback, ocelots are the source of cats [roughly recapitulating the favored theories of cat domestication] and one of MJ's better efforts – nicely hitting the sweetspot on the difficult to obtain/utility graph.

    Hmmm... I guess it's not fair because the behaviors haven't been clarified.

    8. Dead Bush
    A source of sticks (vital for torches) if starnded in a desert (or playting a challenge spawn), otherwise a good candidate.

    7. Diorite
    Strictly YMMV. There are those who like the way diorite looks. [We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…]

    The diorite cult

    6. Pigs
    Surprised carrot-on-a-stick was not nominated instead.
    Pigs produce pork, which is still tradable rather than the (mainly) storage system clogging beef which is no longer tradable.
    Assuming one was willing to farm one's leather from rabbits, cows might be a more competitive nominee as the steak byproduct is not superior to cooked pork and pig farming does not generate wheat seeds as a byproduct.

    5. Clock
    Useful when underground for timing returns to the surface to minimize wait time when working on daylight sensitive builds. (Knowing when one's ender blinds are usable can be as useful as knowing when torch&fence projects are least dangerous.) [That said, I get clocks almost exclusively as a least cost alternative on those occassions when all the better trades on a librarian lock up. Having these (not for 'free', but as a sunk cost) was what got me to use clocks and led me to seeing that knowing the time of day was of greater utility than I'd thought. ]

    4. Beets
    Beets can be used to breed pigs.
    If one does not need wheat (ie not actively breeding llamas, cows, or sheep and not eating bread), beets are a preferred crop as they will feed both pigs and chickens (presuming one is actively breeding chickens – more useful for generating experience than item drops all of which are availanle from the fully automatic infinite farms.)
    [Beets also make red dye for those who steadfastly refuse to build iron farms or bonemeal roses.]

    I was unaware of its breeding functionality.

    3. Hoes
    I see no reason for these as a group to make even the list of nominees being required for any crop farming.
    Of the hoes, Iron would be my choice as least useful: wood may allow an earlier start to famring, stone is my usual 'utility' model, and diamond at least offers the chance to vulgarly flaunt&lt;_&lt; … advertise :P one's wealth.

    That's what those ugly diamond houses are for.

    2. Poisonous Potato
    This particular invetory clogger would be my choice for first runner up.
    Other than as a legacy from a time when using web resources (rather than frustrating and expensive trial and error) to suss out brewing stand recipes or the like, it does seem to be little more than a rebuttal to Chekov's gun.

    1. Snowball
    Aside from the already mentioned uses (vs. blaze and the like & crafting snow blocks) the knockback_without_damage feature can be quite useful for 'nudging' villagers. [Given the level of frustration moving villagers generally entails this alone would seem sufficient justification for the snowballs.]
    Snowballs are also the preferred method of initiating the aggro chain in many gold farms.
    The wiki further claims that snowballs will destroy end crytals – with which use I was unfamiliar. [Not likely to be the preferred means, but interesting.]

    This has been significantly lowered on the list
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    posted a message on Saddle and Horse Armor Enchantments?

    I like the lightweight but not the others. Regeneration can be applied with a potion and haybales can be used to increase health. The effects of calvery and rampage should be built into the horses as they make logical sense. Horse armor should be able to receive the same enchants as regular armor.

    I would also assume that saddles and horse armor will have durbaility in addition to enchants.

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    posted a message on How about a use for the illusion illager in Raids?

    No that I think about it, an illusioner would make a good boss battle. Maybe the last 'wave' would just be a illusioner and two pillagers. However, the illusioner needs an epic entrance to indicate that it's a boss.

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    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    torch = 0.9375 light level

    glowstone = 1.0 light level

    sea lantern = 1.0 light level

    redstone torch = 0.5 light level

    redstone ore = 0.625 light level

    jack-o-lantern = 1.0 light level

    portal = 0.75 light level

    brewing stand = 0.125 light level

    end portal frame = 0.125 light level

    dragon egg = 0.125 light level

    ender chest = 0.5 light level

    beacon = 1.0 light level

    comparator = 0.625 light level

    end rod = 0.9375 light level

    These values are straight from the Minecraft code.

    As you can see, there is plenty of diversity in how much light each block has. And the entire reason sea lanterns were added was for underwater light.

    The most used sources of light- torches, glowstone, and sea lanterns emit nearly the exact same amount of light. You can call it 'diversity' but that's just code and you won't see a significant increase in lighting between these three blocks in game.

    I was saying that cauldrons do not make potions IRL, so they shouldn't in minecraft.

    As Master_Bw3 mentioned, potions don't even EXIST in real life. I'm sure you've heard about witches using cauldrons to brew stuff in classic stories.

    Players would ask about wood tools because they would see that there's diamond tools, stone tools, iron tools, etc. And they would think "You can make tools out of wood. Why aren't they there? Every other material is there."

    Dumbest logic ever.

    "Ooh look, some flint- let me make a flint sword!"

    Wooden tools were rarely even made in real life.

    Eggs definitely do damage, as there is a specific line of code in Minecraft that calls the method to do damage.


    "Eggs can be thrown, although they do NO damage"

    Changing the ocelot adds diversity in mob behavior. Having just one type of cat that does the same thing every time is less diverse. A texture change is less valuable than a behavior change.

    What behaviour change??? There is literally no difference between the two mobs besides the fact that

    A. Ocelots are harder to tame

    B. Once they're tamed, they do nothing.

    Changing Diorite may please a lot of people, but not very much. It is a largely insignificant part of the game.

    Just like all aesthetic blocks are 'insignificant'. Minecraft was made for builders and if you don't like building- you don't have to play.

    People would choose pigs over horses because horses are rarer and require saddles and food to maintain. The ability to jump is an acceptable loss.

    LOL, you're the only person I met who would choose a pig over a horse (besides the memers)

    Clocks allow you to view the progress of the sun in one window instead of having to go outside and view it in terms of the entire world. Gold can't really be used on much else useful (except golden apples).

    *cough* powered rails *cough*

    clocks aren't worth the cost.

    Inability to stack was added for balance and realisticness. What happens when you try to stack 2 soups on top of each other? Also, the soup is a good food source, and the bowl is reusable. I think that's enough to justify no stacking.

    Balance :lol:

    I had a good laugh at that one. I literaly explained how useless the soup was. Who would choose beetroot soup over potatoes, carrots, etc.

    Realisticness :lol:

    I had a good laugh at this one too. Do you really think you can hold 503936 kilograms worth of iron in your hand.

    As said multiple times- the soup is a useless food source.

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    posted a message on Top 20 Most Useless Features in Minecraft
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    The crossbow is debatable, considering enchantments, which generally make it better at handling groups, on top of making them fire slightly faster than bows. As for firing arrows instantly, crossbows can be kept charged, unlike bows. Finally, firing fireworks an be useful.

    Very true. I really dislike the fact the crossbow is made more useful with enchantements. Those enchantments could've just as easily been added to the bow. Nonetheless, your point remains true- the crossbo is quite useful.

    Quote from Hexalobular»

    2: I would think that the poisonous potatoes are just potatoes that have grown above ground, they turn green and are poisonous.

    5: It's useful to know what time it is when underground if you're mining away the night and want to go back up when it gets light.

    19: The cauldron can be useful for storing water for brewing in the Nether, allowing you to conserve inventory space by transporting the water in buckets rather than bottles.

    And it apparently can be used to remove the dye from shulker boxes, leather armor and, one layer at a time, from banners which could be nice if you made a mistake.

    9: Taming ocelots is, for now, the only way to get cats.

    17:, 14: and 20: Bells, crossbows and barrels aren't actually in the game yet, meaning that chests are, for the time being, vital. And I hardly think that a saving of 1 block of planks per barrel will be game changing, particularly since it adds an extra step to the crafting. And chests can be opened with blocks on top, just not full blocks, upside down stairs for instance can be used to give the impression of a full block if turned the right way around. Also, while they have their uses, I find usually find single chests too limited. So I think it could be argued that barrels will be a useless addition.

    7: Yeah, I've never liked diorite (or andesite).

    5: But is it useful for the cost when you could simply mine a block and take a peak.

    19: This is true but makes no logical sense.

    9: I did mention that I would be referring to the snapshots

    Thx for the feedback!

    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    Responses in red

    Cauldrons: Yes, I know they hold water. How does that make it useful. Sure, it can fill 3 bottles, but water is infinite. Obviously, cauldrons don't make potions- the exact reason why I'm suggesting they do so.

    Light Sources: The majority of blocks emit the max light source which is the SAME. And Sea Lanterns DON'T "do much better underwater"

    Crossbow: True

    Eggs: They do ZERO damage

    Wooden Tools: Rocks and pebbles would be pretty common too. Why would new players be asking about wooden tools if they had no idea they ever existed in the first place.

    Ocelot: How exactly does changing the ocelot to an entirely different mob instead of just a reskin add diversity to the game. The ocelot itself has no ability that the cat doesn't. An ocelot is also more likely to fight than a cat. And finally, ocelots are harder to tame so my point remains- they're useless. All it does is waste space.

    Diorite: "Small satisfiation increase" LOL. Biggest understatement of the year. Diorite is used very rarely in builds due to its ugliness. I'm pretty sure the majority of the Minecraft community (which has been pretty open about their hate for the block) would be fine with a new block if it replaced diorite.

    Pigs: Keyword- almost. Horses aren't able to store items either (mules and donkey's however can). The ability to jump is crucial. Why would anyone choose riding a pig over a horse if it serves no benefit.

    Clock: "it's much harder to tell the time by the sun" hmm.... I strongly disagree with that. It took me a while to understand how the clock worked. Gold is a resource that would never be wasted on such a useless item.

    Beetroot: Actually, not having the ability to stack is a major downgrade. Inventory space is vital and no one prefers 6 points over 512. Yes potatoes are useless, but they can be smelted to make a reasonable food source.

    Image result for don

    I never suggested the removal of any hoe. I'm sure the majority of the Minecraft community would be open to a hoe varying more in just durability.

    Snowball: true, I'll move it down on the list.

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    posted a message on Music for the Overworld underground

    Agreed. Some scary but ambient music should play in the background.

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