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    • players will no longer have as fast of a natural regeneration and hunger will gradually decrease.
    • players will be affected by the physical world (lava, cactus, etc)
    • pigmen inhabit the nether but are passive (they drop no loot when killed)

    Easy, Normal, and Hard

    • Passive mobs have varying defense mechanisms based on difficulty
    • Hostile mobs will now vary in behavior; not just spawning, damage, and health


    • Serves as an even harder difficulty for more experienced players



    • Easy: spawn as they do now
    • Normal: have a 20% chance of spawning as a hostile variant with red eyes called vampires that attacks players and livestock
    • Hard: the vampire variant spawns with witches as pets in witch huts; the bats follow their masters
    • Insane: the vampire bat variant is more aware of the player and can dodge him or her more easily



    • Easy: run from players as fast as they do now. when a member of the same species is attacked, livestock in a 3x3 radius will flee
    • Normal: run from players 5% faster than they do now. scare radius increased to 8x8
    • Hard: run from players 10% faster than they do in normal mode. scare radius increased to 12x12
    • Insane: run from players 15% faster than they do in hard mode. scare radius increased to 16x16



    • Easy: 0.05% chance of bunnies being super strong red eyed white skinned killer bunnies
    • Normal: 2% chance
    • Hard: 5% chance
    • Insane 10% chance

    Horses, Donkeys, Mules, and Llamas


    • Easy: takes a minute to tame and has a 2% of kicking the player off every second (can be increased with carrots, golden carrots, etc)
    • Normal: takes two minutes to tame and has a 2% of kicking the player off every second
    • Hard: takes five minutes to tame, can sprint when not tamed, and has a 2% of kicking a player off every second
    • Insane: takes ten minutes to tame, can jump when not tamed, and has a 2% of kicking a player off every second

    When kicking a player off, the time the player spent riding it is saved. Horses now move less randomly when a player is riding it and isn't tamed. Players are encouraged to bring horses into their bases or stables in order to have a place to tame them.



    • Easy: shoots two fireballs before recharging (shoots 2% faster than usual)
    • Normal: shoots three shots fireballs recharging (shoots 10% faster than usual)
    • Hard: shoots four fireballs before recharging (shoots 14% faster than usual)
    • Insane: shoots five fireballs (shoots 10% faster than usual)



    • Easy: explosion radius decreased by 10%, ignition proximity radius decreased by 15%
    • Normal: radiuses remains as they are
    • Hard: radius increased by 10%, ignition proximity radius increased by 5%
    • Insane: radius increased by 15%, ignition proximity radius increased by 8%



    • Easy: acts as it is
    • Normal: has a chance to grab players and attempt to drown them but will let go if hit
    • Hard: can additionally grab players from boats and has a 60% of letting go when hit
    • Insane: has a 10% of letting go when hit


    elder guardian

    • Easy: act as they are
    • Normal: can break blocks with their beams
    • Hard: +10% beam detection
    • Insane: + 16% beam detection from original

    Ender Dragon

    ender dragon

    • Easy: unable to shoot fireballs and dragon breath amount reduced
    • Normal: can shoot fireballs and end dragons regenerates 5% faster from end crystals
    • Hard: extra special attack (the dragon will bring its wings to its sides and then whirl them out dealing a 20x20 aoe attack not dealing any damage but whirling the player up in the air. How high the player goes is dependant on how close the player was to the dragon. The attack isn't very common, but becomes more frequent as its health decreases.) dragon breath amount increased, and regenerates 12% faster from end crystals
    • Insane: extra special attack (the dragon opens up a portal and after 3-5 seconds will come out through another portal on the ground near where the player is and fly upwards dealing damage to the player. Players are repelled by enderdragon portals so they won't be able to go throught them), increased radius of hard difficulty special attack to 25x25, and regenerates health from end crystals 20% faster



    • Easy: acts as it does now
    • Normal: spawn as frequently as zombies in the end islands
    • Hard: spawn chance increased and spawn in slightly larger quantities
    • Insane: spawns together in large quanitities



    • Easy: can't pick up blocks but have a chance to spawn holding them
    • Normal: gets angry if a player attempts to shoot at it
    • Hard: teleports everytime it is attacked
    • Insane: +15% speed



    • Easy: remains as it is
    • Normal: fireball speed increased by 10%
    • Hard: fireball speed increased by 20%
    • Insane: fireball speed increased by 30%

    Husks, Strays, Cave Spiders, Shulkers, Wither Skeletons, Withers, and Pufferfish


    • Easy: doesn't inflict effect when entity is hit
    • Normal: inflicts level I status effect when entitiy is hit
    • Hard: inflicts level II
    • Insane: inflicts level III



    • Easy: neutral
    • Normal: as they are now
    • Hard: heals undead with potions of harming
    • Insane: 35% chance of throwing lingering potions

    Slimes (maybe magma cubes)


    • Easy: as they are now
    • Normal: knocks the players back slightly when hits by melee
    • Hard: knocks the player back when hit by melee
    • Insane: knocks the player back far when hit by melee

    Zombies and Variants


    • Easy: baby zombies can't spawn
    • Normal: can press wooden buttons
    • Hard: can break wooden doors, press all buttons, and flip lever. zombies riding zombie horses can spawn
    • Insane: can break all blocks and have a small chance to spawn with an iron pickaxe or axe (in addition to the shovel). zombie horses can sprint



    • Easy: stays as it is
    • Normal: +7% speed
    • Hard: +15% speed
    • Insane: +24% speed

    Skeleton and Variants


    • Easy: stays as it is
    • Normal: +5 block detection radius, +10 block detection radius once provoked
    • Hard: +8 block detection radius, +20 block detection radius once provoked
    • Insane: +16 block detection radius, +30 block detection radius once provoked
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    posted a message on Sleeping bag (would not reset spawnpoint)

    Full Support

    They should also explode in the nether.

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    posted a message on Signs that retain text

    Signs when broken should always drop inscribed signs. You should be able to clear inscribed signs by putting it inside a crafting grid.

    Overall Support

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    posted a message on Ghastlings! The Baby Ghasts

    My responses in orange were

    1. I don't like having enchanted items because to imo enchantments should belong on weapons, armor, and tools as modifiers. This is why I'm against the enchanted golden apple.

    2. What if the ghast tear worked similiarly to the totem of undying. (After thinking for a while, I no longer support my own suggestion)

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    posted a message on Berry-Bush Additions

    With the new changes 100% support

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    posted a message on Combat Overhaul Part I: Swords, Shields, & Armor

    Cooldown: support. When I read, I immediately thought of energy bars. That might be a bit much for this suggestion, but what if you had an energy bar and every time you attacked you lost an energy but it regens pretty quickly.

    Blocking: I like the idea but how would this work when a shield is in your offhand?

    Shields: Support, but what does experiencing much lower sensitivity mean (sorry for my stupidity)? I also think that arrows should stick to shields instead of bouncing off. You should be able to hit arrow with your sword to reflect them. Also, blocking with your shield shouldn't deal any knockback to the player that attacks you, Instead, the player with the shield should be knocked back. When they are knocked back, they will remain on the ground but be pushed backwards. Ho much a player is knocked back is dependant on how much damage is dealt to the player.

    Weight: 10000% support

    Magic Resistance: if magic was added to armor, I feel like the same property would have to apply to tools as well.

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    posted a message on Ghastlings! The Baby Ghasts
    Quote from fishg»

    Mob DropsEnchanted Ghast TearImage result for minecraft ghast tear

    Responses in orange.
    I like the idea and especially love having items invunerable to lava, but these baby ghasts are a little too different from their parents to be related to them. However, I like how they are orientated so they look like tadpoles to make them unique.
    1. Would this magical item be useful in hardcore?
    2. Why would a happy ghast drop a tear? (I would suggest a different item altogether as stated before)
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    posted a message on The Potion of Confusion

    Because you're suggesting a potion No Support.

    Srsly, more unique ways in obtaining items must be present.

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    posted a message on New pillager mob idea: The Ranger

    I like the concept but I feel like there are too many illager mobs and they look too similiar. This could work as a mob seperate from the illager class, but currently no support

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    This is a wishlist but nonetheless, responses in orange
    Quote from coltrain12000»

    So im a exploration/ survival player and i want to poke the idea of add events to the game to give that wow factor to the old players . I have 3 examples of this

    1 Nether attack . this one is as it says on a random day ( 1in say 20 to 50 ) 1 to 4 portals to the nether will open for 2 in game days and nether mobs come out and attack the local area . the portals can not be destroyed and the mobs would be a little smarter and would try to find the player. but do make it a setting for the player would don't want to risk anything getting burnt down No- just no, This could introduce nether portals to early into the game

    2 above ground forts . this is as it says forts that can spawn above ground filled with mobs and loot maybe a few captured villagers . all to try and give a meaning to the above ground exploration support

    3 a "special night " where sleep is disabled ( with once again a 1 in 20 to 50 of happening ) but also with sleep disabled the local mobs would try to hunt the player down if the player is within say about 25 to 30 blocks support if and only if there is a way that the player can tell if it's a special night like the blood moon CannonFoddr suggested

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    posted a message on About Chicken?

    No Support on the reskin

    Full Support on the egg idea

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    posted a message on Decorative carpets
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Offering a limited number of fixed patterns for carpet squares might be accomplished relatively cheaply; the 16 terracotta patterns could be made transferable to white carpet at the cost of 16 new blocks (carpet variants) whcih would need a facing parameter (N,S, E, W).

    Allowing the transfer of banner patterns onto carpet would seem to entail making the resule a tile entity (like banners) which (while possible) would represent a significant new source of lag as carpeting (especially in decorative instalations) might be expected to be used in large numbers…

    Allowing the edges of a block to be trimmed and fringed would seem to require adding ROUND as a parameter for that would be exclusive of four edge parameters (LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM). Each parameter mifght be given a value of 0 for 'as issued', 1 for trimmed, 2 (or -1) for fringed.

    Limiting the patterns to 1x1 blocks and creating runners by positioning blocks trimmed on opposite sides would avoid the carpet blocks needing to check adjacent blocks to determine if joining should occur (as happens with fences). [This is another demand for processing power ie. source of lag.]

    Hanging carpets ("A carpet design with a row of sticks above it would let you hang the carpet on a wall like a painting") seem unnecessarily duplicative of paintings and banners.

    I like this idea, but a new item called tiles should be added. Tiles would be made like carpet but except with terracotta or glazed terracotta.

    The patterned carpets would be called rugs. I wouldn't see patterned carpets being used in large quantitities due to the way the would look. They are more aesthetically pleasing individually.

    Full Support.

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    posted a message on Berry-Bush Additions

    Although I like the idea of sweet berries serving the same purpose as tropical fish, there should be some variety in the inventory. My suggestions are: blueberries, cranberries, and acai berries.

    The poisionous berry should be called the holly berry and I like the idea of it giving nausea. Nausea potions would be cool, but it would ruin the consistency of harmful potions being brewed via fermented spiders eye.

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    posted a message on A more customized Survival mode

    I agree for the most part with C1ff. I like many of your ideas but they're formatted in a way that sounds as if you just want to convert back to older versions. Here are my suggestions for modfications.

    1. Make these gamerules
    • disabling the hunger bar sounds good but you should also be able to disable the health bar, experience, etc
    • changing cooldowns should be customizable to every item additionally. This would be useful for adventure maps.
    • no support for the blocking change
    • offhand- I'm kind of split on this. This could be useful for some adventure maps but the ideas still pretty iffy
    • stacking should be customizable for every item- not just food
    • If enchanting doesn't require lapis lazuli, I demand that furnaces shouldn't require fuel etc
    • changing the maximum level sounds interesting but you shouldn't just be able to choose between 30 and 50
    • enchantment previews should be shown no matter what so enchantments aren't based soley on luck
    • miscellaneous damage sounds like a package of what should be different gamerules. Even then, they should be features instead of gamerules.
    • no support for lethal drowning

    Support with Slight Modifications

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