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    posted a message on The Fight Goes On!: A Small Combat Overhaul

    As stated before, I support the weapon suggestions but not the armor.

    The gold being more enchantable is already the case which is fine. I'd say your suggestion for leather is alright and it should be the idea for most armors.

    Each armor piece should decrease (not increase) your speed.

    leather: 0%

    chainmail: 0%

    gold: 2%

    iron: 5%

    diamond: 5%

    iron is used because it is easy to find and is second best to diamond so no need to make it more appealing.

    Mostly Support

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    posted a message on Biome-Based Ore Generation

    Gold, in addition to iron, should have an increased chance in deserts for the sake of adding a bit of realism. The snowy tundra and taiga should have increased chances of iron.

    Mostly Support :)

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    posted a message on Horse shoes

    A horse as an extra item is a great idea. However, I believe enchantments should be added to horse armor as well if horse shoes get enchantments. The armor should receive protection enchantments whereas the horse shoe should receive agility enchantments.

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    posted a message on Cameras in Minecraft!

    Maybe add image filters which can be placed in the GUI of the camera similar to how banner patterns are placed in the loom.

    Here are some ideas for basic filters

    Black & White (Default): There doesn't need to be an actual item for a filter as this would be the default.

    Color: 1 glass pane + 1 blue dye + 1 red dye + 1 green dye

    Grayscale: 1 glass pane + 1 black dye + 1 gray dye + 1 light grey dye + 1 white dye

    Sepia (The image in the OP is a better representation): 1 glass pane + 1 gold ingot

    Washout: 1 glass pane + 1 water bucket

    Grayscale, Color, and Sepia are the most important. The other two would hardly be used (b&w could be good for horror maps) but would still be interesting.

    Paper shouldn't automatically be taken out of your inventory. Just like any other tile entity, you should have to put the paper in manually.

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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.14.4 | Long Lasting |

    IGN: Hoggz

    Age: 16

    Timezone/Country: US CST

    Do you have/use Discord?: Yes

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will follow the rules

    Why do you want to join this server?: I love building and organizing community events in community oriented servers. Also, the lack of age restriction is appealing. As I have a lot of free time as summer break just began for me, I could dedicate a lot of time on this server.

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: No

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): Builder

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 4 years

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: BTD battles if that counts.

    Anything else you would like to add: No :)

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    posted a message on Xenocraft Season 2 | 1.14.2 | HermitCraft-inspired Vanilla SMP | 16+ | Discord

    IGN: Hoggz

    What Should We Call You: Hoggz

    Age: 16

    Country/Timezone: ND USA CST

    Discord: Hoggz #0519

    Skills: Can create unique, interesting builds for the community but lack knowledge of redstone.

    About you: School has just finished for me so I have plenty of time over the summer to be active on the server. I love building for the community and organizing events (with permission of course) such as minigames for the community to participate in such as capture the flag or possibly a server wide olympics! Although I am taking mostly science classes at school, I enjoy playing minecraft to put my creativeness to use. I would love to join this server as the server I used to be on is dead.

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    posted a message on Rice Farming and Other Asia-Themed Craftables
    Quote from Calico»

    The problem with adding food from another country is that every other country will want to add their food in. And we really don't need another food item in the game.

    All thee foods in MC rn come from a country. People in Sweden eat bread, people in America eat bread, People in Mexico eat bread, etc. However, since the food is super broad, it doesn't appear to come from one specific country. Rice and all of the other of the OP's suggestion seem to be broad enough to not be specific to a certain country/culture.

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    posted a message on Jukebox interface

    Minecraft isn't grounded on realism in terms of size and shape and therefore does not need to appeal to realism in that way. GUIs lead to a lack of inter-activeness within the game and limits the players creative skills to create contraptions.

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    posted a message on Jukebox interface

    I agree completely with ScotsMiser. GUI's imo should be avoided as much as possible. A disc should be able to be paused when a jukebox receives a redstone signal. More discs should be able to added using hoppers. Putting a hopper on the bottom should collect the disc once it finishes playing. Shuffling discs could be done using dispensers.

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    posted a message on suggestion for iron golem AI

    A simple but effective solution. Perhaps when the bell is rung the iron golem should be able to detect mobs in a greater radius increasing the chance they will attack hostile mobs.

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    posted a message on The Cartography Update [Heavily Updated 4/1/2019]

    Rotating maps and new compass features have been added.


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    posted a message on Law Enforcement

    I 100% support the laws, but 0% support the enforcement. There would need to a more vanilla like way to punish players who try to exploit villagers.

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    posted a message on Biome Changer and Overlapping Biomes

    Not only is this overpowered, but completely radical.

    No Support Whatsoever

    Based on how unpopular it is, there is no reason for this to be added.

    I support a command that is only accessible with cheats to change biomes.

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    posted a message on Lead Ore: A leading example of an ore.
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    A typical problem with trying to figure out a new ore is that it's difficult to come up with one that does something that not only wouldn't already fit another ore (Specially iron), but also that it's quite easy to end up thinking uses that would just as well go for iron instead. Often, this is due to suggestions involving materials such as copper, which have similar physical properties and uses (At least as far as the game's tech lets on, that is.)
    Lead, however, is a metal that differs a lot from iron, being very dense, corrosion-proof, and soft. All of which result in it being quite different from iron, as far as in-game uses go.

    Obtaining lead:

    There's 4 sources of lead:

    Lead Ore: Lead Ore spawns in the Overworld. It somewhat resembles Galena. Lead ore requires at least a stone pickaxe to mine, making it similar to iron ore in this regard. In the Overworld, lead ore spawns below Y=32, often, but not always,directly adjacent to Gold veins. Typically, it spawns in veins of 6-12, and is more common than gold, but less than iron. It can also spawn in the Surface layer of Extreme Hills, where it's almost as common as coal. Lead Ore has to be smelted into a Lead Ingot.
    Recycling: Lead has the unique property that all lead items (Except for nuggets, ingots and blocks) can be placed in a Fireplace, melting them down into a corresponding number of lead nuggets. Inorganic materials (Such as Redstone, Iron, Cobblestone...) are recovered, and organic materials (Such as wood and leather) are lost.
    It can be found while fishing, with lead nuggets appearing as "Junk", while Lead ingots appear as "Treasure", as a nod to lead's usage as ballast and fishing net sinkers.
    Found in Shipwreck and dungeon chests.

    Support so far.


    Ammunition: It is used to craft two different types of ammo. The first is a thrown weapon: The Lead Dart (Note that gold items will stand in for lead items whenever possible, and that the Ghast Tear in the recipe is actually an Iron Nugget):

    Lead Darts are a rather interesting weapon, in that they're the only serious thrown weapon in the game, barring potions. Unlike bows and crossbows, charging them before launching them doesn't slow the player down, making them the most mobile ranged weapon. However, they pay for that in their inability to be enchanted, and in a low stack size of just 16. They deal 6 damage, which is on par with Iron Swords, and are fired at a rate of 3/2 per second. They don't have knockback, and they wil travel about 15 blocks when fired paralell to a flat plane. They have to be fully charged before throwing them, and are fired automatically, effectively making them the spiritual sucessor of the Beta bow. Unlike pretty much every other lead item, salvaging them requires placing 4 Darts in the campfire, and placing less than 4 will leave them there without changing at all.

    I always liked the ideas of dart. With the drawbacks, they don't seem overpowered at all. Support.

    Lead Darts are also obtainable by killing Wither Skeletons, which now always spawn with 10-16 of them in their off-hand, making them both the only mobs wiht limited ammo in the game and the only mobs with both melee and ranged attacks apart from Blazes. Their darts are only dropped if they're killed before depleting their darts. Additionally, they're sold by Fletchers at 12-16 Darts per Emerald as a Tier 3 trade.Another way to fill your enemies in lead is with a Sling:

    These mobs already have the individual functions. A new individual mob seem necessary.

    (Yay rabbits are now useful!)
    Slings are the exact opposite of crossbows: They are cheap, but their ammo is expensive. They're also the least mobile ranged weapon, and they hurt. A lot.

    Get rid of the 2 string at the bottom and have 1 string in the bottom middle.

    They have 3 types of ammo: Splash/Lingering Potions, Lead Bullets, and Lead Shot (All of which can be fired by Dispensers):

    (This means that a single ingot only provides 2+1/9 bullets)
    Slings are used by right-clicking, which causes the sling to swing, using a 2D animation that spins progressively faster (It takes 3 seconds to reach full speed) at the off-hand's side. Releasing the RMB launches the projectile tangentially. This makes slings easily the most difficult ranged weapon to master. Walking or sprinting while swinging the sling isn't possible.


    Lead Bullets tend to partly ignore armor (Up to 8%) and typically deal a lot of damage, particularly if they were shot from a sling swinging at full speed (At maximum velocity, they deal 20 damage, letting them 1-hit kill most common mobs). They have a chance to be dropped back as an item after hitting something, and always drop upon hitting entities. It's worth noting that NBT tags are saved and kept when the bullets drop back as items, letting the user use an anvil to put adequate text in their bullets.

    Sounds a bit overpowered if they are able to 1 hit kill mobs without enchants.

    Lead Shot is a bit similar to Lead Bullets, but, instead of shooting a single bullet, it shoots 4 smaller bullets in a spread-like pattern. While their maximum damage of each projectile is just 8 damage and they lose momentum more quickly than Lead Bullets, they have the ability to inherently hit several targets at once, and will ignore each other's invincibility frames if several connect with the same target.
    Both slings and their bullets can now be sold by Weaponsmiths as tier 2 trades. Additionally, a quarter of all Zombie Pigmen now spawn as Slingers, who will use Slingers and prioritize staying out of the Player's reach. Their bullets, unlike the player's, will whistle, making a "zip" noise, allowing players to avoid them. Slinger ZPs have a change to drop up to 5 Lead Bulle

    Sling Enchantments:

    Mass (I-V): Increases damage by [Base Damage/2]*(W+1), with W being the enchantment level. This means that a Mass V Sling can deal 80 damage per hit with Lead Bullets, and 32 per Lead Shot projectile.
    Bounce (I-III): Allows lead bullets to bounce on blocks and entities after impact. This can allow they to bounce into places other ranged weapons would be unable to reach, and to hit several mobs at once.
    Void Bullet (I): Causes projectiles thrown by Slings to not be affected by gravity until they completely lose their velocity, at which point they fall. It's only found as a Treasure Enchentment.

    Shatter (I-IV): Transfers any overkill damage dealt on a lead bullet's recipient to any entities within a 4-block radius, excepting passive and tamed mobs. This precludes lead bullets dropping as items. The total damage transferred is DW/4, with D being the Overkill damage, and W being the enchantment's level.

    Armor Piercing (I-III): Ignores 20% Armor per level. At level III, lead bullets ignore 68% armor. Not compatible with Power.

    The Mass enchantment is way too overpowered. Support for bounce. I don't support void bullet because imo, enchantments shouldn't have too much of an effect on the physics of the weapon. The physics should vary between different weapons. Support for shatter. Armor piercing is also a bit overpowered but I support it,

    Pipes have 4 components: The pipe itself, pumps, valves and filters. Respectively, their crafting recipes are:

    Their obvious use is to move liquids (Both from place to place and manipulate them. Pipes are smaller than blocks, and are also directional. They use a texture that allows Pipe blocks to have up to 6 connections through which fluids pass from outside of pipes, and from pipes to pipes. Individual openings can be sealed and opened by right-clicking on their respective faces. Upon placing the Pipe Block, it will always have all of it's faces "closed", looking like a small floating cube, which then requires right-clicking in order to connect it. If a Pipe Block is right-clicked while holding a Pipe Block, it will automatically place the pipe in the inventory, and connect both pipe blocks on top of opening the opposite face of the placed pipe block, making the construction of pipe networks more convenient. Otherwise, pipe blocks placed next to each other DO NOT connect unless the corresponding side of both is right-clicked. Pipe blocks can be moved by Pistons, which actually preserves the liquid in them.
    If the input pipe block meets a paralell fluid flow, the fluid will be moved through the pipe at twice it's normal flow speed, coming out of the other end of the pipe. If there's multiple ends, it will distribute the flowing blocks among them (Example: A lava source block connected to 3 pipe ends will produce 3 Flowing Lava blocks, all of which will act as if they were 2 blocks away from their source block), with the "equivalent distance" being X/Y, with X being the distance the flowing fluid block would be from it's source at the input pipe's position, and Y being the number of output pipes. Flow strength isn't lost in pipes. Fluids cannot move vertically upwards unless every other path is sealed, and will prefer to flow vertically downwards over flowing horizontally.
    If a dropped item in the water comes into contact with a pipe block, it will move at twice it's normal speed in the fluid, and will "roll" for a random path in intersections until it comes out thorugh an open pipe, allowing for the movement of items through pipes in ways that hopper "pipes" don't allow (Hoppers still retain the ability to offload their items into containers, and take items from other blocks and from dry places).

    Redstone Comparators can detect fluids in pipes, with the amount of fluid directing the strength of the signal, with source blocks being the strongest (15) and the furthest possible flowing liquid block being the weakest(1), and every other flowing block strength being at roughly even intervals within those values.
    Filters selectively allow for the movement of items within liquids that pass through them. They have a GUI with two rows of items: A 5-square "Blacklist" grid of items not allowed to pass through the filter, in which you have to place the corresponding item (ei, putting coal in the blacklist will allow flow of all items BUT coal), and a 10-square "Storage" grid that stores items that haven't been allowed to pass through the fluid, and which can interact with Hoppers.
    Pumps allow the movement of fluid source blocks through pipes. They have two sides: An Input side, and an opposite Output side. They also allow fluids to move upwards, which is stopped if the pipe meets a horizontal pipe block.
    When activated by Redstone, any continuous source blocks (That is, directly touching the pipe, or connected only by liquid source blocks to the input pipes) within a cylinder of a 16-block radius at or above the Y-coordinate of any open pipes in the Input Side will gradually replace air blocks directly touching the output pipe within a 16-block radius cylinder BELOW or at the Y-coordinate of the corresponding output pipes.
    While the input and output are draining, flowing liquid blocks aren't allowed to spawn within the cylinders (In no small part so draining water bodies is actually possible). If there's either several inputs or several outputs, all ends will work at the same time, but at reduced speed each, and source blocks will respectively be removed and added to the highest and lowest points of the cylinder first.
    Valves are basically pipes that can be toggled on and off, allowing for control of fluid flow within the pipes. If they're placed between 4 perpendicular pipe blocks, then they'll be both open and closed to the perpendicular flows so they'd be open to one direction and closed in the other.

    Water would need to be made nonrenewable for this to have utility.

    Redstone seathing:

    This is a pretty straightforward one. Right-clicking a Pipe with Redstone Dust turns it into a "Sheathed Redstone Wire", or SRW for short. They break down into their components upon breaking them.
    SRWs use a 3D model with hollow squares in the sides showing it's Redstone charge. They follow the same placement and directional rules as Pipes (In other words, they're basically pipes that transmit Redstone charge instead of liquids). Unlike Redstone Wire, they can be waterlogged and contact fluids without any trouble, making them basically waterproof Redstone Wire. Another trait they have is that they can be limitlessly placed vertically, thus avoiding the unsightly redstone staircases (Apart from platforms for repeaters) and saving horizontal space. They have to have an open face directly touching Redstone mechanisms in order to interact with them. This allows them to both be quite precise, beyond what redstone wire allows, and to connect in ways that wouldn't be possible with normal Redstone Wire. Additionally, SRWs can be moved by Pistons without breaking, althrough they'll lose their charge if they already had it.


    Potion Ingredient:

    Lead also acts as a potion ingredient, but, unlike most potion ingredients, it acts both as a modifier and an effect ingredient:

    • Effect Ingredient: If brewed into a Thick Potion (Making them the first potion to do so), Lead Nuggets will produce a Potion of Inversion.
    • Potions of Inversion will invert the effects of other status effects that are applied on an entity affected by Inversion. For instance, Poison I is turned into Healing I. Any effects that used to not have an opposing effect (Such as Fire Resistance and Water Breathing) will now gain inverse effects, which are also available by using Fermented Spider Eyes to corrupt their respective potions.
      Any effects that were previously applied BEFORE applying Inversion WILL BE modified (So be careful to use them, lest you turn an Enchanted Golden Apple into something worse than a Pufferfish). It's worth noting that Enchanted Golden Apples and Golden Carrots are specifically provided a new potion effect that shields their other effects from this effect (After all, wasting your Enchanted Golden Apple in SMP thanks to a common ore would probably produce a continent's worth of salt). Another notable exception is Bad Omen, which isn't reversed.

    Support. Would mining fatigue be converted into haste. If so, when the guardian re-applies the mining fatigue affect, will the mining fatigue be neutralized?

    • Status effects remain inverted even after the Inversion effect has worn off, and the potion's base duration if just 10 seconds. Base Ingredient: Lead Nuggets will, if added to a potion that already has effects, enhace them by adding a secondary Potion Effect that complements the original potion effect's. For instance, Potions of Slow Fall will also gain a Levitation effect, and Water Breathing also gains Night Vision. It's worth noting that, in most, the duration of the original effect is now split between both, with exceptions such as Slow Falling, in which the initial effect doesn't lose duration, but the secondary effect still has 50% of the original's duration.

    Status effects and their inverses. Bold names indicate non-extant effects that are detailed below the list:



    Haste-Mining Fatigue.

    Instant Health-Instant Damage.




    Night Vision-Blindness.

    Slow Fall-Levitation.

    Health Boost-Wither.

    Luck-Bad Luck.

    Jump Boost-Jump Impairment.


    Fire Resistance-Fire Vulnerability.

    Water Breathing-Water Suffocation.


    Conduit Power-Conduit Disable.

    Dolphin's Grace-Dolphin's Discrace.

    Jump Impairment: Lowers jumping height and ability to climb stairs and other half-blocks.

    Vulnerability: Increases damage taken.

    Fire Vulnerability: Increases damage taken from fire, lava... Causes fireproof mobs to become vulnerable to fire and lava, causes Blazes to deal 4 damage every 10 ticks due to being apparently made of fire (Or something similar), so becoming vulnerable to fire kills them due to the oxymoronic circumstance of being damaged by what they're made of.

    Water Suffocation: Causes the breath meter to deplete faster. Causes aquatic mobs to drown in water.

    Drainage: Seals hearts from the life bar, effectively lowering maximum health for the duration of the effect. If all hearts are sealed, the affected entity will die upon taking damage.

    Conduit Depower: Decreases underwater mining speed and visibility. Empties the breath meter.

    Dolphin's Discrace: Lowers swimming speed.

    Complementary potion effects. To keep the list short, any effect opposite to this list's effects is also complemented by the opposite of the complementary listed effect:

    Swiftness-Jump Boost.


    Instant Health-Absorption.

    Regeneration-Health Boost.

    Water-Breathing-Dolphin's Grace.

    Fire Resistance-Night Vision.

    Slow Fall-Levitation. (Making them the only pair in both lists).

    Invisibility-Night Vision.

    Sounds a bit weird tbh.

    Lead Blocks:

    Lead Blocks are mostly normal ore blocks, crafted from 9 Lead Ingots in a reversible recipe like all metal blocks. Aesthetically, they look dark grey, like actual lead. They DO have 3 important effects:

      • Blastproof block: Lead Blocks have a blast resistance of 80, which makes them impervious to TNT, Creepers, and weaker explosins (But not to Charged Creepers), making them an alternative to Obsidian in the construction of structures that have to be TNT-proof, such as TNT Cannons in the Nether. More interestingly, they're still able to be moved by pistons and slime blocks.
      • Sound barrier: Lead blocks prevent sound from propagating through them. This makes them very useful when hiding the sound of pistons, livestock...


      • Construction of Lead Golems:
        • Their first attack is used on targets that have at least 3 other targets within a 4-block radius of them, targeting the largest concentration of enemies. This attack shoots 9 whistling bullets that deal 12 damage each.
        • Their second attack is much more powerful, but less effective on groups. This will be used on stronger entities which have at least 30 health or are at least 40 blocks away from the Golem, and has a priority over the other attack in the former case. This attack consists of launching a single Lead Bullet that deals an atrociously high 100 damage. The bullet will emit a sound, similarly to whistling bullets. However, rather than the "Zip" sounds, the noise is more similar to a Stuka scream than anything. The bullet also has higher flight speeds than normal.

        • Lead Golems are built by placing a pumpkin on top of asideways T of lead blocks. They also spawn in Villages, but they need to fulfill the same requirements as would be needed for 2 Iron Golems to be able to spawn.
        • Their model sort of resembles a mix of a Creeper and a Spider, scaled up to a size of 3 blocks. It has two heads: One where the "Spider's" head would be, and another where the "creeper" would have it. The torso is 2 blocks wide, and it has a right arm that is thick and long, almost reaching the floor.
        • Lead Golems have 15 Health, and move slowly, making them quite vulnerable. However, they are capable of using ranged attacks.
        • They can climb walls, which they will do in order to get to high places. They also have a maximum sight radius and attack range of 64 blocks, allowing them to kill things long before they get close. They're also capable of both calculating indirect fire trajectories and seeing through walls.
        • Their actual attack basically consists of them using their arm as a sling. They have a fire rate of a shot every 3 seconds, and have two attacks:

    Obtaining a golem is too similiar to the iron. If a utility mob was to gain a ranged attack, its use should be seperate from any other item (bows, lead, etc


    Radio items are quite simple to use. They have 2 components: Radio Emitters and Radio Receivers. It's worth noting that the Radio Emitter's gold ingot is an actual gold ingot:

    The Radio Emitter will, if powered by Redstone, cause all Radio Receivers to emit a Redstone Signal if within a 32-block radius. Both the Radio Emitters and Receivers can be toggled between 8 different colors, and Emitters will only affect Reveivers that are of the same color.

    This would indeed be a great feature! Players should also be able to craft a remote. When right clicked, it does the same thing as the radio emitter.



    6/3/2019: Created suggestion.

    7/3/2019: Added clarifications. Removed shipwreck lead linings. Added sling enchantments and unique lead block properties. Redstone comparators now detect liquids in pipes. Tweaked slings and darts. Added potion effect opposites list.
    8-3-2019: Added more clarifications, particularly related to redstone wiring and pipes. Modified Lead Dart recipe so it's more reflective of the actual item.

    10-3-2019: Removed firing delay upon switching to a Lead Dart stack. Lowered Dart damage and limited it's range to less than a Bow. Increased Sling fire rate, and modified enchantments. Renamed "Power" to "Mass" in Slings.
    16-3-2019: Heavily modified Lead Darts, both to make their recipe make actual sense, and to give them a niche without making them have too much damage. Added Lead Shot. Added Filters. Modified Pipe placement mechanics, and added Lead Golems. Added radio emitters and receivers. Made Sheathed Redstone Wires and Pipes explicitly able to be moved by Pistons.

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    posted a message on Teleportals - A new, balanced way to fast travel

    Perhaps instead of being teleportals, they could simply be ender blocks (a storage block for enderpearls. I am opposed to the GUI

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