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    not minecrafty at all, but keep on posting your ides. great potential and make your next post reasonable.

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    Amazing ideas.


    Maybe instead of the safe, it could be called the locked chest because It would have a more minecrafty feel. Redstone would be required to power the chest. The chest itself doesn't open when in a powered state. Powering the locked chest would unlock the chest allowing players to access it. Maybe this is what you meant, but just making sure.

    Wooden chests should be able to get destroyed in hard mode because it makes sense. People could say they've been robbed in singleplayer!

    These two ideas are great and should be implemented into the game.

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    It sounds amazing, but I have suggestions.

    1. Make the dimension differentiated from the nether and overworld blockwise.

    2. Don't just have enchantments. Have an item specific to the dimension. You can choose, but don't make it overpowered.


    a Instead of having a totally new item called the ancient compass, just use the regular compass. There can be a process to make the compass point towards the delta portal. Compasses aren't very useful anyways so they could finally have a use.

    b. Make the regular compass turn into an ancient compass by some sort of process. This would be more creative than some random crafting recipe.

    This thing has some serious potential

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    posted a message on Change the names of some block and items for a more thrilling experience!

    Thanks for the feedback

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    posted a message on Change the names of some block and items for a more thrilling experience!

    Here are a few subtle changes that could be made to block/item names in minecraft for a more thrilling experience!

    1. Magma Block --> Magma Rock

    It would be much cooler if a player stumbled across a magma rock rather than a block. Even though minecraft is full of blocks, it isn't really fun or creative just calling something a block. Plus no item utilizes the word rock yet in minecraft.

    2. Rotten Flesh --> Zombie Brain/Heart

    They should revert flesh back to the brain. Altough it is ironic, it would be pretty fun.


    a. Stone --> Limestone

    This might or might not make many players upset, but there is no such thing as plain old generic stone. Therefore it is justified to rename regular stone to limestone or something better in the comments. It would also be limestone brick, limestone brick slab etc. Cobblestone remains cobblestone.

    b. Limestone

    Even if stone isn't changed, maybe adding a limestone block would be neat. Just like endstone has the same color as sandstone while having the same texture of stone brick, limestone should be similiar. It would have the sandstone's texture and stone brick's color. Determine crafting recipe by comment.

    4. Fish --> Halibut, Cod, Trout, Tuna (comment down below)

    Just as with the stone, there is no such thing as a generic fish.

    5. Gold, Iron, Diamond, and Chaimail Boots --> Footguard (comment other suggestions below)

    Leather armor is always different besides the boots. It should stay boots, but all else should have footguards. The helmet refers to the head. The chestplate refers to the chest. The leggings refer to the legs. The footguard refers to the feet.

    6. Any other ideas for changes to naming?

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