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    Quote from draggypigeons»

    Villagers use emeralds for currency, but there seems to be no source of emeralds.

    Currently, the only sources of emeralds are mining, trading with villagers, and killing illagers.

    You don't ever see villagers fighting or mining, so trading with players seems to be their only source of emeralds.

    Yet the player can trade for emeralds even before the player has spent any emeralds. True.

    Where did there emeralds come from?

    To answer this, I think we should set up villager mines in Mountains and Mountains M (or whatever Extreme Hills is called.)

    These villager mines would feature two kinds of villagers, miners and inactive miners. Villager mines should be located in the villages.

    Inactive miners would be able to trade, but would not have any inventory, and examples of their trades would be an emerald for a diamond, a pickaxe for an emerald, and an emerald for five redstone. I support all these trades except an emerald for a diamond: way too cheap.

    I understand some villagers already trade for ores, but unless they can trade, these inactive miners would just be Nitwits that turn in to Miners sometimes. Perhaps other villager trades could be edit to distinguish the villager types, but some villagers within the same proffesion but of different careers have similiar trades.

    (That's not exactly true; rarely inactive miners would run to the nearest village and dump a bunch of emeralds down, which would then get picked up by the villagers; these emeralds would just disappear, not go to the villagers' inventory.)

    Miners would well, mine, keeping ores and items in their 27-slot inventory, an inventory that would affect their trades when became inactive.

    Also, miners would need to have free arms instead of having them up there sleeves, but inactives could keep their normal villager model. There should be no inactive miner. The inactive miner's abilities should be combined with the miner.

    What do you think about this?

    Mostly Support

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    posted a message on Villager Mining [UPDATED]
    Quote from draggypigeons»

    You may have seen my earlier Villager Mining thread, I'm dedicating this one to a different type.

    You can read my earlier one here.

    With that said, allyourbasesaregone's post says:

    True, but wouldn't we see the mines now? To say it was 'back when they actually mined' with no existing mines is like saying 'we ate cupcakes at the party' but having no crumbs on the floor to prove it.

    I do think we should take the 'villagers used to mine' path, but that requires more mines.

    You know what time it is..


    These mines would look like a larger version of an abandoned mineshaft - but have a lot more torches, maybe they would have emeralds and picks in chests?

    Also there would be lumps of stone on the floor where the cave ceiling had collapsed over time, and the indents in the ceiling could access caves, other parts of the mine could not.

    Now it's time to move on to the other part... Mines should appear in the village instead of far off from it.

    Zombie miners

    Sure, we could just use zombie villagers, but those are supposed to be normal villagers turned into zombies.

    Miners are a different type of villager, guys.

    OK, I'll admit it. These guys need to be able to be cured, and would have to turn into Miners.

    I'm sure it's possible to choose what type of villager we wanted to spawn, but based on the negativity villager miners got, these would just be cured into Nitwits. And besides, this thread is supposed to be about villager-free emerald currency. By this point we ARE using a zombie villager, just a different Nitwit zombie texture. I actually support villager miners. Tango Teks improved villagers is similiar to what I want in Minecraft.

    I really hope this thread gets more support then my other one.

    Happy dragging,


    Overall Support. I believe even more should be done to miners, but everything in this thread I support.

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    posted a message on Smarter hopper mechanics please

    Furnaces work perfectly with hoppers. The sides are for fuel, the top is for the input, and the bottom hopper is for the output. Instead of putting the fuel source on top of the furnace, put it in the right section- the sides.

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    posted a message on Better Crafting

    Bookshelves drop 3 when destroyed. How would one go about changing this? Additionally, max enchanting table setups should be harder to acquire.

    Thank you for the support!

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    Full support.

    I know I'm supposed to give a reason why, but these changes are so self-evident that saying they're bad is liking wanting obsidian to take twice as long to mine as it does now 'for the challenge'.

    Thank you for the support!

    Quote from draggypigeons»


    I always thought the current recipe for stairs was bad (mathmatically incorrect),

    but you've pointed out some of the best possible crafting recipes. :blink:

    Full support.

    Thank you as well for the support!

    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Wiki is showing the above proposed recipe for NetherBick Fence as being planned for 1.14. Great!

    I suspect that most of the ingame recipes in which the OP reduces input material or increases output were created more with an eye to the 'expense' of the item than to equalizing the quanity of matter on both sides of the operation.

    eg. The increased utility of stairs (non-spawnable, can be climbed without incurring hunger) was likely seen as justifying the wood 'consummed' in the crafting. It would on be slightly different and the mathematical correctness trumps any other reason in this case.

    (Interestingly, the current fence recipe [3 fence from 4 planks and 2 sticks] will create a movement barrior 3 long by 1.5 high from 4.5 planks worth of wood.)

    I don't find the 'ripoff'/costs aspects of any of the new recipes persuasive, but the proposed rail recipes would be more mnemonic. [For some reason, RS above, rather than below, the stick in the current powered rails formula seems more logical to me…]

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Quote from anakin_ashford»

    I think this would be sweet to see implemented in a mod or a toggle-able feature like the difficulty. If the difficulty changed the needed materials to make certain things I think that would be rather cool. Like have a normal mode where I agree, these changes should be implemented, but also have a hard and easy mode where the recipes are made as such.

    Making the recipes change in difficulty could lead to some player abusing. Thank you for the support!

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    posted a message on The Bio-Update (Nature, Plants, Biomes)

    Minor Changes: - Adding every mushroom block to the creative inventory.

    - Mushroom blocks being like trees, and you being able to get the blocks of them with sheers. Support

    - Ability to plant the swamp trees, the oak trees in swamps with the vines hanging down, already in minecraft but unplantable. How would you go about doing this?

    Reeds: Reeds are those tall grass thingys around lakes and ponds, you know the ones with the fluffy hot dog things on top of them. Well they should be in Minecraft, you should find them around rivers, and they are like sugercane, but you can't make sugar from them, only paper. What's their use?

    Zamites: Zamites is a plant from earth, now the plant is extinct though. It looks pretty cool and could work well in a minecraft jungle. It resembles a Ginko, and could either be a small plant in minecraft, or like a small tree. For those of you who want to step it up a notch, it maybe could spawn in dungeon and ruin chests, as it's now extinct on earth, you would need to resurrect it, and plant it back from extinction.


    The Zammites from the Fossils and Archeology revival mod.

    How the Zamites most definetley looked on earth.

    Salt Flat: In real life, shifting of plates can cause seas to get trapped in say a circle, causeing all of the water to evaporate. In minecraft, they will not form during the world, but with the world like a normal biome. On them, you can find salt blocks covering majority of it, Ocean Monuments which have turned to sandstone over time, shipwrecks, skeletons of ancient beasts and dead coral reefs. The Salt Flat is mainly as described, flat, occasionally you can find islands in the middle of the salt flates, they can hav.e lots of cracks in the ground, like one block wide canyons, and grass and trees. Similar to normal islands but in the middle of a Salt Flat. NEInfo

    Sea Sponges: Not the sponge block, they are like coral. Like coral but with a different design, there could be barrel sponges, coral tubes and more. Some could spurt air while others cool green gasses. To similiar

    Witches House: Like the Witch's Hut, but an entire house, sometimes even covered with tree roots. Witches don't live in houses though

    Prickley Pear: A red fruit that grows on Cactus. Support

    Oasis: A large pond in the middle of desserts. Surrounded by grass and lush vegetation. Support

    Great Tree: A huge tree, huge, I mean huge! It is surrounded with a tropical biome, with small jungle trees, oak, birch, giant mushrooms and dark oak trees, a very lush biome it's in. It has huge vines, roots protruding from the ground at the tree and the biome around it. It's huge trunk and leaves ar covered in fungi, like huge tree fungus, pockets of glowstone as a part of the tree! A living ecosystem, it could even have a small village in it sometimes, or a small cave! Supportish

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    posted a message on Chests rework
    Quote from DedMaxim99»

    In new 1.14 snapshots the barrel was added. Barrel can store any items in 3x9 grid, like a regular chest. Good question: why do anybody need chest then?

    Barrels are not dropping your frames down, cause its not an antity and also not lagges server that much as chests do. You can open barrel when there is a block on top of it. Barrel even a bit cheaper than the chest.

    Storage always was a problem in unmodded minecraft. So, i think chest must be a bit remade. Well, not remade... There is such mod as Iron Chests. This mod adds upgrades to chests and shulkerboxes. With 8 iron you can make out of regular chest an iron chest. Out of iron chest with 8 gold you can make a golden chest. Out of that chest with 2 diamonds and few pieces of glass you can make a diamond chest. Every time you upgrade a chest it gets bigger

    Or maybe just make barrles store only one type of item but in very big amount? Would be usrfull for stone or dirt.

    What do you think guys?

    Full Support

    It is pretty triggering that the reason that chests weren't able to open when there was a block on top was entirely for realism and then Mojangs adds barrels that are completely unrealistic.

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    posted a message on Eco-System

    There isn't enough detail to understand how the suggestion ill function in game.

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    posted a message on ALL entities deal damage if they hit you while fleeing your attacks

    This should be a feature for all mobs entities in general to be honest.

    Full Support

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    posted a message on Make stone-cutters Rotateable

    Full Support

    Not much else to be said.

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    posted a message on A number of suggestions relating banners (and some other stuff too).

    Banner designs should only be able to be added to tunics instead of chestplates.

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    posted a message on Eco-System
    Quote from Leed»

    Minecraft feels lonely

    Here i introduce the eco-system. Trees overtime die off, falling over on the ground as a line of logs. The saplings will spread to a random but reasonable distances from the log and grow into new trees. The log will decay over time and temporary increase the nutrients of the soil by a small fraction This process continues. Trees falling over would be hard to implement, but lines of logs naturally spawning in would be good. Sapling growing into new trees automatically is good.

    Of course to prevent things from getting out of hand, nutrients would be added. Invisible to the player, but will prevent vegetation from growing unreasonably thick, and this would be based off the biomes and the surrounding area. I'm unsure of how this ill work.

    Create a artificial river through the desert with a input and output and overtime you would see great deal of vegetation grow around it. Heck, turn a desert into a jungle by playing your cards right. Heh?

    Destroy a ocean and the surrounding landscape will to turn to desert, killing the vegetation. Maybe start forest fires because the area is too dry. I'm unsure as to how this will work

    Chop down a whole forest and the landscape erodes away, potentially changing it to desert over time. I'm unsure as to how this will work

    Weeds and grass spread over time, turning cobblestone into mossy cobble stone, etc. Support

    Place random bits of water in the desert? it will dry up over time, leaving behind blocks like salt and fossils. Perhaps it should just evaporate.

    As plants and wildlife spread, their is a small chance each time that they will change. The trees might have less leaves because it is dryier, vice versa.

    Pigs could get bigger or smaller depending on the biome. Changes in mobs sizes in general would add a good bit of diversity.

    trees would adapt uniquely to their surrounding environment by ever so changing random events and the saplings would inherit those traits, mixing it with others DNA. Almost like how grass is the desert is different from the grass in my backyard. Sounds good in theory, but how will this work.

    That dirt pillar in the sky will slowly erode. Or not exist :)

    Mojang would need to add 10's of 100's of new plant names to minecraft. Some of which would only be unlockable by natural biology and the locaion of the vegetation. not that much, but sure

    Carol reefs would take years of minecraft time to regenerate. idk...

    Cactus would live for a very long time, same with carol. They both live forever.

    You can see what i am going at with how realistic the environment would be. This isn't everything, just a basic structure. You can take real life agriculture events and put them into minecraft. That is the idea of this update. This would also include the animals too.

    I know this will break someones something, but it is for the better. We love updates yet they break a lot of redstone. Its because it is for the better. Loose something to make something.

    1.15 - New World

    Some Support

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    posted a message on Ocean Monuments Revamped: Prison Tubes

    Agreed, I'll update

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    posted a message on Ocean Monuments Revamped: Prison Tubes
    Quote from fishg»

    Personally, I prefer the former.

    I understand the attempt to make Ocean Monuments more interesting by adding new mobs into them, however, this seems to change their intention as a strange oceanic structure to Atlantis. Guardians (a very well designed and interesting mob imho) are moved to outside the structure when they were supposed to protect them. Replacing them inside are the mermaids, which don't sound as interesting. I don't know if the Krax will fit with Minecraft, and as for the Leviath while I agree we need a better way to unlock tridents Mermaid Poseidon sounds a tad uninspired.

    I think these creatures would be better suited for their own dungeon like a Mermaid Grotto. That way the Guardians get to keep their precious monuments.

    Reread the thread- there are a lot of changes. Guardians will remain the rulers of the ocean monument. Hope you enjoy the edits.

    I personally like monuments as they are right now, they feel like a city by and for the guardians with the elders being the mayors and the fact that cartographers have maps to them suggests they are intended to be rare hostile NPC homes, which they are right now minus the rare part somewhat. Reread the thread, a lot has changed. Guardians will remain the rulers of the ocean monument.

    As already said, these ideas would better go for a completely separate and new monument structure, which can replace half of the ocean monuments in the world generation as a 'Type 2', making both types as rare almost as mansions and thus more valuable each. Prisons now have a rare chance of spawning.

    I also strongly support disarming Drowned from tridents due to how lethal they are, even breaking boats apart to draw in for the kill while players are escaping, and making tridents treasure from this new monument only.

    I think in bedrock, additionally, neither sponges nor tridents should drop from Drowned in general, only from Leviaths and Elder Guardians or the rare sponge rooms in monuments, respectively. Tridents are very overpowered in bad weather and/or with loyalty applied, because they act as one tool/weapon with three different capabilities (melee, ranged, and lightning channeling; or melee, riptide-attacking, and riptide-flying away). Making them rarer and harder to get would subsequently make other advanced tools like mob head disguises and wet sponges harder to get as well. Agreed.

    EDIT: I also suggest following invisibility coming from ghast tears and regeneration from tentacles of Kraxes, that the new 'opposite' of night vision be blindness, and the opposite of invisibility be glowing. Added.

    EDIT 2: I also think that Leviaths should be able to use melee attacks via trident when the player is close to them, as the armed Drowned do in Bedrock currently. I'm sorry for the poor clarification, but yes, they have melee attacks as well.

    In addition, I strongly support Leviaths being able to 'magic' tridents back rather than having the trident spawn with loyalty, as having loyalty would then make enchanted books for loyalty useless, and render riptide unusable due to exclusivity of enchantments. Exactly my thoughts when I added that feature.

    EDIT 3: I also also think that

    Kraxes should deal damage similar to riptide when repelling, I am unsure of what this means.

    that new monuments must be majorly redesigned to fit a central trident room in as well,

    that Leviath tridents should also not bear any enchantments, the riptide at the start of the boss-fight being implied to be part of the Leviath's magic, Riptide? Do you mean loyalty?

    and that elder guardians should still spawn, in order to force the battle with the Leviath to not be cheated on by mining from another direction or using blocks as extra shields, or redirecting its attention or letting it escape the monument. This part of my last edit.

    Hope you enjoy the edits.

    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Are these intended to spawn once per monument (as elder guardians) or in unlimited numbers (as guardians)? [Context suggests leviath once per, krax respawning, but should be clarified.]

    No mention is made of the guardian/elder guardian mobs: what is intended for these?

    It appears this is intending to replace the current ocean monuments; adding a second (rarer) varient would be preferred [and would be a less radical change.] Possibly, the Leviath/Krax could either replace or reinforce the elder guardians in some ocean monuments.

    In either case, using (regular) guardians at least outside the [exteriorly identical] monument structure would make the contained challenge more of a surprise.

    [If the new mobs replace the elder guardians, adding a Mining Fatigue ability to maintain player uncertainty during the initial phases of exploration might be useful. (This could be most simply done by including a single Elder Guardian along with the L/K occupants.)]

    Making this the sole souce of tridents would make them both non-renewable and scarcer than elytra; both would be major changes. [Neither is something I see as desirable.]

    Adding krax tentacle as an alternative (rather than a replacment for ghast tears) in brewing regeneration potions would be preferable, although guardian drops are far easier to acquire than tears.

    I don't see the connection between krax and regeneration, a novel potion having some relation properties of the source of the critical ingredient would be better. [Granting I think ghast tear/regen was picked based on rarity rather than any notable correlation.]

    (Neither do I see a connection between ghasts an invisibility. Again, the correspondances between component and potion effect are not vitla to gameplay… but the the generally associative magic of the MC potion system is somewhat mnemonic and a nice buit of color )

    A lot of changes have been made. Please reread the thread and I hope you enjoy.

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    posted a message on Better Crafting

    Many crafting recipies are total ripoffs, not continous with their other counterparts, or illogical. Today I'll be looking at that and altering the recipies for existing blocks and items.


    (soul sand is bark)

    • less of a ripoff
    • logical


    • simpler
    • less excess


    (can be crafted inversely)

    • simpler
    • less of a ripoff
    • mathematically correct

    Wooden Fences

    • Somewhat mathematically correct
    • less of a ripoff

    Netherbrick Fence

    • less of a ripoff
    • logical

    Pressure Plate

    • original recipe replaced by slabs


    • continuous with pressure plate recipe

    Iron Trapdoor

    • logical

    Wooden Trapdoor

    • continous with iron trapdoor recipe
    • continous with 'door' math
    • less of a ripoff


    • logical
    • less of a ripoff


    • logical

    Powered Rail

    • less of a ripoff
    • logical

    Activator Rail

    • less of a ripoff
    • logical

    Detector Rail

    • less of a ripoff
    • logical


    (Gold Nuggets are Iron Nuggets)

    • Much more logical
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