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    I grab a compound bow and shoot 3 arrows at Idelac (and they all miss)

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    tried to sneak one in there hehe


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    Deleted because it's from the nether

    Polished Andesite Corner Stair

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    posted a message on Sideways stairs

    Since we already have horizontal stairs and slabs that ruin the blocky feel, having the vertical variants seems appropriate

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    No, I've never played it before.

    Why do people reproduce rather than make an executive global decision not to do so we could have the human population gradually die out and not have any more problems to deal with?

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    Banned for disobeying the laws of Minecraft by having hands

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    posted a message on Water bottles dilute potion effects
    Quote from MSDLF»

    If you know biological chemistry then you should get it.

    Currently water bottles don't do much when they get ingested so i was thinking a good use for them would be to make them decrease the time of a status or potion effect strength.

    Full Support

    Water bottles currently don't have any uses. Water is less effective than milk in diluting irl, so this would be a good addition. I think the time decreased should be 10 seconds.

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    We have smooth stone blocks and slabs, why not stairs?

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    posted a message on Climate Change
    Quote from coolgameryeah»

    Minecraft should enhance gameplay by adding climate change. This will also teach people the hazards of using polluting items. When the player uses the furnace, smoker, and anything that pollutes the environment, the biome temperatures slowly increase. Every minute a furnace or smoker is on, or fire exists outside, the biome temperatures increase by .005. When the temperature increases, snow starts to melt, thunderstorms gets more intense (more and stronger lightning, and longer duration), and sea levels increase.

    Air pollution:

    Whenever a polluting item is used or there's fire, Minecraft will have an Air Quality Index (AQI) programmed in Minecraft, and when it gets higher, you start to take damage from the outside air (along with other mobs). This will provide a good defense for your house as hostile mobs will take damage from air pollution before they reach your house. There will be a new item called a gas mask, which you make from string and 3 wool. The gas mask protects you from the bad air, but if you wear it for three days, it becomes useless from all the CO2 you breathe on it.

    Maybe a fun mod, but not detailed out enough for support. Are there any alternatives to the climate change such as renewable or nuclear energy. If not, I don't see any reason I should support this. This would be one way to limit super overpowered autosmelters, but mob farms are atm more in need of nerfing.

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    posted a message on Revamped Difficulty System: Mob Behaviour
    Quote from fishg»

    I support this suggestion. The current difficulty system only affect damage, not mob behavior. Upgrading or downgrading mob behavior sounds like a superior system.

    Thx for the support

    Quote from GDog_0»

    The only thing I am against in this suggestion is the horse taming... sounds ridiculously tedious to wait 20 minutes just for a horse to kick you off. I support everything else, though.

    Thx for the support. When a horse kicks a player offf, the amount of time spent on it is saved. However, you're right, it's pretty tedious. I attempted to make horse riding more interesting by making it sort of risky (having it run around and such) to encourage the player to get off and take a break making it a more gradual process. I will lower the times.
    Quote from MSDLF»


    Thx for the support.

    it's mostly okay, but I have some problems.

    1. Peaceful is meant for those who don't want to deal with hunger and monsters. Neutral pigmen sound fine (give the player some company, possibly?) and being affected by the world already exists. I'd say just remove the health and hunger depleting mechanics you suggested for Peaceful to keep it relaxing for those who wish to use it.

    2. Waiting 20 minutes for a horse to kick you off sounds bad. Reduce the times, probably by half.

    3. Endermites spawning in large groups as frequently as zombies would probably cause lag and mob cap problems. Good in concept to have to deal with smaller, harder-to-hit enemies in an end-game zone, but that many at once would be either a laggy annoyance or would make the Endi Islands nearly unplayable without building above it or using an Elytra.

    4. Cave spiders putting level 3 effects on every time one is hit would be a pain. It's even worse for the Wither, since that has regenerating health, Wither Armor, and the Wither effect can kill. Either remove them or greatly reduce the chance. (ex: 0%, 0%, 1%, 2.5%, 5%)

    5. Slime knockback sounds fine since they could be rubbery, but lowering attack speed feels more appropriate to me since they're made of slime and the weapon could have some issues sliding out.

    6. Don't let zombies break all blocks. Mob griefing is annoying enough just being creepers, endermen, and the likes. Letting every zombie break every block would turn Minecraft into a game of attrition or force players to live in the sky. Pressing wood buttons sounds fine, no baby zombies sounds fine, and keeping wooden door breaking sounds fine. Maybe lever-flipping and all button-pressing of Hard since redstone doors can easily be made using other bits, but definitely remove breaking all blocks.

    The key is to add true difficulty and not artificial difficulty. A player shouldn't die to something completely out of their control due to game mechanics saying so, nor should their hard work suffer.

    1. I somewhat agree, but peacful just seems like a ripoff creative mode. Imo, it would be better to have it so it's just as the name implies 'peacful'

    2. Agreed

    3. Possibly

    4. The wither fight to me was too easy (probably because I was on a multiplayer server and another player helped me). However, if the wither fight is too hard, the player could switch the difficulty to an easier level temporarily.

    5. Slime logic never really made sense to me. Slime blocks are bouncy but sticky pistons are sticky. This feature sounds interesting

    6. Insane mode is more geared towards survivalist players (what minecraft survival mode was originally going for) rather than builders and redstoners.

    The difference between this difficulty is that players are constantly trying to survive rather than choosing when they want a challenge. If too difficult, there is always the option to choose the difficulty that fits you. I personally would chose hard (insane if I don't feel in the mood to build).

    Thx for the support and feedback.

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    posted a message on Redstone lamps upgrade
    Quote from SumGuy009»

    So basicly I had an idea where if you put a redstone lamp and dye in a crafting grid it makes the lamp that color. The default color to turn the lamp to the regular color could he yellow or orange because it kinda matches the color of the lamp. This feature can be useful for making maps that require a certain color light like red for horror or red and green for christmas. This can also just be used for better customization. Different light colors would have different light levels and some lights are brighter than others.

    Edit: It dosent have to be dyes but it could also be glass panes that can be put in crafting grid with it. Which would make more sence.

    Support except for the variations in brightness. As ScotsMiser said, that would be better done via redstone signals. Also, the original lamp should be colorless but you could dye it yellow to make it emit yellow light. The block would also looks slightly different (similiar to purple shulker shells)

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    posted a message on The Rougeworld

    And why does it need a separate dimension

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    posted a message on Gunpowder Weaponry
    Quote from wiimn2»

    Considering that TNT and fireworks exist in the game and that combat is a mostly neglected area, it would be safe to say that more gunpowder-based weaponry options would make fine additions. I will also list off some possible enchantments that could be applied to them.

    Reminder that these ideas aren’t final and detailed feedback is appreciated. Don’t be that one guy that only puts Y/N because he is no use to anyone.

    The Bullet: A small projectile used by some of the weapons mentioned below. Its appearance is a small gray ball that emits a particle trail of sparks in its wake (similar to an arrow’s crit particles). It is affected by gravity like an arrow but cannot be retrieved after it hits a block. The bullet’s velocity is not affected as dramatically when it travels through water.

    The following weapons reload similarly to the crossbow unless stated otherwise*. There is a delay between shots so as to prevent players from rapidly switching hotbar slots for rapid fire. Every one of the weapons below lose durability every time they are used.

    Flintlock: A small, inaccurate pistol. Use?

    Black powder rifle: More accurate/durable than the flintlock and uses the same ammunition. Not much detail

    Blunderbuss: A shotgun-like weapon that fires a spread of pellets with the possibility of knocking back enemies at close range. It has the lowest range of all the weapons mentioned here. It also uses its own unique form of ammunition. **multishot**

    Handcannon: Perhaps not the most realistic weapon but interesting nevertheless. As the name suggests, it is a small handheld cannon. This weapon has a small delay before firing and will make the player explode if it goes off while the player is switched to another item in their hand. It uses its own unique type of ammunition that explodes and will hurt the player if they fire it too close to themselves. Not enough detail, but somewhat support.

    Repeater rifle*: A rapid fire rifle that uses a slightly more expensive ammunition than the other weapons here. Its projectiles deal a smaller amount of damage than flintlocks and black powder rifles. Instead of having to be reloaded like a crossbow, it will continually fire. The drawback is that it will overheat and lose accuracy if fired for too long. If it overheats to a certain point, it will lose a significant amount of durability and the player will be unable to fire it again until a short time has passed.

    Possible enchantments:

    Pinpoint I-III (Flintlocks and black powders only): Improves accuracy.

    Duality (Blunderbusses only): Fires a second shot 1-2 ticks behind the first shot.

    Fragmentation I-III (Handcannons only): The projectile will emit several shards of metal upon hitting a block or mob, damaging anything in the surrounding area.

    Venting I-II (Repeater rifles only): Increases the amount of time before the weapon overheats.


    This thread lacks in detail. Whenever posting a thread, try to focus on a smaller amount of suggestions and expanding upon them instead of posting a lot and barely giving any detail.

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    posted a message on Knives

    This would be a cute feature if food wasn't so easy to farm. Conserving food isn't a problem atm.

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