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    Admin Please
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    My Application:

    IGN: stickyjumper15

    Age: 13

    Timezone: CST

    Maturity Level: 8 1/2 (At Least My Dad Says So)

    Staff Experience: I Am Currently An Admin On A Server That Has 8000 People Online At A Time, I Have Never Been Banned Or Reported For Greifing Or Hacks.

    Why I Want Staff: Well I only have that one server I just mention in my server list because the others have closed.

    Activeness: 2-4 Hours in the week (Unless something does not work.) And Weekends Are 6-7 Hours

    Stuff I Will Tell Others Who Want To Apply: Don't Do This Unless You Will Stay With This Server.

    Suggestions: Dont Have Any Currently

    Skype: Could I Tell You Later?

    Extra Stuff: I'm SOOOO Happy you read this! I Do Have A Youtube Aswell so I will Showcase!
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    I would like an intro:

    I would like my skin (IGN: stickyjumper15)

    Holding an emerald

    Fav Color: Orange

    Additional text: On bottom saying StickyMC

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