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    Quote from Badprenup»

    I like all of this and support it. I think the maps work on a grid because it is easier to map adjacent maps that way. If it always centered on where the player made a map, you would need to make sure you travel the EXACT perfect distance to make your next map or there would be overlap between the two maps on their connecting edge. I'm think it also has something to do with how map data is stored but not sure.

    You would need a way to make new adjacent maps snap perfectly to the existing map to fix the overlap problem. Maybe if you put your existing map in the center of a 3x3 crafting grid and a blank map of the same zoom level in one of the surrounding slots, it will set that map's origin point to whatever is the correct location so they line up right?

    Since the cartography table will now handle the cloning of maps, that seems the most functional.

    Thanks for the support. The feature has been added.

    Quote from DuhDerp»

    Would the waypoints just be applied at player/table location, or could you define the location yourself? Currently, you have to place the banner inworld to make the waypoint (if you didn't already know, this is a thing now). It doesn't really make much sense to redo this in a way that still requires you to go there. If the banner were renamed to have a specific pattern format, we could supply the coordinates that way (unnamed banners would assume player/table location)

    Perhaps a new UI item could be added to the table that lets you define extra info according to what the current "plus" item is? This could perhaps take advantage of the accessibility features recently added in 19w11a. For example, the shears could allow you to specify the zoom level to jump to allowing you to crop down more than one level at a time (probably 1 durability per level changed?). Paper or empty maps could be used similarly to zoom outwards (again, one item per level moved). An unnamed banner could allow you to specify the waypoint coordinates, leaving it blank would default to current location. And a compass (not consumed, but perhaps a durability would be added to the item that decrements by 1 for each change) could allow you to cycle through multiple waypoints.

    The suggested changes would actually make setting waypoints easier as you can just add it via cartography table to a location far away from you. I do not understand your coordinates suggestion. Durability for compasses sounds like a good idea considering the power of the suggested ability. However, I will need to add more uses to the compass.

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    posted a message on Ability for jukeboxes to play automatically for discs in a queue.

    There is no need for a GUI or an additional useless block. Hoppers are a logical solution. However, the input hopper should be on the top (sides are fine ig) and the output should be a the bottom as ScotsMiser proposed.

    Mostly Support

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    If enchantments were to be added to this item, it would have to have durability to maintain consistency.

    Full Support

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    Cartography Table: Cropping Maps

    Image result for cartography table gui minecraft

    In the slot where the paper currently is, you can add shears to crop the map. A crop box will appear on the map displayed after the arrow of the cartography table for the player to drag and select what they want to keep. Regardless of how much is cropped, the shears loose 1 durability. Players are only able to crop maps to the nearest block (you can't exclude half of a block)

    Cartography Table: Rotating Maps

    When right clicking an empty map, the rotation will the way the player is facing (if the player is facing south, the maps north will be at the bottom). However, a player can add an item frame in the slot below the plus sign on the cartography table with a map to rotate the map. A rotate button will appear on the bottom middle of the map displayed on the cartography table. A player can rotate the map as much as they want in a cycle of 4 rotations until they retrieve the map. Compasses now face north naturally so the player can make sure if a map is facing the right direction because the non-reduced debug screen will be removed and only accessible through cheats.

    Cartography Table: Placing Waypoints

    Right clicking banners with maps in 1.13 adds a waypoint to the map. Players should be able to place a banner in the slot below the plus sign of the cartography table to add a waypoint to the map. When hovering over the map displayed in the cartography table, a transparent banner will appear. When the player clicks, the banner will placed (has to be placed on 1 block, not in between 2). Banners cannot be placed on parts of the map that aren't discovered. Considering the lack of uses the cartography table has currently, this feature seems appropriate for the cartography table.

    Cartographer: Completing Maps

    Players are able to trade 1 incomplete map and 2-4 emeralds with a cartographer to complete a map.This trade is unlocked when a villager becomes a journeyman (level 3).

    Maps: Viewing Maps

    Maps will no longer appear as a note in the players inventory but rather as the map itself. However, a player can only map new land when holding a map in one of their hands. Now, when a player has another item besides a map in their main or offhand, the map appears like the picture on the left. However, when there is no item besides 1 map in the players off and main hand, the item appears like the picture on the right. If a player picks up an item while holding a map in both hands, the item will not go into the slot which is highlighted unless it is the only slot available.

    Maps: Central Start

    When right clicking an empty map, the block the player is on will be the center of the map. I don't understand the technical limitations of this feature, but I would appreciate feedback from someone who does. A player will still have the ability to make maps have the default boundaries to make it easier to map adjacent maps. All they need to do is add a stone block to the map via a cartography table.

    Compasses: Locating Waypoints

    Compasses now have 238 durability. First of all, coordinates are removed and can only be accessible through cheats. See my functions thread in the signature for more information. When only a waypoint is on a map, a player can hold a compass in one hand and a map in the other and the compass will lead to the waypoint. The player will need to right click for the compass to point to the waypoint consuming 1 durability. If there are multiple, the compass will chose the closest waypoint. Right clicking the compass will change the waypoint to the closest clockwise from the first way point and consume 1 durability. A player can keep right clicking to cycle through way points. The arrow on the map that moves around as the player moves around is removed so the player is dependent on the compass to easily locate places.

    Compasses: Locating the End Portal

    If a player is near the end, the needle on the compass will start crazily going back and forth and in circles. The level of craziness gets higher the closer the player is to the the end portal.

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    posted a message on 5 ways to improve XP usage

    I agree with hat fishg said. Getting xp is difficult in the early game, but considerably easier when you make an exploitative mob farm. Currently experience is way too easy to collect once an guardian or enderman farm is setup. The xp system need a serious rework.

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    Phantoms are the worst because players are already incentivized to sleep. Therefore how they were implemented was not good. Phantoms being able to fly already makes them unique enough- there doesn't need to be any more factors.

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    Village Hero: defend a village from a raid

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    I really don't want to see gender added to the game. However, this would make pigs more useful as they are a mob that provides meat and would make them easier to breed.

    Overall I Don't Know

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    Bats: It's the same mob but in a another scenario where you should be provided with a challenge

    Rabbits: Very damaging killer rabbits

    Horses: the untamed riding experience is also improved.

    Ghasts: I feel as if the rapid fire attack should be unique to blazes

    Zombie Horses: I mentioned that they would spawn in hard- should have mentioned it would in insane too m- I'll edit

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Quote from fishg»

    We should have an advancement tree for ocean progression, like so:

      • Water World: Enter an oceanic biome
        • A Pirate's Life: Loot a shipwreck
          • X Marks the Spot: Uncover buried treasure
            • Conduit Power: Create a conduit
        • The Ancient Monument: Find an ocean monument
          • Respect your Elders: Slay an Elder Guardian
        • Friendly Swimmers: Receive the "dolphin's grace" effect.

    The two trident advancements could be placed here as well.

    A separate section for oceans seems fit- good idea.

    Now a lot of the oens I'm about to say used to be in as Acheivments, but got removed, but I'll name them anyway along with some new ones. Also, I saw you put Paleontologist, I study Paleontology, do you? Also Support.

    • Taking Inventory: Press E.
    • Chopping, Chopping: Get wood.
    • Hot Topic: Build a Furnace.
    • So Many Things: Build 2 chests.
    • What a Pr*ick: Plant a Cactus.
    • New Friends: Stop an Illager raid.
    • So Much Variety: Plant Beetroots.
    • Same Planet, Different World: Build a base below sea level.
    • This Building is a Bit to Purper: Visit the End Islands.
    • No Guns For Me: Craft a Crossbow.

    There are some similiar achievments to the ones you've suggested but support for the others :)

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    posted a message on The Advancements Suggestions Thread

    The achievements system was replaced by advancements in Java edition version 1.12. Advancements guide new players and provide challenges for the experienced ones. Here you may suggest advancements for the game.


    • A Noteworthy Accomplishment: collect all music discs
    • Paleontologist: discover a fossil
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    Quote from undefined »

    On one hand, bats are pretty useless right now, so this would let at least 20% of them do something useful other than surprise and annoy you. On the other hand, tiny flying hostile mobs sounds like a recipe for disaster (and ragequits). They'd have to be pretty weak, hopefully also having a larger hitbox and dealing no knockback so you aren't hit into lava by an attack you could barely predict.

    They do as much damage as vexes- the other tiny flying mob that can additionally go through walls ;)

    So... the Killer Bunny? And define "super strong", because tiny hopping hostile mobs are also a recipe for disaster.

    pretty much. their unique. if mobs that can dodge your attacks is too difficult for you, then switch to a lower difficulty.

    Sounds boring, especially when it scales to 10 minutes. That's not difficulty, that's just making a repetitive task pointlessly complicated. Also, I think you meant "decreased", not "increased".

    Already discussed this

    Interesting mechanic, but drowning is kind of weak anyways and takes a while until you start taking damage. I assume that they won't be able to attack while they're holding you, so this will be sort of a nerf. However, I haven't actually played against Drowned yet so I don't know what their behavior would be after they release you or even how swimming works, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Partial resistance when drowning seems appropriate.

    Breaking blocks seems unnecessary and doesn't fit the idea of guardians protecting an ancient monument. And what does "beam detection" mean?

    true, changes made

    I'm not sure how I feel about a giant dragon twirling like a ballerina.

    It doesn't twirl. The dragon's body itself doesn't move. The wings are bent into the dragons sides and then flap outward once.

    Interesting concept as well, but an easier mechanic would just be increasing its speed either overall or when charging.

    Easy concept but a more interesting mechanic would be something more epic.


    Ew for not wanting or not wanting others to experience a challenging end islands experience.

    Sounds too simple. You could've targeted flying speed, health, a variety of things, but why fireball speed?

    The purpose of this suggestion was to modify mob behaviour- not damage and health as the system already does. A visual change such as speedy fireball is more appealing then simply changes to health. A speedy ghast is unrealistic.

    Sounds incredibly annoying and a little unnecessary. Slimes could use a little more love but I don't think this is the way to go about it.


    Okay: So I assume Zombies would only press buttons/flip levers if they're next to a door and they spot a player/villager they can't reach.

    Not too bad of an idea, but it would render a main use for Iron Doors pointless, so that's an issue. Changes made

    And surely you don't mean Zombies can break ALL blocks? Endrock, obsidian, bedrock? Yes. The changes made in insane mode are specifically for survivalist players (not builders, redstoners, etc). If you aren't aware, this feature was once going to be added. However, a separate mob seems fit.

    Changes to unused mobs like zombie horses is also completely unnecessary unless there are plans to re-integrate them like they did to the Skeleton Horse.

    You either have not read or misread this section of the thread.

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    Quote from undefined »
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    posted a message on The Cave Overhaul Update

    Minecraft is lacking with its exploration gameplay. Sure Update Aquatic added some new things to explore, but I don't always want to get my feet wet, and one thing that needs to be overhauled is the Caves. This suggestion will cover some basic things like slight changes and additions to caves, as well as entirely new biomes. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm having a conversation, I'm just reading off the top of my head.

    Small Changes to Underwater Caves

    Now in Update Aquatic they added flooded caves, as far as I know not many people even like them. I don't blame them for thinking so, the underater caves are useless and I barely even go in them.

    The first change to them should be Air Pockets near the surface. Basically like a Moon Pool but not used for raising and lowering equipment. They would be like pockets at the top of the cave, and when going into them there could even be a chance of having a normal cave above it. Thus you don't always drown when you go in a flooded cave. It would much nicer if a new block called bubble was added rather than having ugly air pockets.

    The change is really simple, make some Sea Grass grow. You don't find Sea Grass in flooded caves unliss they connect to the ocean, putting some Sea Grass in them would generally make them less ugly. And heck, let's make it so you can find Sea Pickles in there aswell, they would also help make it look better, add a little extra to collect for going in, and light up the place a bit. agree

    Slight Additions to the Normal Cave

    Cobwebs in some corners of the roofs of the caves, occasional Cave Spider spawning with them. support A smaller looking Cobweb that is just for show could also add a bit of feel of isolation. How would you feel isolated? I don't really support smaller versions of blocks. Stalactites, their size depending on how big the cave is, and Stalagmites, the size being just like the Stalactites. Caves near the very surface of a Forest, Dark Oak Forest, Birch Forest, Jungle or Savana having Fence Posts to make it look like tree roots. Magma Blocks underneath Lava. Stone Buttons resembling pebbles could spawn on the floor of the caves. A new block would me much better than having fence posts. Remember, this is survival mode- not an adventure map. Same with the buttons.

    Damp Cave

    These are the caves that you get to by exiting a Moonpool discussed eariler. Some of the stone will be mossy cobblestone. Vines could grow in clusters on cave walls or even hanging from the roof of the cave. Stalagmites could come out of the water if you find a large moonpool. Sea Pickles could spawn in clusters, not in the water but actually in the cave. Silverfish could spawn here, and sea turtles could come in and out of the moonpool.

    This is the Moon Pool I was talking about.

    Image result for flooded cave

    Image result for ark swamp cave

    Changes to Caves in the Dessert

    Making it so dessert caves don't have stone walls, but actually snadstone walls with a sandy floor. Lava Pockets being more common, but without the magma underneath them. Some large pockets even having a cactus or two. Husks spawning instead of Zombies. support

    Changes to Caves in the Tundra or Snowy Biomes

    Having stone and packed ice, some ice walls of the caves, rarely can the walls have some blue ice. Icicles spawning, and some stone stalactites or stalagmites. As a cool touch, some cracked ice on the floor with moss growing out in certain places could be a cool little addition. Strays spawning instead of Skeletons. Near the surface finding small pockets with polar bears, being like their den. support

    Swamp Caves and Jungle Caves

    You guys were waiting for something fun, something "organic", a cave with lots of "greenery", well the Swamp and Jungle caves are just that. Some of the plants here would spawn above ground aswell, but I'll stop about that right here because this is about caves. Now generation in these caves would be unlike normal caves, there would be large pockets, tunnels would be bigger, and some areas could even support a Swamp Tree (the trees in the swamp that are made of oak and have vines). Caves could get so big sometimes that they're like an underground jungle. I'll show below what it would look like. I don't support underground trees but everything else are good additions.

    Image result for ark swamp cave

    The caves would also have ferns. We already have ferns in minecraft- no need for a picture.

    Image result for ferns

    Image result for ferns

    And they would have Rafflesias. use?

    They would also have frogs. Now remember, things would be above ground aswell, but I'm just saying they would be in the caves. This isn't a wishlist. Elaborate.

    Image result for giant frog

    Giant mushrooms should be able to spawn in these caves. But mainly the red ones, and the cap would look morelike an actual mushroom cap. Also a plant that looks liek a Venus Fly-Trap, and one that looks like a Pitcher Plant. Also I once played a mod with something called a Bellthorn, that would be there aswell. Oh yeah, and I can't forget, the floors wouldn't have grass, maybe some small pockets but there would be mainly moss and patcehs of stone. Oh, and I also didn't forget this one either, Viens hanging from the ceiling. Imagine the Between Lands, the cave would look like that basically. Underground Oasis, even "Moonpools" could spawn in there. Ruins may also spawn in Jungle/Swamp Caves. Sugercane also spawns. support except for sugarcane

    Fire Caves

    Like tiny versions of the Nether, doesn't give any end game loot though like blaze powder or wither skulls. They are extremely rare and can only be found under the Dessert, Canyon, or Savana (remember they are extremley rare, don't rant about this cave, I ws running out of ideas). no support whatsover. We don't the nether in the overworld.

    Crystal Caves

    Huge pockets of cave with giant crystals, if they're too lazy to add in crystals, it could even be made of stained glass. No support for the glass idea The crystals would be very bright, lighting up the cave enough that no dangerous mobs spawn. Except endermites might rarley spawn around the purple crystals, butthere would be a game rule for that. support There would also be "gems" which are pretty much ores but there in the form of like buttons. There would be gems for lapis and even diamond, along with amythest, ruby, oh yeah and emerald. No support. Why are they buttons and why are they useless?

    Waterfall Caves

    Would be cool if large spikes in terrain would have waterfalls that arn't by accident, and if you're lucky, there's a chance of there being caves behind the waterfalls, which are like normal caves from this update except the vines are more common and you could find moss. 1000% support


    The biomes would change depending on the surface biome. They are extremley rare, I mean that, 0.1 percent or another small number, that's the rarity. They are huge and would require the bedrock layer to be lowered. There are jungle ones, not like the jungle cave but legit jungle worlds, huge jungle trees, cocoa beans, bamboo and everything else. A forest one, a birch forest, a dark oak forest, savana, dessert, even canyon. In some of them there could even be an ocean with land around it, even islands, even an archipelago! There would even be a mushroom one that could spawn under any biome and have huge mushrooms and mycelium. A Taiga with Podzol and Giant Spruce Trees. You get the idea, a legit underground world There would be huge stalactites you could build a base on, a weird gas sun thing, and green mushrooms hanging from the ceiling (those stalactites, sun, and green mushrooms would be in all of them. There would even be huge stone pillars holding up the roof. So biomes as caves? no support

    Responses in orange

    Mostly Support

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